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  1. Looks good on you, Eva - more so the hair than the shirt... We have a saying here in Norway that goes alonng the lines “Anyting suits a beautiful lady”, and that’s what saves the tee here Not my best work that one, but it gets the message through at least
  2. Wouldn’t that be “Pride and Prejudice” from 2005 with Matthew Macfadyen as her Mr. Darcy?
  3. I am soooo sure Skell (and Matty and Matt and the rest of the guys in here) totally agree with you on this one
  4. I was thinking of keeping it short and say; Dreams...
  5. (Ah, Steak Tartare - served every sunday dinner at my parents, yum!) Meat Market
  6. "If I can make it there - I'll make it anywhere..."
  7. Schneider Gallery (which shows the work of many amazing photographers from around the world!)
  8. I actually like the LAQ animations quite well - I think my alt Cara have a much cuter smile than my main And after having demoed most of the available skins (and bought quite a few) out there, I must confess that I still prefer one of LAQ's own (Evelyn...)
  9. Here's my little dirty trick : I download the Belleza demo body (well, I actually have the "real deal" - but I suspect that my alt just got the demo, typically her...), and get these four items. With the "right-click-on-avatar"-hoverheight set so my bare flat feet touches the ground (around 0), I add the one corresponding with the height of the heels/shoe I wear, and saves that in the outfit. Voila, hoverheight basically corresponds with my shoes everytime I change outfits... (I sometimes find that a hoverheight that is perfect in one sim, might be a bit off in another, but that is easily adjusted via the right-click or QuickPrefs. Seems like some floors or skyboxes at some altitudes migh have something to say?)
  10. Hey, I look like the archtypical «Budeie» (thats something for you guys to google 😜 ) at a good old «Seter»
  11. Oh, and I meet this moonlight fairy earlier - was something strangely familiar about her...
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