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  1. I would not likely go around to different events to collect pieces of an outfit, just like I won't buy outfits from a gacha where you have to collect the whole set to have the complete outfit. If it was something like Rhonda mentioned where it wasn't an outfit but separate items that went well together but didn't need to be worn together, I might consider that. I don't go to that many events any more, so it would need to be something that I really, really liked.
  2. I generally TP home before going AFK, in case I end up being away longer than I expected. If I think that I will be away for more than 15 or 20 minutes, I will log off, but every once in awhile there is the longer than expected AFK. I always log off before going to bed and before leaving the house, because I always turn my PC off before going to bed or leaving the house. When I do log off, I don't have any specific routine other than making sure I'm back home.
  3. Dancing at Winter Fox Tavern on Finlanda
  4. You won't received L$ immediately, but you should start receiving a L$300 stipend every Tuesday. The one-time L$1000 payment happens after 45 consecutive days of first being a premium member. In terms of land and rez permissions, I'm not sure what you're referring to specifically. There isn't any premium benefit that directly relates to being able to rez things due to being a premium member. The premium benefit that relates to land is the 1024 sqm of free tier that can be used towards tier costs of a mainland parcel you buy, or can be used for getting a Linden home. Other premium benefits have to do with things such as being able to belong to a larger number of groups, being able to get into full events easier, a larger number of IM's before they get capped, Live Chat support, access to premium only sandboxes, periodic premium-only gifts from LL.
  5. I use the arrow keys for most all movement, though I do use the "E" and "C" keys for flying/jumping and for descending if I've been flying.
  6. Out of feeling contrary, I'm inclined to move my mainland platforms down to ... like .... 990 meters. If you personally are living on mainland and bothered by neighbors skybox, you could just de-render it or move to an Estate which has a convenant about things like that (or to Bellisseria which covers that situation in it's covenant already). Also, who needs a draw distance that large to be able to see things 1000 meters up? If anything, I'd think 300 or 400 meters up should be fine for sky structures. While I can understand people wanting to 'clean up' mainland and impose what they think the majority want, I do think it's a bit too late to impose what would be seen as a draconian covenant on all of mainland. Not all of mainland is a 'mess' - there are many, many areas which are very nice as they currently are. I like the hodge-podge of a lot of mainland - I think the unpredictability and the quirkiness of builds is one of the things that attracts me to mainland. I don't always want to feel like I'm living in a perfect model community.
  7. The textures inside the texture packs are for using if you want to build additional add-ons etc (like a partition wall) and want to use similar colors and textures as those used in the house already. If you want to change the color of the existing house exterior or interior, you need to use the functionality provided by the house controller for changing colors.
  8. Sometimes it might be better in the long-run to just not react at all to some people, especially if you have concerns about their motives.
  9. Same here. When I do use it as a reaction, it is because something about the post tickled me and made me laugh. If I don't know anything about the poster, or if it's someone I think would be likely to take it the wrong way, I often will skip using the laugh reaction.
  10. I don't watch the majority of videos that are posted here, mainly only those where something really stands out in the picture or the song title, or in what the poster says about it (or because it's a song or artist that I really, really like). This was really amazing and unique (and wonderful!). It had not ever occurred to me that those types of devices could do recognizable covers of songs. Very cool! Thanks for posting this!
  11. If it was only a case of a Linden Home and the 175 or 351 LI's worth of items that suddenly got returned on the day after the premium membership expired, being able to keep using the land until the actual expiration date might not seem like a bad idea. However, it's not just about a Linden Home, but also any mainland that the account owns directly (which could be a small parcel, or multiple regions with paying tenants involved, or it could be an account that donates tier to a group which owns group-owned mainland). When you bring these other situations into the picture, the use cases multiply and it no longer remains a simple, single "just do this" type of response on expiration. I really believe that having the account holder explicitly abandon and/or sell their mainland and/or LH home (and withdraw any donated tier) prior to being able to downgrade their account is the best solution. If a person is going to argue that they would remember to pick up all their things right before the expiration date, then I would say that they would also be able to remember when the expiration date is and not downgrade their account until that time. I think that most people who downgrade ahead of time are doing so because they want to make sure they won't forget before it auto-renews. It's simple to cancel the pending downgrade if one changes their mind. I've done that on an alt before and was able to do it via live chat, so the account was fully reinstated during the live chat exchange.
  12. Dancing to a live violin performance of folk dances at the Renaissance Faire
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