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  2. Cindy Evanier

    Sansar hits Steam. Will Secondlife be next?

    This is not a new thing Not everyone but correct me if i am wrong... everything in second life is made by residents. Isn't that the point?
  3. I tend to avoid dead sims, mostly visited the ones that are actually active or have people in them, seen some places that are still around but completely abandoned, not sure how those people pay for those sims, they are insanely expencive to keep up.
  4. Garnet Psaltery

    HA HA HA! It's...JOKE TIME!! ;-D

    What's the betting he steals the material?
  5. Wulfie Reanimator

    Closeness enabled SIT, and only clicking ONE prim

    You can't enforce distance limits on #1 until the avatar has already sat though. That is why I would suggest using PRIM_SCRIPTED_SIT_ONLY on #1 as well, and disable it only when an avatar meets the distance condition (through Sensor or something). I wasn't talking about scripting for an experience, in fact I said what I said because you can't sit in any way if we're outside of one.
  6. Theresa Tennyson

    Sansar hits Steam. Will Secondlife be next?

    So, you've averaged visiting over 63 different regions a day every day in the last three years, with no repeats?
  7. Solar Legion

    Sansar hits Steam. Will Secondlife be next?

    Congrats - you were passed one of many biased, personal opinions concerning the history of Second Life. Here's your medal.
  8. Rhonda Huntress

    Take a word leave a word (game)

    ((deja vu)) Tequila Mockingbird
  9. Alyona Su

    When all else fails, there is poetry.

    Roses are red, Violets are blue; I ain't interested, So poo-poo on you.
  10. I heard from someone SL used to have way more people, mostly due to how small areas were, with only the mainlands and not the huge range of dead private sims, new people found quickly where others hanged and built. They also told me most people worked together, creating new things rather than splitting apart and starting new clubs or sandboxes that die within a week. Everyone wants to make their own things and when it doesn't work, they leave SL for good. Yeah it took me about a week to learn how SL worked or were to go. Someone teached me how Firestorm worked and i been using it since, helps alot and offers more than the standard viewer does, such as flying in no fly zones or seeing who cams on you. Requires quite a bit of time to learn how to operate SL and that can be a problem for new users if they have a low attention span.
  11. Solar Legion

    Sansar hits Steam. Will Secondlife be next?

    Ah yes, the old pretending to speak for other, nameless users bit ....
  12. Solar Legion

    Sansar hits Steam. Will Secondlife be next?

    Now for your oh so lovely edit after the fact: Even when they had a far more comprehensive new user area up and running, there were those who came into Second Life and somehow managed to get through those areas without actually learning a single thing. Where to get a "good" avatar? Why, that's up to the End User - no one else. What client program to use for connecting to Second Life? Also up to the End User. Where to go/where people are hanging? Up to the End User to decide on the first variant, up to the End User to discover on the second. That is part of the point of Second Life: It is what you make of it.
  13. Ethan Paslong

    Sansar hits Steam. Will Secondlife be next?

    the best guide to SL is TIME, the want it and want it yesterday, and for free people will never get used to it. When new people enter they should not hunt for the best avatar, not for the best viewer but for the basics how SL works, and áfter that all the rest. It took "us" years to get the full hang of things and still every time find things that are new. It will be nearly impossible to do so, but as in the "old days" ( that you never experienced) you needed some very basic skills before you even were able to enter the whole grid. It would be a real good thing to have something like that again.
  14. Solar Legion

    Sansar hits Steam. Will Secondlife be next?

    That's nice - meanwhile reality is that you haven't. Period. See, Second life is constantly changing: Sims being redesigned or going offline, users coming and going along with all the oh so lovely changes (mostly personal) that general interaction brings in. It's a bit like saying you've seen or experienced everything the real world has to offer. No, you haven't and stating otherwise - no matter how many times you do so, changes noting. At all. You're not the first user to pull that here - or on other forums. You won't be the last. And all of you are lying, without exception.
  15. Contrary to popular opinion amongst clueless "leet gamer noobs", most of the Madlands "fossil tech prim-waste" areas are in fact NOT run by LL, but by the people who "bought" that land to use as they see fit, and LL won't be replacing other peoples houses and shops with anything, least of all expensive custom made meshs... I love the way you define "active" as only being people who move around, chat and use voice-spam. Many people in SL spend time not moving around, or chatting because... They are cammed half a sim away shopping the low lag way, or editing the sim build to put in nice new mesh, or deep in their inventories sorting stuff, or writing scripts, or in 7 different IM conversations and 3 group chats, and because they only have ONE pair of hands with which to operate their keyboard. Again... When I'm logged into SL, it's MY time, and my dime... Not yours. You have NO RIGHT to expect or demand that I talk to you, instead of doing whatever it is I'm doing. I've actually had this sort of crap from people inworld. I was on a pose stand, editing some attachments I'd just boought from the vendor board by the pose stand (which the merchant thoughtfully provided for their customers), when one of the "active is moving and voicing" morons wandered past. The moron accused me via IM of being a bot, because I wasn't moving around, or voicing. I told the moron that... I wasn't a bot. I wasn't moving around or chatting because I was editing my appearance, and until he wandered by I was the only person in the store, and I NEVER use voice-spam. to fornicate off and fornicate himself to death rectally with a chainsaw, sideways, andleave me alone as I was busy. If you want to make demands on MY time, pay me for it, I'll talk to you for an hourly fee. Otherwise I'll CHOOSE who Iwant to speak to, thanks all the same. Actually, no you're not... A griefer griefs, gets reported, gets banned and makes a NEW ACCOUNT... Any "names" you publicise will be out of datew before you have finished typing them, so it helps NOBODY in-world, all you are doing is showing where to find the videos on SpewTube, thus increasing their hits and encouraging them to make more.
  16. Alyona Su

