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Found 242 results

  1. I recently switched avi styles - its a complete package and i like the proportions, while im not in love with all aspects but.... the biggest issue is clothes that fit/work with my avi... any advice? (and no i dont really want a different avatar style)

    Showering free bvh file

    Hello! I'm looking for a showering free bvh file to upload in the SL. Anyone can tell where to get one? Thanks.
  3. VenusD0om

    why is my avatar grey

    there's a time since i logged in SL and now my avatar is all grey, no matter what i apply on it. im using sl viewer.
  4. When I am at work, employer restrictions preclude installation or use of a Second Life viewer. However, I can check IMs when I am offline of SL by having them shunted to an external email address. This I do. I can also log in to the SL website and affiliates like the GTFO website while I'm at work. For use with the GTFO website, I need to look up my avatar's UUID. How can I do this without using any Second Life viewer? Is this even possible?
  5. So basically I went onto the Secondlife marketplace, and I found a few different complete avatars that I got and tried to use them in game. They pretty much all work, except for this Kemono one I got. The clothes, head, arms and 1 leg render properly, but the rest of the avatar is just weird shapes and flat textures. I also bought the Bento Dazzleshark Purple avatar, and it does the same thing, except way worse, where all the textures are just on a big square in the air and it doesn't even try to render it in the correct shape. I originally had this problem in the original SL viewer and the environment kept having broken textures and rainbow textures from what I would assume is broken pipelining from what I had read. So I swapped to Firestorm and that fixed the environment, but didn't help fix the avatars. I swap to a couple of other full normal mesh avatar's and those work, but it seems to specifically be the avatars labeled Bento that don't work. Here's what the Kemono avatar is looking like on my Firestorm. I was wondering if anyone knew if there's some sort of avatar setting on Firestorm that needs to be done for Bento avatars, or if they just knew how this could be fixed in general. My internet in game is fine, as the environments and everyone else loads fine, and my other avatars work good. It's just bento ones that don't for some reason. I've been looking around for different settings in Firestorm in the developer section and other sections and haven't been able to fix it, and rebaking the avatars doesn't change anything either. Also tried reobtaining the avatar from my recieved items to see if its corrupted somehow or something (idk), but no luck.
  6. Jandril

    Avatar Help.

    Hello everyone, I need some help with my Avatar, I've got the basics down, i just need help making sure everything looks alright. The Avatar im using is called "PsiCorp Dragon Avatar-Green" i'm having trouble with the height, he looks a little too tall and i can't make him any shorter Im trying to make him like a Kid AVI for an RP im doing with a few friends. The hair i would like it to be a little more Red than it is now I've included as snapshot of what i managed to get done. It looks okay, im no expert. Any help would be appreciated Thank you P.S if this is posted in the wrong forum please let me know.
  7. Hi there. I hope I posted this in the right place. I'm just wondering if someone can help me out. I've been using a customised texture on my avatar 2.0 body for a long time now, but just recently, I've noticed that under certain lighting, the shading is all strange. some of my body parts pick up the colours cast by lights in the room, whereas my body won't, and appears a different shade than the rest of my parts. be it lighter or darker. I've tried to fix the problem, by grabbing my texture from the Cache, then creating a new file in photoshop, then re-uploading it. but that didn't work. I tested my avatar with the standard avatar 2.0 texture, and that seems to look totally normal. but if I pull that texture from the cache, then re-upload that, it acts the same as my texture. I'll include some screenshots so you can see what I mean. If someone could help me out, I'd really appreciate it. this is driving me nuts! xD
  8. Minthel OHare

    Experienced Mesh Creator

    Hi I have been creating in SL since 2009, if you are in need of a custom (rigged / unrigged including textures) mesh creator (human & creature avatar, clothing, statue, vehicles, buildings, small items etc..) inworlds via instant message / notecard (in case ims being capped please send a notecard too ). and my full permissions marketplace items here : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/60638
  9. Bloodsong Termagant

    Non Human Avatar Search (Mall)

    tl;dr-------------------------------------------------------- once upon a time, i used to shop at north star av mall. and everybody had a vendor there! furries, ferals, strange aliens, cartoon creatures, chibi furries, tinies, robots, it was a smorgasbord of the weird and wonderful. but then north star gave out a notice it was 'relocating' somewhere. and... it never made it?? rocket city fur meet closed it's mall section, so now... i can't find one conglomerate location for non-human avatars. (and trying to search the marketplace... seems to NEVER work.) TL;DR------------------------------------------------------ so i'm trying to find a 'mall' -- a collection of different vendors in one place (also, i will want to rent a spot there). and it has to be not on an 'adult' sim. if you know of one, can you please throw me a landmark in-world if you have time? or if you can tell me here a store/place name i can find in search. anything! (or maybe they're just all on adult sims? :/) now, i know about Isle of Wyrms. i went there, and it seems to be in the middle of being under re-construction? i'm not sure they're taking new rentals, or if anyone is going there... and of course i know about grendel's. they have a TONNE (and i buy a bunch from them), but they're still just one vendor. (that i know of, unless they changed? no, they barely had room for their own stuff.) i did find a nice place for breeder's choice/teegle/waterhorse horses and rats, with lots of vendors and shops for rent, but most of those seemed to be add-ons for the horses and rat avatars... so that was kinda limited. thanks a bunch!
  10. Hi everyone, hoping to get some help with my avatar. I want to commission a fully put-together avatar to replace my current one. Looking for a designer willing to work with me.
  11. Nevliel

    Face mesh & body mesh?

