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  1. This may be true about technical topics, but not every topic here falls into that category.
  2. Stopping for gas on a road trip. Actually he is just some random guy I ran into and took a picture with.
  3. I suspet one of the biggest thing that keeps SL going is the fact that there are so many of us who are so afraid to talk to real people.
  4. This is Second Life, find bags from Second Life designers.
  5. Thanks yes that fixed it I am not much of a fan of being shiny so I was able to turn it down.
  6. My torso is shiny, I am wearing the maitreya petite add on. so I am suspicious of that, but not sure what to do to fix.
  7. Wow we seem to have some drama here. This probably wont help then
  8. The odds are good that if a person is truely falling in love, then the person they are falling for will look attractive to them, love has a way of doing this to a person,
  9. Yes, I think so to, I just find it is easier for me to do this when the person doesn't tell me they are something else.
  10. This is a two way street, when i interact with someone with a male avi, I want to think of them as a male, with a female avi I want to think of them as a female. if they tell me "by the way I am really the other gender" it just makes it seem weird.
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