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  1. Oh! I have Catya. Yours is adorable. ❤️
  2. Which head is this? It’s adorable. I am excited to try out the new HUD, but now I’m scared about the pink!
  3. Add to this that bloggers may have to post a certain number of photos per week or month of a sponsor’s items, and they may have multiple sponsors. So backdrops are easier to whip out than trying to find a new interesting location multiple days a week. I personally enjoy looking at all kinds of photos, backdrops or otherwise.
  4. I wish more scenic region owners would allow this. I will gladly pay a join fee for group access to rez props and poses. I usually donate to the sim anyway. But like others have said there's just more I can do with a backdrop rezzed on my sky platform in terms of poses and props, than on land where I cannot rezz anything and have to attach things may need. This is strictly photography related.
  5. My avi wore the same thing all weekend, but I did buy the cute corgi that I first saw in Catrie's post. I have named him Carl the Corgi. Pronounced Coral, like Rick Grimes says it.
  6. I would seriously hate to see anyone go back to lurking. I think we all (me for sure) have been guilty of off-topic and on-topic chatting in this thread. The conversations naturally ebb and flow, and if I don't have time to read wordy posts, I just skip them and look at pretty pictures. The great thing about this particular thread is the way we all support each other, and help each other improve our SL photos.
  7. Excellent work. Your skin is so glow-y and the avi really pops out of the image.
  8. I think I need to get myself a virtual corgi. 😃 And it’s a Saturday Sale item! It’s my lucky day.
  9. I just love that floofy little dog you have there. ❤️
  10. I took a new profile pic. I love the messy brows on this skin! But I hate the seam between the head and mesh ear. I tried fixing in PS but was not very successful.
  11. Absolutely! As I said, I respect anyone’s desire to keep anything they want secret. I just get along better with folks that will share some details of their real life. YMMV
  12. There’s that new booger add on from Izzie’s. She’s got an add on for everything! *this is not a real thing... yet.
  13. I’m with you @Selene Gregoire. While I respect a person’s desire/need to keep RL a complete secret, I enjoy talking about my RL and get along better with people that are comfortable doing the same.
  14. I have that same kitchen from AF, and I went the spare body part route. Looks great!
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