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  2. Mollymews provided the best source for what's what. What they don't tell you is that different things cause different reactions in the Avatar Physics. So walking/running/flying (= moving triggering the Havok physics engine) is a bit different from when you are dancing (= animated no Havok influence). So, I have different physics settings for different activities. And different settings for Slink versus Classic. The Firestorm Physics is very conservative, well for mesh bodies. I have a pose stand that has a walk animation. Any walk animation will do. Switch between walk and physics edit... you'll get something that looks realistic. I think the trick is to get adequate movement that dampens quickly.
  3. At Bellis Blues Cafe, watching over carrots and acorns ♥
  4. m0ld

    Aditi/Beta Grid Down?

    I assumed that the grid was just down for maintenence but access to the grid has been extremely spotty for the past week. I was able to get in on the 17th and 18th, but wasn't able to again today.
  5. Sadly it means LL keeps their own platform from reaching out to new residents or even keeping the current ones more active.
  6. I am not seeing any changes in the SSP "trailer" area but maybe I am missing them. This is my screenshot from June 30 of SSP83 and SSP84. Would be good to see some changes though! Adding larger screenshot to show the plywood pad was also there
  7. I thought it was about time I figured out why the RegionSay would give the error I explained above. I identified it as one in a listen event. What the real question is though is why a global variable integer "CHANNEL", that is declared as a specific negative number at the top of a script (eg. integer CHANNEL = - 9488473;), would sometimes not be represented correctly further down in the script ? There are no other mentions of CHANNEL except as a llRegionSay(CHANNEL,"something"). So why would you need to reiterate the channel ? Anyone able to shed some light on this ?
  8. The real problem is that they're USED randoms.
  9. Right... If minis are making a come back in SL, it would have to be to replace the micro-skirts. Sadly too true. And Orwar is right. The way avatar animation works in SL it isn't going to happen. BoM, Animesh... they aren't the solutions.
  10. Definitetly gonna fire up the auto-refresher to get one of those.
  11. it was fun and yes Lindal's arsenal really worked, and some of them still work but in much less impactful way than they used to be. But like a lot things it ended getting ruined back in the day by idiot randos who would go round random shooting and attacking other people and regions anywhere that parcel build/script was enabled for a time it got way out of control. To the point that it all got a bit ridiculous. People hudding up with shields and auto-response weapons systems just to go the shops and buy shoes is why LL began to add owner estate and parcel restriction controls. And lots of people started to set their home parcels to No Damage, No Push, No Build, No Scripts, No Object Entry, No Anything. Inworld stores began to do the same, removing their rezz zones as well which many stores provided back then for their customers to rezz boxes and even then Linden ended up having to nerf and throttle a lot of scriptable physics, rez and messaging functions, as well as reducing the maximum force that could be applied to a physical object, including avatars, by another physical object from a scripting pov it was kinda heart-breaking really. There were a lot things we could do once when making moving stuff which had nothing to do with weapons but we can't now. The few ruining it for the many. While I regret that LL did have to nerf/throttle a lot of the physics enabled stuff it is understandable from a ordinary person's pov. Getting shot at, orbited, caged, and/or crashed in your own home by some rando two regions away was not good there were and still are some LL provided regions and private regions where the now lesser-powered combat and weapons systems are enabled and allowed, and are quite fun for people into this. But the randos didn't want that. They were only into making life miserable for people going about their daily lives
  12. Are you sure about that? I don't necessarily disagree, since all I know is what I've read in the Wiki: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mono#Mono_benefits That suggests to me that (so long as the script is compiled in Mono, of course) every instance of the object you create on the region -- whether by drag-copy or by rezzing from inventory -- should use the same bytecode. But this isn't something I know much about since I don't often attend the relevant usergroups and I don't think the Wiki article has been updated since 2008, so I am perfectly prepared to learn something new here.
  13. Another issue, with longer skirts, is that the textures stretch and deform. it would be nice to see a way that issue doesn't happen, but I think that's just a limitation of video games.
  14. Thank you. I did read the FAQ but needed to see this clearly stated. I think your post will help a lot of people.
  15. That's when you need one of those Platypus vehicles I saw on MP. I think it's from GEMC, and it converts from land to water use.
  16. For waterfront homes like that, has anyone come up with a good way to get a boat from your own property across the narrow strip of Linden land, and into the water? I've considered a truck and boat trailer setup, but my place has a sandy beach. A rocky shore like this would be tougher. Anyone have something good? Might work.
  17. Today
  18. Waiting for Bellisseria Rat to show up now....
  19. Moira is correct. Nobody is going to get upset if a driveway extends a bit to the road or a bush overhangs a little. But people using root prims to hang things far outside their parcel (no matter how nice or unobtrusive) can quickly get out of hand if everyone begins doing it... and the first thing they will say is "how come that person can that person do it and not me?"
  20. Tilia will impact upon residents in two possible (and somewhat overlapping) instances: 1) If you have a USD balance in your account as of, or after, 1 August, you will be required to agree to the Tilia TOS. You will NOT need to provide identification if that is ALL you are doing. However, your USD balance will be subject to an "inactivity fee" if you do not access it at least once every 12 months. Accessing it means simply looking at the balance; in addition, Premium members don't even need to do this, as their Tilia accounts are automatically always considered active. The amount of the fee is still indeterminate but it will be no more than US$3 (and never more than the actual balance of your account, so your credit card or PayPal account won't be billed). 2) In addition, if you transfer money OUT of SL/Tilia, into Skrill or PayPal, for instance, you will be required to provide ID, including (if you are a US citizen) your SSN. Tilia has no impact whatsoever on residents who are doing neither of these two things. It has nothing at all to do with L$ balances, or the buying and using of L$.
  21. I can do that, yeah, and I might wind up having to go that route. Trouble is I really like the textures in the new wall cover thingie. I think I will write the creator and see if she will 1) sell me a set, or 2) tell me where she bought them if they aren't her own design.
  22. Well, you're obviously right about long dresses and skirts. On the whole, I just avoid those (which is fine, because it's not a favourite look of mine anyway). And swishy/pleated ones too, until someone works out a way to reintegrate flexi in a tasteful and attractive way (if that's even possible). But actually, on the whole, I quite like the look of mid length skirts and dresses. The rigging causes all the usual problems that Orwar identifies, but you get that even with minis: take a look at the hem line of my skirt in my pic.
  23. that region was inspired by an old English trick.
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