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  1. ah.... that's in Zindra, it looks like from the map. According to ChinRey's comment above, most of Zindra does not allow terraforming. (I wasn't aware of that about Zindra, until I saw her comment. That's one area where I haven't owned any land).
  2. I didn't mean a literal sending of a message, but just the act of being suspended (or whatever) by LL being seen as a message. I don't know how to explain it better.
  3. If they received some action by LL, and even though LL does not release any info about who filed the AR, the person could put 2 + 2 together if you had been the only person they had been harassing. However, it should also send a message to them that you are not going to be intimidated and that you will take action through the system. If they should come back at you afterwords, then I would certainly file an AR about that to keep the pressure on them. I really hope that this situation lessens and disappears, or is able to be mitigated in some way, so that your time in SL can remain pleasurable for you.
  4. I don't think that the initial name selection will be limited to just those 8 names that won the contest. I think that they will be included in a larger set of available names. I do kind of like Ravenhurst I'm just not sure yet about whether I want to change my name, and if I did whether I should change the first name also.
  5. Yes, it was announced back in mid-December. There was a Linden blog post about it.
  6. This is a resident-to-resident help area, so none of us are able to take care of account related issues. Your best bet would be to create a case with Support: https://support.secondlife.com/create-case/
  7. Cindy, so sorry - my condolences on your loss. From little things you've mentioned from time to time, it sounds like you had a long, wonderful and fun relationship. <hugs>
  8. moirakathleen

    Can't login

    The few times that I've received that message, I've just typed in my username and password and logged in without any further issues.
  9. Not only is beauty subjective, but some things are an acquired taste (which also means that not everyone will come around to liking it).
  10. I doubt that LL is going to provide you a list account names without you already knowing the names and being able to provide enough information to show that you are the owner of those accounts. If the account were that important to you, you should have jotted down their account names.
  11. I wouldn't call it racist or any other label other than just another RP region requirement. Without knowing what type of RP it is, it's hard to know if it relates to some type of aesthetic that they want to maintain. While it could mean those without L$'s might not be able to RP there, perhaps that is part of their strategy. However, for those without L$'s - or a very limited amount available to spend - they just need to spend some time to hunt out the free or almost free mesh bodies that are available from time to time - so they wouldn't be totally excluded. Whether I would RP there or not, given that requirement, would depend on whether it was the only place that met my RP likes and expectations, or if I had other acceptable choices for the same type of RP.
  12. Initially, I wore a lot of outfits that I would not have worn in RL, mostly for that reason. Over time, I've moved more and more towards how I dress in RL, to the extent possible - casual long flowy skirts with shirts appropriate for the season (long sleeve, tank tops, halter tops), sun dresses, tunics with leggings and boots, jeans, jeans, comfortable shirts, sneakers or sandals. Very loosely based on the clothing women in the circle of free-spirited friends my dad had in the late 60's/early 70's, when I was a young girl. I do have a few formal dresses for the odd occurrence where I might need them, and I have quite a few medieval, Victorian, turn of the century or Edwardian outfits because of either RP I've been involved in or because I like to dress in different time periods depending on the time period or look of places I visit.
  13. That's what it looks like to me also. Wasn't this picture from shortly before the reveal of the campers?
  14. There is still only one partner slot on the profile. You can list multiple partners in the 2nd life info (about) box on your profile, however. If you have more than one partner, and want to display their names in an equal fashion, you can put both of their names there, and not use the partner slot at all.
  15. Thanks for the additional info - those all are areas where I haven't owned parcels yet.
  16. Those would be my downfall. Fortunately we're out of Ritz crackers, but graham crackers work well as a last minute substitute. The challenge at my house is getting healthy snacks for the grandkids during the day that are not things I want to snack on myself all evening! I rarely get asked to dance, and I always politely turn the invitation down, but as far as 'just friends' dancing with other ladies from the forum, I have no problem with that.
  17. The majority of mainland does allow terraforming (at least within a 4 m - I think - range up or down from its baseline). The exceptions that I've come across so far are the Bay City regions, the Shermerville regions, and another old, old planned sub-division region (maybe Brown?) and the Linden Home areas, of course.
  18. Laika, you post very beautiful pictures. I hope that you can let whatever happened with the person you've blocked fade into the past, and resume posting here again before too long.
  19. I remember feeling panicked the first time this happened to mine. They will recover, it just takes some time.
  20. I would suggest taking a second look in the folder of things that came with your mesh body. For the ones I have, there has always been an alpha for just the body portion.
  21. This thread, in my opinion, has always been about "how does your avatar look today?" regardless of how well or how bad one is at taking and processing photos. If you knew the person who started it - he appeared to be to be pretty zany and had a lot of different 'looks', and liked to have fun - so I generally think of this thread in that sense. It is true that over time, there has been more emphasis on the graphic quality part, but that is a reflection of the interest of some people posting now who have been interested in, and sharing techniques, of improving graphic quality be it the visual part or the story part. But that's not the only reason for posting in this thread and it certainly is not a requirement for posting in this thread. I try to acknowledge everyone who shares here, because for me it's about "how do you look today" and not just about how well one can compose a picture (though I do also enjoy the beautiful compositions and stories that are appearing here now, as well).
  22. Initially I started just reading the forums for information about SL. I rarely posted until this incarnation of the forums, because I did not feel that I would fit into the community that was prevalent in the older version of the forums. Mainly I post for a sense of being part of the community here. I still read more than I post, but I still feel like I am a part of the community. The likes are nice - I see them as an acknowledgment of my contributions - but they are not the primary reason why I post. Neither is trying to have a high post count (in fact I'm amazed that my post count is as high as it is, after posting here for almost 3 years). Often I post because I feel that I have something to contribute to the discussion or because I want to share my experience or opinion. I do post in various picture threads, but not everyday. I don't come into SL every day in order to find an outfit, a location and take photos to post here or on Flickr. When I do post pictures though, it's because I want to share something about what I was doing, or where I was that day, and to participate in the community. So I think for me, the primary reason is to feel that I am a participating member of the community.
  23. Try Ctrl+Alt+F1 That toggles rendering the UI.
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