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  1. LOL , and you both are sure that you not been sampling stuff from the guys in the van? Well, that song really has to be written
  2. Sitting by the camp fire, trying to come up with a song about cowboys and hippies - lol PS: The photo is taken here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tholtfinger/191/128/3102 Feel free to visit if you need a desert style backdrop or just have a look around - beware of rattlesnakes and coyotes PS2: I do not in any way, form, or shape endorse what they might or might not sell out of that VW bus
  3. Teskedsgumman? (Sorry, only "funny" for those who know one or more scandinavian languages ) On another note - be careful to not burn/boil your bum!!!
  4. Trying to stay as classy as one should, wearing a skirt named "Grace" and a top called "Kelly"
  5. Taking a selfie, then sending it to someone telling that I too had to get the same hair as Saskia
  6. Well, to not put to much wear on Sara (just to make it clear, I'm taking about a dress - not a person here ), I changed into something else... Unedited (except for 3:2 crop) Black Dragon shots - I so need to get more familiar with that viewer!!!
  7. Today I'm wearing... well, Sara? Not the actual Sara of course, but more like a picture - on a dress I took this candid pic of her while we were out shopping, and I just loved her look... So in addition to frame the pic and hang it on the wall, I made a dress as well
  8. Looks like its starting to rain... Sure did...
  9. I like this for a longer messy style - Monso Coco:
  10. Sure feels so in my corner of the world...
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