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  2. SARS? MERS? Swine Flu? Ebola? China literally culled millions of pigs just last year. It was the biggest known animal disease outbreak ever. You just have to do a quick google for "rising instances of zoonotic disease" to find pages and pages of studies and articles from reputable sources. A quote from just one I found.
  3. This is the thing that concerns me too. With all the creators we have from around the world, I have no idea what would be classed as intellectual property and yes I know as you say you can google, but what if you don't suspect and you list something anyway, then you get hit with a warning or a ban for something that you honestly didn't realize you had done wrong because you didn't create the item. I'm then gonna be worried about anything else I've listed. I do try and stick to creators I know and whose Gachas I have played regularly but mistakes happen. I will certainly take more care when li
  4. Submit a feature request to your favorite TPV. Not a scripting question.
  5. No, not talking about the pandemic. The article stated globalization and encroachment as a reason for the virus BUT the virus or two coronaviruses came out of only one area, not globally yet globalization and encroachment are everywhere but not new and different viruses everywhere. Luna and I were having a discussion about the article she posted. India's virus IS the pandemic. That's not what we were discussing so this has nothing to do with populated areas as India doesn't have a different virus altogether, they have a variation of the coronavirus. We were discussing how it may have star
  6. Cosmo gifts and Minimal's new group gift backdrop :D. I LIKE neutral!
  7. I've checked everywhere. I there an option to make double clicking an attachment from your inventory add it instead of replace one that's already attached? It would be so much faster.
  8. Virus it self still kinda failure. Imagine a virus with long incubation period with no symptoms and very high death rate. This pandemic could end up as disaster. It is bad but could be worse. I don't think it is engineered or intentionally released because they apparently had better options for it if it was their aim. Their vaccine turned out somewhat less effective (or non effective 50% not considered as effective). Why release a virus if you are not going to make profit from medicine. Political and economic outcome also unpredictable, a gamble. It is usual pharma company tacti
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  10. Ok, I'm gonna bump this old thread of mine cause it's mine and why not. 😋 Thanks everyone for the feedback, sorry I didn't say so sooner. I ended up making a gigantic leap, bought up a bunch of land at excellent prices, and built a community! It's definitely been hard work and it's still not completely done (doubt it ever truly will be), but it's been a lot of fun and I hope that maybe others can get some enjoyment out of it too. Come take a look: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mullein/146/205/83. The community is called Mullein Gap and is located on Heterocera, bisected by R
  11. OT, I guess, but I have always wished for something different, a way to dramatically suicide in SL and have it wipe your account and everything in it, and block you from returning. Or at least kill you for a week or so before you could log in again. Seems the only way to suicide wrt SL is the boring thing of closing your account or something, and I don't even know if you can do that. And I would guess all your info and everything are still there waiting for you. Needs more finality.
  12. Small Community is being built with Houses and rates of all sizes community is perfect for families of all sizes and there are activities to do around the land from horse back Riding to rides and games fishing and more. The rents available starting at 35L/ week - 900L/week http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Black%20Lion/54/197/103 Stop by and check it out. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Missminnie04 Resident or Zyconic resident
  13. The size and proximity of these respective buttons is my event peeve of the day
  14. @Qie NiangaoI tried fullscreen and it has the same result. It behaves almost like I had snap on when I try to move it on it's x axis via free hand, trying to rotate it otherwise and it is fine. The other behavior I find strange, is that after it temporarily locks in place on the x axis is that once it is free it will move without any more locking until I release the mouse and try again. I never rotate objects this way, I usually rely on the axis guides to rotate them so I am not sure how long this behavior has been occurring. Using the axis guides to rotate, does not result in any odd beha
  15. Come Join in the fun with Lisa Brune. May 18th- 12 noon slt http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/BOSL INNOVATION PAVILLION/47/118/22
  16. If we really wanted to fix this problem in a meaningfully correct way , the easy solution would be to significantly limit the number of concurrent animations and rigged objects an avatar can have (note! objects not attachments. an attachment can be made of multiple objects). More rigged mesh slots could even be a premium upgrade perk (like the number of attached animesh already is), this obviously breaks the entire avatar dress up ecosystem in the short term. The hard-mode correct solution would be to bake all an avatars mesh into a single model with a single rigged skeleton the moment t
  17. You could do this - you would need to create a listing of each item and set to limited quantity 1. I am not really clear though why you would do that. Would it be easier to use Caspervend Gift Certificates or something similar. Those can be gifted and can be no transfer (so keeps your chain of custody) and just do it in world versus MP.
  18. Sounds great to me I would love to hang out with some good music and a beer, of wait you didn't mention beer, bu tyou should if you want people to show up.
  19. "Enjoy beautiful vistas in this relaxing paradise. Wonderful nature, forest, waterfalls, animals, rivers and cuddle places. It's an ideal place for photographers and romantic couples." Read more on Flickr.
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  21. If you are selling something, you take on responsibility as you are listing something for sale and the TOS (plus US law) applies to you. The moment you enter as a reseller - you are using the platform commercially so need to do your homework. A simple way is just Google the name of something before you buy it. The obvious things are obvious (e.g. anything Disney etc). If you can't determine if the item is "safe" don't buy it, then resell it - simple way to protect yourself. Also know your creators. Good creators won't infringe copyright nor wade into trademark issues or trade dres
  22. I was just there 2 days ago.. yah there were 5 or so others on the sim. I'm Florida EST (SLT +3) timezone.. so no idea what is active times, but late evening wasnt totally empty..
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