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  1. hah yeah never use the support groups for anything even hinting at negative. You will get a whole lot of poo for that.
  2. Another thing that starts to annoy me more each time I encounter it Fat Pack exclusives! Just put everything you have for sale, let me decide if I want to buy a plain color, or a fancy pattern, or maybe two different ones. And if I want more than one, I can consider going for a fatpack. But don't try to force people into fatpacks by making the nicer looking ones exclusive to fatpacks. I understand, its their product, their decision. I just find it a very high "screw you customer!" level.
  3. I agree. I was created as alt and completely took over. Locked up my main
  4. Mirdautas vras! PS. your Orcish is not bad for a silly Dworf
  5. Of course it all starts with a good pickup line
  6. Yes indeed! Inquiring minds want to know! For a friend...
  7. Nice! gratz Been considering to go premium, just for a house. Private rent is nice, but its so quiet, and general mainland is just to much of a mess (and quite quiet too) How probable is it to actually get a house when you go premium if you do not have the time to spend F5ing in impossable timezones?
  8. Don't be desperate about it or let it show that you are looking for a girlfriend when you get in contact with girls. Its quite a turn off when someone you dont know and just met sees you as a "girlfriend candidate" instead of an interesting person that likes to get to know you. (Unless you are on a date specific for that purpose) Desperation/neediness is incredibly non attractive, and can actually be creepy.
  9. Yeah well us Europeans always have to wait for those lazy Americans to get out of bed and do their job
  10. You can not always place items directly on other (mesh) objects, like walls or floors. If that happens, place them somewhere else, like outside on the floor, and then move them to the position where you want them using edit.
  11. Probably region maintenance? Would just try again in an hour or two
  12. Well to be clear, that's not Apsergers, that common SL inventory management Im quite impressed you actually got your inventory organised! I wanted to play that, seems so much fun! But the learning curve proved to be to much for my short attention span thus far.
  13. It would be a nice to have Would only use it for the IM function. Good example when I agreed on meeting a friend in SL to do something and RL prevents me from being at the PC at the agreed time, it would be nice to send out an IM so they will not be waiting or can arrange for other things to spend their time.
  14. July 15 - all day - Invasion of forum trolls Or maybe they need hunters for trolls, not really police work I guess
  15. I am not creepy! I just need that many to properly stalk people. A few for elaborate scam schemes. Oh, and a lot of course to circumvent all the bans I get on sims. Noo that would be silly, so many alts 😛
  16. 365 alts, one for each day. I considered starting fresh ones each year, but that got confusing.
  17. Playing around with (yet another) alt
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