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  2. I actually did make a short plan on the very first page of this thread: I would suggest that every 2 years there were held an open election where candidates could run for a seat in the Committee. That way a candidate would be elected based on his or hers vision for the next two years instead being chosen based on friendship and relation with existing committee members. And committee meetings shouldn't be a secret. Summaries of all meetings should be public (unless of course there is a reason for keeping them secret in case of protecting 'personal information' and so on). That way each Committee member would be held responsible for his/her action at the next election. Do a good job and you can get your second term. ***** it up and you're out. Or in other words: more transparency in the way LEA is run.
  3. What are you doing today!? :D

    In my bedroom I went back to the Roost Foxhill House. I really like this house because it doesn't have rooms, that look like you just walked into a grand ballroom.
  4. I want the LEA Committee to work by the LEA Bylaws and not by their own agenda. It's quite simple actually.
  5. What's going on in the LEA Committee?

    So what is your suggestion then? You want LEA disbanded so that NO ARTISTS get to build their full sim dreams and NO VISITORS get to see, explore and enjoy those sims? You want to take over the LEA when you have almost NO IDEA (obviously from your posts) how it actually works? I am having a difficult time figuring out a positive agenda to all your comments. Why don't you give us all YOUR PLAN in very minute detail? Be precise now, no big paintbrush strokes. I am guessing some of us would like to know it. And since "no Lindens come to the forums" but we all know that they do, maybe this is a way you can feel you can be heard. After all, you MUST have some great ideas for moving forward without the current committee members. Otherwise you would just be tearing down something that has been enjoyed by many many thousands of people over the years.
  6. What's going on in the LEA Committee?

    So what do you want to happen then?
  7. What's going on in the LEA Committee?

    To reiterate, the sims are owned wholly by Linden Lab. Some committee members, not all, have ownership of the sims for the purpose of running those sims as caretakers. When a sim is given to an artist for their use, they are given ownership of that sim, just like renting a private space on any sim. There are no rewards for being a committee member, they give their time freely. You have to be committed too, there are certain days and times you have to be there to do the job, or make sure someone covers for you. Committee members are less likely to be offered a sim to have as their own, if that's not now the case, it should be. However, at some point in their SL life if they have a good proposal for an art sim, there is no reason why they shouldn't be awarded one. No one is suppose to make money on a LEA sim, no selling, no tip jars. Freebies are allowed and encouraged. I actually believe more artists should award visitors with some full perms gifts, as a learning tool and to encourage more building in SL, but that's my personal belief. Nothing is perfect. Criticism should be welcomed and if the LEA committee can improve from this, then all the better. However, this argument appears to have been started with another agenda in mind. If you have a complaint, then surely you should know how you would like it to be resolved. What do you want? If you can't answer that, shut up and go away.
  8. What's going on in the LEA Committee?

    Yes I remember one case where people kept the same sim as it was a huge build and an ongoing project with some RL tragedy in the mix, but there have been many creators that reapplied with NEW projects and were accepted again. :D.

  10. No, we're not. It's been drilled into me by people who are suppsoed to know such things that random generators are heavy and I have to admit I've never done a reality check. However I read this MP lsiting a while ago (it was crows, not ravens, sorry): As far as I can see JubJub clearly says he has reduced the script lag by eliminating continuous random calls. He knows a thing or ten about scripts of course and he is also the kind of person who tests things.
  11. His function isn't the same as llFrand, his function is only pseudo-random. (pseudo just means "not truly") If you do this: default { touch_start(integer total_number) { llOwnerSay( (string)rand() ); } } And touch the object a couple times, then reset the script and touch it again, you'll get the same sequence of the "random" numbers. llFrand doesn't do this. Yeah, you're right, so just cut out the "pre-determined" from what I said and still use raw variables, not a list! Even on a non-empty rental sim, running this code (all I did was change llFrand to string and remove two multiplies) finishes as low as 1.8ms and always below 2.5ms. On an empty sim, the llFrand version averaged above 5 ms.
  12. Looks like the thread is going a bit off topic. It has never been about money, tip jars, long working hours or potential financial compensation for being a member of the LEA Committee. My post was about the LEA Committee that, according to the LEA Bylaws, hasn't been competent to transact business for two reasons: 1) For more than a year there has been less than 7 members of the LEA Committee. The Bylaws states that there must be a minimum of 7 members. 2) Three (3) members of the LEA Commitee has exceeded the two term policy stated in the LEA Bylaws. Hence, every decision made by the LEA Committee for more than a year has been invalid. But, some might say, they changed the bylaws last year so everything is fine now. The LEA Committee might have done so, but when doing so one of the members of the committee had exceeded his term by 2 years and was (and still is) a member of the committee when the decision to change the bylaws was made. Hence, that decision too is invalid. That's what my post is about.
  13. How does your avatar look today ?

