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  2. I rarely if ever delete because I rarely if ever add. I hang out at the same places and on a daily basis tell those who ask that if I’m there we can talk, otherwise I likely won’t; too many IMs while busy elsewhere—and most people just don’t take it well if you don’t answer timely; they say they do, cos it sounds good, but they really don’t. A few close friends I care about enough to leave whatever I’m doing, the rest are just acquaintances who accept I don’t do protocolary friendship or fake affection. Back in the day I had the usual: people I removed after years not talking—and some noticed and asked why months later—, people who think ‘friend’ is shorthand for ‘free, 24/7 available psychiatrist, counselor, assistant and/or tech support’, etc.
  3. Right. I forgot. No sense of humour around here. 🙄
  4. Picture viewing pet peeve: dull, expressionless faces and 0815-starring into nowhere-eyes. The huge majority of mesh heads come with animations and with eye control. OK, you might not bother to set it up for a quick snapshot, alright... but if you stage a shot, yet leave your mimics absolutely blank and on default, it ruins the whole pic for my liking. Like, "here, lookie, lookie, our super romantic special time, just the two of us, love forever, kthx!!1111!"... his eyes pointed left, hers to the right. Both mimics looking as entertained and as romantically involved as if they'd be doing the dishes. No lips were ever parted, no mouth wrinkles moved. No cheeky peek darting from those eyes, no glances ever crossed.
  5. - Mom! Hey mom!!! i need your credit card to buy something from the net!! - OK pumpkin butter just don't max it out that's the only one left! When it comes to the internet there's no such thing as age verified, gender verified, id verified or whatever verified unless you know the other person so why bother, SL is fine.
  6. I beg to differ. You might not use the menu... Besides, there's no such thing as double-click to add.
  7. First obvious thing, everything has to be quads or triangles, treying to upload ngons will lead to unpredictable results. You need to clean up those ngons that your holes created. Second, this is multiple objects, strongly recommended to merge and only upload one.
  8. Beg to differ. You might not use system layer clothes, others do thanks to BoM. Requesting that the library starter avatars do get updated to some kind of BoM support might be the more valid request here. Plus, double-click wear / add for the win. "No one ever" uses the menu.
  9. That one is interesting, and apparently escaped my attention all these years. It appears that almost all the private land in the region is owned by a collective group. Don't know the history here at all. I do remember the "campground" region, De Haro, from when its very restrictive rules were still enforced. Doesn't seem to be any of that remaining, although it's still relatively sylvan in theme; I can't imagine how those little prim cabins would fare in the age of mesh.
  10. When you said "pirate," I immediately thought you were looking for Arcadia Asylum in Mieville. Apparently you were thinking of someplace else, but I will still mention it because it's all freebies, tons of them, and a fun place to wander around. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mieville Pond/60/215/27
  11. Maybe try this instead: http://3dxchat.com/?AID=341590 Totally focused on clubbing and sexing. Everybody age approved, as it requires credit card.
  12. Here's a crazy developer idea: fix SL so that when you right click the pants icon in your inventory and select 'Wear', it actually makes you wear pants. What I practically mean by this is: can we finally do away with the legacy bodies and clothes? No one ever uses them and they just consfuse and upset the hell out of noobs that want to give SL a try.
  13. Hi The Sleen (my partner)video casted a new girl yesterday. [NSFW] https://goohshi.com/streams/view/1888/casting-niki-the-italian-girl-sleen-squall She looks very hot, but definetly needs to get some training. I am sure he will take care of that 🙂
  14. The trick with a photo works only with certain items. Sometimes disappearing is better. I'm glad to hear you you are happy with your shell
  15. hello! i am a photographer and i will IM you inworld. thank you!
  16. Today
  17. Are you implying that you'd be better off being on the internet as a girl?
  18. This belongs in the Adult section.
  19. I hope you sensed the sarcasm in my comment; I was in no way endorsing the practice! There's a lot of reasons that I don't like having to deal with call centres in foreign countries. Job losses in the home country is just one of them, and I was very sad to hear that you'd experienced this at first hand.
  20. I have only one thing to say to the OP - Bye!
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