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  1. After an AMAZING 1 million views, the original thread "How Does Your Avatar Look Today" has, shall we say... evolved. The Intention here is to give everyone a venue to show off and showcase your avatars! YAY! A few basic "agreements" if you choose to post here; 1- This is a photography centric thread based on you/your avatar in SL. 🥰 2- Please keep comments supportive, friendly and/or constructive. 3- All disagreements and personal issues should be aired privately and NOT IN PUBLIC.😡 4- Please keep reposting limited to special posts (in your opinion) and please be considerate to others by NOT SPAMMING THE THREAD. 5- Lets' keep it a FUN place for us all to create and discover Art, Community, Passion and Inspiration. ~ SARA So I took this a month or so back and posted it cause...well, I forgot too! I think it was at Drune? I'll figure it out and edit this before it get locked down! So excited to see your photos!!!!
  2. I have a human av and a furry avatar, whenever Im switching between both my avatars body gets really deformed and It shows my furry skin being worn on top of my human skin almost like clothing, I can't figure out how to get it to look normal and how do I get it to stop doing this every time? EDIT:: I fixed it by re-applying the baked skin applier omega thingy... why do I have to do this every time I switch between avatars? is there a way to fix it?
  3. "Cat in a birdcage" (look at her tattoo) Caitlin and I having some fun together today before she had to leave for a while again. She wanted me male today, and I wanted her caged. It all equals out.
  4. Hey Guys! I just wanna know what the best and newest skin would be to buy? Any tips?🥰
  5. No, no, I'm not talking nudes here! A few of us were chatting in other threads/boards about how we'd like to see a photo thread for raw, as-is, screenshots without post-production. So... we have the technology, let's give it a whirl. So that we can stay on topic, and in the mods' good graces, and perhaps have some ammo against trolls, here's a little bit about the theme here: This is primarily, but not exclusively, a photo thread. Post images that are screenshots of scenes that focus on the avatar. That means they are not to be edited with post-production techniques, like from Photoshop. Cropping and signatures are ok. This is for portraits, not landscapes, etc. See the exception to the edited photos below.* It's ok to banter and have some chat. The focus of the thread is photos, but also to have a fun community where a little quipping and bantering is ok and even welcome. Don't do pages and pages of it, but a little is fine. It is nice to have chatter about "I like your photo" but it is also nice to have chat about "I like your photo because. . ." It is also ok then to have chat about, "I like your photo, how did you . . . ?" And that would be for talks about mechanics OF THE PHOTOS POSTED. So talks about the viewer used, the DOF settings, etc. are all on topic as long as they are about specific photos in the thread. Hopefully this doesn't don't take pages and pages and push out the photos. If that happens I hope it is ok to suggest that a new topic be started for that particular subject. It is also OK to ask, "Where did you get that . . .?" "What is the SLurl?" That's about it. Have fun. Don't be a d*ck, and everything will be just fine. *If people who do post-processing would share their before and after photos here then that would be another way to participate. If you do that, then it is OK to post the after shot along with the before, or you can post a link to the after shot in Flickr or wherever you post your finished work. Strawberry Singh/Linden used to post the raw shot on her my.secondlife feed and the finished product on her blog, and I always found that to be fun and interesting. Be sure to include the raw shot! DISCLAIMER SO PEOPLE DON'T GET TWISTED KNICKERS: It is NOT the intention of this thread to claim that raw shots are better in any way, shape, or form than ones that are edited. Nope. They are both great—but they are two different things. Also, I have heard from some folks that putting their screenshots in with the heavily processed shots can be intimidating. If you feel that way, post here. If your style is more quick snapshots to chronicle every day avatarisms, post here. If you don't like a certain chat, like say, the mechanics of DOF on xyz's photo, the scroll feature works really well. I'm hoping we get all styles and levels of participation here. Now go out there, take some photos, show 'em off here and have fun!
  6. Hallo alle, ich möchte einen Avatar erstellen der etwa meinem alter entspricht, also etwa 60 Jahre alt. Welchen Avatar könnte ich am besten verwenden, auch unter der Maßgabe das man für ihn Kleidung findet. Ich hoffe, dass ich keine unmögliche Frage gestellt habe. Gruß
  7. How does your first avatar compare to how you look now? This is me in February compared to now as a blonde. I'll probably go back to brown next month haha. I still love the smile that Catwa head had. But yea the skin was a freebie and I didn't know how to put on the body applier at the time 😅 so I just walked around with a different colored body lol
  8. Hello Everyone, My eyeballs are bleeding from sifting through the marketplace and whatever muscle does teleports is sore from looking for a buzz cut/short clipped hair that is not just a hair base but is an actually wearable hair. I'd love to find the style in the first photo -- color doesn't matter. I like the spikiness. The second photo is super cute and couldn't mind that either, again that's hair. Some of the hair bases do look nice, but it's just not the same. Even if it's a men's hair, that's OK! Something! Anything! Please, save my eyes and my teleporting muscle and help me! Thank you! Jaenie
  9. i'm t i r e d of legacy's legs rig, the thighs are too l a r g e and i need to slap that! bad thighs bad! i been looking for a deformer that decreases the leg lenght, but anything in MP is all about that momma booty, big thighs, big this and that... when all i ask is proportion. any suggestion is welcomed ;u; thank you whoever read this, have a nice life. ♥
  10. There has been so many things wrong every since I downloaded firestorm back to my computer, so for one the other day I had to literally take everything off and restart all over because my avatars skin was glitched out with another skin that I had no clue where it came from, yet others on their computers weren't seeing the glitches. Then after i did that my avatar keeps making a winking face everytime i send a text into the the nearby chat and i have to keep undeforming my avatar every single times and its getting extremely annoying for me to play the game its just one thing after another. AND NOW i cant watch tv or use voice chat i've tried going through my computer setting and preferences still nothings working for that so yeah i'm just mad because i've invested a lot of money into this game and its just getting tiring with all that keeps happening so if someone can help me please go for it
  11. hi. How do i remove this blue thing off of me, idk what i did but was setting up my BD settings for pics. someone knows? Thanks
  12. are you sticking with the avatar you started with, and want to customize that? Customize if you've bought a body, which brand did you buy, and what's the name of the body? Legacy if you've bought a head, which brand did you buy, and what's the name of the head? LeLuTKA Chole have you bought a skin for your avatar? no skin, (any recommendations?) If so, what does the icon for it look like in your inventory, and does it state something like Catwa or Lelutka or BoM (or anything else like that) in its name? found these questions on another forum so thought it would be helpful. Thanks, in advanced
  13. https://twitter.com/iamahibart/status/1507560292519407616?t=LMuv-nX8rfhuAatHVl7KDQ&s=19 that's a photo of mine
  14. My friend is returning to SL. He has an old avie and wishes to upgrade to a mesh body and head to pretty much duplicate his old avie. He has a Jake body. Please contact me to discuss project and fees.
