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  2. Should SL have a secondary 100% in game currency ?

    You are aware that there is zero direct communication between viewers? That all data is sent via LL servers .. they already know everything.
  3. Should SL have a secondary 100% in game currency ?

    You mentioned people getting GEMS for chatting in local ... that means a process has to monitor every local conversation in SL to determine whether to award GEMS. If GEMS could be given for IMs, LL would have to monitor those as well. You've been giving out GEMS for about every activity in SL, which means there would have to be code to spot that activity and award GEMS. That's a huge undertaking. Hmm, perhaps LL could monetize this after all. Since they'll know what everyone's been doing they can collect the data, add an advertising channel to viewers, then sell targeted ads. It works for Google ...
  4. Handheld items

    How would one attack this problem on handheld items? Making the hands "grab" something. Is this dont by partly-aniamtion where you only override the hand & finger bones? That's my first thought really. I've heard someone mention "Bento hands" would this be different or same technique?
  5. Something new in SL.

    I dont think so.
  6. The VaNiTy ThReAd

  7. The Home and Garden thread

    Moved into a new linden home and here's my efforts at redecorating so far...
  8. I don't doubt that you believe you are posting legitimate opinions. However posting opinions that differ from those of others in the discussion can be done in a manner that facilitates discussion and learning by both sides, or it can be done in a manner which hopes that the others in the discussion will be provoked (in which case the discussion turns into a game by the one hoping to provoke others).
  9. What are you doing today!? :D

    Enjoying a Collective Soul concert. A.K.A the menapause dance off.
  10. 65536sqm and 20000 prims!! Contact Andrewy Canonmill or visit the land at in Time/128/128/2
  11. HTML / Hyperlinks in new firestorm profile?

  12. Today
  13. Thanks UK!

    MAGA !
  14. You're probably right, it's not a good idea to load that work onto the sim server. But that's exactly what happens now. The only difference between what actually happens and what Kyrah suggests is where the server gets the data from - from clients or from the assets servers. Nor is it a good idea to let the assets servers handle the task. Even though they have all the data readily available, it's better to let them focus on delivering the goods. The best solution would probably have been to introduce a dedicated assets management server to handle those calculations and several other assets related processes but that would of course require such dramatic changes to the software, it's not realistic. There are two other possible solutions though. One would be to limit the range and only use data from nearby avatars. The reason the numbers are so skewed isn't that the data comes from clients, it's because it may come from the wrong clients - ones that are way out of view distance. The other solution would have been to deprecate the function. Providing false and misleading information, it serves no meaningful purpose, so why keep it? Today that would probably cause some protests from the sellers of ARC monitors but that wouldn't have been a problem when I filed the JIRA, we had already taken our off the market awaiting some sort of solution and there were no others around.
  15. Should SL have a secondary 100% in game currency ?

    That's .. not how any of this works. But please, feel free to send me all your heavy lag inducing L$.
  16. whats wrong is labeling everything to the political left of us as socialist. When we do this it shows our lack of education the socialist refrain is not to force the well off to share their excess with the less well off. Taxing the rich to pay for the less well of is a tenet of centrist capitalism. As are all taxpayer-funded social services. The tenet of centrist capitalism is that in a market-driven society then at any given time some people are doing well, and others are not. Centrist capitalism taxation systems are designed to ameliorate the excesses socialism puts the means of wealth generation into co-operative common ownership. When so then there is no taxation system within the socialist model of common ownership, wealth distribution is according to the tenet: The labourer is worthy of their hire. Some hires, leading hand for example is worth more than a hammer hand. The leading hand is compensated accordingly stepping left to the communist model. Wealth distribution is according to the tenet: Each according to their needs. This is a different wealth distribution value proposition to the socialist tenet an explanation of socialism in a functioning realworld case. My bank is socialist. The ownership of the bank is vested in the account holders, we own the bank in common. There are no bank shares as found in the capitalist model. We pay our CEO more than we pay the bank tellers if you want to dispute socialism vs capitalism then do so with the understanding that the difference isn't about who gets what share of the wealth. Its about ownership i would suggest a book to you @Phorumites, and anyone else reading who does want to brush up on their general knowledge: 'Sapiens' by Yuval Noah Harari. It explores pretty much every aspect of the development of humanity since the beginning up to the present generation. Is a good read, is thought provoking, and is written with the layperson reader in mind then read the followup book: 'Homo Deus' by the same author, which posulates what the alternate futures for humanity might be. Including topics which quite a few SL residents are interested in. Stuff like singularity, human-machine interfaces, human-nonhuman biological interfaces, machine intelligence, auomation, etc. And the structural and social implications which might result from these
  17. Verticles

    Oh yes, materials too of course. As far as the SL software is concerned, each material/face is a separate mesh. And probably UV seams. I haven't checked that for meshes but prims and sculpts have their vertices split along those.
  18. I post legitimate opinions. It's really not my fault if others are inflamed or provoked into a reaction. People are always free to skip over my posts, or even block me. There is never any reason for any inflamed or provoked reaction, unless you wish to be inflamed or provoked.
  19. I'm pretty sure you didn't mention opting out. Every time you say hello in local, another gem will be added to your total. Just imagine the lag when you teleport, carrying millions of unused and unwanted gems around with you.
  20. You said it ... deliberately making comments intended to inflame or provoke a reaction from a wider community for your own amusement.....
  21. It's not my fault that my beliefs and opinions are in variance to the majority of users in here. These days anyone that expresses an opinion contrary to the hive mind is called a troll. "all suspected"? yes yes its the hive mind at work
  22. Should SL have a secondary 100% in game currency ?

    There would be no point. It would be like opting out of prim head cubes. If you don't want one .. don't put a cube on your head and carry on regardless.
  23. Wait that is your idea of fun? I mean we all suspected but thanks for admitting what you are...
  24. How does your avatar look today ?

    I love your Kitsune! (I hope that's what she is. ><) And that hair you have on is soooo pretty!
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