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  1. I tried a demo of the Legacy body the other day. The mesh gaps when at a distance from the sea level (i.e. when in a skybox) were too much for me. That and the neck seam being way off, as well as the price, made me not want to invest in one. It's too bad, really, because the body looks very nice and smooth compared to my current (Maitreya) body, but those kinks just are too much of a bother to deal with in my opinion. That and the whole, it's made by TMP thing.
  2. Beware standalone ears. I get it, the ears on certain heads aren't particularly high detail and may come off as a bit blocky - but many of the high-poly ears out there on the market will have a significant impact on your complexity. 20-30K per ear isn't uncommon. Besides, getting the skin colour to match from your head to ears can be a PITA; get it right in one WL and in the next it'll look like you dipped your hearing apparatus in bleach. For photography it's fine to use a different ear than those that come with the head, as long as you can tint them to match your skin for your lighting setup, but when you're out and about I reckon more people would notice a gross mismatch of colour than your ears not being smooth as baby's bottoms.
  3. Is it just me, or are the quotations and re-posts in this thread getting all confusing? I'm not entirely guilt-free of the occasional banter or discussion, but the picture to page ratio feels as if it has dropped significantly as of late ...
  4. I'm uncertain of what you want me to do with this information. Apologise for you not understanding or appreciating my point of view, and failing to detect the constructive hints therein? As you said, I don't know you - so how could I possibly tell you what you should put in your profile? All I said was, what you have in there now is the same as most people; there's nothing that sticks out and nothing that's specific enough to use as a conversation starter - and that statement was the hint. I also tried to suggest that you look at your profile from the perspective of someone not knowing you, what kind of information do you think make a profile interesting? How about: - "I'm interested in botany." - "Hey, I read your profile and it says you're interested in botany. I've wanted to grow a herbal garden on my patio but I don't know much about it, maybe you have some ideas or tips?" - "I'm a huge fan of Stephen King." - "Hey, have you read this book? I loved it, but I couldn't sleep for three days!" If you go to just about any club and start reading through people's profiles, and 12/17 people mention 'I like shopping, exploring, dancing and/or music', do you think people will be up for asking each of those people for specifics about their mentioned likes, or will they try to initiate conversation with the person who's passionate about costume dramas, or the one who can't seem to get enough of World War One stories? Getting all defensive because someone doesn't agree with you, pulling the victim card and lashing out like a hysterical person, at least doesn't do it for me. Happy hunting.
  5. Doing a full body shot. They're difficult. So I figured I'd swoop in and do a portrait as well, in case I decide to ditch the whole shoot. Unedited shot.
  6. I put a few things on my wishlist on occasion, in case I want to purchase something later. I don't advertise it in any way though. It's just easier than having a half million tabs open in my browser for things I might want to get later. Cat occasionally sneaks on there and buys me something, though.
  7. A lot of people say that they're introverts in SL. I think that the term has been tainted by the ignorance of the mob; introvert and shy are very different things. An introvert person often feel physically and mentally drained after exposure to socialising (my therapy group used the term 'socially hungover'). I'm an introvert person, I get psychic blocks that hinders me from responding to someone if I need space and feel a high level of anxiety if I force myself through it - but I'm not a shy person, I have no issues starting conversations with strangers. I do always look at people's profiles before I contact them though. It saves me an immense amount of time and effort by filtering out those who appear uninteresting or stupid before having to actually talk to them. Your profile is... Pretty plain, in my opinion; it has the usual Tinder-pop interests listed - parties, hanging out, dressing up, and shopping, really? I don't know if that'll even catch the interest of other shopaholics, but from the perspective of a 'guy', you've managed to camouflage yourself into the faceless mass of dime-a-dozen, average SL'er. "looking to build meaningful relationships and kill my boredom" - what is a 'meaning relationship' to you? How do you define boredom, and how do you seek to kill it? If you want to wait for people to message you based on that, with anything but shallow or lewd suggestions, you may have to wait a while.
