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  1. Orwar

    I need help!!!!

    Sure. Who are we informing?
  2. Orwar

    vanilla relationship

    To be fair, I don't think anyone could really be expected to keep up with the 'proper terminology' of all BDSM lifestyles. But, the term 'vanilla' does tend to mean 'without D/s', which may cause some confusion on what it is you are looking for. As with everyone else who post a 'looking for x' in this board - please, expand a little bit on what you are looking for, as well as who you are. I'm not asking for 'my' sake, but for your own - it'll be a lot easier for anyone who reads the thread to know whether they'd be interested and suitable if you just include a few details.
  3. Orwar

    Tool for avatar positioning

    Post is from last year, guys. I think Sagadin got it by now.
  4. Orwar

    RP Boyfriend or girlfriend/club manager

    It might be interesting to know a little bit more. Like, who are you, and what club is that?
  5. Orwar

    When will the 38 attachment limit be increased?

    That looks.. Painful.
  6. Orwar

    What are you doing today!? :D

    Oh huff, you can't blame me for leaving loaded, unsupervised guns around the forum hangout!
  7. Orwar

    I have a new "alt".......

    I blew L$5,800 on my alt yesterday. L$1,000 was on a hair that I may use more than once, L$900 was for some HUDs that I'll use A LOT, L$100 on a pose pack that I suspect will at least be used partially (10 poses + mirrored, so maybe 4-8 shots' worth?). The rest was on an outfit that I may use once. Actually the same outfit twice because I couldn't decide between the PG and the XXX version and ended up with both.
  8. I know people's minds have polarized like silly in the past decade of social media where the extreme appears the norm, where hive mentality can only see black and white - but come on. Whether a relationship, long-distance or not, will work out is entirely up to those involved. And what does it even mean for a relationship to 'work'? Happiness 'till death do you part? Not all relationships are meant to start with love at first sight and end with Shakespearean tragedy. I've been in many relationships - obviously, being single and alive, none of them lasted throughout my life. Does that mean I consider every relationship a failure? Of course not. Sometimes it was circumstance, sometimes it was me, sometimes it was her - usually it was a little bit of everything - sometimes it has cost me some heartache, and sometimes it has instead provided me with friendship. And stop even searching for some 'ultimate, universal truth' in these things - you won't find one no matter how well you shake ancient philosophers and modern lovey-dovey meme quotes. This is LIFE, whether second or first, you can't live by a singular quote or statement no matter how brainy (usually 'pathetic') it reads. 'But what is truth, not easy to define - we both have truths, is yours the same as mine?' (Pontus Pilate in Jesus Christ Superstar - because sometimes when you argue -against- something, you have to wield that something against those silly enough to believe in it).
  9. Orwar

    How does your avatar look today ?

    My place has less lag though!
  10. Orwar

    What are you doing today!? :D

    The pirates at the hangout went raiding after someone mentioned this pose store... And now we're trying to figure out who to rob since our wallets went a little light.
  11. Orwar

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Did you sneak over to my place? That's my wallpaper!
  12. Orwar

    When will the 38 attachment limit be increased?

    ... Totally not too lazy to check the weather before deciding whether to wear my kilt. There have been rough days.
  13. Orwar

    Roleplayers, What Would You Like To See?

    I would suggest you pay Philomenaville a visit. 1910's-1920's American Small Town & community.