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  1. I got all the way to the cab and realized I forgot pants. And it's snowing.
  2. It’s not officially Christmas in the Knoller household until we watch Christmas Vacation.
  3. Yeah, I was waiting patiently too. 😀 <taps watch>
  4. Granted, but it’s called Dark Rattles and is for the toddler set. I wish I had one of those blankets with sleeves right now because my office is freezing.
  5. Y’all are going to get tired of seeing me in holiday sweaters, so I apologize in advance. 🤶🏻
  6. I didn’t have one either, and now mine has two whole things on it! We have until the 15th (I think?) to fill it up, so hopefully that’s enough time. I’ve just been wandering around in world at stores looking for ideas.
  7. Very true! I do use it to buy gacha items, so I guess we’ll have to make up eventually.
  8. I’ll take cam shopping over marketplace shopping every time. I am even struggling to fill my wishlist for the secret Santa because every time I see something great in-world I want to add, lo and behold it’s not available on marketplace. So me and the marketplace are in a fight right now. 😃
  9. Again for the cheap seats! 😃 Sure, the marketplace has tons of revealing outfits, but there are also tons of non-revealing outfits. IME the marketplace is the worst place to shop anyway... you have to sift through pages and pages of poorly made and outdated crap to find the gems. In-world shopping is a much better bet.
  10. Love this shot!! Very beautiful, the red against the white background. Reminds me of this pic. I am obsessed with winter too. It doesn’t (does?) help that that there are dozens of winter sims that I keep discovering. I want a picture in each one but there is only so much time!
  11. Eva was named for my best friend in the whole wide world. We have been friends since we were twelve years old. Through school, different universities, marriage, kids, and all of life’s changes. We text almost daily. Knoller was chosen at random without much thought. I may change it when possible if something better is available.
  12. Ha!! Thanks Seicher! The sweater and leggings are by Coco at the current round of Fameshed, and the sim is here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The Pins 2/104/208/37 Winter Holiday Village.
  13. I’m in! I’ll need some time to get my wishlist together though.
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