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  1. Hm ... No idea, but that's an interesting question ... Goes off to dig around in the Firestorm wikis.
  2. Stealthic is, by far, my favourite hair creator in SL. My photo alt gets all the hairs from them. Their male hairs work, but I've kind of used the same one hair for something like 3 years now - I'm not as adventurous with hair on my male avatar, I guess!
  3. And the bridge works well, too? 😁
  4. Granted, but they instead have a tendency to cause painful flatulence. I wish there was perpetual night and winter in all of the world.
  5. It reduces your lag, and potentially the response time of scripts around you. When sailing, for example, people are generally told to remove all things scripted, as the vehicles' scripts plus a bunch of avatar scripts can cause all sorts of problems. Having a receiver script in your hair when clubbing probably won't be a huge thing though (as the script basically just says 'Hi, I'm X - if you run a script aimed at X, I will react to it). Resizing scripts and such can be more intense however. I don't generally care to remove all my scripts when out and about, unless I'm going to an event or a club, in which case I will create a copy of the items in my outfit that I want to remove the scripts from, and put them in a folder for that particular outfit. Neph's event-going getup contains no scripts aside from her body and head, using the Firestorm AO, and has a complexity of less than 25,000.
  6. There is a better way. Instead of putting the button's texture on the button itself, meaning it has to be a separate face with a separate texture, you make a HUD with just -one- texture, which in it has all the buttons painted on it. Then, when you put the HUD together, you just put invisible prims on top of each button, with a script connecting it to the HUD itself and carrying out whichever command you want it to do (i.e. 'Apply <insert UUID> to <insert item, and which face if applicable>). That way, a HUD only needs one single texture (unless it has several pages). The amount of scripts, well, you'll need one for each button regardless - but they're usually fairly short, and it might be good practice (and manners) to put together your outfit, select the colours, apply your alphas, and so forth, and then detach any HUDs before actually heading out to crowded places (which may be slightly off-topic, but it can't be repeated enough apparently, judging by how people are running around with enough script memory on them to accommodate the Skynet). More often than not, poor optimization in SL is largely due to ignorance or laziness of the creator, rather than 'SL is too limited'. Like, how do some of the really popular creators in SL get away with meshed lemon slices with 2,000 triangles in them, each, individually? No wonder people are having lag problems when there's junk like that strewn across the grid. I sit quite cozily on 180 FPS in my skybox, with all settings cranked to 11 - because I'm picky with what goes in there.
  7. A stubble applier may help with that! Just look at this magnificent sonuva gentleman. Beard maketh man. Nods.
  8. I take it we shouldn't become pen pals then ... Those squares are 5 mm (roughly 5 squares per inch, for those across the pond!). The x-height is 1.5 mm, and it's written with a mechanical pencil with a 0.3 mm gauge. ... But think of all the paper I save!
  9. You mean like how you were telling everyone that their thoughts were invalid because of how it didn't align with your own, personal, biased, twisted opinion on the nature of Second Life?
  10. And what's with creators making HUDs that use separate textures for each and every button (especially colouring HUDs for apparel and such), all of course in much higher resolution than necessary, rather than just making a single texture with all of the components in it? HUD texture memory over-usage happens much too often. Or creators who still, in this day and age, use unpacking scripts that include the script itself, or require you to wear a bag which will break your AO and then copies the pose itself into your inventory when there are free scripts that with one click unpacks everything except the script itself, and works whether you wear the box on your HUD, avatar or rez it?! // Rant
  11. Meanwhile, Tati was off goofing around in the snow.
  12. Or getting a dom/me who puts a tall posture collar on you! Jokes aside, we can never control how our avatars will be perceived by others, due to differences in graphic settings and what windlights people use. The neck seam is a thing, unless you get a body with the head attached to it, and has had the skin texture exported along with the UV from the mesh creation program. Everyone has them, some more noticeable than others, but it's just something we'll have to accept as part of the SL reality. For photography, editing them is a breeze, and they can easily be concealed through the use of accessories if so desired.
  13. But what if I'm perfect in both worlds? πŸ€”
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