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About Me

  1. After an AMAZING 1 million views, the original thread "How Does Your Avatar Look Today" has, shall we say... evolved. The Intention here is to give everyone a venue to show off and showcase your avatars! YAY! A few basic "agreements" if you choose to post here; 1- This is a photography centric thread based on you/your avatar in SL. 🥰 2- Please keep comments supportive, friendly and/or constructive. 3- All disagreements and personal issues should be aired privately and NOT IN PUBLIC.😡 4- Please keep reposting limited to special posts (in your opinion) and please
  2. No, no, I'm not talking nudes here! A few of us were chatting in other threads/boards about how we'd like to see a photo thread for raw, as-is, screenshots without post-production. So... we have the technology, let's give it a whirl. So that we can stay on topic, and in the mods' good graces, and perhaps have some ammo against trolls, here's a little bit about the theme here: This is primarily, but not exclusively, a photo thread. Post images that are screenshots of scenes that focus on the avatar. That means they are not to be edited with post-production techniques, li
  3. hi I have been creating in SL since 2009, if you are in need of a custom (rigged / unrigged including textures) mesh artist (human & creature avatar, clothing, statue, vehicles, buildings, small items etc..) inworlds via instant message / notecard (in case ims being capped please send a notecard too ). For references and some of finished Works and more : check my inworld profile picks. (minthel ohare) see u inworlds
  4. Aloha. Noob builder question: I'm curious about the potential impacts of Apple's move away from OpenGL. Will the impacts be felt primarily behind the scenes at LL, or will changes also be necessary for residents and builders? I enjoy digital art and would like to take a stab at creating 3D content too. I use Linux, Mac, and Windows for SL as a resident, but use Mac exclusively as an artist. Most of my experience is with Photoshop, so before I try out tools like Blender, Avastar, Maya, or 3D Max I'm wondering if items created with these would be successful in a post-OpenGL world.
  5. just looking for a job so i can get my avatar popping . willing to do anything it takes to get a few lindens
  6. Accidentally clicked on "do not display" and the avatar disappeared altogether, not even his nickname is visible, how to return the previous view?
  7. What is Second Life to you? I have no doubt what I have to say will be very unpopular among some of you and then others will appreciate it. I pose the question; What is Second Life to you? Is SL just a game that you log into when you're bored or during free time? Is it a means by which to make a living? Is it a place to connect with friends from all over? Is it a venue to stream your art, writings, music? Who are the people in SL to you? Are they simply avatars you greet and interact with while in world and when you unplug they cease to exist until you log in ag
  8. Hey! I need help! I just started creating tattoos for myself but the Tattoo get kinda blurry and lost the quality when i add to my body, I think the photos will give you guys an idea what I'm talking about. Anyone with tattoo creation skills can help me?
  9. I’ve often wondered what the story or inspiration was behind your Avatar names... ??? So... ??? I’ll go first 😬 Saravendi is a manufactured, made-up word (no surprise there). Years ago, my interior design group was designing a Spa retreat and pitched the client the name Saravendi Spa. It was to be a traditional Spa with Yoga, a retail store etc. They went with another option, but I always loved the name and Sara was alway my favorite name, so when I got the chance to name myself when enrolling for SL (just Sara was obviously taken) Saravendi became it!! I often wonder if ppl thi
  10. I have been searching for years in vain to find a good full avatar of a feral wolverine, the animal not the X-Man character. I would love it if it was a mod for the Timber Wilds bear or fox avatars or the KZK Direwolf avatar. If anyone can makes this avatar a reality or knows of someone to who can please reply here or email me I would be very grateful to discuss terms over the avatar. Daxxel
  11. This is a question about Avatar walking waypoint scripting. I recently saw on Marketplace a script called "Action Script" which claimed to let you set your X,Y,Z location of your Avatar as you moved it, waypoints if you will, and also set waiting times (in seconds) at each waypoint. Ideally it would let you then set your avatar on "Autopilot" so you could Away From Keyboard, yet leave your Avatar to semi-believably wander a region. It didn't work at all well or reliably. I have a message out to the creator but in the meantime... It did get me to thinking, what script would one
  12. So I bought a couple of hairbases for my Genus head. For some reason when I click on it nothing shows, I tried messing with the layers in the Genus HUD but it still wont show. The hairbase has the tattoo icon so I even tried messing with the tattoo layer but still nothing else shows.
