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  2. My earliest difficult lessons here were with the extreme variations in landlords, and how some role to be just bad bad bad. This for both shop and house rentals. Some made up rules after I rented with nothing changed in writing just some manager or whoever with control IMing me. Every day I would say to myself well whatever that's fine and change to meet the day's new made-up-rule, only to find another IM the next day with yet another rule, and the rules were progressively less possible to do, until finally I got it. Their aim was to rent big > encourage to leave fast > re-rerent ove
  3. My avi is physically almost the same as in rl. In personality, she is more quite. In rl, I easily make friends, new buddy often seems like an old buddy to ohers. But in SL, I am a loner. I don't type much. Sometimes I just sat watching my avi dance like a bish while resting my rl feet on the table in comfy position, fingers are away from keyboard or on my phone. So I don't type much, slow fingers.
  4. I think this is what you are looking for: However, even if that doesnt work, its pretty easy to just go to the list of vertex groups and remove what you are not using. For example, if you are making shoes, you probably dont need any of those face bones, or wing bones, tail bones, etc.
  5. Not everything one might want to know, but progress, just mentioned at the sim user group: (I think Simon is relaying the news about progress by other developer(s), but I could be wrong about that.)
  6. As a fisherperson, I can honestly say...no, you really can't interact with most people fishing, because they don't want to interact (and there's really nothing wrong with that) Some do, yes, and you can meet some fantastic people that way, on occasion. But largely, nope, folks want left alone, that's their quiet time, their me time, their down time, or their "I'm busy in IMs or doing something else" time, so interaction is, very much so, unwanted and will largely go not acknowledged. I've rarely ever had to block anyone in all my time on sl, but three of the people I have had to do so, even te
  7. That is a lovely photo. It reminds me of a modern art painting.
  8. looking at the description of the silver mining game then I can't see how it is a ponzi scheme nor how it could be seen as a multi-level marketing scheme. Both of which are illegal in some RL jurisdictions when there is no cost to people who come and touch the mine (start play mining for a no-cost-to-them reward) then is design-wise no different to a money tree, midnight mania board, etc if there is no output or operational difference between Early Mover Mine and Late Mover Mine am not sure tho why anyone would want to buy a silver mine from another player, unless the trade is done
  9. Yes me too, I see the same bot most of the times, I even saw it in my linden home, it's just a cloud then it disappeared!
  10. Oh because I was trying to respond to the Confused icons that people put and I couldn't find the respond to it. I mean if you go to the link on Internet Explorer and come to the Second Life Forums. You will just see a blank space of a video called The History of Second Life and it will not be there. I am not sure if the people that put the Confused icons under the video went on the Internet Explorer to watch the video and the video isn't there. But you can watch it on Google Chrome and you can see the video there.
  11. Porque no lo dos? Sometimes my avi is me, sometimes its a character. It really depends on what I'm doing and how I feel. Neither is wrong to me. I look at Secondlife as a type of unfiction because the line gets really blurry and it can often change without warning. As far as I'm concerned everybody is a character on here, it's just a different degree of how autobiographical they're being. Some people will make an avatar that looks as much like them as possible and acts like them except they left the part out where they're married and have two kids. So in a case like that...are they being
  12. Style details on the blog.
  13. LoL. Sorry this wasn't a passive reference to you. Possibly someone else? Or nobody particular. I just liked you're reference to word of mouth. Heavy on sarcasm you are.. my friend \😁/
  14. I've been looking for boots like these in SL for so longgggggggg.... 😍
  15. I am not sure to be honest. I just posted that video here for people to watch what Second Life was about back in the day. It was way before anyone could join SL though. I think it's an interesting video though.
  16. I am looking for positive people and on my path searching for them I meet some that are negative and insecure. There is an interesting article on Forbes: Surrounding Yourself With The Right People Changes Everything https://www.forbes.com/sites/jennifercohen/2018/12/04/surrounding-yourself-with-the-right-people-changes-everything/?sh=385b23197d09
  17. Some doctors use those on their monitors. My man had one on his comp in his train room --- I asked why. He said "train pr0n!"
  18. You can buy regions directly from Linden Lab. But the automated system for doing this has been broken for months. Contact support.
  19. My avatar is my inner child. She was β€˜born’ in same month as I, so, we share the same traits. The only real difference between my avatar and I is that she is more impetuous and daring. πŸ™„
  20. This swimming pool was the site of a tinies protest in 2019. Where is it?
  21. I agree that if there is no good reason, no need to hide ourselves. But there are many good reasons. Safety for example, or real life profession, some may be public figures, you never know. I think I read in here somewhere about a hacker who succesfully made a mess over someone's rl computer years ago bcause she gave him too much information. He made a mess with family photos and friends photos (now I remember, I read it on other website, forgot the name, something like Second life rating for kids). We can be open about our rl, but NOT with everyone and with certain boundaries until we really
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