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  1. Unless you also have a credit card connected with your PayPal, you probably also need to have a balance in your PayPal - just enough of a balance to cover what you want to use in SL (because transfers from bank accounts are not usually instantaneous and LL needs to receive the payment immediately in order for the transaction to go through).
  2. Another interesting point from the Town Hall meeting was that if you are a premium member, you are considered 'active'. So if you have a USD balance larger than $0, between either being a premium member and/or logging into your web dashboard and looking at your account page at least once during a 12-month period, it seems pretty easy to avoid being classified as inactive.
  3. If LL's intention is to be able to get rid of the old linden home continents, then they will be building new homes for quite awhile, and as the number of new homes built continues to increase, hopefully that will mean the current extreme shortage will lessen a little bit. I have two friends waiting for the release of the trailers which I think Patch had said would be a bigger release than the several times a week region releases they're currently doing for the traditional homes and houseboats. They both have annual memberships that they renewed in June, and they are both hopeful that they will be able to get new homes sometime before their memberships come up for renewal again. We've seen comments from both Patch and from several of the Moles that LL is having discussions about various ways that the release process might be improved in the future. I would encourage people to keep their premium memberships and not downgrade until the very end, if they do not want to renew. It's very possible that at some point during the next year the process for being able to actually get a new home will be easier than it currently is, and that it will not involve any need to feel like one has to be refreshing the home page often in order to get a house. There are supposed to be more themes coming out as well, so it's possible that one may like a new theme that first comes out in six months or so better than the three themes we currently know about.
  4. From what I remember from the other recent thread about a similar request (preservation of another iconic region), the region owner needs to contact LL about their regions being considered for the region preservation society. I couldn't tell from the posts here whether the owner was interested in that being done or if the owner had already contacted LL to find out if these regions would qualify for that program.
  5. I usually still end up with some type of mainland parcel, no matter where I may be living. This is my little parcel up on Gaeta 1.
  6. Before I signed up on a list to specify a theme I wanted, I'd want to know what the remaining themes are going to be, and would want to see samples of them, so that I could make an informed choice about which home theme (or list) I wanted to wait for. Especially if the lists were going to be the only way to get one, and I think that if lists were to be implemented than they should be used for reallocating the abandoned homes as well.
  7. To some extent, we are already using some services provided by Tilia:
  8. Not necessarily. I think it's being proactive, so that if I am blessed enough to become a creator next year and make enough to want to process credit, I won't be surprised at that point about having to provide ID and tax information. People who have processed credit that reached some threshold have had to provide the type of identification information for a few years now, already. What sounds like it will be different to me is that all people processing credit will be required to do so, not just the ones who reach some dollar amount or number of transaction threshold.
  9. Tilia has been around and has been handling some payment services for a couple of years. There was a LL TOS update which mentioned Tilia back in July of 2017. So it's not a new thing, and I'm thinking the changes taking place August 1st are follow up/final steps/formalization for making the switch over for handling of certain types of financial transactions. I would imagine that the reason everyone needs to agree to the new TOS is that even though you might not cash out and process credit now, that might not always hold true in the future (situations and circumstances change).
  10. From what I've gathered, a "flat" inventory that is problematic is one where everything is in just a few top level folders (not in a sub-folder structure). It sounds like you have set up a structure that involves several layers of sub-folders, so it doesn't sound like you need to worry about having a "flat" inventory that causes problems which could prevent you from logging in. When people talk about how many items in a folder, my impression has been that they are referring to objects in the folder which are not in sub-folders. I took a peek at the links you included, and I saw suggestions of <5000 or less. In my opinion, the most important things about the inventory structure is having one that makes sense for you and how you find things in your inventory. For myself, it would be the inner-most sub-folders where I would worry about the number of items in the folder. So, if I had bottom level sub-folders, though, with 1000+ items not in sub-folders, I would work on sorting those 1000+ items into another level of sub-folders. If I had 2300+ items split out between 603 separate sub-folders (like your Shoes folder example), personally I would not worry about that exceeding suggested limits or being an issue, as long as the structure makes sense to you for finding things. I think there is a balance that people need to figure out what works best for them between how many levels of sub-folders to build out the structure, and how many loose items to have in the inner-most level sub-folder.
  11. I had forgotten there was one at Bay City also - it's been awhile since I was out at the amusement park there. I just used the arrow keys to keep 'bouncing' over towards the edge until I was off the bouncy part
  12. That reminded me that I had come across a bouncy house before, built by moles - at the Rizal Games area and it's still there (and taking a picture while bouncing is not very easy).
  13. The free tier amount was increased from 512 to 1024 over a year ago. I've been premium since I joined, and I still think there is value with the premium membership. Paid annually, it's still less than Netflix or Amazon Prime per year. I have 2 premium accounts that I use to fully cover the tier on a 2240* sqm mainland parcel. (* includes the group bonus).
