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  2. "Shared media" does not mean "multiple people watching the same media at the same time". Nothing in SL allows that. Different people will see the media playing at different time points, depending on when they started watching.
  3. Congrats The Netherlands for the win Eurovision 2019 and stil proud of our Sergey Lazarev to give a good show again!
  4. It gets even murkier than that. Allegedly, some of these homes are put on display, so to speak, with the (implicit) purpose of you buying the stuff therein. I get that. But is that really advertising? Say, a girlfriend of mine shows up, at a party we both attend, in a gorgeous dress. Now, I will definitely want a dress like that too! But it's still not advertising (on her part). Not even if she made the dress herself, and is actually selling them! I mean, we need to be careful what we call advertising. Only if she were wearing the dress with a "Buy me!" label on it, would it be adverting. Just me wanting that dress, doesn't mean she's advertising. Like I don't think ppl showing off their homes is advertising, really (unless they put a 'Buy me!' sign next to it).
  5. I can't help but think how are you going to get that heavy mixer down from the fridge when you want to use it? 🤣
  6. in my script its: float transparency = 0.5: in yours its: float transparency = 50.0; change your 50.0 to say 80.0 or 90.0 or 100.0 or whatever works for you
  7. yay ! now i can hear the sound ! Thank you for your patience About the glow and transparency , i can see the glow line set to 0.30 but i dont see any line with transparency set to 0.5. I just see transparency to 50.0 . Anyway now everything works fine ! thank you Fritigern Thank you Mollymews ! 👍
  8. it gets even murkier if we take this reading of the word, as what Linden intended by their use of the word were a person to put out a tip jar on their parcel then as there is no exchange of goods or services for money then the tips received would not be commerce in this narrow dictionary meaning of the word
  9. Post like this should be stickies on the top of the Linden Homes forums because over time they will be lost/pushed down by all the whining posts.
  10. Way I see it, it's not so much a matter of whether advertising constitutes 'commerce' per se, but whether ppl showing off what can be done with these homes is really advertising. Like I, for one, can't peruse the various photo threads, without thinking, every other post or so, "I want to make a house like that!" That doesn't make those photos ads (or they're all ads, for SL, depending on your pov).
  11. From the Cambridge Dictionary: B2 the activities involved in buying and selling things From Collins Dictionary: Commerce is the activities and procedures involved in buying and selling things. From Oxford Dictionary: The activity of buying and selling, especially on a large scale Just saying, that's all.
  12. I don't find my SpaceNavigator helpful in build mode, when I usually really don't want to spin what I'm working on around. I find it a bit meh as an avatar controller, probably because I've not practiced enough to develop the lightness of touch and the precision it seems to need. But in flycam mode it's a really nice accessory to have, whether building, photographing or touring. Where it really comes into its own is in Blender (and, presumably, any other 3D modelling program). I'd happily continue to use SL without it, but I'd find using Blender with just the keyboard and the mouse a bit of a pain.
  13. Not sure what the exact issue is, but if it's just a matter of having an unwanted clickable wall now, you can easily circument that, for the time being, by slapping an invisi-prim (100% transparent**) against it, so it's no longer clickable. ** Some viewers used to require the invisi-prim to be only 99% transparent, for this to work; Firestorm, at least, works with 100%.
  14. from the business dictionary - commerce: Exchange of goods or services for money or in kind, usually on a scale large enough to require transportation from place to place or across city, state, or national boundaries. from Merriam-Webster - commerce:: the exchange or buying and selling of commodities on a large scale involving transportation from place to place. So from two different sources you can see commerce would hardly include advertising. And not only that commerce is not simply just buying and selling .. the scale of buying and selling is also implied. A creator hosting an open house in Bellisseria couldn't possibly be considered as conducting commerce. I've been to both of the homes that are hosted open houses by the creators the OP has implied are breaking the rules. While in both cases the majority of the items in those homes are made by the creators there are objects made by other creators as well in both of those homes.
  15. i had a quick look a the wiki about sound. Seems we can't change the volume of llLoopSound() without stopping the sound first. Try this: llStopSound(); llLoopSound("seagull1", (float)on * volume); to test this the seagull1 sound clip can be taken from Library \ Objects \ DPW Items for Library \ Sea Gulls \ Sea Gull Sounds object, and copied to your object Contents
  16. Okay, I'm probably missing the whole point here, but I still would like to offer this. I am glad for those people that have decorated their homes and allowed us to visit, to get ideas of how to decorate on few prims. I do believe that was the true intention of those that said come take a look. It inspired me to take time to go through many stores to find low prim items that were not only functionable, but lovely to look at as well. I am sure there are those that may have also abused it to a point. but as long as they don't have a sign outside their door that says ( Shop @ ***** ) then it's not in your face advertising. I have alot of one store, but it's because it's what works for me. Everyone's taste are not the same. But I would not say they are the only great place to visit or shop at.
  17. Yes, me too. I've also got the debug script, accidentally left in the walls by the Moles during testing. There is an updated version of the house boats being sent to the controllers soon, which will not have the script in it. I wonder if it will fix the wall texture problem, too? We'll see. I'm set on using the Windlass model; it suits best for how I want it to be. I've already added one modification to it and so far, so good. 😊
  18. Ah yeah thx, I forgot. Luckily don't saw them for years on my rented land 🍀
  19. Bit of a pedantic nitpick, I know, but that's not entirely how economics work. What those of us without a new LL home stand to lose, at each new release round, is the renewed opportunity cost of not having a new home yet. Basically, we're burning up Premium fees, not for nothing per se, as you get plenty other benefits with Premium (if only being able to feel good about yourself, knowing you're supporting SL), but nonetheless missing out on a major new perk. And pardon me if I don't feel too much sympathy for those who might wind up losing their current houseboat, should they go for an even newer home. 😛 Btw, I don't think that those currently without a new LL home should get some sort of priority, next time. Nevertheless, it worries me some, that Patch said the next batch of houseboats will be even smaller (in favor of a batch of something as of yet undisclosed). That new thing may actually be very good, but still rendering that window for getting a houseboat rather short. We will see what the future brings, I suppose.
  20. THis is terrific! Thank you. It is along the lines of what I was trying to get across the other day. In wanting to bring our communities together. ❤️
  21. A New thread has begun and it great! Take a look at Bellisseria Happenings ❤️
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