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    If you are logging into the Marketplace, then clicking on your name at the top of the screen, and then clicking on "edit account details" - that is a very round-about way to get to your account dashboard., and it doesn't seem strange to have that display the form for changing your email or subscription email preferences. If you click on "Home" at the top of the left sidebar at that point, it will re-display your full dashboard homepage, showing your friends list, etc. However, the easiest way to display your dashboard is simply to go to secondlife.com and log in.
  2. moirakathleen

    Fixing the "Wear" Mechanic.

    I always thought that the ADD was the fix for not being able to WEAR more than one thing on a specific attachment point. A related question might be when are so many clothing and accessory creators going to stop using the Right Hand attachment point for everything they make? There probably isn't a single solution that will make everyone happy, anyway. The first time I add an item I check where it's attached to, and if it's the right hand, I remove it and add it back using the "Add to" option so I can choose where it's attached.
  3. moirakathleen

    I need serious help!

    Sim crossings can sometimes cause temporary strange behavior. If I'm in an area where I notice the crossings and/or the vehicle I'm using are causing that, I have found it's best to just take my fingers off the keyboard right before I cross, and then wait until the vehicle returns to the road before pressing the arrow keys again. There are some situations some times where the strange behavior doesn't automatically resolve itself correctly (the vehicle doesn't return where it should or you I end up no longer sitting in the vehicle) but I rarely encounter that these days.
  4. moirakathleen

    How does your avatar look today ?

  5. moirakathleen

    Five word Story Game

    how it tumbles and twists
  6. moirakathleen

    Gift purchases on Market Place

    According to the Grid Status page LL is still investigating issues with MP gift orders. You should probably file a Support Ticket under Marketplace -> General Marketplace Issues for further assistance.
  7. moirakathleen

    random disconnect on my home parcel

    I don't know why just at your parcel and not other places in SL, but it's good to get the traceroute issues resolved first. If you're still having issues afterwards, and should need to submit a support case with LL, knowing that the ISP side of it is all good will be beneficial.
  8. moirakathleen

    random disconnect on my home parcel

    To me, this sounds like the most likely cause, especially if the issue happens whether wireless or wired, and does not happen to friends visiting you or to others on the same region. You're lucky in having an ISP that will be taking a closer look at things without you having to hound them about it. That it seemed to start after the rolling restarts may just be a coincidence.
  9. moirakathleen

    A Derail Thread

    I always thought the purpose of this thread was to put comments or thoughts that come to mind while reading another active thread, but which would derail the original active thread - so the derail goes here, instead.
  10. moirakathleen

    Cant downgrade back to basic..HELP!!!

    Also check to make sure that you don't have any tier donated to any groups. Under "Land Manager" on your account dashboard, click "Group Land" and look at each group name to make sure that the donation amount is 0. If the donation amount is larger than zero for a group, then you will need to bring up the group info inworld, switch to the tab showing land donations and 0 out the amount you have donated.
  11. moirakathleen

    Linden Balance

    While this is a very admirable goal, I just want to add a cautionary comment, although if you are already a creator or scripter in SL you may already be aware of this. There is a lot of competition. The big popular events can be difficult for new creators to initially get into. Even if someone is very talented, I imagine that it will take both time and a lot of hard work to get noticed and to develop a large enough client base in order to create a worthwhile real income stream. It's not impossible, but I think it is more difficult for people starting out now than it might have been in the earlier days of SL. Whatever business endeavors people start up in SL, they should be doing it initially because they enjoy it, they always wanted to do it, etc., and then if it develops into something that provides then with a real income, that's even better. I think the love of whatever they're doing will help get them through the hard times of getting the endeavor off the ground.
  12. moirakathleen

    Take a word leave a word (game)

    persevere now
  13. moirakathleen

    Linden Balance

    I believe that the limits are rolling limits. One other clarification - the buy and sell limits display on one's account not because one is a premium member, but because one has made a linden purchase. You do not need to be a premium member in order to buy and sell lindens.
  14. moirakathleen

    Linden Balance

    I'm not sure what you mean exactly by "frequency of cash out is every 24 hours". There is a limit as to how much you can buy or sell in a 24 hour period, and there is also a limit on buying and selling on a rolling 30 day period. On my account those limit amounts are the same - that might not be true for people 30 day or less since they first purchased lindens, or very successful creators or real estate business people who may have requested and been granted much larger limits.