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  1. I'm a male who plays two female avatars who occasionally let me play on my male avatar.
  2. It's free to join (the HUD/meter costs nothing), and classes are held pretty much daily in various professions and 101's. It is easy to get carried away and sink a couple of thousand L$ into it in the beginning if you don't know how it works, but you can play it without much cost at all, or even with a small income if you're business savvy (although I wouldn't recommend getting into it for the sake of earning L$).
  3. You can change the texture, the image is being 'projected', I choose a circle as that's what most spotlights are shaped like - you can get creative with projecting all sorts of shapes or even images as light. You can achieve different shadow direction and, to some extent, intensity, by moving the projector. The closer the light is, the shorter the shadow and the higher the contrast, and the further away it is, the longer the shadow and the lower the contrast (due to the falloff - which you can also reduce). Midnight still has a lot of ambient light, as well as a colour (b
  4. There was a headline in the newspapers here recently about how companies that do not consider letting their employees work from home after the pandemic may find themselves losing workers as people will find jobs that do allow that. When I've finished my studies I'll probably look into that, as I intend on only working for 75% anyway to begin with so that I can get my workshop up and running. Anyway, today's peeve .. Sleeping funny on your shoulder so you wake up with a sore neck and shoulder, and of course a headache.
  5. I'm not privy to what's going on with the development, or in what order things are being updated. There used to be an option to serve others, but due to issues that led to asset loss (the food not making it from serving to plate), the feature was disabled. The only other clue is that there are food serving licenses in the lawyers' interface, but it is currently not in use either. You still can run a restaurant, but it'll take some work-arounds. Either by giving the guests rez rights so that they can themselves place the food out to serve themselves, or that you invite them to a group a
  6. There are several factors at play when it comes to generating shadows*: If your projector is the only light source, the shadows will be in the highest contrast possible. If your projector is a part of a lighting setup using multiple light sources or the sun/moon (WL/EEP), the shadow intensity may lower depending on how much ambient light is present where the shadows fall. If you place your subject in front of a prim (for chromakey for example), and place a projector to make it so that the shadow of your subject falls on that prim, turning that prim 'full bright' will complete
  7. You don't engrave a necklace by putting a bunch of vertices into the mesh. You do that with the normal mapping and the texture, at which point it should barely add to performance usage. It's one thing to act entitled, and another when people are hogging resources like crazy and not letting that impact your experience.
  8. I seldom actively seek roleplayers specifically. I'll occasionally chat up people who post in the RP section of the forums if they seem interesting, but other than that I just interact with enough people that I've gotten to know a fair few people who do RP. The one activity I do which targets roleplayers is just hunting with Bloodlines, which I do very seldom, but which is a great way to make friends and find people to RP with. I've come to strongly dislike the idea of RP sims over the years, along with most organised RP in general; the whole reading through pages of backstory (that m
  9. As I grow older, I think about all the people I lost along the way. Perhaps becoming a tour guide was the wrong choice. My uncle Frank's last wish was to be buried in his favourite beer mug; he is now Frank in stein. I read an article earlier, it says someone gets stabbed every 52 seconds in London. Poor guy. My wife and I have long thought about whether we want children, and have arrived at the conclusion that we do not. If anybody does, just give us your contact details and we'll come drop them off tomorrow. Give a man a plane ticket and he'll fly for a day. P
  10. Peeve: when people mention something that makes you realise you want to watch a movie, but you're already watching a movie, sort of, but got distracted and forgot you were watching it, and then you can't decide whether to finish that movie or if you want to go watch that other movie instead - but on the bright side, it doesn't matter all that much because regardless what I do, I'll be distracted in a few minutes again anyway and end up not watching whichever movie I decide to watch. Ooh. Marketplace tabs ...
  11. SL is hardly optimised for performance, and due to the nature of the user created content any given area can cap out at a much higher processing power requirement than the latest AAA games do for the assets and textures; it's not at all difficult to make SL lag, even on high-end rigs. I don't think anyone really enjoys low framerates, unfortunately neither the complexity system or the jelly dolls are particularly great. I've often found that rendering an avatar fully reduce their impact on my framerate compared to what the jelly dolls do - and the complexity count doesn't properly r
  12. There are a fair few. Just Because may be a good place to start.
  13. I pruned mine earlier today, perhaps a little heavy-handedly .. Still a ton of people on there though. Sighs.
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