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  1. I do think the shots are crisper, but that can take some fiddling with the settings.
  2. I am not sure if that is related to the head at all, or just SL weirdness. I had something similar happen yesterday, and I was wearing a Genus head. I spent a lot of time changing clothes and attachments and editing things in the proper place. I was having issues with the Maitreya HUD so I decided to relog. When I came back, I was wearing the applier I had been wearing before I changed, I was wearing the new clothes, but the alphas cuts were from my old outfit. The hair had reverted back to before I changed. I had both the ears from the Genus head AND my mesh ears attached. I was a hot mess. So I think what you had happen is just SL stuff.
  3. Do it! Just have a lot of time set aside for that first time. It takes some getting used to.
  4. Thanks for sharing! I looks great to me.
  5. Another big plus to add to this is that Black Dragon can also move the avatar center aka the entire avatar, which is super helpful to fine tune sitting and leaning poses, especially when taking shots at places where you do not have rez rights for a pose stand. I don't think either AnyPose or Animare can do that, right? I have both HUDS and have not seen that as an option.
  6. I log in at least three or four days a week unless I am traveling, usually for an hour or two at a time. Some weekends I am able to log in for longer stretches.
  7. I hope everyone had a nice weekend! These were taken at Missing Melody, which has been redone for the spring. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Aftershock/109/12/23
  8. I was hanging out with some pigeons earlier today. I think they just wanted my ramen.
  9. @manoji Yachvili Some of my favorite pose stores are Le Poppycock, Ana Poses, Lyrium and La Baguette.
  10. FaceApp! Who would use such a thing on their avi. /me glances up at profile pic.
  11. Well, you did a great job with her! I have a couple of nieces in that age range, and your sketch reminds be a bit of them. And,
  12. Wow! Quite a character sketch for Gabby. You are totally ready for a role play sim! She sounds cool, as long as she doesn’t call me Boomer. I’ll allow Okay Gen X, or even Okay Gen Oregon Trail. 😃 @Scylla Rhiadra
  13. The side-by-side was quite jarring to see. Particularly the avocado one. WTF? I don’t blame them one bit for wanting out.
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