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  1. Orwar

    How does your avatar look today ?

    I do look decent with a shirt on too, though. I hope.
  2. Orwar

    How does your avatar look today ?

    My shirt.. Was.. Stolen?
  3. The male fashion scene is... Not at its most diverse at the moment. If you enjoy looking like a Malibu beach wannabe gangster gone hipster, you're in luck though. Board shorts, tank tops and hoodies aplenty. If you want something more laid back or formal, there are a few great options though. Deadwool is probably my favourite store, and it has been for a long time. The new releases may be few and far between - but the quality is just simply the best when it comes to menswear, and whilst much of the style is right up my alley, there are some 'deviations' that might not be right for me, but totally could work for someone else (I guess 'urban' or 'street' is the closest term I can think of for it). Cold Ash is also great, more modern casual for the most part, but some very nice formal apparel as well. Quality is great, and you can easily work most of the clothing into various outfits to suit you. FashionNatic probably has the best 'wide' range of quality modern apparel. They make both men's and women's clothing, and I've shopped there extensively for both my male avi and my female photo alt. Unfortunately a lot of items tend to be a little frivolous with the materials, so if you're using advanced lighting model there may be some unfortunate über-gloss on leather and metal components. ContraptioN / Hot Dog has plenty of very nice quality stuff, mostly accessories from ContraptioN but both now make clothes and colaborate - although if you aren't into steampunk/dieselpunk/SciFi, it might not be for you. Agata Mode is, as far as I can tell, a pretty small store with not too many products out yet - again, it's a bit of a mix, but it's well worth a look. Also does both men's and women's, and it appears the ladies are getting most attention. Ascend has some pretty nice stuff. It's not on par with the aforementioned in my opinion, and I've decided to not do more than a few purchases due to poor rigging - but the pieces that did work for me, and that appealed to my taste, are a very solid part of my wardrobe. If you're looking for fantasy / Gor apparel, I'd recommend checking out PFC and Noble Creations. I use my PFC outfits quite frequently for themed shots, even if I don't do any Gor or hang out much at fantasy sims. If you're texture-blind like most guys in SL, there's Gabriel. It's the store I love to hate. They do make some nice stuff, but the texture job is frequently sub par and most of the 'cool' stuff ends up in Gacha machines. I abhor Gacha passionately and generally refuse to buy them - but I do have a few of GB's pieces for certain outfits that I could nab off of the MP for cheap. They still have some outfits on the market as normal though, and their store is pretty impressively stocked, so it could well be worth a visit to make your own opinion on their stuff. Another store that I do like is CerberusXing. It's 90% accessories, but they do have 'some' apparel, too. Very niche, very macabre, I adore it - but I get that there are people who don't like the uh... Theme. One thing worth mentioning though, when it comes to menswear vs womenswear availability - there may be up to a hundred times more items on the MP labeled as womens apparel - but A LOT of it is the same mesh prefabs, retextured and rebranded. The majority of which is done without much thought or effort at all. When I made my alt I went to some very 'in the now' events and picked up essentially a wardrobe the size of my main's for free. But after a few weeks, 99% of the freebies were in the bin. Granted, I use her for photography so I'm very snobbish and picky about everything from style to fitting and rigging to texturing and materials. Finding anything 'specific' for her that I envision myself wanting before I've seen it is often as difficult as finding something for my male. Just as I used to joke 'does -every- menswear store have to make a plain suit?' back in the day when there was more variety (pre-mesh body, but still mesh clothing) - it isn't really going to help you that there are 5,492 maid's uniforms on the MP when 80% of them are with system layers and prims, and you only need one decent outfit to satisfy your needs. One good suit and you're pretty much set for all your formal needs. A handful of trouser options and a fistful of shirts and you're set for your every day needs. As any forumite will tell you when you go out shopping - DEMO, DEMO and DEMO before you buy. If you don't like it or don't think it's worth it, move along - the stuff is out there, and we do get new stuff monthly with all the events that are rolling on, spurring creators to put more stuff out there. Check out Men's Only Monthly, The Man Cave, The Men Jail Event monthly and you'll eventually find something that you'll want. And here I just skimmed through the OP because it felt 'too long to read' and just went on @Sylvannas Zulaman pinging me. And look what I did!
  4. Orwar

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Hiding something? Me? Oh, never... Grins vaguely, as the tip of my tongue playfully stroke over the sharp tips of my fangs.
  5. Orwar

    How does your avatar look today ?

    So, I did another portrait. Another self-portrait. Because... I... Wanted to try some new editing techniques? Yes. Let's go with that. Halloween is nigh, so... I dressed as my danged usual self.
  6. Orwar

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Just some Saturday morning sacrilege.
  7. Orwar

    Let’s see who shares the same taste of music

    Well, at least I've got this:
  8. ... Oh, I spy a rainy one right there! Can I keep it?
  9. Orwar

    Let’s see who shares the same taste of music

    Oh well, I must be hanging out at the wrong venues.
  10. How to make a thorough profile. As a profile-pervert, I see so many turn-offs. People either over-do it and write a short book about themselves, to the point you've got no reason to really interact with them - or they're 9 years old and haven't put up a profile picture yet. Or people plaster their profiles with 'Carpe Diem' without having the first clue about Horace and his philosophy, or any other thing stolen off of brainy-quotes.
  11. Orwar

    Let’s see who shares the same taste of music

    It needs a comeback!
  12. 'Mere'? I will have you know that I graduated from the University of Oxbridge! And managed to get myself a lifetime ban in the process!
  13. Orwar

    New Start on SL, Seeking Burlesque Mentor

    I haven't seen any 'proper' burlesque in SL for years. We used to have a speakeasy in a cellar, and being the town constable I was obliged to keep a very close eye on those girls. I've seen a few pieces of furniture that has burlesque inspired dances in them, as well as several sets of photo poses. The question one would have to ask is 'how best do I translate this art into a virtual reality?' - and personally I would say that you'd need a venue with the right theme that will cater to one's needs (a small to medium room with a low scene, perhaps a bar, and a 'yesterday's luxury' feel to it, I would say), one would need decent animations for the performers (30-second loops of doing the same thing over and over, as many dance poles in SL do, is only interesting to watch for 30 seconds or so), one would have to consider how best to entertain one's patrons (just watching someone dance in pretty clothing will only reach so far - consider music, possibly emotes, you need -something- to grab the attention of the attendants lest you end up like <insert any SL club> where everyone just stands around semi-AFK and the only thing going on in the nearby chat is going to be either; 'Ugh, it's Monday again', or; 'Yay, Humpday, almost through with the week!' or; 'Friday at last! TOMORROW I'm going to have so much fun' - rather than 'Right HERE, right NOW, I'm having fun and enjoying myself').
  14. Orwar

    Let's see how many people from 2017 remember me.

    And now, they're imposing Article 7 on Hungary. It's starting to feel like 18thC surgery mixed with your standard school yard bullying. Half a million Hungarians in the streets of Budapest protesting the EU and cheering their democratically elected leader - what a beautiful sight. If only I could find half a million Swedes to join me in doing the same over here. Swexit ASAP, please.
  15. Orwar

    What is your preferred virtual world?

    'Do you prefer SL or Minecraft?' I don't know. Do you prefer tomatoes or jeans?