    (discreetly pulls out a pencil and a small notepad, and begins writing) Do...not...photograph...Ivanova. Not safe.
  14. Yeah, and it's possible that the vector construction is taking longer than the llFrand(). Are we sure llFrand() is really an issue here? ETA: I just swapped my rand() for llFrand() in your second example and it barely speeds things up. I don't think llFrand() is an issue. ETA2: Removing the list generation cuts execution time dramatically, suggesting that the vectors should be constructed as needed, not pulled from a list.
  15. Joins in Wrong Position when upload (Blender)

    Another one.
  16. Not better, better suited to your task. I didn't construct vectors in my example. I imagine you'd do that right where you need them. If llFrand() is the issue, it makes sense to replace it directly rather than construct some list heavy workaround. You just call rand() where you need it.
  17. 1/4 Homestead available for rent 1,250 Prims. Residential and Light Commercial Allowed. No clubs L$1,750/week Pines/64/64/20/
  18. You mean building a better random numebr generator from scratch than the one that comes with the package? Wouldn't that be rude? Oh, good catch. This is just a proof-of-concept script and the list was typecast for llOwnerSay readouts at different stages. I would of have remembered to change that for the final product... certainly... probably... possibly... Every new copy rezzed will need a unique pattern. It will be very noticeable if they all act exactly the same right from the start. Sequence repeats at a later stage shouldn't matter though.
  19. I Take Pictures! ^^

    Hiya! I can take a pretty new profile picture for ya! or whatever else you would like, I can also edit it for you headshot: 150L per pic Fullbody: 150L per pic Couple: 250L per pic Heres my past work: My Flickr
  20. To avoid having the object create the same pseudorandom sequence each time it's run/rezzed, seed it with a random number... integer lfsr = llFrand(65535);
  21. What's going on in the LEA Committee?

    Yes? I don't know, maybe is happened. I know only one case, a group work expanded by 6 months in the same sim. But ok, i never looked who take what and when with attention.
  22. Today
  23. I'm a bit confused. Why are you using strings in a list (I get the string list part) and typecasting llList2Vector to vector, if speed is the most important thing? You've already said the positions don't need to be truly random, just "appear random enough," so you could get away with just pre-determined raw variables. Or even better with Madelaine's function. Haven't double-checked if it's correct and it doesn't include the rest of the code required.
  24. What's going on in the LEA Committee?

    Actually you CAN reapply for a second term LOL. No guarantee that you will get in again of course, and you cannot STAY on the same sim. Artists (unless this has changed recently ) are not allowed to receive an AIRS grant more than two times in a row. And I am going off to do something FUN NOW.
  25. Why not replace llFrand with something more efficient, like this linear feedback shift register pseudorandom number generator... integer lfsr = 12345; integer bit; integer rand() { bit = ((lfsr >> 0) ^ (lfsr >> 2) ^ (lfsr >> 3) ^ (lfsr >> 5) ) & 1; return lfsr = (lfsr >> 1) | (bit << 15); } That produces random 16-bit integers, which should be good enough. I quickly whacked the generation of 30 such random numbers into Wulfie's measurement harness, like this... //IMPORTANT: Only perform tests in an empty region. // To reduce contamination and be sure to wearing no attachments. // Preferably do tests in a private sim with one on it. // Don't move while performing the test. // There is a margin of error so run the tests multiple times to determine it. integer time() { // count milliseconds since the day began string stamp = llGetTimestamp(); // "YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.ff..fZ" return (integer) llGetSubString(stamp, 11, 12) * 3600000 + // hh (integer) llGetSubString(stamp, 14, 15) * 60000 + // mm llRound((float)llGetSubString(stamp, 17, -2) * 1000000.0)/1000; // ss.ff..f } integer lfsr = 12345; integer bit; integer rand() { bit = ((lfsr >> 0) ^ (lfsr >> 2) ^ (lfsr >> 3) ^ (lfsr >> 5) ) & 1; return lfsr = (lfsr >> 1) | (bit << 15); } default { state_entry() { } touch_start(integer num_detected){ llOwnerSay((string) llGetFreeMemory()); //test variables float counter; //framework variables float i = 0; float j = 0; float max = 10000; // 2ms of work takes 20 seconds to repeat 10,000 times, plus overhead float t0 = time(); float Random; do { integer lc; for(lc=0;lc<30;lc++){ // generate Random 30 times Random=rand(); } counter += 1; }while (++i < max); float t1 = time(); do ; while (++j < max); float t2 = time();//remove the time required by the framework float elapsed = ((t1 - t0) - (t2 - t1))/max; llOwnerSay("The function in the loop took a total of " + (string)elapsed + " milliseconds."); llOwnerSay((string)Random); } } I've no idea if I've built the harness correctly, but it seems to take 0.35 milliseconds per iteration. You'll have to scale the random numbers to suit, but that would have been necessary anyway.
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