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  1. but you dont show much flesh so you can get away with it.
  2. I get it, some days I log on and it just makes me miserable and I question why am I doing this. But other times I love it. I do wonder though if the miserable became the norm, would I actually be able to walk away. I am reminded of a former forum regular who came to the point of realization that SL was doing him more emotional harm than good, and did walk away.
  3. I am no expert on any of this, but I use an LAQ head and am able to find other skins for it.
  4. I think one huge difficulty with Christian fellowship within SL is the great diversity of Christian expressions of faith. When you take the relatively small percentage of people in SL who are open here about thier faith, that group gets further divided into various doctrines and denominations. I have been involved with some Catholic groups but since I am not Catholic I have not been totally enthusiastic about it. I dI not remember ever meeting another Presbyterian in SL.
  5. You can point out an underserved market better by focusing in a positive way on what you want to buy, rather than being negative and saying you won't shop at places that sell what you don't want. Focusing on what you hate sounds like you are trying to get rid of what you hate. Sure many of the posters have done this, but the OP seems very negative to me.
  6. Because that isn't how it works. Designers sell what people want to buy, the fact that a certain product is out there means there are people who want to buy it. If you do not want to buy it fine, don't. To go on a rant about it though is an attempt to get it taken off the market, which would mean all those people who want it, would not be able to have it. It is a way of saying that everyone should be just like you. It disrespects the fact that we all are different.
  7. I once had someone try to impress me by telling me they could tell I was in Miami. Ok so I was in South Florida at the time, they only missed by about 75 miles. Oh and no I was not in SL at the time. I once encountered a girl who was all upset because someone told her he could somehow tell her real sex. As long as they can't tell my real weight I am OK.
  8. This reminds me of the time I was flying on a plane when a child avi got on board with me. We started talking and he said that his Mother was sending him to stay with his Aunt for a while. When the plane landed he said his aunt was going to be late and could I watch him till she got there, I figured why not play along so I said yes. Well it was not long after that, that he started hitting on me. I TPed out and left him all alone to fend for himself.
  9. Well what I do is...... oh I am sorry, I will have to talk later. I have something I need to take care of at my gallery.
  10. She has to have something to wear when she goes out to buy more lingerie.
  11. My advice for finding a husband in SL, is just get out there and do what you do. Eventually you will meet someone you click with. Sounds like you are already doing that, be sure you are talking to as many people as you can, the business will help with that, as it gives you something to start talking about. That is a great way to get customers and along the way you might find yourself a husband.
  12. My time in world is sporadic, but I would love to hang out with you. I love to explore and take pictures. Which you can probably guess from the number of pictures I post here.
  13. Hmmmnn, good question, since it is not my house I suppose I should ask before inviting a bunch of people over.
  14. Ok, the best fries ever amoung fast food places.
  15. Thier wedge fries are the best fries ever.
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