    most advance viewer for sl ?

    This. And again: THIS. Here is my *opinion* and *experience* on the subject and the third-party viewer directory: Best viewer: Official LL. (Love it, would use it, but no RLV for my Wardrobe tool) Most advanced : Firestorm (by a very long shot) (Love it, but too bloated and crash-prone for me, most features also in Catznip; MUST-HAVE for Builders because of major builder features) Most Technical: Black Dragon (Tried it, didn't like it, great for "gadget-geeks") Best inventory-management features: Catznip (Best inventory management features of any, including Firestorm - My main - If firestorm ever added half the features exclusive to Catznip, I'd likely return to it full time and suffer the issues I suffer with it) Most unique features: Kokua (I like it, still installed, neat features, like Avie SL age in name tags, simple otherwise) Seriously out-dated: All the rest (Just look at their blogs and "download" link dates.
  17. Jo Yardley

    1940s RP Sim Based Around WWII era?

    The Time Portal sim has an 1920s-1940s New York neighbourhood, you could hang out there for the time being. I am planning a WW2 UK based sim, but I fear it will be some time before that gets off the ground, with tier prices being the way they are.
  18. BelindaN

    How does your avatar look today ?

    .......The legwork was all Agent Smith!!! She pounded the streets for a while, looking for trouble, when suddenly a hole in the wall emerged from the gloom, and revealed a paradise of artistic flair, which drew her in like a moth to a flame. It's the best scene I've found in SL, OK I haven't seen that many!!
  19. Jo Yardley

    Why so many empty role play sims?

    Historical roleplay sims seem to still do pretty well though, at least the ones I've been to, nice active communities
  20. Sure i have, i experienced everything there is, feel free to tell me i have not. I seen all the good and bad sides of SL, i been trough some really weird and creepy stuff in the darker parts of SL. Even seen what illegal things are going on, LL seems to deal with most of those though. Child and animal sexual abuse is some i can mention. Anyhow, SL needs to be reworked and cleaned up, more guides for newcommers to be setup, theres a ton of things that people are confused about when they first enter. Where to find good avatars, where people are hanging, what viewers to use...
  21. Rolig Loon

    Closeness enabled SIT, and only clicking ONE prim

    This is exactly what I would do if I were scripting in an Experience. It gives you full control over who sits where. In this particular case, the OP seems to be looking for a somewhat restricted solution. If I understand correctly, he simply wants to keep people from sitting on link #2 ever. That's what PRIM_SCRIPTED_SIT_ONLY will do in a non-Experience environment, since you can't force seat someone without an Experience.. He can still use a distance or time limit to control access to link #1, and PRIM_SCRIPTED_SIT_ONLY will make link #2 off limits entirely.
  22. Jo Yardley

    Realistic Roleplay Sim

    1920s Berlin is pretty realistic.
  23. Shanna Rhiano

    Notha land issues... help!

    I had the same thing happen to me. I also noticed that a lot of the mesh objects on my parcel had doubled in size, I went from having 500 prims remaining to having 29 after about a third of my objects were returned to my lost and found. Redtess you may want to check the prim counts on your other objects.
  24. Solar Legion

    Sansar hits Steam. Will Secondlife be next?

    Accounts with Linden as their last name are the only Moderation or Administration accounts here. Everyone else is a user of the service, many of us with long years of experience where Second Life, Linden Lab itself and even the forums are concerned. Until Steam loses its reputation as a games repository and rearranges its system to have proper categories and categorization for what they offer, neither Sansar nor Second Life - nor any other similar bit of social software - belongs on Steam. At all. The idea that the only exposure non-users have (or that their primary exposure) to Second Life consists of Griefer/Troll videos on YouTube is .... Ludicrous at best. As is this idea that older content being for sale still is some major detriment. Can't be arsed to do more than just download a client and log in, expecting some miraculous experience? Shove off. Oh, you've been a user of Second Life for about three years and actually think you've seen everything? No, you haven't. You really haven't. No one has.
  25. LittleMe Jewell

    List of stores with Christmas boards / trees

    C!L has had an advent calendar since Dec 1st - I've already got 12 gifts from there.
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