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  2. Racism in player profiles

    And that's totally fine, it's your money after all. I'm just responding to Matty's question. That comment was just as an aside, I think it's totally AR-able, but I can totally see the user deliberately having it there just because of the reactions it creates so they can troll you harder.
  3. If you have not updated to Sierra, it could be the Coverflow crash. See here for how to fix this:
  4. This island did sell. When you would like to have a similar island IM Count Burks directly in world. When you need another size of land for your home that is possible as well. You can directly IM Count Burks to speak about your specific land needs. Count Burks
  5. I'm afraid I can't specifically address Macbook pro, since I don't use one - but landscape photo with high light quality settings and a large draw distance are going to be difficult to pull off. Start nudging down your antialiasing, shadows (sun+moon should suffice for landscape), avatar shadows, maybe even local lights (depending on your WL and the scene), draw distance (only use as much as you need). If there's no water, you can turn off transparent water shaders and water reflections. After that, if you're still crashing, I'd start chipping away at the resolution of your camera tool. If you're in a sim with a lot of people, switch on 'Show friends only' (unless you want them to be in the photo) so you don't have to render them all.
  6. Voice stays after a troll leaving

    Yes this is a known problem. A region restart will not disconnect the griefers voice either. LL know about it & they are hopefully working on a fix. Unfortunately all you can do is to file an Abuse Report against the voice troll & request that vivox terminates their voice account, which is the only thing that will kill their voice connection.
  7. This island did sell. When you would like a similar island for your home contact Count Burks in world or keep an eye on these forums. Count Burks Count Burks Estates - Excellent Land For A Modest Price
  8. Racism in player profiles

    I do care. In my opinion, the product can be absolutely perfect to my liking or "needs" - but if the creator is a racist arsehole, I either don't buy their products at all, or delete the item and shrug the L$ off.
  9. You could check for referrers, linden lab has some specific "browser parameters" in all outbound HTTP requests (it can however easily be forged). You could also check that the source IP belongs to linden lab.
  10. Advice for fitting clothes on different mesh bodies?

    It can absolutely be done but the shoulders are gonna require a significant amount of "massaging" into shape.
  11. Hi there - I wonder if someone can help me. I have a macbook pro and recently it seems whenever i try and take photos (particularly landscape ones) using advanced lighting and shadows - as soon as i click snapshot and the window comes up it crashes as it tries to produce the pic for me to then click save to disc. So I never get to the save to disc point. Does anyone have any recommendations or a list of setting for photography that best suit the macbook and still enable shadows etc. Any assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  12. How to make Hairs

    Hairs is just one of these things that I see a lot of people trying and doing as their first mesh project. Unfortunately making bad hairs is very forgiving and making good hairs requires pretty decent skills at modeling and texturing to get the right volume and style with the least possible use of alpha. For your first few 3D models I'd strongly recommend something that doesn't require to work with transparency (I'm assuming you never modeled before but I could be wrong.)
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  14. Have come to the conclusion that a no-mod script is impossible to copy-bot and therefor resign only on Linden Labs official server.
  15. Thank you for good response animats.
  16. Racism in player profiles

    So ? ... the fact someone would put it in their profile speaks volumes. Abuse report.
  17. Vote for Net Neutrality

  18. The hysterical grid is down thread

    Laughs. it was down for an hour tops.. well not even totally down. I was inworld fine. Roll back 8 years and it was down for 2 days. We just accepted it but these days 5 posts about not being able to log in appear before LL have even had a chance to update the grid status.
  19. Racism in player profiles

    A quick internet search revealed: It is a fragment of a songtext by Neonazi band Landser - a band considered a criminal organisation in Germany. According to German laws even posting this fragment could be considered a crime... (the profile owner isn't by chance German, is he?)
  20. Racism in player profiles

    Someday, the conversation about Race in Second Life will be “was Speed better animated or in Live Action?” Hopefully someday, only this Race(r) will be provoking conversation :-) We gots work to do first though.
  21. Racism in player profiles

    If the product is good, I don't care what the creator is like. That profile sounds like a meme though.
  22. Modern Kitsune Ronin

    I have ones made by Ayame Musashi, they come with a combat system HUD and fully functional but you can also use them as decor. Look up on MP.
  23. 2 questions.

    I think it is a saveguard... you do not need to buy Lindens or cash out, but due to the risk of money laundring with shops it is better for the Lab to have a connection to a real life person (which they get with payment info)
  24. The hysterical grid is down thread

  25. I think that's the whole problem. Some of us are not here to date, those who are either accept we are not, or try to seduce us anyways... and the latter bunch is the annoying folks... (and I've run into that kind with both avatar genders, female nuissances are not as common, but they exist too)
  26. Vote for Net Neutrality

    Completely brainwashed. And you just confirmed what I said, you pay by the data packet, not based on who you are, where that packet comes from, what it contains, where it goes or who it goes to. The question isn't whether you get a fast or slow internet, the question is wheter your 10Mb/s internet connection will give you 10Mb/s of youtube or a measly 5Kb/s because your ISP has a paid agreement to give priority to users who go on Netflix.
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