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  1. Hi i would love to explore new places with you, if you see me online and i do not respond, I am AFK a lot lately
  2. The visible manifestation of that part of me that has to stay hidden in real life for fear of being cut off forever from family and friends
  3. Thanks, I know I do tend to take pictures with me just a part of the whole scene, and often not looking at the camera. Like this one
  4. I had to pick something up there myself, and most likely I will be back.
  5. I am an SL artist, or at least i try to be, I know a few art places, I could show you sometime. I will IM you.
  6. LOL, In SL, don't ask me to try this in RL
  7. I will send you a friend request, my SL tends to be very haphazard and disorganized, but I would love to hang out sometime
  8. and who says these are just for boys?
  9. I need an oil change, I will bring my car over later.
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