  15. i want to have more unique looking avatar than what does the shape can afford to me is there anything on marketplace? i couldnt found myself so i thought i would ask here im looking for bigger lips or stretchers
  16. Hello again everyone, I was here 2009, but coming back a couple of months ago, I realized how overwhelming this platform has become, so I decided to have my first post here in the forum. I don't have the guts yet to put my avatar pic on the display, looking at all your cool looking ones. Any suggestions on avatars, clothings places? The newbie places in destinations are not that helping for me, if not at all. Looking forward to be acquaintance with anyone here, old/new/anyone, I usually online in the evening, GMT+8 Bali Time, yes I currently live in this beautiful Island of Gods, even though need to go to big city every once in a while. Thank you! Hope to see any of u!
  17. I've noticed that parts of my system avatar are appearing deformed. This image of the avatar wearing a skin that reflects the underlying system avatar mesh has the most obvious deformations highlighted: For comparison, this image shows the system avatar UV layout (on which the skin used in the image above is based): The problem appears to persist through viewer relogs, changes of the shape worn and changes of the physics worn. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what's causing this and how it might be fixed? ETA: bleh, well, a cache clear, relog on the SL viewer and relog back on Firestorm seems to have fixed this.
  18. Hi, I recently started creating fashion for second life. So far it works OK with Avatar. Like many other I create clothes with Marvelous Designer, export them to blender and use Avatar for rigging and then do some additional weight painting for the details. Now I wanted to create jeans for a Maitreia Avatar and as soon as I export it to blender the mesh between the legs stucks together as one mesh. Also I tried to change to a-pose of the maitreya avatar but then I run into problems with rigging with avatar. Does any body has some ideas, how I can create trousers properly for second life without baking together?
  19. Taking inspiration from the photos of Fendudu, I would like to recommend some skins and applicators for both lips and makeup to obtain a similar look with the head Ceylon of Lelutka.I would also greatly appreciate recommendations of kawaii shapes for the head https://prnt.sc/A_syuuYtXNiZ
  20. hey so everytime i put on a hair base there are lines going through it i only been on second life for 2 weeks so i don’t know much about it i really need help! it doesn’t matter which one i use it’s like these lines are there i don’t really know what i’m doing so please help!!
  21. Okay so, I have tried derendering, rendering, clearing cache's etc etc. None of us have blocked one another, but everytime he logs in I'm the only person he cannot see, my name and my avatar, he can see my text typing in local, and we can receive and get IMS from one another. Anyone have any ideas on what is going on?
  22. Hi all you fabulous builders! I am hoping someone can guide me on my quest. I am creating a dance routine, kind of a dream like sequence where the male is maybe transparent? I would love to have it look like the female dancer is dancing with the male memory, if that makes any sense. Is there a way to make an avatar and his clothing semi transparent so it gives off this dream like effect? Any help you can give me would be most appreciated. Thank you!
  23. Hey, I was wondering I anyone else had this issue with their genus head: Every so often I find that my ears will rotate outward on their own, and even with the hud, they are unresponsive. I do check to see if the hud is indeed unresponsive, but every other part still works. I.e I can still resize/move eyes and lashes, makeup, layers, ect. Only the ears refuse to rotate. Has anyone seen this or have a possible solution, I'd greatly appreciate!
  24. Hello! I've already went to every forum and done all that I possibly could to fix my avatar and nothing is working for me? I've uninstalled and reinstalled second life viewer and firestorm viewer. Went to a default avatar. ctrl+shift+r. refreshed my attachments. tried on new or different items. cleared my cache. changed my graphics. made sure the programs i was using were completely updated. went to new sims. took off the entire outfit and items i was wearing and reattached them. Nothing has worked. I tried going on a different computer and still had the same issue. not just my avatar, but all the other avatars around me were not rendering. Even some random textures were not rendering either. Music, voice and everything else works great. I even run around 200fps not a problem. I've even given my whole computer a complete reboot and wiped everything out and tried everything again and nothing worked. I've also been using second life for over 10 years now and this has never happened to me. If you have any ideas on what could be the problem or what could fix this please let me know!!! Thank you https://prnt.sc/26n6mw7 (my avatar) https://prnt.sc/26n6oq8 (my avatar and others) https://prnt.sc/26n6oxr (my fps) https://prnt.sc/26n6pcp (at other sim and more textures not rendering)
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