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  1. Not my work, but it is a pic of me by the wonderful Shy Nefekalum!
  2. Bless your heart, seems like you got it all worked out then!
  3. It's not much but I call it home.
  4. Make sure your body isn't tinted in the red-outline area of the Maitreya hud shown below: Click the far left skin tone (outlined in green) then re-apply the KG Kimberly Skin. Try looking at it in a different windlight like CalWL or Nam's Optimal Skin and Prim to see if they actually match or not. If this doesn't fix it, you may need to use the neck fix or choker as previously suggested.
  5. Hubby sent me this and I immediately thought of @Madelaine McMasters seeing faces on automobiles. We haven't had snow here yet but it's been colder than we're used to this time of year.
  6. Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Pinky? all my jazz clubs are associated with gingers and that's a very very good thing =^.~=
  7. New skin from Fallen Gods includes regular system layers AND BoM layers with corrected fingers and toes Veins, make-up and eyes are BoM as well
  8. This was my week, but I'm hoping things are looking up for me!
  9. yep still wearing this cause I've been being stupid chasing LH campers. not happy with this but what can ya do, just chalk it up the absolutely miserable week i've been having
  10. Yeah probably how I missed roaring bear again. just the icing on this awful week of mine
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