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  1. Those who insist on having every HUD (head HUD, body HUD, AO HUD, dance HUD, yada yada yada) in their inventory attached 24/7/365 when they're not using them (major lag contributor).
  2. I think the thinking goes that SL's a luxury, not a necessity therefore, it's deemed a bit silly of us to complain. I do hear you, though - have even thought along similar lines myself on occasion but then realized nothing's forcing me to stay in SL so if I don't like it, I can either lump it or leave. Death, taxes and greed are about all one can rely on in life - until something better comes along.
  3. Some club owners just need to drink more prune juice.
  4. Exactly right. Customers have a lot more power than they think and they're entitled to warn their friends, ignore, unfollow, stomp their feet and otherwise have a general hissy fit. Also, what you describe - if I'm not mistaken - seems to be a new 'scammy' trend with many creators (who have already shot their prices up recently) and when I see one using it - no matter how much I may have loved their stuff in the past - I add their name to my 'friends-to-the-end-but-this-is-the-end-my-friend' list. These people need to get over themselves (that includes unprofessional 'DJ's' guilting peopl
  5. Exactly why I don't bother with clubs anymore. DJ's knew what their expenses would be before they chose to become a 'DJ' - absolutely no excuse to guilt people into tipping them. Customers have expenses too and many have lost their jobs, so they're in SL on free accounts just to help them forget their hardships for a little while, so DJ's really need to pull their heads out of their butts and eat a dose of humble pie.
  6. Gentle smiles are ok - like Cerka's above - but the rictus 'smile' most seem to aim for, is - well, I guess it's a personal choice but maybe don't be surprised if both children and adults (like me) run screaming.
  7. Not sure you read what I wrote, but its late and Im too tired to keep explaining. In any event, who has the time for all of that hassle and drama?? I can only wish I had the luxury of that kind of time to waste!
  8. I had actually done that. The result was the new viewer has taken over. I only look dumb, but thanks anyway.
  9. Will have to check that when I log in next. I did find that turning off atmospheric shaders gave some fps back, but not much and not for very long, so its probably the water thing, as you said.
  10. 1. I regularly back up FS. That did exactly nothing. 2. No idea. Havent had time yet to chase my tail looking up technicalities so will have to take your word for it. 3. Again, I dont have a problem with FS or anyone else doing the eep dance. They originally said we would have the option - which I took to mean either use the beta version with eep or the regular version without it.
  11. Yes, but thats not the issue though. The issue is that they originally said a few months or so ago that they wouldn't force it on us - that basically the option to use either the normal FS viewer or one with EEP (the Beta one, I assume) would remain in place. Im glad your fps has increased though. Mine hasn't but that isn't the only problem. Its difficult to log out (as in, it just wont, it freezes instead) and the viewer often randomly seizes up for several seconds at a time. I guess its not that big a deal really. SL isnt a must-have in my life really.
  12. Just my two cents worth, but FS forcing an EEP version after telling us they wouldn't and that it would remain optional, is reaching a whole new kind of low. I installed it - instantly regretted it - now cant revert back to the previous version because its overwritten everything and wont let me. Its time-wasting, hideous and an fps hog; fps was upwards of 60 at home, but now struggles to reach 15. At home! With no one else around! Buh-bye sim photography - really the only reason I had for staying in SL; I dont do clubs, vanity photography gets really old really fast fast - and
  13. amara beauty only makes full bom skins.
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