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  1. Currently binging The Expanse on Prime while simultaneously reading the series. Watching The Good Place and Frontier on Netflix. I don’t know what took me so long to finally watch The Good Place. It’s great!
  2. It is a wonderful thing! SL can sometimes feel like a very empty and lonely place, even in the midst of a lot of avatars. Finding people to connect with makes the experience so much better. These are my favorite photos of our get together today! We chatted, we "drank" (especially Sakia :D), we laughed. I am already looking forward to our next one, and @TatianaNikolay has promised to join us!
  3. This coat is so fabulous that I want to wear it everywhere. 🙂
  4. Taken at Cascadia. If you do visit this lovely sim, please don't lean on the railings! The one behind me looks like an accident waiting to happen.
  5. Thanks, Kira! I bust out the sleeves occasionally. 🙂 I honestly can't decide which one I like better! Both are gorgeous.
  6. Check out the store Gabriel. They have quite a few styles as you describe... with one arm out of a sleeve, or half off the shoulder.
  7. Thank you! It’s Carla by Doux, at the current round of Equal10.
  8. @Marigold Devin sorry about your nose bleed, but I am loving the vignette effect in your photo up there. Very nice!
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