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  2. Don't mind Alwin. He can be a dear. Or a grump. Usually a grump. Probably didn't notice that it was the same person posting both. The laptop you posted should be fine but see if you can't find one with similar specs for less money. As for draw distance - I change mine frequently, starting low and then moving up until I can see however much is needed for the environment. Indoors that's usually very low, will go up outdoors. A better computer and a better internet connection will help greatly, but IMO it's still worth paying some attention to what you're asking it to do.
  3. Hello readers, I came across something odd that I can't figure out. 3 weeks ago I connected my macbook via a thunderbolt ethernet cable. The connection was established and improved. I state the differences here: Wifi to regional server: 27 ping, 18,9 Download and 9,0 Upload Wifi to California server: 169 ping, 17,7 Download and 4.3 Upload Ethernet to regional server: 27 ping, 45,6 Download and 8.8 Upload Ethernet to California server: 168 ping, 37,4 Download and 4.6 Upload. Now my settings, problem and the things I've done so far. I run Singularity on high settings and all worked fine till 4 days ago. Each time I want to teleport I am being disconnected. I checked statistics and my fps is high but drops severely when around a lot of people. Partly this seems to be normal. My pocketless is not stable. Although usually at 0.00 it does sometimes go up to <1 I tried various viewers (firestorm, alchemy and singularity) and all have the same issue. Thinking it might be a bad set up of my Thunderbolt Ethernet I wiped all connections and created a new one. The problem remained. I changed servers, changed settings in the Singularity viewer, cleaned network.plist, rebooted router, updated my Mac and the viewers. The problem remained. Today I had a bright moment (they are rare..) and logged into Second Life using wifi again. Pooof issue gone. But of course at the cost of a lower network speed (see above). So knowing this I assume that there's something wrong with the connection between Thunderbolt Ethernet and the server(s) of LL. (Please LL open up a EU server too. *falls down on knees and begs) As you can imagine I prefer playing via Thunderbolt as it's speed is significant better. Am I overlooking something, maybe something simple? I'ld love to get some help or advice that can direct me into right direction. Please ask me for more information.
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  5. That is a beautiful, clean setup! my desk and office chair is also from Ikea too. :-) Thank you for sharing.
  6. Great setup. My guess is your british, looking at the PVC door. LOL. +1 to me?
  7. Thank you
  8. you most likely mean the aditi grid, the testing area for LL and open for residents to test their items. you have to contact support to get access, the old trick of changing passwords doesn't seem to work very well... or not at all.
  9. llGetObjectDetails(llGetKey(), ([OBJECT_GROUP]) ) That gives the group of the avatar - if it is attached. If I rez it on ground it will give the group of the object and the avatars group is meaningless. So your test only works it the object is attached. If it's rezzed on ground there is no way to determine the group of the avatar. OBJECT_GROUP on avatars returns a NULL_KEY. You only have llSameGroup here that you can use and that requires the object to have the right group.
  10. Hello Berksey What I'm building is a texture organizer hud (aka worn attached to the hud). The goal is to put all my textures in central places instead of my inventory. There is the solution of rezzed organizer, but it consume prims, and I prefer the hud way. This said, as items can't be dropped in a hud attached obect, I don't want to rez my hud, drop images in it, and grab it back in my inventory each time I want to put textures in it The installer is a quick an easy solution. You click on a button in the hud, it rezzes that installer prim in front of the avatar, just drop textures in it, and then click on the prim to get teh textures back in the hud, directly. The installer auto-dies.
  11. Rule 1... Never join insignificant 'self help guru' groups that promise to improve your life if only you sign a contract promising to obey arbitary rules laid down by some nonentity pushing their own brand of socio/religious claptrap... Hey my life is better already!
  12. Old Lar's is HIRING DJS!! We offer 100% tips, a fun atmosphere, and an experience like none other. We are OPEN GENRE and want a variety of styles. Most openings are evenings, late nights, and mornings right now. Old Lar's is a well-established club that has been around for so many years we lost count. We offer a family-like feel with a pervy side. Come on in and grab an app. *100% TIPS *Variety of Genres wanted *Must use mic *We are a tight-knit family *Must love having fun with a bunch of pervs *Adult club in an adult environment Stop by the club and grab an application to join our perverted family!
  13. sale

    in case you wonder why this forumsection has " For general discussion and questions about mainland. " as title... and NOT " For promoting full transfer sale of your Mainland parcel. " .... is because this one is not meant for promoting sales... landsales are a little more lower in this list.
  14. thank you Elora : ) yes i know a few favorite places....i just thought that all the folks here might have some idea's for places that i don't know about : ) I appreciate your reply. Thanks again, Josephine
  15. I'm interested but I cannot get an application.
  16. I prefer Life Backward because life was always much more interesting and enjoyable back then. I coined a phrase for it a while back - 'the goold old days'. You can use it if you like
  17. little addition, skyboxes sometimes/often are rented out as multiple boxes stacked above eachother. You can not prevent the camming in that case. If it bothers you to see it, disable the visibility of the cam crosshairs.
  18. You need to ask the person who actually owns the land/skybox you're renting to check that setting. As a renter, unless given land rights, you cannot do this on your own. Most landlords/landowners are more than willing to do this for you Actually many do it automatically now, but some might not, and some might have forgotten to check it, it happens.
  19. There's no need whatsoever to scan inventory to find the item, plus that wouldn't work if the recipient had deleted the item. This is such a simple database task from day one, i'm somewhat amazed that this issue still exists. The ONLY test that has to be performed is that the currently logged in MP user (the person who is about to leave the review), is the recipient of the item. MP already has this recipient logged in the MP database. Here's the best part, the SAME trivial database comparison is all that's needed to allow someone to self redeliver an item with copy permissions. This really is database skills for beginners level.
