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  1. My favorite Christmas music is any of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas story albums. We just saw them live last Friday evening, for the 6th year
  2. I'm not sure which viewer you are using, and which anti-virus program you are using, but you might want to take a look at the page linked below from Firestorm's troubleshooting wiki. If you are using a different viewer, the .exe files might be in a different location than described, but you should be able to locate them by searching for them by name - except for the actual viewer .exe, the others should be the same name no matter which viewer. https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/antivirus_whitelisting I haven't really heard much about where more services than those listed in the linked article need to be whitelisted. If you are still having problems after following the suggestions on that article, then you probably should provide some more information here, such as which viewer you use, the specific issues you're experiencing with mesh avatars not rezzing properly, and the system info from your viewer's Help -> About window (you can copy the contents of that window and then paste that here). It is not uncommon when landing in a new location, especially a location with a lot of avatars, for mesh parts and clothes to take a tiny bit of time to settle into place and display correctly.
  3. If you have outfits with "Hair A" and you want to change all of them to "Hair B" instead, you should be able to use "Replace Links" (depending on if this is available in the viewer you use - it is in the Firestorm viewer, LL official viewer and the Kokua viewer, and may be in others as well). To use "Replace Links", right click on the "Hair A" in one of the outfits, and then choose "Replace Links" from the menu. That will display a "Replace Inventory Links" dialog box that will show the name of the item you want to replace as OLD, and a place for the name of the NEW item. Find the item you want to use as the new item in your inventory, and drag the item into the NEW section of the "Replace Inventory Links" dialog box. It will tell you how many outfits contain the item you want to replace. Click the "Start" button and wait for it to finish updating all the links from the OLD item to the NEW item.
  4. You can only edit a post within 24 hours of posting it - if you are in the right time frame, there will be a clickable "Edit" underneath the content of your post (just to the right of "Quote").
  5. Thanks for the clarification about the balance being cleared every day.
  6. If the fee is a group join fee, look at the "Land/Assets" tab of the group. There is a Group L$ section on that tab that will show a summary of Lindens received/spent by the group and it will also show when the next stipend day is, which I think is the day the balance is paid out to member(s) of the group whose role has "Pay group liabilities and receive group dividends" checked under abilities for their role in the group.
  7. the house, which is back behind the front pasture (and up on a higher level) the back fields
  8. I've been working on this mainland parcel off and on for a couple of months. I think I'm finally pretty pleased with it. I've never lived on a farm in real life, but here I like to think that it'd be cool to live on a farm, so usually my mainland parcels end up with a farm theme. The entrance part from the road, with a little famers market area: the front pasture (with horses, a cow, goats and chickens)
  9. Are you trying to write a review for something you purchased through the Marketplace? If so, when you are logged into the Marketplace click on "My Marketplace" up in the upper right hand corner of the page, then click "My Account", then, over on the left sidebar of the page, click"Order History". In the order history information for a purchase, there will be a link for reviewing the item. You can only review items that you have purchased.
  10. I believe the preference LittleMe is referring to is in the Firestorm 3rd party viewer. I also think that the problem you described does not happen with the Firestorm viewer. When I've experienced the type of issue you described, I was using the LL viewer or one of the other 3rd party viewers.
  11. I've been using one of the new Slink bento BOM heads since shortly after they were released. There is an animation section on the HUD with 10 different facial expressions, a check box for subtle idle animations, and a check box for animations when you're emoting (which I haven't tried). I generally just have the idle animations box checked. For me, I find BOM simplifies things a lot, but probably because I was never a huge user of applier make-up, tattoos or other appliers.
  12. Just curious as to how you have your search maturity ratings set for MP and for places that you go to in-world. I usually keep mine on just "General and Moderate" especially on MP and on the in-world search. I was trying to remember the last time I was somewhere where I saw anything about rape RP... I think that one can moderate their own settings and the types of places that they choose to go to, so that one is not subjected to seeing what looks like non-consensual sexual activity or other fetishes that one may not approve of or feel is right.
  13. I would not be surprised if there are a number of Bellisseria residents who are not at all aware of the covenant changes regarding seasonal decorations. Not all Bellisseria residents read the forum or belong to any of the community groups (though I do think having the 2 largest groups send out a notice is a good idea). I would not expect that people would be going into "About Land" and reading the covenant after initially reading it when they moved in (if even then). I wouldn't immediately assume that someone just doesn't care, but give them the benefit of the doubt that they just didn't know. Send them a polite NC about the change and suggest that they check the covenant in "About Land" for the specifics.
  14. This incident was marked as resolved 2 hours ago. I've been able to successfully log on several times in the last couple of hours, so I don't think it's a total state of of being down completely.
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