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  1. We already knew you weren't quite right.
  2. I tried some different wind lights and it didn't happen with every one I tried. Since I still don't get Black Dragon and I don't really like the Regular viewer for now I guess that will be my fix.
  3. I need your help, this picture i posted to Flickr note the shadow does not go to the front of the car in the Flickr picture. Anyone know why and how i can fix this?
  4. I am not on as much as I would like, and my schedule can be erratic, but I am up to seeing how things go if you are.
  5. Well I am not that much into any of the things on your list. But I like making friend so I will try to remember to IM you when I get in world. But I am pretty much an airhead so it is likely I will forget, do not take that to mean I changed my mine. Feel free to IM me instead.
  6. The shirt and shorts, who makes them? I should know because I own them myself but I cant remember the name and I cant find them.
  7. I am an artist in SL so maybe some of our interests intersect, shoot me an IM sometime.
  8. Text or voice? oh wait you originally posted this a while back this project is probably over.
  9. So I thought you were actually a kitten, (well not as in an actual kitten in RL of course) I generally stay on the spoiled side of the spoiling, but we could always hang out sometime. The guys who like to spoil me probably would love for me to bring along a friend.
  10. Why chat via FB? Why not just meet up Inworld and see what happens?
  11. You mean like Disneyland or the Washington Redskins? Let me clue you in on a secret. Disneyland and the Washington Redskins make money, and if they didn't they would not exist, and there would be no more amusement from them.
  12. I understand about the social anxiety, fortunately for me I do not suffer so much with it within SL. Perhaps because I really do not identify with my avatar as being "me". My avatar is a character I create, that can do things I can't, like walk up to a stranger and say "hi". You mentioned that the Maitreya didn't feel like you, but maybe you can use that to your advantage. Make your avatar someone else who can approach people. If you are fearful that people will judge you, and you want to avoid that, then don't put you out there. Hide behind a character you create. It isn't a flawless plan of course because. You can never remove yourself totally from your creations. But at the same time it becomes very reaffirming when you see that creation accepted.
  13. Not only will you lose those who are not premium but who buy Lindens, you will also lose people like me. I am always at that point where I have to choose whether to spend money on SL or RL needs, and RL always wins out. Because of this I run a business in SL to earn money to buy nice things like shoes. If I was no longer allowed to do this, my business would disappear, and the people who spend money to support it, would no longer be spending that money. Plus people already complain that SL is underpopulated. How many premium members would just quit if suddenly all the non premium people were gone and there were even less people to interact with.
  14. For every 10 percent the sellers pays, he or she collects 90 percent. I wonder sometimes if people get that. It is not a fixed amount that must be paid despite declining sales. There is absolutely no logic in thinking it should be lowered during this or any other crisis.
  15. Alternative answers Mother Road The DJs I am friends with Colab 88 My cat
  16. Is this in your home, or some public place? The bed almost looks like a watercolor painting and inspires me to do a painting. I would love to visit this location if I can, or know who makes the bed if I can't.
  17. Yeah I saw the same thing, I gave up on standard sizing long ago.
  18. She is such a ***** I don't associate with those sorts of people. Unless maybe I could be sure none of my family or friends would find out.
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