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  2. They just want to build up the suspense as much as possible Or there's still finishing touches they're working on that we can't see yet.
  3. have a look at your profile.. first few lines .. and groups, some guys may see those as open invite not saying they are right ... but advertisement so publicly is taken quite serious for some.
  4. I've downloaded many of the Second Life mobile apps on to my phone. Its really has an amazing welcoming SL welcoming mat to it. We're working on our own Second Life viewer. Trying out what its already out there.
  5. Golly, aren't variable pronouns enough? (Bad, Linnie! Do not go there! *SLAP!*) Granted! However, you forfeit the ability to tie your shoes. I wish mosquitoes and fleas and ticks and spiders didn't bite people or their pets.
  6. I tried the approach of turning lights on and off on the basis of the sun's Z position but had poor results, so I created a prim and had it report the sun position every 10 seconds: default { state_entry() { llSetTimerEvent(10.0); } timer() { vector sun = llGetSunDirection(); llSetText("Sun X = " + (string)sun.x + "\nSun Y = " + (string)sun.y + "\nSun Z = " + (string)sun.z, <1.0,1.0,0.0>, 1.0); } } What I found is that one "evening" the Sun was still casting shadows when Z was -0.47; the next "morning" the sun resumed casting shadows when it was at Z = -0.87, so the method of using Z < 0 for night seems like it won't work reliably?
  7. If we do not assume they want to annoy us on purpose the only reason I can imagine is that they do not want such a heap pf green dots along the borderline as we had when the Squishy Pickle was in maintainance. But what is wrong with masses of green dots? I can imagine why we are not allowed to TP in yet because we might keep the Moles from work. But camming in can do no harm, can it?
  8. I read your post intently. I'll correct you as requested, because you're wrong. The Marketplace is effectively only for things that can be used directly within Second Life. Also, things use within Second Life are generally in a proprietary format that's created during the upload process. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/listing_guidelines
  9. Granted, it's now impossible to make plans and you accidentally stand up the girl of your dreams when you arrange a date with her. I wish I had dressmaking skills.
  10. Hi, I found most of the males I encountered are really rude and horny. I don't know what's wrong with them, but seems they feel it's cool to show they're horny or call girls as " *****, whore" is a great way to show male's dominant position. Most of the males I met even don't know how to talk to a girls, or how to start a chat. They keep talking about sexual stuff, even though you tell them to stop. There are also some " jump to the scene" weirdos, they sent you a long beginning of the roleplay, said " it's good to start the roleplay, gtfo if you don't want to play with me, b*****". What's wrong with them ?
  11. Let's hope this is just temporary but as a minimum we need an easily navigable route between continents, and ideally a sim wide. Look forward to seeing a positive reaction.
  12. You're not a dummy, it's notoriously difficult to "release and catch", if the home gets stuck in maintenance, or if a few folks are abandoning at the same time. Rolling restarts today, all over the place.
  13. It would be really nice if they put regions between the the Present Bellisseria and the new Victorian regions now without any delay. Then even if we could not TP to the Victorian regions yet, we could cam in and see how the regions actually look with lots of houses in them. @Patch Linden how about it? 😃 I was a bit surprised to see the Linden Reveal region with only five houses in it! It does not give clear idea how the actual to be released regions will look with some 20 houses per region. In April the preview region with traditional houses and houseboats was an actual copy of a region what was released later among the other regions. That was nice to see before the actual release.
  14. Region SSPE298 isn't named but red on the map ... restarting?? It is next to Commodore. and near the one I expect to be released today: Sternwheeler
  15. Read my post again, this time more intently: "merchants can set their own creations" "Secondly, on a personal note, my models" Where did you exactly read "Second Life asset"?
  16. Hi @ARES659! Your machine has two graphics solutions, the on-chip Radeon graphics, and a stand-alone Nvidia GeForce graphics card. Make sure that 1) your monitor is plugged into the GeForce card's socket in the back of your computer, and NOT the one that is located in the motherboard's back panel interface (the area with all the other connections for your USB, ethernet, and audio). 2) Your computer knows to use the GeForce card for Second Life. See this link for how to do that in Windows 10: https://pureinfotech.com/set-gpu-app-windows-10/ Many BIOSs also have a setting that lets you turn off the on-chip graphics. You can do that, if you never need or use them. Also, your texture cache allocation is pretty small (2048 MB). In Preferences, adjust this. I'd make it at least about 10 GB (10,000 MB), if you can spare the disk space. If these don't fix your problem, your internet connection may have something going on. See this link for things to investigate: http://blog.nalates.net/2011/10/26/troubleshoot-your-sl-connection/
  17. Two parcels available on different regions. No rules, use the land however you want. Adult Rated 5,000 Prims 16,384m L$3,499/week Land price covers the first weeks tier. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tropic Breeze/64/192/23 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Stone Ridge/64/192/23
  18. I think the home cafe's attract people because they organise something. They'll have a dj for an hour or 2 and post that in the events group. I think that could work for places such as the pickle as well. If we could have a dance for 2 hours every Friday evening at all the pickles with a dj playing, that surely would attract a nice crowd. The Bellisseria Fairgrounds is free for anyone to organise an event for the Bellisseria residents. As Rolig mentioned the spaces are there, we just need to use them.
  19. My babies and I posing in front of our tree in Bellisseria. I miss my husband when he is out of Second Life and busy with work. It makes our time together very precious inworld. While he is busy with his work, I stay busy with our girls. Feli has a new hobby. She feels we all must dress as much alike as possible. I try to make sure that happens, but it really is a challenge at times finding things that closely match in style, pattern and color. Today, we did pretty good with color coordinating at least. We even took a photo to send to mu hubby. Always a fun venture! 😊
  20. Bellisseria we could not see at all. It just appeared out of the blue - and was released right away witout any inworld "testing" - as far as I remember. The Squishy Pickle we could not enter but cam into - same with the Campers. The thingy with the buffer is a brandnew invention and I do not like it a bit! AS to your question: I hope for C but am afraid we'll get B
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