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  2. What is Your Wish List for SL?

    Being banned is no fun. Nope, no fun at all. Believe you, me!
  3. Sun position - How do you play your game ?

    I always run my own Windlight day cycle on my region. There's an overcast one for winter so the snowfall doesn't look silly, and a mostly sunny one for the rest of the year. When I had a region to myself the lights turned on or off to fit the day cycle. Since I now have other people on the region I let the lights run all the time so if someone sets their Windlight to night they'll still see properly. If I'm elsewhere I go with the region setting. I will force near-noon at times if I need the extra light when building.
  4. ☆ ★#➊★☆ ★☆ ★#➊ JEMMA AT ROPES ★☆ ★☆ ★#➊☆ ☆ ★ⓌHAT : POPPIN TUNES ☆ ★ⓌHERE: ROPES ELITE BDSM ☆ ★ⓌHEN: 4 TO 6PM SLT ☆ ★#➊★☆ ★★
  5. Should There Be Disincentives for Free Accounts?

    Just be careful you don't violate the TOS by quoting someone's inworld speech to you without their consent. Such quotes are easily taken out of context, regardless of this particular circumstance. I think that's why the rule exists. I can tell you that when it's broken, it can create such 'great' wrongful harm. In virtual and material communities alike, the meaning of speech isn't always literal and its purpose isn't always direct and obvious.
  6. Should There Be Disincentives for Free Accounts?
  7. Should There Be Disincentives for Free Accounts?

    Well, everyone knows the people who say "All Lives matter" in this context tend to actually be saying (in crypto- dog-whistle speech) that "(Only) All (White) Lives Matter." They just have to get out ahead of the idea that any nonwhite minority group can actually hold human rights equal to their "master race" and the powers granted by their presumably cultic genocidal mad male God. Even better if in doing all this they can simultaneously denigrate this concept with words woven to appear almost as though they're supporting absolute human equality even as they nevertheless actually undermine it. Oh, does someone think they're a funny and clever supremacist? You've been called out. Anyway, it's all beneath SecondLife and our superior (*rim-shots*) funky progressive cosmopolitan community of people who are sick and tired of these anachronistic pathologies from the past rising from their graves like zombie meme hordes.
  8. Oh we do have a series of rooms indeed, but most of the sim is actually open air (square, beach, park) and public locations and buildings
  9. Breedables - Yea or Nay?

    Check out JIAN. They have a lovely animated mesh cat that you can set to a variety of different breeds. It is not a breedable and you don't need to keep feeding it. The kit comes with one that you can set to roam around your land, one you can attach to walk with you, and several 'static' ones in cute poses you can use for screenshots. - But check out their inworld store too. Really nice stuff there.
  10. How does your avatar look today ?

    hehe thankiess Audrey!! (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)
  11. How to sell a service on the marketplace store?

    I am sure you could create Marketplace listings,, now as for making actual sales, IDK
  12. How does your avatar look today ?

    Beautiful. Happy birthday
  13. How does your avatar look today ?

    Super cute
  14. money games

    Also, some regions will not allow avatars less than 30 days old, for example, but that is on a sim-by-sim basis depending on the owners preferences.
  15. money games

    Where are you connecting from? Some locations prohibit access to Skill Game regions depending on where you live. Linden Labs official statement for what you need to access Skill Game regions. Have current billing information on file Are at least 19 years of age Are not connecting from a prohibited state You can find the list of prohibited states as well as more information about skill gaming in Second Life by following this link.
  16. Should There Be Disincentives for Free Accounts?

    I have a Black Lives Matter sign up on several parcels. I have also put up Black Panther flags (I have RL links with some of them). And I have several anti-trump / anti-racism signs up. Things like this: Rarely an issue. Though recently I did get someone having a freakout over #BlackLivesMatter at me... I just blocked them, posted their info on flickr, and banned them from all my land... I've been on Mainland since 2009 - two plots on M, the rest on A land. (I have many small parcels here and there for different things. Like the water land I have on Blake Sea for sailing). I ran a 'political discussion' group a few months back and we did get a Tea Party member a few times - she was actually civil though, not bashing. The only 'griefing basher' my politics group had was a fellow liberal who got mad when I didn't take kindly to their offer of SL-Sex... and who railed against us 'destroying the liberal cause by talking about identity politics like racism and sexism'... There's a flickr group dedicated to images like the one I've included above:
  17. Should There Be Disincentives for Free Accounts?

