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  1. Outfit Gallery

    Yep I did that too.
  2. Outfit Gallery

    This has nothing to do with what I mentioned. All the outfits do is make links to the items so we should be able to delete even the last one. After creating an outfit, I changed the system eyes, skin, shape and hairbase/brows that I was wearing so nothing in the outfit was being worn, yet it still would not let me delete the outfit. This is what I tried and it didn't work. Not sure if it's a bug or working as intended. Maybe Whirly or someone could explain further.
  3. What are you doing today!? :D

    Did you invite the Hulk? Those burgers are huge!
  4. A Derail Thread

    Yeah I've been to that website a couple hundred ok thousands of times. That's where I learned about the fabric and purses. I think copyrights may be limiting the images that can be used since I haven't seen the covers I want on anything. My mom got me the jigsaw puzzle with all the covers on it. I just need to finish it and frame it, then I think I'll hang it here in my office at work.
  5. A Derail Thread

    Some days it's hard for *me* to distinguish =~.^=
  6. Just Ignore and let this one die

    A reminder to myself when I'm having a bad blogger day: 1.15.18 ~ someone followed me on flickr that is an amazing artist. Her top 25 pics average 641 faves a pic. She has 4.9k followers and is only following 737. I am one of those 737.
  7. A Derail Thread

    There's just so many good ones!
  8. A Derail Thread

    (I really should be working)
  9. A Derail Thread

    or maybe this one
  10. A Derail Thread

    mean people are mean! Can I have your stuff? flouncy flouncy flouncy
  11. A Derail Thread

    I *still* have every one of those books from when I was little. and the cook book and the mini words of wisdom and the Lost Files of Nancy Drew been looking for a purse with Nancy Drew artwork still considering buying Nancy Drew fabric obsessed kitteh is obsessed
  12. A Derail Thread

  13. A Derail Thread

    I'm going to start calling LittleMe "Nancy Drew".