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  1. In terms of advertising in-world, in addition to ad boards at various locations and/or events, there is also the #WoRPG - World of Role Play Games. They have a location with ad-boards from many different RP's, along with a wall of group joiners for various RP and RP related merchant groups. They also send out a HUD monthly to subscribers/group members which provides folders of LM's to role play locations, grouped by GOR, Past, Present and Future RP categories. There is a small fee for RP groups to be included. I'm not affiliated with #WoRPG, other than subscribing to get the monthly group
  2. On a mainland parcel, if I add someone to my ban list through "About Land" functionality, I get a pop-up box which lets me choose a ban duration of "always", or a temporary ban for a number of hours that I get to choose when I add the person to the banned list. I don't know if that is different on a private estate or when a security orb ejects and adds the person to the parcel ban list at the same time (in which case I would imagine the security orb has a way for you to set the default ban type/length).
  3. I am in one of my rare periods where I only have one mainland parcel, though I did recently double it's size from 2048 to 4096. Often I have mainland, a private rental and/or a linden home, and there are times when I've had multiple mainland parcels each on different continents - sometimes they've been second homes, sometimes if they've been along a road, they were set up as a park, a farmers market., or a cafe.
  4. ♥ I just tried that - because I hadn't known how to do those before - and yes, it only worked for me when I used the number pad numbers, not the number set above the letters. ♥
  5. This situation happens sometimes. When I had a parcel where that had happened, I contacted Live Chat and they sent someone out to fix it right away.
  6. When he was first banned he should have received an email from LL, with some information about the broad TOS violation, and how to appeal or at least request more information. It probably would have been best to wait for a response with that first ticket. My understanding about when AR"s are filed against someone, LL goes to their log records to determine what did or did not happen. My understanding of the TOS was that if you were banned, particularly if permament, creating a new account was not an OK thing to do. However, LL Support, through a Support ticket is really the
  7. Did you try clicking on the "Save Changes" anyway (after entering the old password and the new one twice)? The button still stays a bit grayish, but the outline around it changes to black. This is what it looks like when it is active and working:
  8. So you have logged into your web dashboard, and selected "Change Password" from the "Account" section, and then entered your old password and then what you want for your new password (and entered that a 2nd time for confirmation) and the "Save Changes" button is still grayed out? It may be as simple as either you mis-typed your original password, or the 2 entries for the new password are not exactly the same. As you fill each field, you can use the little eye icon at the end of the field to let you see exactly what you typed in. Sometimes my mind is thinking one thing, and my fingers
  9. I feel like the time for a single mesh head/body combo was way back when mesh bodies and mesh heads were first being introduced. If there had been several really well made ones at that point, perhaps we might not have ended up with so many different separate mesh bodies and mesh heads. While it might be something that would appeal to new residents, or to those just now making the switch from system body to mesh body, I'm not sure if it would appeal to residents who already have one of more favorite mesh bodies and one or more favorite mesh heads, and a large part of their inventory de
  10. You might want to take a look at the What are you doing today!? :D - Page 213 - General Discussion Forum - Second Life Community thread. While some of the posts in there are about what someone is doing RL, most of them are about things people did in SL. (The link is for near the end of the thread, but of course you can scroll back or start nearer the beginning if you want to.)
  11. Depending on how many prims you think you will want for yourself, from the parcel, it might be better to look into whether you could rent a parcel on your own that would support the approximate number of prims that you want, rather than depending on contributions (either lindens for rent or donation of tier) from others. What seems like a good idea this month may not seem like a good idea for someone in the group next month, and they may decide to move on. SL residents can be fickle and not always into long commitments. There is not a "standard size" rental - you can likely find renta
  12. You should be able to see your pre-name change ticket history - I just confirmed that on one of my accounts that had had a name change awhile ago. If the ticket you were trying to locate was closed or resolved, make sure you have "All Tickets" selected once you try to view your ticket list (instead of "Open or Pending" which was the default when I tried it initially). A name change doesn't create a new account, it adds the new name to your account (and keeps some type of association between your old name and your account as well - in case you want to change back, for vendors who may have
  13. If you're using a recent LL viewer (from anytime since EEP was first introduced), in your Inventory, look under "Library" -> "Environments" and then in either the "Days" or "Skies" folder. I believe that all the FS windlights that were converted to EEP by the FS Team are there in the Library -> Environments folders.
  14. That just boggles my mind - it doesn't feel like it's been 13 weeks already. Time is going by too fast. Sienna is a pretty color. To me, it seems similar to a couple of other colors, so I'll need to make sure I don't repeat something that I've used already for a different named color.
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