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  2. I went to a mesh body for one reason and one reason ONLY, to get rid of alpha cuts. I don’t use them, period! Okay, if I buy something cheap that has no demo, then maybe, but most of that just gets deleted if it does not fit. You can only use clothing that is made for the body you are using. A mesh body is better but way more difficult to purchase clothing for, absolutely most of the clothing on the market will not fit your body, no matter what body you have. I consider the market broken because of this making most of the clothing usable. I have resorted to using two different mesh bodies that are kind of close to each other, that gives me a larger assortment of clothing to pick from. But I think mesh is better, its just way, way more expensive and way, way less selection of what fits
  3. the minimum size for any object in SL is 1x1x1cm
  4. This is what I just had for dinner (the toast, not the knife, obviously). Because Sunday and lazy. And a few days before pay day. So much noms! Such wow! 🤤
  5. These chaps obviously had fun making this. They have more serious short films as well but I didn't want to depress anyone.
  6. Apply auto smooth or edge smooth (nomenclature depends on the software you are using) , this will resolve the hard edge issue you seem to have, more visible in the preview window...btw with smooth applied you can get a cylindrical shape with as little as 4 vertical edges or if that part of the mesh is more so in focus then I`d go with 8-16 max (you seem to have idk 30 vertical edges on that bent cylinder which is really really over the top)....
  7. That's the [Con.] Sylvia Outdoor Kitchen. I stripped it down to only the kitchen basics, removing all the lights, vines, gazebo and roof awning, dropping it down from 19 LI to only 6 LI. Its not found in the store, only on MP. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Con-Sylvia-Outdoor-Kitchen-PG/17179707
  8. Whenever I see 'StudioCanal' I feel I'm in for a treat.
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  10. Aww, what's this? I love it.
  11. Well, there's this extract from section 4.1 of LL's ToS. What you risk after reading this is up to you. "You may not sell, transfer or assign your Account or its contractual rights, licenses and obligations, to any third party (including, for the avoidance of doubt, permitting another individual to access your Account) without the prior written consent of Linden Lab. Linden Lab reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to manage and control the number of Accounts that you may establish and maintain".
  12. still available: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Winterfell Castle/251/253/22
  13. I so very feel you. I left sL in 2013 and came back last year. The questionmarks all over my head were there at least for one month. But then it started to get routine again. Only thing what brings me to mental breakdown everytime is, when I get disconnected and all my savings on the huds (makeup, skin etc) are gone and I have to fumble again. And that happens a lot to me. But...stay with mesh. You look better. More polygones. No square botty anymore! Btw. It is really important of which body you are using. If you are using the "free" ones offered on the grid, they are very limited.
  14. If I can figure out how to work mesh.....anybody can! Stay with it!!
  15. Third Times A Charm So Cian challenged me to find something even more suited kitchen-wise for a tiny house (in other words, he hated the Jenn-Air grill bbq in the kitchen) And Eureka. I found the perfect little Tiny House kitchen at last! Nope #2 Rejected #1 I'm done. Threw the building tools out with the bath water... 🤪
  16. There is crazy on both side of the spectrum...we usually label as "crazy" ppl who are into us more then we care to reciprocate...just saying
  17. I do not know any of the common used bodies that can't let you add more alpha cuts. When you have the shirt cuts, you add on more for the legs and feet. This works, and I have lots of different bodies. On both me and my alts, all are 100% mesh. We need to know more. There are so many bodies, and in case you bought some body that's a niche or a super low priced one that has the functions drastically reduced due to its low price, we can't help you. Do you know how to take a picture of you, or link to the products you wear. You can open "worn" in the inventory tab and use the list. Everything new feels different, but when it's learnt, it becomes routine. I prefer the small time I use on it, because it is better than look like I painted the clothes on.
  18. Thank you for your amazing contribution on this 8 years old thread.
  19. I think there are still plenty of us out there, we just don't have a good school, etc. for us to go to which is a shame, I think if one was well done there would be plenty of students, we just don't have anywhere to go and meet other teens etc. Same for Tweens to, there's a lot of them around to, but no middle school for them.
  20. Sounds interesting I hope you enjoy your home. Are you promoting second life using half clothed female avatars?
  21. https://mattnight84.wordpress.com/2019/09/22/teleport/
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