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  2. Infertility clinics would approximately double their business. Infertility clinics would approximately double their business. What if people could jump 100 feet high?
  3. I see little reason to limit the scripts on your visitors.
  4. Try Historic Route 101 maybe? It's an enclosed sim with multiple tracks stacked on top of each other; I've never had any issues rezzing my bike or riding up and down it (well there was *one* incident where I may have flown off the track into the void but I was being a little over zealous with my speed... 🤣 )
  5. make sure to keep the text white, otherwise, anything else on the black theme makes the text hard to read.
  6. ...and then we went dancing And I have now become soo cool that I wear shades indoors, even at the cinema... Lost the big knife though!
  7. I don't think they'll be spamming the forum again for a while.
  8. The typical Premium decor gift these days has crazy high Land Impact. I think the creators know how to cut those by a lot but... well, check out some of the Mole trees in Bellisseria. They look nice enough but check their LIs, then pull the cam back a half region or so. I haven't confirmed in Firestorm but it sure seems as if they pretty much copied the highest LoD geometry all the way down. That would make everything a lot easier and encourage landowners to trade up to larger parcels (although that's not such a benefit on the Linden protected land of Bellisseria, so maybe this is just how they make content).
  9. Most evil in the world thinks it is good. So it's actually very east to 'play' an evil character - just be opposed to someone else who's motives are not cartoonishly silly.
  10. Totally bored with this film... thank God they allow smoking in the theater!
  11. On Thursday, January 23rd SLBN is doing Throw-Back-Thursday and sharing older, but informative, tutorials shared by our bloggers. Click over to the Second Sighting blog for the full tutorial, published on March 3rd, 2018.
  12. My original account was male way back in the day and initially (in RP at least) he was the token bad guy; kidnap, rape, murder etc. It was fun and dare I say it, liberating. It may sound strange writing as a female playing as a male doing these things to other females but it really didn't bother me and none of it was taken personally - certainly not by me or others I played with at the time that I knew of. He was really born of necessity anyway. To my way of thinking all stories need some level of conflict in order to drive the story forward. But this was going back many years, and RP was different to what it is today. Back then, 8-9 years ago, there was far less sensitivity and less intrusiveness for RL information so I/he could do these things and no one got hurt or offended. It was just part of the story and everyone seemed to accept that. I really don't think I could play him again now. Like @Amina Sopwith mentioned there has to be a good degree of disconnect; I didn't want to hurt people in real life and was veiling that as RP, I was just filling a void and giving the police the token bad guy to chase etc. What eventually stopped me was that was too many people were not able to separate RP from RL and wanting to take things further; it completely ruined the immersion for me. Playing evil characters can be great fun but if the RP is intense enough it can also be draining, both emotionally and creatively, especially if the latter is all people come to expect from you. The problem with so many evil characters is that they don't have flaws (and come to think of it neither did the police who were chasing me, but that's another conversation in itself). All characters need weaknesses. Too many bad guys in RP don't have that. They're just mean for the sake of being mean (or crazy, or psychotic, or whatever), and have no balance. By that I mean 99.9% don't fluctuate between periods of good and bad, so instead of creating a generally good guy who has moments where his temper explodes and he does horrible things the majority just kill, kill, kill and keep ramping up the intensity until they get bored, their character dies, or they reach levels of unrealistic insanity and ruin the story for everyone else trying to prove how evil they are. Fewer still seem prepared to play out consequences of their actions, which would engage others in their story such as police, lawyers, supporters, or haters. They would rather do the deed and bounce from victim to victim which gets old and repetitive very fast. And I hate to say it but probably just as many victims seemed to want that too; no real story, just to be abused again and again with no deviation in sight. As a writer there's no challenge doing the same thing every day and getting the same results, so striking some kind of balance is probably the greatest challenge you'd have to face. Staying in character helps if you have a good idea what motivates your character from the start, whether some past (imagined) trauma or reaction to something else that happens in RP rather than just being the stereotypical bad guy with an ego to stroke - and they are a dime a dozen. And one last thing to add. Don't fall into the trap of using NPCs (non playable characters) to prove your character's evilness (because everyone seems to do that too and to me that's just lazy). Prove your worth on the stage with other actual players and get permission of course before you do anything drastic or permanent. Playing evil characters isn't really any different to playing other characters as its all fiction at the end of the day, but you can really make a great character and stories if you invest some thought into it before you start. Good luck.
