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  1. Last night at the blogger party, one of the creators won a Vinyl blogging spot for a month. He graciously gifted it to me. So here is my first post for Vinyl.
  2. No, the dress isn't from the Saturday Sale, I was just out shopping in it lol. BVN is the Blogger and Vlogger Network.
  3. I got dolled up for the BVN holiday party. I even went Saturday Sale shopping like this lol! I had a great time at the party and even got to see @Akasha Sternberg!
  4. Finally got to meet up with the person I got paired with for the BVN challenge. We're posting tomorrow but I had to share this ❤️ Nat is such a sweet person and I'm glad we go to meet! And it's nice to know someone goes through the same pain of setting up a shoot. We were in giggles tonight!
  5. Not pictured in @Saravendi over my shoulder lol.
  6. My sister and I hanging out on our sim, loving the snow.
  7. Then I saw another forum beauty @Angelina String
  8. Was out exploring SL and saw this beauty @Saravendi
  9. Well after playing in the snow....I stood on the bridge 😂
  10. Hey, I was making sure the tube worked well!
  11. Like @Eva Knoller with sweaters, you'll be seeing a lot of winter/Christmas posts from me this month lol.
  12. Me being an emotional sap, but my SL partner had to step back for awhile due to RL stuff (he'll be back soon) but I was just really missing him lol.
  13. Loving the Christmas look on our new house.
  14. My RL name is a variation of Tatiana. Nikolay...I wanted a Slovak last name, but different from my RL. I just googled last names and I liked the sound of it together. And then I got partnered and changed my last name to Larwyck so... lol.
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