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How does your avatar look today ?


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Ok, so . . . here's the final (for now) look I've come up with, using Altamura's "Juliet" full body mesh avatar.

I'm pretty pleased with the result. I'd always wanted Laskya to look different from Scylla: a little sharper, a little darker, more "handsome" than beautiful or pretty, and with maybe a slight suggestion of a wicked sense of humour. (The actual sense of humour, unfortunately, they haven't yet invented an attachment for.) I think there's an obvious family resemblance to Scylla, but Laskya is (hopefully) sufficiently differentiated that she retains her own visual identity.


This was taken at the DixMix Gallery, btw . . . I wish I'd remembered to grab the SLURL, as it's quite nice. Also, I'm using Orwar's "Sol" projector. I've built myself a very simple (HUDless) three point light attachment too, for which I might produce a simply set of instructions and give away for free if there is any interest.

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