    Hi, I'm new to SL and wanted to get some head&body mesh but I'm really confused which one works with which because there's a ton of them. For example, I want to buy a Genesis head mesh but what body mesh goes with it? Does brand matter? Do you have to apply skin to the head mesh? What is a bento head? And which is the best price? I'm sorry for so many questions but yeah I'm really confused
  12. Walter Balazic

    Custom Rigged Mesh Avatar

    Need someone to create a couple custom rigged mesh avatars for a RP sim we are working on. Contact me for details.
  13. TundraFire Nightfire

    Beta Grid Avatar Not Rendering

    I've only been using the beta grid Aditi for about a week. My avatar doesn't render. I'm using a low poly/texture complete mesh avatar. I'm not sure why I'm only getting the cloud thingy. I see other rendered avatars around me and my shadow looks like my avatar. It's just me that's not rendering to me. Is there a fix. I read somewhere that changing my password and re-logging in might be a fix but it didn't work.
  14. Kwoi

    Looking for Centaur Avi.

    Heyo, I've just been looking around to find a better centaur avatar, better than BC's. Anywhere on the grid I should look? I'm going to scan MP again to see if I find anything.
  15. Suzy Hoof

    Recording sounds.

    Hi, is there any way that I am able to record sounds, either from real world or internet, and use them with my avatar?
  16. BeautifullyGrotesque

    Catwa Head Scalp Alpha Issue

    Hey guys, trying here since I'm having trouble finding help in-world. I have the Catwa Kimberly head and Maitreya body. Two days ago I ran into this issue and have been unable to fix it myself. On my head, the scalp alpha is on (meaning you can see my brain floating around inside my head), even without the Catwa HUD being used. I've done texture refreshes, deformed, avatar reset, rebaked and even reset all my graphics preferences. The few people I've asked have said that they don't see the weird alpha headband look I've got going on but I hate this and it's really bothering me.
  17. pandorabellatrix

    Are body and shape the same think?

    Well I am here again ^^ Some time ago I opened a thread about mesh bodies vs classic avatars and all that. I ask it now because couldn't find an answer anywhere else. Oh I am checking out for a mesh body, I got a classic one. Taking a short 3 hours look at the marketplace (lol I am a girl so what ), I found a shape with this description: "Avatar Shape to wear with the Maitreya Mesh Body" So, isn't BODY and SHAPE the same think? I mean I can tell apart shape and skin, because they're different objects in our inventory. These are avatar components, or I thought. can anyone tell me what's the difference between shape and body please?
  18. Renkek

    cAN'T Walk on one sim

    I logged in yesterday and had a problem moving as in walking on the sim for the MC i'm in no one else that comes there does and I have no problem moving elsewhere on any other sim I've been on I can tp to places fine on said sim but can't walk and if I tp to someone it stops them from moving temporarily too... anyone have a reason why? I will note I was playing with some huds satuerday night and a couple had shileds active but they're not even worn now.... I've done everything I know to have no move lock on or the lock and unlock position isn't checked either. others that have seen me there said it looks like I'm standing on an invisible prim. or something. any help appreciated.
  19. MeiAyumy


    Alguem poderia me ajudar n consigo mudar de skin no meu avatar parece que tem varias skin ao mesmo tempo n consigo mudar nem as coisas do corpo mesh eu clico e n acontece nada porfavor me ajudem ...
  20. Like I say on the tin, I'm running scripts on my avatar, but I'm durned if I know how. I'm also a SL-newbie and something of a moron when it comes to technology. But I do understand that the more my avatar wears, the harder it becomes for others to see her properly. (The Free Dove area has "scales" to measure an av's "weight." I've been making liberal use of them.) - Aside from that, I got nothin'. I'd appreciate any help. I have questions: WHAT could these mysterious scripts be? WHERE can I find them? HOW can I turn them off? SHOULD I turn them off? (Do they stay turned off forever?) Thank you very much. - Violet
  21. Hi, I recently got this message when I tried adding a clothing item to myself on Social Island. I've never seen or received this message before up until today and I don't rightfully understand why, when there's people on Social Island with avatars exceeding 38 objects. Has anyone else gotten this or am I just being discriminated against here? I haven't really done anything particularly wrong. Please help.
  22. Minthel OHare

    Experienced Mesh Creator

    I have been creating in SL since 2009, if you are in need of a custom (rigged / unrigged including textures) mesh creator (human & creature avatar, clothing, statue, vehicles, buildings, small items etc..) inworlds via instant message / notecard (in case ims being capped please send a notecard too ). and my full permissions marketplace items here : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/60638
  23. Minthel OHare

    Experienced Mesh Creator

    I have been creating in SL since 2009, if you are in need of a custom (rigged / unrigged including textures) mesh creator (human & creature avatar, clothing, statue, vehicles, buildings, small items etc..) inworlds via instant message / notecard (in case ims being capped please send a notecard too ). and my full permissions marketplace items here : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/60638
  24. Nix Thirdborn

    Avatar turn speed, standing, walking or running.

    Using the official SecondLife viewer, is there a way to set my controls so that when I press left or right to turn my avatar, they continue rotating more than 1/16th of a rotation before the rotation drastically slows down? This makes it very, very difficult to walk around.