  8. 'Necessarily'? That's not what I said - try again! Second Life is not a game, it's a virtual world. It's not rooted in role play as much as being a social and creative platform. A lot of (perhaps 'most') people in Second Life do not role play, many even resent the idea. If you were looking for role play, though, then your thread should have been posted in the role play section, not the in-world employment. Have I ever stated the contrary? No, I have not. I warned you that, in the past, a lot of people have had negative experiences with pretentious 'schools' offering tutelage in exchange for money - or even 'special favors'. If that's what you want, then knock yourself out - if that's not what you want, be critical of what you do find as to avoid fraud. I'm sorry for trying to be nice? Any role play community which has expenditures, such as land fees or tiers, need some sort of revenue unless its owners or benefactors are willing and able to pay for it out of their own pockets; there's nothing weird with that. The only reason I brought it up is, there has been threads in the past on these forums, from people who have presented various 'certificates' and 'degrees' from modeling schools and expected that it would give them actual modeling positions. People being unable to keep role play and actual business apart is no good; and you've posted in the 'looking for work' board, not the 'role play' board. You're projecting emotion onto a non-emotive text; I don't much care what tone of voice, expression or body language you perceive in the absence of such. I asked you a question, loaded only with the ammunition you yourself provided. Had I been <insert popular model reality show judge>, would you feel it a harsh question - or one attempting to prompt you to declare actual merits if such existed? That is a category which you (and others) make. Categorising phenomena around us is natural, but sometimes it's unfortunate - I don't attack or troll people for funsies, nor do I wrap my queries with cotton candy. I perceived gaps in your original post and tried to get you to fill them so as to avoid having to project my own expectations. Because you are a newbie on the forums, I tried to warn you to be wary as the modeling scene in Second Life has many dark sides to it which one might not want to jump head-on into without scrutiny. It was meant as an act of kindness, but because of your projection of emotion, you turned it into cruelty - I can't take responsibility for your perception.
  9. ... Or a sugar mommy? Wink-wink-nudge-nudge.
  10. So, with my 4 pairs of shoes, I don't qualify as a rich lady?
  11. Opens the map! Sometimes, all someone needs is a little bit of motivation. Being chased by a madman with an axe is usually plenty motivating. 😈
  12. Ctrl + M is your friend! I don't believe in the concept of "fake it 'till you make it". You can't fake happiness, comfort or the sense of belonging - and anyone who is that adept in self-deception, I would advise to re-think their lives. Having skimmed over various "looking for family" adverts on the forum, and some I've come across in-world, it strikes me as eerily similar to dating adverts; in the best of cases people will say "I'm interested in X, Y and Z" and "I'm usually online these hours" - but a lot of them only say "I want a family" and little else. Another problem I perceive, is when mediocrity demands perfection. "I'm shy, I'm poor, I'm ugly - I want the perfect family"; we're all socially inept, destitute and hideous in relativity to projected ideals. If by "shy" you mean that you'll be so introvert when approached, that every time you hit Enter you create a conversational dead end - it's not family, friends or a partner you need; you need to learn how to communicate. If by "poor" you mean that you are unwilling or unable to in any way contribute or invest in your Second Life, but expect someone else to put a roof over your head and clothes on your back; you're simply misguided. If by "ugly" you mean that you can't find worth in yourself, and expect others to give you value, then you throw yourself at the mercy of strangers in a place where deception, abuse and objectification is rampant; even the most futile person can improve themselves if they take a deliberate action to do so, and if you find genuine worth in yourself, then others will envy and adore you for it - fake that, and all you've got is a bad attitude which will repulse even the meekest (or inspire the wretched). You can find like-minded people, or people who share your interests, by being yourself and doing what you like to do. Looking for people based on interests and desires is oftentimes just putting the cart before the horse. I've made so many friends and acquaintances - and partners - through SL photography alone, that I can't keep up with half of them. Before I got into that, I had an even more extensive contact list from role playing. Before then, I still had an excessively large contact list from engaging in regions dedicated to history, building, music, steampunk, vampires, sailing, and so forth. Second Life is an excellent tool to make friends and explore your interests, failing to do so and expecting someone to come serve it up on a silver platter for you is just weak. If you throw the ax in the boat, you'll have to row like the Devil.
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