    Those are all really great points I hadn't considered. You're illustrating the point that there are lots of playstyles that may be tied up in truly disposable free accounts. I'm not sure what the answer there is, I guess it would have to be weighed against the larger social impacts for some balance. I just suppose that in light of how things have developed over the years, it may be time to reconsider what that balance is, but absolutely nobody should be stopping you or anyone from doing their thing in good faith. We just should all agree there is no "Machiavellian SecondLife" experience to be be quartered here in this fragile community, and we should root out such social vulnerabilities where they may occur because thus far they have been quite badly 0-day exploited by masters of this dark craft.
  18. Should There Be Disincentives for Free Accounts?

    No value? I have a stack of accounts that I use. I like to theme each of them. Case in point... yesterday I wanted to look human, but still be African. I could just take off my neko tail, ears, etc... But instead I pulled out an old alt, and went and bought her: A 2000L Skin, a 2000L AO, an 1800L mesh head, and a stack of fashion accessories. I then did a whole series of screenshots and uploaded 10 images to form the basis of her profile and picks and 'stuff'... That was actually 5800L of things that were duplicates of items I already have on Pussycat. I must be a merchant's dream come true sometimes... Pussycat is a neko. That won't ever change. I'd rather be banned from a plot than take off my neko parts... but other avatars are not Nekos. All of this exists in a framework where I have an active alt that is also human, but Asian... Most people just change their look... I get that. But to me each account has it's own "story" (I've even taken to writing these up in my picks for some of them)... and with that comes a look... I have also cycled these up toe premium and down to basic over time - depending on how I am using land... Right now I have 2 premiums. The other account is mostly unused... it just pays a bill and donates land. Most of my SL is done on the alts, and I make no secret that they are me - but don't usually mention it either.
  19. Who else is against the afk sex doll places?

    Now I’m lost in thought as to whether Rhonda would be Uk* or Sem*.
  20. Who else is against the afk sex doll places?

  21. * 1024 sqm Flat Adult Grass Land for SALE (or RENT) * Kraddic * Full land rights included. 351 prims Nice flat plot of grassy land for sale or rent. It's in a nice flat area, with nothing awful in sight. It's the regular square shape, so it's ideal for a nice house or shop. You can buy it now, or you can rent it by paying the rent box in the corner. Come and have a look: There are lots more 1024 sqm parcels of land for SALE or RENT, as well as plenty more land in other sizes. MarkLand has just expanded again, and now has a better selection than ever before. Visit the MarkLand office at for the latest list of available land. There's always a great selection of prices and sizes.
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  23. Open Lecter to Linden Labs: the plague of AFK hangouts

    You have a very nicely done venue, but I'm not sure it's for me. It appears to all be small houses for each model. I'm more into an open air or open floor spot. That said I would admit that one benefit of your venue would be being able to use my own furniture - which I have loaded up with choice animations from my SL explorations rather than the usual "whatever cheap junk I can throw into this to make a '300+ animations' advert on MP when I sell it..." The first thing I do when I buy furniture these days is start ripping it apart. I resize it, then I delete the scripts, and put in my own copy of AVSitter from the open source github, and start loading in 'just the right' animations for that item. So in trying some of these other venues... I've been "taken aback" by the low quality of many of the animations in 'prefab furniture'...
  24. money games

    me too please help
  25. Wheeled furniture as a vehicle

    you have to weigh of the script weight vs the usefullness, yeah, I like rescripting my bar that very bottle gives you the drink associated with it, ... my neighbours most likely will hate me if I do though ^^
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