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  1. That statement is what one would refer to as an appeal to authority - argumentum ab auctoritate - "I have my grades to back up my claim to being proficient in English - therefore, you must accept my English as proficient". It could also be argued to be a false equivalence, as your grade and your performance aren't actually the same thing. Either way, it's a logical fallacy. I don't doubt your ability to form complete sentences - you just did - but how does that change the fact that some people (as evident by the thread) find slothful negligence of communication unappealing? To be honest, it feels as if the focus of the topic is going somewhere that usually leads to a thread lock; you're taking it personal, people start applying emotional filters to what is being written, argumentation being reduced to ad hominem. Like, what exactly do you think you would achieve with that blatantly ignorant statement? Which, by the by, is yet another logical fallacy. Whether I, or anyone else, is 'old' is wholly relative, and again, irrelevant; it's just your prejudice against old people.
  2. Running a sim is a costly affair, as well as a lot of hard work on setting everything up. There are designers that you can contract for landscaping, building and furnishing, but it can be quite pricy.
  3. That's cute but, in context of what I wrote, irrelevant. If you look at the part of my post that you chose to quote, you'll find that there is plenty of room for people whose communication skills are hindered by various, sensible reasons; I brought up both it being a secondary language and dyslexia. However, there's a difference in being unable to spell 'discombobulation' off the top of one's head and - again, as specifically addressed - abbreviating three-letter pronouns through sheer, neglectful slothfulness. If you're able to be in Second Life, or on these forums, you've already ran out of excuses for such; there are dictionaries a few button-clicks away, and if you want to communicate in English, then it should be a priority to improve it. My English was far from perfect when I first got onto the Internet, and I still consider it fairly weak as it's nowhere near as good as my ability to wield my first language - I have fond memories of those times, of having a dictionary by my side to use whenever I needed it. I still do, on occasion (although these days it's usually a tab in my browser rather than a physical book); I may have the word 'durkslag' clear enough in my mind, but what the hey are those called in English? 'Colander'! Duh?
  4. I don't observe Easter as such, but school's out and I figured I'd get myself a little treat for the weekend. But what treat? Well, by the time I was finished with my 'shopping list', I had a little something like this:
  5. I think that's who Neph dressed up as. Although I suspect their methods of achieving peace may differ. 😈
  6. I may or may not be acquainted with someone who gets off on watching a certain scene from the wind that shakes the barley. Good times.
  7. Yeah, so uh... The view of Dutch people I've grown up with is basically based on a commercial I was shown by a Dutch friend some 15 years ago, with a guy running and jumping around in happiness about a beer. The video explained so much about him, and ever since, that's just the mental image I get when I hear 'Dutch'.
  8. A great what? So much what? Something didn't slip through the profanity filter.
  9. Process starting up ... ... Analysing, please wait: extrapolating elements, found: Biker, Shorts, Leather Jacket, Motorbike, Female. Generating retort. Processing GIF and Meme availability. Double-checking the offens-o-meter and maturity rating. Sending. Approved.
  10. So uh. This is a raw shot. I don't often upload raw shots, especially not on Flickr.. But... ... Black Dragon is magic. For reals. Ambient Occlusion scaling. Also, yes, the dress texture is a bit bad - but I liked it too much to pass it over anyway. Besides, can you really blame a dress that has to fit its entire face inside a 1024 x 1024 square, and then be rendered in 4608 x 6144? Texturing dresses is iffy - I've tried it!
  11. Or the end of RL, whichever comes first!
  12. Orwar

    Genus Ears Help!

    I don't think so. Hiding the ears is probably intended mainly for headwear or hair that will cover the holes, or putting a third party ear over the holes. As far as I can see, there's no mesh face beneath the ear.
  13. Two words: ducks & vipers. As for the topic, back when I was looking to uh, complete my anatomy, I was directed to Aeros. The functionality is generally good, but it does spike your complexity and script usage - so it's a good reason not to run around with your bits when out and about. Before then I've just had sculpted bits that didn't 'do' anything, so getting an Aeros felt very high tech. It's as with anything else though. Demo what you can, find whichever suits your purposes and aesthetics best.
  14. You do have a point. And unfortunately, this round of Eclipse was a little bit vacant. Not sure if CX will roll out something a little late or if I'll just have to wait for next round.
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