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  1. These rings are lovely! October will be my 25th. You would think by now we would have matching rings but either we can't agree on anything or the sizes don't work. Too small for him and too big for me lol.
  2. Yes it is. Did I mention the next party is at Pam's house?
  3. 1.5 hours for me, but there is cake in 30min for all the May birthdays! *snoopydance*
  4. I don't know which one of y'all I'm more jealous of, Maddy or Nostoll. *stomps feet* (love the new forum avatar though, Nostoll!)
  5. Yeah but with your lindens, so technically...
  6. This is what I was curious about, thank you! It will be interesting to see how it will work though. Will we have to use the system layers (many creators are no longer including those) or can appliers be used and then a magic "bake" button puts it all together on the mesh? It is definitely going to be interesting.
  7. Oh no! They recently blocked Pandora here because of that. I'd be a basket case without Youtube as well.
  8. Morning Hippie! I'm right there with you. There's only 4 of us today in my office. The others took an extra day and one lady has been off since Wednesday! @Zennessa How did you get a camera in Rhonda's house?!
  9. I need that chair in real life. You look very serene.
  10. Anytime, mate! It's one of the things I love about you. *heads to her bunk singing the Rolling Stones* My weaknesses, in no particular order, are masks, wings and camo. Add to that watching Stephen Amell and Derek Hough on American Ninja Warriors for Red Nose Day and I'm spent! Seriously though, great looks guys, keep posting!
  11. You need a cape or a magic lasso, because you're awesome! Pffffft, She sends me out shopping for her. I'm her Personal Elite Shopping Technician
  12. I need to learn to be less subtle.
  13. Hahahahaha Found one! Angel not kitty though. Once when I was doing a hunt I came across an avatar that was a pregnant cat-angel. Rhonda was less than keen on the idea.
  14. Hey! I'd post an angel pic of me but I think they are all NSFW... ok you may have me there, dammit!
  15. @Marianne McCann buddy, pal, friend, close acquaintance, father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate... You can give me a teaser on the upcoming Arcade, I won't tell =~.^= Or at least when can we expect the shopping guide so I can stop mashing F5