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  1. Nice shot, I was there too today. I think it was Midnight in Paris right?
  2. Well, it is bittersweet humor/satire. If you are not allowed to speak your mind it is a possibility to express what you think.
  3. Honestly, I was afraid of it would cause some trouble/drama. I'm glad that you unterstood the message behind and of course it's related to an illustration from a satirist.
  4. Yes, I have built it at my own place. Added the Bernie Sanders version ^^
  5. Do you really wonder why?
  6. Just a lil bit different "addons" today...
  7. Sad, when you realize that politicians lied to people and prioritizing the economy... https://gyazo.com/55754b61dba13acbd3e6535d24abc6a8
  8. Another try. Diamonds are nice, but boring...😜
  9. Still checking out different avatar styles 😎
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