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  1. I know, right. Perhaps I should have you tagged or something, then I might be able to actually catch you in-world on occasion even!
  2. Remind me to never leave you unsupervised around any of my spoons.
  3. I arrived at today's pet peeve after finding myself writing some rather harsh comments that never ended up being posted, on random threads here and there, where people just . . . Failed at English. People who starts their topic with an opening statement, and add a question mark on the end. "I'm looking for ...?" - well, is it a question? Is that the question? Did you start this topic to inquire as to whether it may be so, that you seek that which your title suggests you are looking for? Yes, I get that there are the occasional reasons for people not communicating in brilliant
  4. I'm not a fan of the visual changes. I'm sure I'll get used to it in time, but for now it just appears alien. As far as reactions go, I feel like most of them are superfluous already. If you don't like or agree with what someone is saying, you're free to inform them of this. If you want to show your support, clicking a 'hug' button just feels lazy.
  5. Well, if Jordan's meme didn't do it, perhaps the ensuing rambling did.
  6. That would suggest that 97.789% of the Swedish population observe Halloween. Which would have to include a whole lot of infants and people so old they can't chew cotton candy. The typical Swedish Halloween pretty much means there's a discount on candy and that there's going to be some horror movies on the tellie, I wouldn't call that 'celebrating'. We do, on the other hand, have Allhelgonadagen (All Saints' Day) which coincides with Halloween (well, the day after - putting Halloween on Allhelgonaafton - 'All saints' eve'). Which frankly all Western Christian nations probably have in th
  7. Orwar

    add me

    But did you ever notice how whenever it's raining heavily, we seem to lose framerate?
  8. Not necessarily, no. But I would argue that the norm is that people make babies with people they have love for. That doesn't mean that all people who love someone make babies with them, or that there aren't people who make babies without love. Again though, the definitions would need to be established first. You do have a point, but, I feel you aren't being misanthropic enough in that analysis. People in 'the west' also used to spawn children in great numbers, because the infancy mortality was so high that to maximise the chances of one's genes making it to adulthood, one would have
  9. Which is all well and good - it would be unreasonable to expect all people to read all works of philosophy, especially in their original languages. But, to adhere to a tidbit of philosophy to which you have no other context just becomes awkward. Take Carpe Diem, for example. To translate those two words isn't very difficult, and to project meaning onto them isn't any difficult, and to use the phrase to promote just about any philosophical perspective isn't any difficult. But what exactly was Horace trying to say when he wrote those words? Who was he, and what was his perspective on lif
  10. "How does your avatar look today?" - started off without any 'instructions' past the title itself; most people figured it was just about posting pictures wherein their current getup is displayed. Which is pretty much what the thread has been used for by most attendants. "The Vanity Thread" - basically the same. Except photos were mandatory. Some people have used it a bit like a blog, listing all the things they're wearing. Others just use it for double-posting, or in lieu of the "How does your avatar look today?" thread. "How does your avatar look now?" - was created in respon
  11. That's really difficult to answer without first determining what is the correct definition of 'love'. Personally I think that the English language is behind in this regard as 'love' is the only word for it - to compare, in Swedish we have several terms; kärlek = the play/game of being in love, kär = to be in love, älska = to love. It's fine to say 'jag älskar ost!' ('I love cheese'), but if you say 'jag är kär i ost!' ('I'm in love with cheese!') you'll be frowned upon and regarded as a young, emotional bimbo who fails to understand their own language. As for whether love is divine th
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