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  1. Rhonda and I used to party all night long.
  2. Or if a system skin is included it's only the body and the face is just a blob.
  3. More Fantasy Faire, still green but with boobs this time.
  4. Feeling good about today. Got some stuff done in the backyard with Rhonda's help and I saw Maddy this weekend.
  5. Yummy! Thank you. Morning everyone, I'm still waking up.
  6. Do you know how hard it is to get dressed when smurfs are whizzing past and splatting on the wall behind you?
  7. Fantasy Faire... If Skell can go blonde, I can go male... (that sounded better in my head)
  8. Karin Sixpence, Marianne McCann and some stray.
  9. It's the first link when you google "men only hunt". L'Homme group is free to join and they have group gifts from various designers each month.
  10. That would be the Bento bones added to the skeleton which allows for movement of fingers, tails and ears through animations. Omega is a transfer system that puts textures on the mesh bodies like skins, tattoos and clothing.
  11. Men Only Hunt is going on right now, free stuff and will give you a taste of what shops are offering out there.
  12. Red Room, Red-band trailers... it's a cautionary tale.
  13. I love how your mind works sometimes.