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  2. Do you wish you had done anything differently, or would you double down today? Or did you really cease existing?
  3. There were no better dreams to be had, and so I conclude you must simply have abandoned dreaming altogether. Do you regret that, now?
  4. go think about that and make your next post when you found out... i can think about at least one reason.
  5. Thing were so wonderful. But then you abandoned your dreams.
  6. .... ... hit the little cross thingie in the right corner of your screen and get a dose of real life.
  7. Forum system: this is a HOT topic, buzzling with activity right now! And .. One poster.
  8. How did you all forget that we were building something wonderful, together?
  9. You didn't mean any of it. Not a word of it. Not a pixel of it. It was always just a game to you, the people in it were never real living beings, to you.
  10. What did any of you ever even believe in if you refused to believe in one another?
  11. We had higher purpose but everything was just an ephemeral LOL to you.
  12. You would have thought that any of us would have tried to stay in contact? How do you get through life letting all your friends and peers just slip away through you fingers? What makes you decide to abandon such wonderful people? Did someone put a gun to your head?
  13. That's what I mean. Even if Bezos came out tomorrow and said "I've got 500 million dollars for every country in the world. You're only allowed to spend it on food.", the wealthy, the politicians, and the warlords would still be the only ones with full bellies next month, in all but a select few countries. Believing that rich people could solve world hunger if they just spent the money is the same as believing Santa Claus is real. I don't blame them for not throwing the money down that hole.
  14. Although we built a utopia, not everything has been utopic about virtual life. There is this disquieting sense of good people disappearing into this place and being gone, just gone, forever. And you're like. But... How can you stop connecting to your Second Life? What dream did you find that was better because I've yet to see its equal, not in eighteen years of searching. Where did you go? Where did your artfulness, your compassion, your uniqueness go? What happened to our friendships? Weren't these suppose to be lifelong things that accumulate? Did you guys ascend and use me a step-ladder? Where did you go? Why did you pull up the ladder behind. You didn't seem any "more special" than me, but I'm still here, and you're gone. Does that mean I failed, or you failed? What are you doing now, or did you cease existing altogether the moment you stopped talking to me? Why'd you reject love and friendship and the building of larger units socially? How can so many people, so many good people, just disappear from reality? Where are you now? How could you abandon me to be stuck in this most unmagical world with such unmagical people? But you abandoned me, so I know you're not magical, either. Are you dying in a bed of pandemic, wondering where it all went wrong? Are you living it up in a mountain compound in New Zealand? We could have done such amazing things. There aren't many people like me out there in this world, what did you discover that was better than the world we were building together, here? How could you all slip away without so much as word, abandoning dreams and magic for ?????. I wonder if I will ever understand why things have been the way they've been. It makes no sense. It makes no sense why everyone stopped being wonderful and just disappeared.
  15. I agree with the sentiment about watching others play a sport… as an ex pro eventer, my beautiful horses and I had some thrills flying over cross country fences and so on. However I cannot think of anything more boring than watching other people ride horses on tv 🙈 also I cannot stand it anymore… I ride all my horses bitless now ❤️🐴
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  17. From 2024 apparently, if all goes to plan, darts will be an Olympic sport 😂🍻🎯
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