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  1. Just ignore them life is too short to worry about what other people think, especially people who live who knows how many miles away from you that you meet on the internet.
  2. Absolutely not, however if you know the expectation is that you will have sex, it is best you let them know before they actually see it, if it is just a casual date that isnt going to involve getting naked you can keep al the secrets you want. It also is probably a lot safer to tell someone up front what they are going to see when you take you clothes off in RL, Some people might react very badly to being surprised.
  3. I would think "Finally someone figured out what I am worth"
  4. In RL they should be told to be fair. In SL they should be surprised because it's more fun that way.
  5. You need to keep in mind that most people who come to SL come here to meet people, so they are not going to be bothered by your IMs
  6. I suffer from this when speaking, the thing about communicating with written words is you can stop, re-read them, and be sure they say what you want to say before you hit send.
  7. Exactly, what works for some isn't what works for others, and for some what works in RL isn't what works in SL. We just need to live and let live.
  8. I found a place that makes me feel right at home.
  9. Never take that personal, there are people who log onto SL just for the music, then do other things in RL. They seem to be ignoring you but they actually never see the IM. I have had several people tell me they didn't respond to an IM when I sent it because of this. Others you just catch while they are away from the computer for some reason.
  10. I get it, I am very shy as well and have trouble approaching people and speaking up and expressing what i think. But I am able to do that in SL because in SL I can hide behind my avatar. I don't have to worry about what they will think of my appearance. I am not to fat or have something in my teeth, or messy hair, or wrinkles in my blouse or any of a hundred different things I worry about. Also in SL I know I can escape, if things go badly in RL I am stuck there in an awkward situation, but in SL I can TP out and if need be block the person I embarrassed myself with, and they will just think b
  11. I love meeting new people and hanging out and chatting it's one of the best parts of SL. I will try to find you when I get in world, and feel free to find me as well.
  12. New table for my dining room, another 1L deal
  13. This hardly seems to be an SL problem, people do this in RL. SL is simply a reflection of the poor taste and ignorance of real life people. I am sure you could seel that pig brain tattoo at a real life tattoo place just as easily as in SL,
  14. I am not an alt and I would never make a veiled advertising post.
  15. And probably and even higher percentage of "lesbians" who ban male avatars from their sims are.
  16. I know I can post more than that so if that is the limit it must be for newbies
  17. Yes, all the time. probably way to much. I am to east. But sometimes it turns out to be so worth it, other times not so much.
  18. I love to meet new people in SL. my schedule however is quite erratic, but maybe we can hook up sometime and hang out.
  19. I was thinking about him recently and how I haven't heard from him in like forever, but he might have gotten tired of me and moved on.
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