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  1. Now I know why I woke up in a panic at 11:35p last night.
  2. I knew I shouldn't have even gotten out of bed this morning. =v.v=
  3. Lumae, she is even working on an update to her freckles and they look good. Caution, NSFW
  4. well drats! Now what am I going to do?
  5. Scavenging
  6. Avatar Complexity ~ 32,311 Hair ~ Kokolores July group gift Mask ~ Cubic Cherry at Kawaii Project
  7. Hey! My eyes the threads are ^up there!
  8. YAY! I mean, erm, oh no *tries to hide behind tail* (I so want that gag!)
  9. He does?? lolz wut?!
  10. I was hoping to blog this today, but these silly people actually expect me to do actual work at my job =~.^= I'll have to put it up after dinner. Alaskametro ~ Lopoly Blush for Body Art 3 hunt Hair ~ Wasabi Pills Eyes ~ Inkheart Skin ~ .:Soul:. Avatar Complexity ~ 29,715
  11. Today is @Madelaine McMasters she just robbed a bank and she makes me laugh when I need it most.
  12. You're a smooth criminal.
  13. Hawt! (don't judge me!)