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  1. The crowd thing is especially true for me too. I try to avoid at most costs. Disney is a special kind of magical hell for me, and we have annual passes, so that’s fun. LOL
  2. I’ve noticed some talk of personality types in recent threads, and am curious to see who identifies as introvert vs. extrovert. SL seems to appeal the the introvert in a lot of people. I am an introvert who is forced to be extroverted at work and professional settings. As a result I REALLY value my recharge time. Please indulge my curiosity!
  3. @Cherish Demonge @Marty Triellis Wearing your contacts today? 😉
  4. I also prefer to get to know people in local chat, but I find a lot of people don’t follow local chat at all. It happens not infrequently that I’ll say something to a person in local chat and get no response at all. I’ve even encountered a forumite in the wild, said hello in local, and had the person walk right around my avatar. I am choosing to believe the person wasn’t looking at local... Anyway, the reason for my preference for local was stated by Scylla above. I don’t want my intentions misunderstood.
  5. This is a good question. I think of myself in my 20’s... I would not have been interested in SL. I was out with friends most nights, did not have a whole lot of disposable income (after going out most nights 😀), etc. I feel like part of the appeal of SL is the fact that it allows for socialization without leaving the house or extending much energy. It’s great for folks who work demanding jobs all day, or have a kids at home and can’t go out most nights, or are retired and have time to kill. Older people also tend to have the disposable income to buy all of the goodies in SL. So what would draw younger people to SL? No clue! Growing old?
  6. Sorry you aren't feeling well, that's the worst. Lovely shot, though!
  7. This is adorable. Way better than a mummy. 😁
  8. My favorites are Twix and Kit Kat. I bought two bags of mini Twix (buy one, get one free!) on Friday, thinking to myself, "these will be for the trick or treaters." LOLOLOL NO I CAN"T STOP EATING THEM. Some of the blame goes to my family too. We are now out of Twix.
  9. I log in because it’s fun for me. Generally if something completely voluntary is not giving me joy, I don’t do it. It can take time to really “get” SL as a new person, but it’s not for everyone, and if I felt like I had to cope with it I would stop logging in.
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