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  1. really enjoying the look of the Catwa Freya head.
  2. I've been feeling uninspired lately. Yesterday, I pulled out the free Catwa Freya head I'd gotten a while back and decided to play around with it. Whether I'll keep it full time or not, who knows. but for now, it's something different.
  3. I DJ'd for an RP Drag Queen event, with a fantasy theme, then had to be manager at a club I work at that had a masquerade event. Soooo.... decided that I'd take a pic of my outfit from last night.
  4. Was looking for some "high fashion" hats. @Skell Dagger recommended Zibska, since they are having a sale. I restrained myself and only bought a couple of items. Not exactly what I was looking for, but I still love it.
  5. not sure if this qualifies or not. technically I'm in the pic, but it's not the focus. shrug
  6. took this earlier this morning and just got around to posting it. lol
  7. That's the good thing about SL. If you want to see it done, you can always do it yourself. Well, you and 2,3,4+ however many friends you want to collaborate with, for this particular picture.
  8. Thanks. I thought they looked familiar. 😀
  9. I think it's sad that feminism is being used to shame the women that posed for this picture. Because that's pretty much what I've seen from this. The women were called "ornaments". When one said she willingly posed for this, the reply was something about being on the same level as an accessory to hijacking. It's also been said that the picture inferred that the women were "weak" and shames them for the appearance of being "sexually available" to the man in the picture. Zeta was the one that posted it in here, not Orwar. Zeta was one of those behind the making of this picture. Basically, those talking about "feminism" are saying that the women didn't know what they were doing, didn't know how it would be portrayed and just overall aren't able to make their own choices, simply because a gasp man is shown in the proverbial seat of power. When it could be said that he is only there because they want him to be there and he could easily be replaced by them. In that event, who is/are really the one/s in power?
  10. from first hand experience, I can say he is very cuddly. I'm a little sad I wasn't invited to the remake, Zeta. lol
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