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  1. Somebody really likes her boat? A lot??
  2. Ahh ok - no, I didnt get a chance to see the pic - keep having rl interruptions.
  3. Yes the boat thing is different - its the home thing she found a solution for so all is well on that score.
  4. Not to mention the tidy 10% LL takes per sale. I wonder if they'll give those back?
  5. I believe Waiomao found her solution several hours ago - which includes the use of banlines through one particular rental agency - so she possibly wont be back to continue the conversation; shes found the privacy and security she was looking for.
  6. I can only suggest perhaps putting in an urgent ticket to ask, but I dont have the answer for you, Im sorry.
  7. @Waiomao I feel your pain. Its the reason why I only rent from one particular SL agency now and have never again had to suffer fools and tossers again. They are the biggest, they've been here the longest and when I have need of renting extra space (not sure I can mention their name so I wont, but feel free to IM me inworld and I can give you their details), its them I rent from, because they not only allow the use of banlines, but encourage their use. And...bonus...they're cheaper than any other agency, because they can afford to be. You'll never hear them giving you a mouthful of nonsense about sucking it up and using an orb, or having to wait til one of them is online (there's always someone online 24/7) and giving them a list of offending names before they do the banning themselves. It's also the reason why I've preferred the old Linden homes in the old, old areas - not because the houses are spectacular (they're not particularly) but because you can use banlines - and that's all I care about. The day LL removes the use of banlines grid-wide is the day I quite happily leave SL without a second thought. But for you in your current situation, no need to quit SL. There's always more than one way to skin a dictator/sleaze bag/intruder. My solution (if you have a premium membership) was to buy 1024 sqm of mainland where I can use banlines to my hearts content and then rent a private parcel as well from my fave agency who encourages their use. If you don't have a premium membership, then I recommend renting from them anyway and you'll never again have to worry about intruders. Cant help you with the boat situation on the open sea though, sorry.
  8. Yes but have you seen the new ones (still being built) next door to the birthday event? Soooo beautiful.
  9. Clearly, yes but we're not there yet unless SL is murdered intentionally. So unless they're planning on breaking SL up and selling all the bits off for spare parts, then there's absolutely no reason it cant keep growing. Given the large numbers logging in during the whole Wuhan virus thing - and LL running out of land due to unprecedented demand as a result - then it would seem a bit silly and premature to start talking about shutting down housing development at this stage. Homes in SL are part of what draws some people in - knowing that for a monthly fee, they can have a place of their own to park their avi and decorate as they see fit, pretty much without restrictions. The whole world loves home decorating, after all.
  10. To stop adding more homes would be a bit daft. The point is that SL can last indefinitely and more than likely will; I'm just not so sure about the new kids in the pilot seat. Clearly those were some seriously grown up britches driving this beast around. Ima wait to see how things pan out before moving from quarterly to annual membership. Perhaps this is why talks about some kind of new super premium appear to have ceased?
  11. Famous last words - and oddly enough, almost word-for-word (bar names) that the owners of our formerly small and wildly successful ISP said at the last minute (literally), when they sold us up the river without warning (just like this) to a big group who thumb their nose at the law, government and customers and do as they please. They happily pay massive fines for false advertising - and keep right on doing it. Micro-transactions, reduction of services; take, take, take, give less, less, less; and let's be honest, anyone can make anything look like its a good thing - just google your angriest questions about Microsoft and watch numerous paid shill sites come up with the countless reasons why we should adore Microsoft. I hope time shows those of us who are wary, that we needn't be. I really do. But until then...thinking Kotick and ActiVision; R.I.P. WoW.
  12. Yes. Its the creator I feel for. Ultimately, we arent the victims, but a pattern looks like its emerging - DMCA, do nothing for 10 days, Genus allowed to return for a few days, another DMCA just to rain on the parade again, do nothing (again) for (another) 10 days, Genus allowed to return for a few days before....rinse, repeat. Hard to see this ending. Eventually, even the sanest among us will be dusting off their pitchfork if someone cant/wont step in to put an end to the nonsense.
  13. I played Game of Homes a couple days ago just to see whats available and got several houseboats, a few Victorians (houses, not people), some log cabins, a trailer or three, tons of older homes in older areas (of which I'm quite fond - so sue me) and a notification that I could only refresh 9 times in 10 minutes (or 10 in 10) then had to wait 10. They've really outdone themselves with the stilt homes at Enchant. They're gorgeous. Was imagining the delighted reactions of whoever the few lucky people will be that manage to snag the ones out over the water. Just perfect!
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