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  1. October, it's time for witches.. my first try ^^
  2. It's October, time for witches... my first try ^^
  3. Seriously? Trick or treat? Choose between popcorn or revolver... 🥳
  4. People you must be very bored.... *shakes her head in unbelieve And what I will do next time is up to me, right? 😜
  5. I really wonder why you started a fuzz here. Go and master others, you lost completely the reason and if you scroll through the´forums just to tell people what they should say and how to behave I would suggest, start with yourself first. Thank you, my weekend is perfect unless from this lil drama what you tried to start here.
  6. Yes and? Those who are looking for trouble might find it, it wasn't meant as what you feel about. BTW. in my country it is not an insult, no offence... it is simply said, a mistake because nobody can see it from your name if you are a woman or a girl. We are a multicultured game....well if that is a problem for you, just ignore it. On the other hand, if you want to get upset and feel offended, only to justify your opinion, etc... it will not become my problem at all. I wish you a relaxing weekend.
  7. Hello again, the jewelry is gone, sorry! Yeah and thanks for the jokes, made my day 😘
  8. Hello all, I have some Gachas too much. Jewelry from Spotcat what I would like to gift someone. If anyone is interested give me a shout ingame. Thank you and NO I do not want to resell them.
  9. I mostly tip the DJs and hosts, but there are some clubs where is only running a stream, no moderator or I must have missed it. I rarely donate there...
  10. Why? 😦 Usually purple cows stand for chocolate in Germany (google Milka). I wasn't going to slaughter the fatty, only a small reminder to run faster! 😇 She will get a massage later, I swear! https://gyazo.com/bf9d8e2f9bdae5e2b966090292b003ea
  11. You are lucky, I have two active friends. 🤷🏼‍♀️
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