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  1. There is a resident-ran newspaper which has a listing of LM's, for rez zones and other places of interest, on their website https://thebellisserian.wixsite.com/news/landmarks
  2. If I remember correctly, Patch had said that the initial release of the campers/trailers would be a large release (instead of just a single region release). I imagine that after the initial large release, future releases will be more like the traditional/houseboat single region at a time.
  3. I've had that message come up a few times before. It's been a long time since I've seen that, so I don't remember exactly what is was about my system that had changed. However, just typing in my username and password was all that I needed to do. (I typically do not store my username or password anyway, so for me it really wasn't an issue to enter them).
  4. My experience of buying non-abandoned land has been that the auto-return setting is initially 0 (off) and that the no-transfer items remain on the land until I set the auto-return setting to a different value or otherwise manually return the items to the item owner. I can't remember when I haven't had to do something to return items left by the previous land owner.
  5. Hope that things start looking up for you soon. You've made it further than I did with the online Blender course, so kudos for that
  6. Working on setting up a little Farmer's Market on my mainland parcel. I was inspired by seeing (and picking up) the market bus at Dust Bunny this morning, and remembered I had some other farmer market stuff already in inventory. Still a work in progress. Business was a little slow...
  7. Very relaxed... up by the top of Hither Falls
  8. I usually have a combination of mainland, linden home and a parcel on a small estate, so the only thing I gave up to get a new LH home was my old LH. I have subsequently abandoned my new LH houseboat and expanded my mainland holdings by 1024 sqm.
  9. I'm outside Canada and got an email about upcoming policy changes from PayPal. For U.S. customers, the upcoming changes (effective 9/3/19) have to do with increasing the currency conversion spread percentage.
  10. Regarding the time delay, whenever I transfer money from my checking account to my PayPal cash balance, it always takes 3 to 5 days for the money to become available for my use in PayPal, so I do not think a wait time is unexpected or unusual.
  11. Usually what we've seen in the forums are people unable to downgrade because they don't know they need to release all their land (or group land donations) first, and once they find out they need to that first, they are fine. If I was downgrading early it would be because I would be afraid that I would not remember to downgrade next May 13 so that my account would not automatically renew on May 14. If I did that and was allowed to keep my LH or mainland, it is very unlikely that I would remember next May 13 that I need to pick up all my things from my LH or mainland parcel, and I would be very upset to log in on May 14 and find all my stuff returned and my mainland parcel no longer mine. My point being that if I was certain I would remember to pick my things up next May 13, then remembering to downgrade on May 13 instead of now should not be a problem.
  12. and one more... with a little help from a little nefarious one...
  13. Visiting at The Far Away. Glad that @Madelaine McMasters posted the LM again in another thread. I remember I had been here before, when I danced on top of the locomotive, but it'd been awhile.
  14. The only thing that is removed is the ability to own mainland or a Lnden Home. If you own mainland or a LH at the time you decide you want to downgrade, you are not able to do the downgrade until you either sell/abandon your mainland parcel, or you abandon your LH. As to why, can you imagine the posts we'd see here in the forums if they didn't have that requirement and behavior? What if someone owned 8192 sqm of mainland, was able to keep it when they downgraded, but forgot to sell or abandon it before their downgraded premium membership ran out. If the day after their downgraded premium membership expired, LL returned all their items from the land and took the land back from them, people would be upset and calling it unfair that they didn't have a chance to sell the land or pick their things up for some 'grace period' after the downgraded premium expired. However, if one downgrades and then wished to own land or a LH after all, it's just a call to Live Chat or a support ticket to get the pending downgrade removed and full premium reinstated. If you use Live Chat during the hours they are available, it's only takes a couple of minutes to change back. It just seems clearer all the way around, in my opinion, to have the land relinquished before you can downgrade, and have all the other benefits for the remainder of the paid term.
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