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  2. I perhaps misunderstood. I saw Sylvia's question as one querying the benefit of anyone using a bot and why anyone do this instead of set and forget, including the land dealers. My response was just to give a perspective on why those who do use them, use them and really I was meaning the land dealers.
  3. You must have been lucky with your houseboat then, the ones I have had, came with very shallow water. You can see my small motorboat. I have abandoned this one. It was next to a very deep canal, but the Moles had created a "shelf" for the houseboats. I sent the camera down to inspect, and the poles went on way, way below the sand bottom, so it was not that the pier had short poles either. I hope it will be deep water for the stilts that are surrounded by water.
  4. 12.30am wednesday and still no stipends me neither. Wonder what's going on.
  5. I started doing RP before even knowing what SL is (pen and paper or just email with a small group) and i was very happy that Sl got a big community for RP as well. Please note that before SL, in small RP-groups, we all had more than one characters and we used a lot of NPCs to support each others story. Soon i learned in SL many ppl dont like that. It was very irritating to me. Sometimes i wasnt even able to understand the problem, because english is not my first language. NPCs were called cheating (even if they were niot used to be nice to my characters), Backstories were called stupid and als
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  7. Sadly, I've seen this sort of attitude before. Trolling or not - it needs to go.
  8. winter is coming, the first snow has appeared on the mountains, the house is almost ready, warm and welcoming .. and the Christmas lights with the falling snow fill my heart with joy 💙 I love overlooking the valley
  9. I had the same issue and contacted support, reply as below. I've not had a chance to try it yet but just in case it helps: " Please try removing the folder from your Marketplace Listings UI window by moving the folder back to your main SL inventory, then try resending the folder back to the Marketplace again. The Failure to Load folder name is usually caused by a communication issue between your SL Inventory and the Marketplace database. Moving the folder out of the Marketplace Listing area and moving it back again should resend the information to the
  10. Maybe the Mama alpha Group will help you with the best information. That group uses a hud to simulate the menstruation cyrcle and a lot of ppl are roleplaying pregnancies and doctors apointments etc. I know some ppl useit forroleplay reasons. others use it to calm themselfs because they are pregnant in rl too.
  11. The teeth are always asymmetrical and always from the same photo source.
  12. 6 pages in and nobody senses we are being trolled because this person is bored?
  13. I'm thinking seriously about the Ruth body now.
  14. It's a bit tough finding beds under 4 LI. So far, I've found 1 LI beds from Meli Imako. I'm looking at some at {XO} and they're looking promising.
  15. Still getting logged out after a long wait in TPs. Lots of TPs. And Region Crossings are sometimes bad, just like they always have been. AWS is not the panacea we all hoped. Still there is hope. I've got rid of my mainland, so you ain't getting any more of my money!
  16. Cindy Evanier


    This is the part I find interesting... Maybe its just me but I would care about the money.
  17. Yes, but not for a bidder who's comfortable setting their maximum bid and leaving it be, as @Sylvia Tamalyn describes. There are certainly land dealers whose business depends on buying low who may try to use a bot to "head fake" other bidders into sticking with a lower bid than their actual maximum, but that only works if those other bidders are also trying to manually trick others the same way. Anybody bidding their true maximum have nothing to lose from last minute bot-bidders. Peeking back at the auction page for this one, I see a lot of that "head fake" behavior with bidders only lead
  18. A couple of points come to mind which need clarification. 1: the use of the label "SLS channel" Is this replacing Main channel? The Status messges look to use standard wording and this would need revising if the label changes. 2: in the last report by Inara Pey it looks as though next week is going to be different (see Simulator User Group Meeting November 24th the Week #49 section). I'm not sure if this change is short-term or long-term. The Main Channel rollouts are a big lump, but the pattern was predictable for event planning. Try not to surprise us too much, OK.
  19. Grabbed River Run on my fiance's account. I can't thank you enough, this is perfection and he's over the moon too!
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