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  1. I have occasion sent the TP then immediately TPed someplace else.
  2. I heard about SL and thought it might be interesting, then I had the opportunity to watch over a co-workers shoulder while he did SL, and I decided to check it out for myself. When I went to do that I discovered I needed a name. I tried to use my real first name, Talitha, but it wasn't available. I just wanted to get on and check things out so I decided to just combine the shortened version of my name lots of people call me with girl, because I have a few friends who call me that. Then as I was typing I got the crazy notion to spell girl differently. More than once I have been asked if my name means I am a T-gurl, which I had to look up when I was first asked. Definitely wish I had come up with something else.
  3. She has a point, I am sure there is something we all are not interested in, should we all start threads threatening to not shop in places that sell them?
  4. But...... I am changing the subject. I am not talking about some irrelevant ranking system, but the important issue of posting in dead and decaying old threads.
  5. So how many posts past the initial resurrection is a thread considered current again?
  6. Grandmother? No I don't think so. Now crazy Aunt I could do.
  7. This, most of us give priority to our first life over our second. As a result it is hard for our SL relationships to really develop.
  8. Once they are old enough why not, lots of video games are far worse than anything in SL
  9. The least distracting background of all can be made by going to a sandbox and resizing a simple cube, removing the texture to make it white, then stretching it so it is very tall and wide and standing in front or it. This is how I made my profile picture for the forums.
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