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  1. And because I couldn't wait to share...he proposed last night and I said yes
  2. Pretty sure the main reason bought this is house is because of these sliding doors on 2 sides of the living room lol.
  3. @Matty Luminos @Saravendi @Scylla Rhiadra thanks for your lovely words ♥ Yeah he's pretty special Oops, better add today's pic lol.
  4. I was doing a photoshoot for a sponsor with my love, but when my cam stopped on this angle, I loved it even more. Too bad I couldn't use it because I was blogging a backdrop lol.
  5. I'm still around...just busy with a new piece of land, blogging, and my bf lol. On one of our dates he took me to Little Havana and I knew I had to go back for a photo shoot!
  6. Thank you! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Angel Eyes/153/88/24
  7. This is from yesterday...had I known we were going bike riding, I'd have worn something more casual 😂
  8. Lol! I guess the water in this pool does look like milk hahaha!
  9. Well, me sitting in Doux with my sis on this pillar, led to the pic on the right of my new friend Antonio coming to my store, trying my poses lol.
  10. Another beach day...just waiting for my bf
  11. Hanging out on the sunflower side of the farm.
  12. I went to a onesie/pajama birthday party and after we danced, a few of us stayed around to play games and do Chatterbox. Naria is so chill!
  13. My friend has this cage seat in her club, comfy lol!
  14. This isn't from today, but I was going through some pics and realized I never posted this one.
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