  20. How can I explain why other people don't look for the information they need? Ask them, not me.I found what I was looking for I agree, ignorance IS majorly significant..if it affects one's business. Ftr, I use scripts that were affected by all of this, and if I, a mere peon, that does NOT work on these products everyday, or rely on them heavily for my sl income(let alone rl income) could find it, saw it being discussed and paid close attention(even just after coming back after a month on vacation) can anyone else. And no I won't do your work for you,,. I have more important things to do, like read the forums to find out other information I may or may not know. Knowledge is power
  21. Hey guys, I recently rented a skybox. How can someone not cam on me inside my skybox? I have a security box in it but I still see the same guy camming on me after I got the box On. Does blocking him work? I tried to access the Avatars on other parcels can see and chat with avatars on this parcel but unfortunately I can't. Any helpful informations and suggestions please? Thanks in advance.
  22. Hello i'm new here and i want to test some Mesh on Sl beta before to upload it, but i can't log in with same username and password i use for Sl Thank you
  23. BEE REAL ESTATE SINCE 2007 AVAILABLE PARCELS FOR RENT 1024m - 351 prims - L$299/w Grass Valley at Olber 1024m - 351 prims - L$299/w Golden Sands at Leitter 1024m - 351 prims - L$299/w Grass Hills at Balandin 1024m - 351 prims - L$299/w Ocean Front at Fortenlost 2048m - 703 prims - L$599/w Roadside at De Campion 4096m - 1406 prims - L$1,199/w Grass Valley at Deopyre 4096m - 1406 prims - L$1,199/w 40 x 40 terraform at Shipley ALL PARCELS ARE FULL PERM - NO RULES - YOU RULE ! Read more Feel free to call beethros Karas anytime
  24. for previous threads, search the word unlisted.
  25. This is the lowest price in the market and lowest price I can go down - it's now 799L for 1024 protected roadside!! I must abandon on Mon if no one buys it. Last chance!
  26. SL TELEPORT LANDMARK Mountains/35/215/21 VIEW US ON SL DESTINATION GUIDE CHECK OUT OUR FACEBOOK GROUP Mountain Lion Club & Amusement Park is quite simply breathtaking. Featuring many various views of a mountain, forested stream, amusement park & club overlooking a beautiful ocean on a full family-friendly moderate sim. A different breath taking view no matter which direction you look. Mountain Lion Club & Amusement Park features the largest Waterslides on the grid in Second Life, as well as various themed Roller Coasters; The Shark Tank, Angry Birds, Lego, and many more! Ride while enjoying the rocking tunes of our DJs featuring themed sets from the 60s thru to the present hits of 2017. Live DJs & HOSTs from 8am - Midnight every day! Shop at our Shopping Mall, while you listen to the tunes. Check photos below to see the variety of shops in our Mall and Market Carts. Browse at the Art Gallery and pick up something for your home or office. Rent a Shop or Cart to sell your wares. We have special introductory prices to Rent a Shop for the first 4 weeks. We also have beautiful various sized SkyDome homes for rent fully furnished or bring your own home, with full security. Need a Job?...We are hiring DJs & Hosts. Bring your family, friends, neighbors and yourself for a fun loving time here at Mountain Lion Club & Amusement Park. We are Family oriented, people caring, fun loving & love to have a dang good time!! Music is always great, so many attractions to see & ride! Grab your family for an outing. You'll be glad that you did! SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: Live DJs & HOSTs from 8am - Midnight every day! ● MELLOW MONDAY 12 - 2 PM DJ SUNSET ● NEW WAVE MONDAY 10 PM - 12 AM DJ DOLLY ● DOUBLE SHOT TUESDAY 12-4 PM DJ SUNSET ● DISCO PARTY WEDNESDAY 8-10 AM DJ LITTLE RAIN ● HOUSE MUSIC WEDNESDAY 2 -4 PM DJ SUNSET ● TOTALLY 80'S REWIND THURSDAY 12-4 PM DJ SUNSET ● BACK TO THE 50'S & 60'S THURSDAY 4 - 6 PM DJ BRIDGI ● COUNTRY MUSIC FRIDAY 10AM - NOON DJ LITTLE RAIN ● FRIDAY NIGHT TRIO FRIDAY 4 - 6 PM DJ OZZY ● SPECIAL SATURDAY 2 - 4 PM JULY 22ND BEST IN DISCO CONTEST DJ SUNSET Message Inworld for more information: Owner/Rentals Manager: Krystal Rose (krystal333) Owner/Amusement Park Manager: Lady Mei (maystone) Owner/Sim Manager: Shadow (aelash) Owner/Host Manager: Ony (onyxphoenix) Owner/DJ Manager: Sunset (sunsetmoonites) COME ROAR WITH THE LIONS!
  27. I remember years ago when Linden Labs rather abruptly ended educational discounts for colleges and universities, and had the impression most left. Early on I worked briefly on a project for a national Board of Education for a middle eastern country. Honestly don't know if they ever established a presence here, or a Grid of their own which was also discussed. Tonight I got to wondering and did a few searches under "education" and "university," and found a few remain. It would be heartening to find an ongoing educational presence here; it seems the tech crowd only want the Shiny And New anymore. I suppose that's not new, at that. I saw there was a conference on such back in the spring, of which I was unaware. Is there a good source for how many educational institutions still have an active presence in SL? Or is there a good way to find out beyond random searching? Thanks. Griz
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