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  2. Trompe L'Oeil's latest freebie for the Stay At Home Club is the 5LI Pomeroy Glen Chair with a 1LI Ottoman. There are 24 different plaid fabrics to choose from! (https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hyde Park/208/167/22)
  3. Call the Business Office on Monday morning and ask. The Billing team is available from 6am to 3pm PST, Monday through Friday. Call toll-free in the US/Canada: 800-294-1067 or 703-286-6277
  4. I'm not trying to trade lindens... I just want to buy them with my credit card like I always have. In the last week, my linden purchases are limited to $20 at a time. I recently moved, so I updated my card information. Still limited to no more than $20 linden purchases. Why???
  5. Can you show the "Worn" tab in your inventory?
  6. This island did sell. When you would like a high quality island for your home you can IM Count Burks directly in world. Also keep an eye on these forums for more land lisitngs by Count Burks Estates in the near future. Count Burks Count Burks Estates - Excellent Land For A Modest Price http://www.countburks.com
  7. Tyche Shepherd's grid survey shows 144 regions with the word "Fantasy" in the name. As you can see from this screen shot of the first two or three dozen, less than half are rated Adult, so "Fantasy" doesn't seem to be the sole property of the Adult side of SL. (Yeah, half of the ones in that sample are no longer alive, but even if you look at just the 15 that are currently active, more of them are Moderate than Adult.)
  8. Poseballing, in the most general sense, is just the act without the RP. You can communicate and it'll still be poseballing. AFK is what you're thinking, where at least one partner is totally unresponsive in any way.
  9. Hello everyone. I've been having an issue with BoM where, for some reason, it's not baking the correct texture into the avatar. Everything works fine with an Omega set up, but BoM does this; Legs When I inspect my avatar, it shows the following textures, the one for the lower body I have absolutely no idea where it's coming from. It's not in the skin at all. Show Textures I have rebaked textures numerous times, actually DELETED my texture cache folder, and even reset my avatar through the avatar tests in the dev menu. Nothing fixes this. Does anyone have any ideas?
  10. I am all for "to each his/her/its own". But I'm having a hard time seeing the difference between "poseballing" and AFK sex. I mean, if your partner isn't communicating with you, how do you know if she is participating back there behind her monitor, or off baking cookies in the kitchen?
  11. I remember one too...I had a little spot where I displayed my skyboxes...and it was all Native stuff, no "cowboys and Indians" shoot-em-up battles.
  12. I came *this* close to posting the same thing, nearly verbatim. It was like "suck on that, Trump!" and then read the DC's BLM's response and I'm back to scratching my head. I'm not versed in DC politics, so I have no idea. Even if the renaming AND painting of the street in front of the White House *is* concession to white liberals, can't it count for something? Isn't any victory a victory? And it isn't like change has to stop at this. But, but ... what do I know? I don't know how much the local chapters of BLM vary, I don't know... a lot.
  13. It is a shame, I remember back in the day there was one that was all teepees and there was a store that had nothing but NA items. But, yes long gone I fear. I have an avatar I fashioned for my 6xggmother who was Mohawk. Not really role playing her but she is dressed as I would imagine my grandmother was when she was alive. I have yet to find a region where there was harmony and a historical representation of her people. It's all fighting and cowboys vs Indians themes. shrug.....
  14. More normal not drowning underwater. Part of the new kelp forest. Have I mentioned this place is huge? Raw screenshots, Black Dragon.
  15. Trump says the economy will cure the "very sad problem of police killing blacks". Sigh* https://news.yahoo.com/trump-says-the-economy-will-cure-the-very-sad-problem-of-police-killing-blacks-180735136.html To change systemic racism you have to change people's hearts instead of treating symptoms. He has no heart though, he's just an empty narcissistic shell.
  16. Good evening, Seamair Performing Arts Center is seeking live performers, theater troupes, dancers, etc to jump on to our forthcoming schedule. We are also seeking hosts and DJ's along with people who may be interested in joining our Theater ensemble. Most positions as of right now will be 100% tips. However established live singers will receive their usual fees. Please drop a note card to Kyle Burum if you are interested.
  17. Just go through them, the newer ones are super cute and have some cool accessories
  18. I don't understand what you mean here. Wordsworth wasn't talking about sexualizing anything. His friend had asked him why he was sitting by a lake watching the world go by instead of being productive and reading a book to enlighten himself. You quote part of his answer, that he was enlightening himself by observing nature. I don't see this as "Typical male, 18th century thinking" except that it is a good example of the Romantic movement. The Romantics might blame nature for a lot of behavior but, in this poem, he's not doing what you describe.
  19. As a responsible adult, I use my ignore feature. Up until lately I have never had anyone on ignore.
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  21. "A few days ago, I had the opportunity to explore a location that, recently, Second Life Destinations is promoting: Paris for Ara. In Second Life Destinations, you can find it under the name Vive La Paris." Read more on the blog.
  22. /me waves nervously Trans woman here who finds emoting difficult at times. Pose balling can be fun. And great photo OPs. Maybe send me an in world message sometime 👉👈
  23. Fantasy isn't banned everywhere as a word. It's in my G-rated land description, which appears in search and the destination guide. Not being allowed in event listings is likely due to TooManyUnconnectedSystems Linden and DifferentDatabases Mole.
  24. I got all excited about Mayor Bowser's street painting and name change, but then read this... So now I'm back to being uncertain about it all.
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