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  1. This is an entirely unremarkable picture of an entirely unremarkable house. Except . . . I passed this house a few days ago on my wanderings. It's about 5 metres or so back from the SLRR tracks, perched on a tiny little outcrop at the edge of the cliff that descends into the interior of Heterocera Atoll. It's a pocket-sized house, not much larger than my own one-room boathouse (well, ok, Scylla's one-room boathouse, but she lets me sleep on the couch), and it's adorable. I didn't want to venture onto the property itself, but I did cam the interior briefly (yeah, yeah, like
  2. So, tonight, I continued my walking tour along the rail lines of Heterocera. The section of the line I'm currently on is on the west side of the continent; the rails are situated on a sort of shelf, with a high cliff above, and a steep drop below to the east, where the land eventually gives way to the large inlet at the centre of the continent. While there certainly are lots of things to see beside the line, this means that one also needs to look both above and below if one isn't to miss cool things. The mainland has at least a partially deserved reputation for ugliness. There's litt
  3. My "home" is a train station -- the SLLU's "Unity Station" on the Heterocera SLRR line -- so, maybe naturally, one of my favourite things to do is to explore the mainland by following the SLRR tracks. But I don't take the trains myself. While my (*cough*) "sister" Scylla likes to zip around on her ridiculously cute little Vespa, I actually like to walk the lines. It gives me time to see what I'm passing, and to explore neat and curious little byways. And it's something I did as a kid in RL. One of my favourite things about the SLRR is the train stations; they are so varied and fun! S
  4. Meh -- I'm not PS expert, by any means! I think what you describe is more or less what's happening. It might indeed be possible to doctor the map in PS where that occurs -- dunno! Haven't tried it! Maybe I will now!
  5. Well, she is my older sister! I think she's "prettier" -- but I'm the one with style. But don't tell her I said so.
  6. Sometimes I get jagged or splattered edges on the blur -- I think it might have something to do with alpha layers, but I'm not certain either. Another problem is if you've got a scene with movement, of course. This one had some birds flying around, but they don't seem to have caused problems. I like it when it works: it's a very neat solution, and it gives one more control over it. On top of which, I occasionally crash when I turn DoF on in BD.
  7. Depth of field using a depth map as a mask. I've had mixed results with this, but it works well here I think.
  8. Yeah, all of those are definitely "you," despite some of the differences. The Freya head is really interesting, because it produces a kind of softer, feminized version of the other two. Still recognizably male, but with a nudge towards the feminine? I really like it. I met a guy in-world yesterday who was using the Freya for his male avatar -- he was having the same problem with the Catwa eye HUD I was, and having a hard time following the thread of the conversation in the group chat, so he contacted me to ask what I'd done. We talked about modifying the head for men (he didn't know
  9. When I first went "mesh" with my main, Scylla, about a year and a half ago, I think I had the conception that it should be possible to achieve a "look" that was recognizably like my old system avatar, but better -- more "realistic." I think a lot of us went into, or go into, mesh heads for the first time with that intention, because we become attached to how we look: it's part of our identity. A few people here have done that very well, most notably, I think, @GoSpeed Racer. I wasn't able to achieve that very exactly with Scylla, for a number of reasons, but I think I've managed it nearly
  10. I can't for the life of me figure out what that black and white furry thing is, but your avatar is absolutely adorable. Nice pic!
  11. Hi. I'm Laskya, and I'm really not taking any of your bull**** So, "sis" finally let me drop a bit of money on some new mesh hardware. Gone is the old Logo head (which I quite liked) and Altamura body (which was glitchy, but I'm grateful for it). This is the Catwa Freya and Maitreya, with Deetalez skin. Believe it or not, I looked more judgy before I took some advice on shaping around the eyes and mouth. Oh, this is a raw shot, btw. Just cropped. I probably should have fixed a few clothing glitches, but meh . . . let Scylla labour over her pics. I'm far too busy considering whet
  12. Being a woman is actually pretty damned great, as I'm pretty sure you know most of the time. Being Rhonda is even cooler. Hugs.
  13. I don't seem to get out as often these days, but when I do, it's to screw around with Windlight and saturation at an art sim.
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