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  1. Being a woman is actually pretty damned great, as I'm pretty sure you know most of the time. Being Rhonda is even cooler. Hugs.
  2. I don't seem to get out as often these days, but when I do, it's to screw around with Windlight and saturation at an art sim.
  3. Two alts. Alt 1: Male, whom I used almost purely as an ironic socket puppet (posing as a Gorean master) to post satirical/jokey threads here. Pretty much every thread he started eventually got nuked by mods, although 2 or 3 of the OPs were preserved on the old SLU forum. I suppose I could resurrect and use him as an "extra" in photos, but that would mean updating his look to mesh, and he doesn't really deserve it: he's (literally) kind of a Dick. Alt 2: A slightly dreary, overly-earnest would-be photographer who occasionally posts here, and whom I take in-world pretty frequently, because she whines if I don't. Technically, her account is older than mine, but we all know who the real sock puppet is. I don't own land, so I don't need tier, I couldn't RP my way out of a paper bag, and I don't do anything in-world that I wouldn't want associated with myself, so I don't really much need alts.
  4. Even alts get to have adventures, sometimes.
  5. Sheep. They probably seemed a good idea at the time.
  6. Dearest Sister Scyl . . . is this the kind of place you told me to avoid?
  7. Thanks for this! For facial expressions, I'm pretty much sold on Lelutka's Axis Hud, but that is two and a half times the price of the Happy Dispatch one. The Happy Dispatch body HUD looks nice though, and very affordable, so I think I'll give that a shot. And I'm tempted to try Animare, if only to compare it to the (also much pricier) AnyPose. Years ago I tried a stand-alone animation program that started with a "Q" -- maybe it was QAvimator? Dunno. I didn't stick with it very long, as animations weren't a priority for me in those days. I should definitely give this a shot, though, now.
  8. Mind if I ask what you're using? Scylla uses AnyPose, but I wouldn't mind trying something different . . .
  9. Try striking me, and it won't be the throat I go for. Unless they know how to make a beurre manie instead. Or of prims. https://secondlife.com/destination/clinamen You and the Dread Pirate Roberts. No no no. No. Just no. Is Post-Punk therefore "Post-Music"? Or red socks. Or green socks. OR PINK SOCKS. (But yes, black socks are best.)
  10. That seems possible, although I had a similar sense (albeit maybe less dramatically) in the other rooms and models I checked. My avi is about 1.78m, so roughly 5' 10" -- certainly not short by RL standards, but definitely on the low end of the scale in SL. I'll check out some of the models again when I have a chance.
  11. Well, yes. But the problem is easy to see. My sense is that the covenants for the Linden homes will enforce certain visual standards (in the way, I guess, that condo developments usually do), so you wouldn't want smaller scaled homes in the same region as these larger ones, or it might look odd. I doubt that LL wants to set aside regions specifically for smaller sized avis. I recall Penny saying like 6 years ago that more and more women (anyway) were choosing smaller avs. Maybe, but it's certainly still a pretty mixed bag.
  12. Well, here's a problem (from my perspective anyway) with the new Linden homes. They're very nicely built, look great, and are a lot of fun, but . . . completely out of scale with my avi (and that of my main, who is roughly the same height). That's my issue, and my fault, of course: I chose to use a "realistically" scaled and proportioned shape. And, of course, the same issues arise with commercially available homes (I checked out a few for comparison at the adjoining H&G showcase). Too bad, though: door handles at shoulder height is kind of a deal breaker for me.
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