  14. But how do we, in a way that is inclusive and not divisive, get to the point where the response to "Trans Rights are Human Rights" is "of course!". It seems to me that as a society we've become really splintered by issues, and we get wrapped up in focusing on the issues that are most important to us as an individual (and being offended by those that don't see the same issues we see) that we forget that we still need to bring resolution for all these issues back together as part of the 'common good' which does need to as inclusive as possible. If we splinter too much, we'll all be in our little enclaves without a common resolution even being possible - or part of anyone's vision - any longer.
  15. I think a definition from LL of the "cashing out" term and the "process credit" term would be very useful. If the only people asking questions or upset about the Tilia announcement were merchants who already cash out and process credit, perhaps it wouldn't be needed. However, there was a concern from someone in one of these threads thinking 'process credit' had to do with using a credit card to purchase linden dollars, and thought that he was going to need to provide the additional personal information in order to continue purchasing linden dollars. I don't earn money in SL, only sometimes skim through posts in the Merchant forums, and often have to go look at the knowledge base articles to clarify for myself what is 'cashing out' and what is 'process credit'.
  16. One thing to keep in mind is that the landscaping items (shrubs, hedges, fencing, trees, etc.) that are part of the supplied landscaping are not in a home parcel - they are in public separators in-between actual home parcels. If you really want to see the size and location of the parcel, you really need to turn on display of property/parcel lines. The landscaped separators means that those items do not count against a homeowner's LI, and also are, in my opinion, what makes the parcels both feel larger and feel more private, along with adding to the ambiance of the neighborhoods.
  17. Once it awhile I have seen that there is a particular model of the Meadowbrook homes or of the Tahoe A-frames that has been out of stock for a short time, but I've eventually always been able to get the model of A-frame that I wanted. Generally though I was looking for an Elderglen theme or the Japanese theme house, and I don't think I ever saw when one of those models was out of stock temporarily at the various times I've had a LH in the past 5 years. Recently, it's just been the Grayson that I've seen come and go frequently, and I thought that was due to all the new premiums trying to get a linden home, as it's the first option usually when the brand new homes aren't available.
  18. They are small, but a little bigger than the caravan wagon my alt generally lives in when she has a mainland home. When she's in the old linden homes she sticks with the Shire house in the Elderglen theme. This new camper theme will be a good fit for her. I think a 512 sqm parcel would work for her, as she wouldn't need to do as much landscaping around the caravan as she has to do on mainland. She has a set of low LI furnishings that she always uses in her existing caravan, so they should work well with a couple of the camper themes.
  19. I could be wrong, but that log cabin at the entrance looked like the cabin that was a gift last winter - I don't remember if it was a premium gift or if it was one of the winter swaginator gifts.
  20. The problem I see with using different AOs for different contexts would be that no one else would know, unless they were someone you hung out with all the time, in which case you probably wouldn't need to switch AOs to indicate a different context. On the other hand, I could see someone switching to an AO with sexier movements as part of personal immersion for some situations.
  21. Not only does an outfit not actually mean the same thing here, but many of the additional contextual clues we would have in RL, such as inflection or tone when speaking and body language, are missing in SL or are misrepresented in SL due to AO's which may not accurately reflect the body language a person may want to show in a given situation. In my mind, these give more weight to being respectful and not assuming everyone is here for the same reasons.
  22. Scylla, I like the distinction you made between "sexy" and "sexual" looks. That really resonated with me. When I wear things which some might consider sexy (RL or SL), it is because it makes me feel good about myself and how I look - not because I am advertising any interest or availability for sexual encounters. In a way, it's me celebrating internally (so to speak) my body - what you referred to as self-confidence and attitude. It's something I do for myself, not necessarily for the reaction of others.
  23. The "whichever is easier" strikes me as an odd response. I'm not a creator, so I don't know which would be easier, but the easiest choice may not be the choice that would position your items well in the marketplace. For example, many people wear mesh bodies now, so I don't know if the classic avatar shoe market is as large as it used to be. Myself, when I buy shoes, I prefer to buy shoes that are rigged for the mesh body type that I am wearing. I've noticed that some shoe creators will include both a rigged version and a non-rigged version (I'm not sure why, but I'm assuming based on their market research and sales they feel that this puts them in a position to try and capture a larger market share). In the female shoe market, some creators provide versions for just one body type, while others provide versions for 2 or 3 of the most popular female body types. I'm not sure what is typically done in the male shoe market. Which body / bodies do you use? I'm assuming that you will want to be able to test out your shoes for proper fit, etc., so what you have available to use for testing may also be part of the decision. You may also want to make sure your authentic models aren't infringing on copyrights.
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