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  2. I would really like to believe that Rowan but when a pioneer in the development of mRNA vaccines ( Luigi Warren) says that it most certainly does shed, then I will believe him first even if twitter chooses to ban his post. Combined with new studies showing the vaccine spike protein to be biologically active and circulating in the blood 28 days after the first shot and plenty of anecdotal evidence of unvaccinated getting side effects of the vaccine, there is certainly some cause for skepticism.
  3. Do you want a nice baby, or a cheap one. I went with cheap, it didnt do anything other than look cute in pictures of me holding it. Eventually however I replaced it with, a real person with a child avatar who RPed as my child. The result of that was the most meaningful relationship i ever had in SL.
  4. Sorry to say, but stripping in SL just aint what it used to be. I at one time made very good money at it. My best month was over 30,000L, and I am far from being the best. That was with another account way before this one was even created, so dont look at my dates to try to figure when, it was years ago. The place where that happened eventually closed down, probably because the owners were not making any money any more, The girls were not making much by that time either. Now most places you go to have a dozen girls dancing for maybe one ot two guys. Those odds are not gping to make you any mon
  5. I've been renting from Willowdale Estates for years now and Imagin is fantastic. Anyone can own sims and sell them in SL, but Imagin goes the extra mile when it comes to not only customer service, but also her artistic eye in land aesthetics. The landscaping in Willowdale is exquisite and offers a level of luxury and privacy not found in other land companies. You will not regret calling Willowdale Estates home! - Luella Gloom
  6. Hi, congrats adding another sim. It's fantastic to see you doing so well, and proves quality always wins, especially when you see other estates shrinking. \o/ LoganAndreus
  7. It is open collar - 'Fapple- TLC Collar The Leathers (M)' OpenCollar 8.0.4000 It's telling my partner to update it to 8.0.05 but I can't find an update anywhere so far but will search. thanks
  8. That's probably more the result of draw-distance. If you have sculpted trees or rocks or similar on your skybox, the shadow they cast is not the same as their visible shape. I suggest you record the position and rotation of all objects above the ground and then take them back into inventory until the shadows vanish. If you don't want to take them back you can obviously just lower then down to the ground, but then they might get in the way of the shadows and prevent you seeing when they vanish. If your parcel is big enough then another option is to move things to one side or the other and
  9. One can choose to not care about gravity - but if you jump out of a building you will still go splat. At night in my dreams, I stop caring about it, and float around all I want. But that doesn't mean anything, and when I wake up no matter how hard I try to jump, I still can't fly away. What one cares about matter not at all if facts don't care about the same thing. And facts are not feelings.
  10. When you reset the script it will read the current rotation of the object to get the starting point, and if you stopped it while it was in mid-rock, it will take that angle as the normal angle and then start rocking it side to side. You have to first remove any X and Y rotations that have been added by the oscillatory part of the script (and it isn't as simple as just setting the X and Y rotations to Zero, your object might be a strange mesh build that has to be rotated on the X or Y axis to assume a normal visible appearance).
  11. WE ARE HIRING! If you like to work fun loving people in a rated venue and not shy with sexual content or chatting topics, come join us! We would love to hear from you with your application. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfs-Ni3Q_eE_pb5ragnjpARNbirLI4PdD_qBP5EWuM-cDRf3Q/viewform AVAILABLE POSITION Hosts (Hosts our events and parties) 100% Tips ================================================================================================================== About Us The Indecent Club welcomes all Second life virtual vip who are aged veri
  12. "Hello and thank you for watching. You know already how I love to shop and since i got some dancing, walking and standing animations, I decided to show you how I use the AO included in the Firestorm viewer" Click to watch the video on YouTube.
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  14. As you see it. I'm sure others would disagree with you.
  15. http://www.buildersbrewery.com/calendar/index.php -- Builder's Brewery schedule Also, some of the locations listed in these directories have classes: https://secondlife.com/destinations/howto/newbie https://secondlife.com/destinations/howto/creator
  16. I will only dignify this comment so much as to point out that at no point was my purpose empty disparagement, thought stoppage, nor the quenching of incitement to realization. And so for these reasons, the previous examples you cite from the COVID threads are in fact quite the opposite of the disparaging examples above, at least in spirit.
  17. Really? But, but..isn't that what you've been doing in the vaccination thread and the recently closed Covid thread? But it's not ok in 'your' thread?
  18. We listened to local stations on our road trips. It was fascinating to hear jingles and catch phrases I thought were unique to my area being played everywhere. The latest example of this was revealed on my recent road trip from Texas back home to Wisconsin. I encountered two different billboards for lawyers advertising "One call, that's all!". That's the catch phrase for Gruber Law Offices in Wisconsin. The only tape I ever heard in a car was the cassette that was jammed in the radio of my first car. Unable to eject it, and too lazy to fix it, I just let the tape play for the entire year
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