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  1. I can see the picture, and I think I even can spot the cat
  2. This one better then? I like them both EQUALLY much
  3. Referring to the color? That's because we are going for imPEACHment
  4. Well, well - have your fun At least we have the better looking clothes... AND the tequila
  5. Nah, change clothes and go hang out with some cooler guys...
  6. "4 o'clock he said... Hah, I know pidgeons more precise than that!!!!!"
  7. I got absolutely no clue whatsoever what you guys are talking about... (No matter what I buy or how much time I spend tweaking, I end up looking just the same )
  8. Luckily these light fabric shirts dry up fast... But the real nice thing is that they fit really well over all kinds of pants and skirts - kudos to Gabriel for making a good looking shirt that I can combine with a lot of pants and skirts from other designers without any clipping! And that even in many poses that might cause clipping all by themselves...
  9. Gabriel, at Kustom9 (I think, sure of the brand, not so sure about the event...)
  10. HEEEY GUYS, WATCH OUT! I am kind of starting to suspect that the boys next door not always accidentally loses control over the garden hose each time I walk by...
  11. I'm such a Hair Wh...athever, this is #208 in the collection
  12. My initial thought was «an attempt at Maddie-proofing the appartment?»
  13. Trying to "stay on fleek" (that's a bit 2014 to say, I know - but that was what the pose was called 🤔)
  14. Well, then I had to try it too: Not so sure about that one, but at least it knows better than SL what my drunken smile looks like...
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