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  1. This is very clever, Scylla. Well done! Not out of place at all!
  2. I went a bit crazy with the scratches, but once I get started it's hard to stop.
  3. I got lost in the woods! But I made it home and am posting from the safety of my living room. 🙂
  4. So I have never in my SLife been to Fogbound, and I guess this is where I admit that up until this very conversation I always thought it was Frogbound Blues. Ha!
  5. This is adorable, Rae... thanks for the zoo SLURL!
  6. Took a leisurely ride around Bellisseria yesterday. This morning's big event was pushing refresh on my online grocery order until a delivery window opened up, which it finally did. I think my neighbors could hear my whooping in victory. Life is strange now. 🙂
  7. Hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy! I am going a bit stir-crazy, but trying to keep a positive outlook.
  8. Yikes! Anyway, here I am enjoying a picnic in the park. The sandwich was a bit tasteless. 🙂
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