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  1. Floating in a bubble around my land. One of my fave views too!
  2. First chance I got to post it here today lol. Corn dog break!
  3. A little lace and sparkles...just what I needed today!
  4. Can finally breathe now that my Pose Fair posts are done, yay! Time for the sauna!
  5. When your malt is mad that you've been using other people in photos...😂
  6. Lol thanks! Yeah, I'm not hearing too many complaints lol.
  7. So thankful for friends like Felix who put up with me dragging them into multiple photo shoots for Pose Fair 😂
  8. Getting ready to head out for the Saturday Sale!
  9. Guess I should get dressed for the day 😂
  10. My friend Felix had no problem helping me out with this pose 😂
  11. Eek! So excited that I was asked to be a permanent blogger for Pose Fair. Grabbed my friend Felix to help me with some of the friends/group poses lol.
  12. There was talk of fighting earlier this week....I can prepare!
  13. Welcome to come see the water! It's our sim http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Angel Eyes/196/50/30
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