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  1. If you meant a new theme of homes, they will be revealed at the Christmas Expo.
  2. The shopping event during the Winter Expo.
  3. Anyone else play with the lights yet? I get this when I click them to "snap" into place: I've tried all 3 versions, deleted and tried again, same results. The snow for on top is an entire blanket of snow and 31 li =@.@=
  4. The sock hud is shown in the first Gyazo and it says Omega on it so it is an applier. The shoes don't fit the feet so they need to be alpha'd. If those shoes can't be made bigger, either the socks need to be forgone or different shoes used.
  5. AMITOMO - Tropical Lover
  6. Off the Grid @ Hotel California I call it Titans of Industry. Yep raw shot in BD.
  7. I love it Sammy! You keep growing and growing. ❤️
  8. Yes it's just shoes Yes I'm still grumpy about them moving my thread *growls*
  9. 1. you linked the same gyazo 2. those socks are an applier so if the shoes make the feet alpha the socks will be too
  10. https://www.niramyth.com/the-wolfkin-male 4:07 in the video at the bottom of that page shows where on the hud to turn off sounds.
  11. I think a lot is going to depend on the skin you want and which head is best suited for it. Also male heads may not fit the V-tech/Maitreya neck. I've used Lelutka, Catwa and LAQ female heads for male AVs with V-tech/Maitreya, but more so for fantasy looks. Tonic heads may be suitable for feminine male shapes but I haven't tried those. Start with a head that has something you like from the get-go (eyes, nose or mouth) and leave that bit unchanged, then keep playing with the sliders while wearing the demos (even the skin), you'll eventually find your look.
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