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  1. This topic made me realize I did not make a lot of pic's with my friends. So now I am making up for that and force them on a poser when we hang out
  2. Playing around with a shape for the new Catwa Queen head
  3. Just grabbed my copy from the redelivery terminal. Takes a bit of getting used to but I do like it. It's not me yet, and maybe ill stick with my old Sofia head still but the Queen head is very pretty. What I came up with so far (Session skin and own shape):
  4. Most of my time I spend chatting and posing/shooting pictures, kinda everything from portrait and fashion to adult. Finding it incredbly relaxing to do so, mind on zero and full focus on posing myself and/or others. I do not explore or shop as much as I used too, but still frequently. And every now and then visiting live singers.
  5. We can be, if we try really, really hard! Thank you
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