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  1. Meh, I didn't much care for that movie. T1 and T2 were great, after that things started going south. The last thing I saw, I don't even remember which one it was, was so bad I only saw half of it.
  2. Any volume setting lower than 100% doesn't count. Obviously.
  3. The way it works in Sweden is, everyone hates on whoever is south of them, and with Gothenburg being so far south, everyone hates on them. They particularly stand out for their horrendous accent, bad humour, and the fact that they refuse to pronounce kex like normal people. They say 'chex', and they will argue about why they're 'right' to do so and how the rest of Sweden is saying it wrong - the audacity!
  4. I reckon that'll have to be close enough.
  5. Random headline: "German fire fighters had to rescue rat trapped in sewer grate". Poor thing!
  6. Is that the title of the book, or did your relationship with the book end once you were finished with it ..?
  7. Yes. I'll give you a clue: every year, reenactors of Danish soldiers breach the town gate. The Danish conquest sort of fizzled out and the territory never swapped hands. When Stockholm got word about how the town had gone ahead and constructed a town wall (which is a special privilege that only cities with express permission may do according to medieval law in large parts of Europe), the town was fined by the king. Thanks to the wall, the town is now an UNESCO world heritage.
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