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  1. Don't be sad, your not alone! I am sticking with FS myself. Not because I can not run BD, but I am quite content with the quality of pics you can do with FS and do not feel like going trough a learning curve and spend even more time on a picture to make them a bit higher quality. Not aiming for professional quality, just to have fun and making pretty enough pics.
  2. Kind of accidentally arrived at Meta Frame event, with all kinds of sci-fi and cyber stuff. The geek in me woke up, grabbed my wallet and spend my lindens on stuff I probably never use but just looks really cool
  3. AnyPose can only do that when you are allowed to rez a pose stand yeah. What I usually do is activating a pose on the spot want, live edit that one, and use hover height if I need to go up or down a bit. But that's far from perfect of course.
  4. Using AnyPose myself, same sort of system as Animare. The big plus Black Dragon has over these two is that it supports Bento posing, which AnyPose and Animare both do not. So for example doing hand posing you would need an external HUD. But if that's not an issue, they are really convenient to use. Not sure why AnyPose is so much more expensive than Animare really, they seem to do the same tricks
  5. Hanging out with my guy alt, after giving him a new look
  6. Talking about appropriate outfits... Bowling on high heels, what was I thinking!?
  7. There certainly is truth in there. My bank account is on a very efficient diet. I keep feeding it but somehow it never grows full....
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