  13. I apologize if this is a stupid question, but what's the best way to give an avi a voice (even for just a few phrases) without using a microphone?
  14. I've been thinking about playing Second Life as myself for quite some time. It's a fun experience to see yourself in a virtual world, especially when you are on a lockdown during a pandemic. The problem was, I'm not a 3d artist, so I couldn't model myself from images. And I'm a very lazy person, so I didn't want to search for a studio to get myself scanned... So I used an app designed specifically for 3d scanning of people, [Moderator Edit: Advertising Link Removed] and here's the result: The idea is pretty simple. You let your phone stand on a flat surface and record a video o
  15. Hello, I have been having this problem for 4 days , I created a ticket but no answer. My avatar is a cloud when I log . I freeze and crash strightaway, tried the test female and forced rebake, doesn't work. Anyway, it's like 10 secs befre I crash so I have to be really quick. I tried other alts and I have no issues, it seems to be with my main avatar. Please help . Thank you.
  16. Hey all, Starting to get to work customising my avatar, been having some fun trying to teach myself though experimentation/google but I seem to have hit a wall when it comes to hairstyles. Basically, I have the maitreya lara v5.3 body, and a catwa head. These two together on their own are fine - I seem to be able to get clothes and the like going, and I'm slowly figuring out which ones I can/should be looking at :) What I'm having problems with is hair. Literally any catwa hairstyle I demo causes my head to go invisible. What it seems to be doing is turning off the Catwa Head layer.
  17. I accidentally detached my avatars wrists when I clicked on lacey sleeves to detach them, my wrists also got detached. I have a slink physique body and had an extra one in my inventory so I tried putting that one on but that didn't work, still no wrists. I have no idea at this point what to do to get my mesh wrists back. Can anyone out there please help me if you know how I can get my wrists back. It would be very much appreciated. At this point I think I have totally screwed up my avatar and am at a loss
  18. Hello. Can someone tell me how to hide the flashing green light above the avatar, when using the voice, in the Alchemy viewer? The command "ctrl / alt / f1" hid all commands, including the green light. The current one, (ctrl / shift / u) does not hide. I make machinimas, and that is a necessity for the films to appear clean.
  19. Hey guys, Noob player here with a 2 part question; 1. Can i create an avatar to look like me? As in, Can i hire a 3D Graphic designer online to create one that will look like me or are we limited to what SL provides us with? 2. Can we have multiple avatars that we can switch back and forth from? Sorry if it may come across as a noob question but literally just started playing 3 minutes ago. Thanks again
  20. So I freaking love how pretty this avatar is. I want to know what head/skin she's using. I feel like its one of Utilizator's anime heads but I'm not 100% sure on that. I know the body at least is Maitreya though. For the life of me however I cannot pin-point where that beautiful skin she's using is from or if it's a custom piece she made on her own. Obviously its been heavily photo-shopped in this image, but there has to be something she's using as a base, yeah? I'm really hoping its one I can find to use for myself though. Can someone help me recreate this avatar? It's literally what I've alw
  21. Just in the last couple of days my face on my avatar, has had this tv static like glitch to it. Is this due to the recent changes happening? Is anyone else having this issue? I have tried tex refreshing and clearing my cache. I have never had this issue and have been on here for a good while now (probably over 7 years). I can't get a good picture of it because you see it more with movement. Anyone have a fix? My internet connection has never been a problem, have always had a strong connection. It was odd though that a friend said she couldn't see it on her end I can only see it on my screen. A
  22. I've been on second life for a bit, and I've been using freebie's all this time, and frankly, I'm quite tired of it. I've already singled out for Maitreya for my body, as everything seems to be made for it, but I want to get a head that's not too different from my current one. However, I may just end up with it plopped on the new body. I think LeLUTKA's Ryn might work from some pictures I've seen, but I want to hear any second opinions. Thank's for any help. ~Glass~
  23. I'm trying to get a boolean value for whether or not I am seated on an object not counting the ground.
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