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  1. If the MetaChat being referenced here is the app for iphone and ipad, it appears that the 3rd party developer issued a hotfix yesterday for "login and inventory problems". If you're a MetaChat user and are experiencing the issues with the 'current look' folders, it's probably best to file a support ticket with LL to get your inventory folders fixed back up, and then make sure you are using the very latest version of MetaChat (with the hotfix) before attempting to login again with MetaChat. From the App store:
  2. Are you referring to the House Control? or are you referring to the Security System orb that is available from the mailbox and is an object that you rez out, then set up and turn on? If you have the provided Security Orb set up correctly and turned on, it should remove people not on the list 15 seconds after they arrive.
  3. The sequence of events is a little unclear to me, but if I'm understanding correctly, you put out some Intan dance balls and later the owner of the land left the land and the dance balls disappeared also. Have you checked with the current owner of the land to double check that they are still not on the land? Have you checked your inventory, especially the "Lost and Found" folder? If the dance balls were not 'transfer' no one else could take them, however, an owner of land can return items that belong to others. If the land owner returned them, they likely would have ended up in
  4. I agree that anything that happens prior to the shot being taken should not be considered post-processing. "Post" implies afterwards.
  5. I might have agreed somewhat with the first part of this until several weeks ago. Where I live in California, even though I live in one of the counties that has been in the highest risk category according to the State's classifications, for quite awhile, I hadn't heard of even 'a friend of a friend' who had been sick from it, let alone seriously sick. In just the last several weeks, however, my sister had a friend who ended up having to be hospitalized from Covid, my daughter had a friend where 4 out of the 5 family members got it, with one of them needing to be hospitalized, and my br
  6. I would consider using the viewer's built-in filters as raw, as they are things that are applied before capturing the scene with the viewer's snapshoot tool. I would also include any of the lighting setups used in-world as raw also, because they all happen before the picture is saved. I think of post-processing as something that is done to the digital image, using other software, after it was initially captured and saved.
  7. I realized (just like in RL) I had hardly any Christmas sweaters - a great excuse to go shopping, but I'm pretty shopped out, so I'm wearing a holiday sweater I got as a group gift a couple of Christmas's ago.
  8. My favorites would be just about any of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra songs. My husband and I have been fortunate to have seen them live each year for the past 7 or 8 years. This year we're going to watch their virtual concert performance. I love their songs not just for the music and the singing, and the performance part, but for the thoughts that are contained in the words. This is the song that first captured me, and led to me finding their other songs, and then going to their shows:
  9. taken at *A Wizard's Winter* on the Coral Cape region
  10. Even short stories are probably too long to be posted in a comment here. A link to someone's story would work, but I can't imagine people who write would do that unless they have published books for which they could post an order link. If you are looking for other residents in-world who share an interest in writing, this is probably not the best way to find them. If you're looking for others to share book discussions with, you might be better off searching in Groups in-world to see if there are already some book discussion groups, or perhaps think about starting your own lit
  11. This is a user forum, so it's very unlikely that your comment would be seen by any Linden Lab billing staff. When you tried to contact them, were you using the phone number from the "Contacting Linden Lab billing support" section of the Billing Knowledge Base article and calling during the hours and days that they are open? Knowledge Base article: http://Billing - English - Second Life Community The two things that are automatically billed are premium membership fees and land tier fees. If you've abandoned your land, there is usually one last charge afterwards, because land tier is b
  12. Not having the auto-hide functionality in the clothing item wouldn't bother me, but now that BOM has been out for a year, I would be more frustrated if an alpha layer was not included with the outfit.
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