  13. Not weird at all, your expectations are simply wrong. Other Viewers (with the exception of the LL Viewer which BD is based on) spoiled you. While generally Firestorm for instance is the slowest out of all Viewers, they have done a lot to hide all the ugliness of SL under a rug never for you to see again, this includes crashfixes, clientside optimizations for missing content optimization, hacks to prevent bad things and so on. I don't remember ever touching anything to "fancy up" missing content optimization, if your place is bad, BD will run bad and BD won't ignore any of it. Many things in SL give a false impression of what is good and what isn't in Second Life. Linden Labs plays a big part in that too, their avatar complexity system in its current form (and their upcoming revamp) is simply bad, outright trash and doesn't even try to show you bad content at all, i can even guarantee you that a perfectly low poly, low memory avatar with less everything, proper UV mapping and no hacks whatsoever is portrayed equally or worse than your typical 2 million polygon 400mb texture memory lag machines. I had to take a lot of flak (and i still am) for changing the complexity calculation (theres still this big notification hanging on LL's Third Party Viewer page informing everyone that something is off with my complexity calculation) but i do believe that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself and someone needs to go ahead with an example how complexity should act. Complexity is such a icky topic that LL has specifically written into code that no one shall touch the complexity code, which i wholeheartedly ignored for the sake of doing it better. If you check complexity in BD you'll notice that most of your avatars (yourself and everyone around you) are incredibly unoptimized, the Viewer even gives you a rundown why and looking at the numbers you will quickly notice that all the avatars you have previously thought were good are actually the worst and some of the avatars you may have been derendering this whole time are actually not that bad at all. I think that after over a year of having this changed complexity in the wild and both from user and my own experience i can tell that my complexity calculation is a vast improvement over the original system (although its numbers are huge and thus harder to read but make up for that with much more accurate numbers) it does what its intended to do and what the user would expect using it, isolating users with big impact and jellydolling them reducing their impact to a minimum. There's probably more i'm not thinking of right now but generally you can toggle Wireframe mode and/or texture console and look around, generally things that look bad with high numbers of anything can be assume are bad but of course every Viewer will react a bit differently as well as every hardware configuration will be impacted differently by the many factors that make up our client performance. Just try it, run around with Wireframe (Ctrl + Shift + R) and the texture console (Ctrl + Shift + 3) open and you might things that will spoil your perception of "good" forever. Digging out some old pictures for the sake of this thread.
  14. The problem is... where do you put a sim sized piece of absolute sheer ugly blight? These things are just... ugly... They're all over mainland. We've got 2 of them in Bellisseria already. Can we not have one slice of peace where we don't have that thing as a part of our experience? The reason I noted the ones in Jeogeot is... is that too far away to be able to make a trip from there to the ones in Bellisseria? Boat launches and land vehicles rezzing spots can be either small or not even visibly there. Small flying craft can be parked on people's land or use those same rezzing spots as boats and land vehicles. These things want a whole region to themselves, to basically put down pavement. And yet... they already have a LOT of those in the spaces around Bellisseria. Perhaps instead we should remove one of the existing ones, the one near the fairgrounds, and move it to near one of the spots I listed above - allowing for a more connecting route from Sansaria to northwest B to southeast B to Jeogeot? I know I'm the one who asked for more water so this might read as hypocritical to some... but I see a difference. Bellisseria is actually already amazingly welcome to any flying vehicle that is NOT region-sized... the lack of banlines and security orbs at flying height means aircraft already have it better than any other kind of vehicle... if they're small enough to be rezzed on one's own land or an existing rez spot (of which there are many). So... this is different. If air-travel in vehicles in general was being restricted I would have a radically different opinion on the topic... ****************** I remain open to changing my opinion pending suggestions on where to put these that I find not intrusive to residents using Bellisseria to avoid mainland style blight.
  15. Today
  16. My 4th self published book arrived today!
  17. Have it on all the time in the top right corner, so used to having it there it doesn't look right not being there
  18. search inworld for motorcycle clubs there are a few which have bike tracks, where they allow the public to rez bikes and use. Most of theses motorcycle club tracks are contained on a single region (often spirally for several kilometers up into the sky) which allows us to avoid the region crossing problems, while we are learning to ride our bikes. Some also have race lap timers. Which is quite good as a learning tool. Like we can learn a lot more sooner, about how our bikes handle when we race ourselves against the clock
  19. I was pretty much in agreement with you till you chose to use the word "retard". You must know that many people find that to be offensive.
  20. If I workout, might as well be comfy! Lol.
  21. Assuming you own the whole region, here is a very simple script that: Checks the script count of every avatar in the region, every 30 seconds Sends them a message, explaining that they have too many scripts and how many. Sends you a message (if you are in the same region), telling you how many scripts they had. You can put this script anywhere in the region, as long as it's rezzed. integer frequency = 30; integer too_many = 100; default { state_entry() { llSetTimerEvent(frequency); } timer() { list avatars = llGetAgentList(AGENT_LIST_REGION, []); integer total = llGetListLength(avatars); integer avi = 0; while (avi < total) { key avatar = llList2Key(avatars, avi); list data = llGetObjectDetails(avatar, [OBJECT_TOTAL_SCRIPT_COUNT]); integer scripts = llList2Integer(data, 0); if (scripts > too_many) { llRegionSayTo(avatar, 0, "Hi! Your script count is too high (" + (string)scripts + ")," + " please be considerate of other people and reduce the amount."); string profile = "secondlife:///app/agent/" + (string)avatar + "/profile"; llOwnerSay(profile + " had " + (string)scripts + " scripts."); llEjectFromLand(avatar); } ++avi; } } }
  22. there are people willing to share their own private region at below true cost, mostly because they just like having people on their region, and to get pin money for themselves pin money which is nice to have but not critical to the owner. The owner is down to paying the region tiers fully themselves either way. The L$ they do get as pin money from others is spent on other things it seems Lilith, that you were living with a person such as this people like this are out there and are mostly in my experience, private region owners typically with just one region
  23. No-one seems to want answer this question Peeve me or pet me, it's your choice.
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