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  1. Yeah this has already been discussed, and it has been happening more than since yesterday
  2. Talligurl


    Welcome to the forums, step right in, pay no attention to the screams and the smell of burning flesh, some people get so emotional over burned hamburgers.
  3. You can't really see it well in the picture above, but I got this new hair today that i love from Alantori
  4. Well I certainly agree with your choice of hair
  5. So some guy wants me to come to see his house, and of course I want to go because if he has a house maybe I can sell him a painting. He sends me a TP, I get there and get a message that I have so many seconds to leave, but he is getting a message asking him if he wants to add me to the approved list, and all he needs to do is click yes. If however I get blocked before I even enter, it will be harder for him to give me access, he will probably have to enter my user name into his security system, being sure to type it exactly, all the while leaving me someplace else where some other guy might see me and make me a better offer.
  6. But, ok so I can't walk across a crowded bar sashaying my skirt. But how about for static poses. I would be willing to wait for my skirt, or towl, or sheet or whatever piece of cloth to settle over my body for a picture.
  7. Translation, "I am to busy creating my own drama to deal with yours"
  8. Hi, I also am into shopping, exploring, fashion, and photography. Today's pop culture not so much sometimes, but we have a few things in common, so maybe sometime we can get together in SL
  9. Well if you imagined it, I had the same dream.
  10. So basically you are hoping someone has written a new book they would share with you, you really do not want to quit, you really want one of us to entertain you.
  11. I would post in that other thread if i were fashionable or artistic
  12. Halfway dressed for work, taking a break to drink my coffee.
  13. It is a lot easier when you can just upload directly, and it is another community where you can get feedback on your pictures.
  14. Yes he is, I have hundreds of people on my list, and each one of them i have had a good experience with and expect to do so again, we may go months between those experiences, but if i drop them after a month the next time wont come at all.
  15. Recently i have been unable to post directly to Flickr,it tells me I cannot connect to Flickr, is this an issue with SL or my computer? I tried to reset my Flickr settings but I cannot do that either.
  16. by allowing people to use silly pictures instead of actual words. I really don't think so.
  17. Jettatara, not really a arch villan, in fact on her planet she is just a typical girl next door.
  18. New art, the picture uses a picture i posted, but with a difference. can you spot it
  19. It isn't just about finding perfection, but also changing moods, my look will change several times a day, due to changes in what I am doing, responses to some great buy I discovered, or whatever.
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