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  2. Just Ignore and let this one die

    You keep your grubby paws away from my kitty! /me picks Clover up in her arms and glowers at everyone around. My kitty.
  3. Where are all my friends? Come on in and lets get comfy by the fire!

    Let me guess, you wore a sweater cropped so high it showed a little under boob, a mini skirt, leg warmers, mittens and ear muffs. Right? SL cold weather gear
  4. The No-Mod Rebuttal

    Oh hmmm. In case there's confusion for readers, it matters who's setting the "no mod" (or temp-on-rez). If the content to be rezzed is bought already configured for use in a rezzer, then it can be no-mod (or temp-on-rez). The problem comes when stocking a scene rezzer with items that weren't exclusively sold for use in a rezzer -- those need to be modifiable either to set temp-on-rez or to insert the script associated with the rezzer. (And yeah, in a temp-on-rez object, a script indeed might be used to position the rezzed object beyond the 10m range of llRezAtRoot.)
  5. I don't ''get'' Sansar

    Why would that be horrible? I, for one, welcome our Audiotronic Princess Overlords. Because unf.
  6. The No-Mod Rebuttal

    Who said anything about "forcing" creators to do anything? I'm already repeating myself here but this thread is about discussing the issue and spreading information people may not have considered. And how your post in any way a "reality check"? Suggesting people not buy no-mod is literally the second sentence of the original post of the thread. How is it a "different viewpoint" if it's exactly what is suggested in the second sentence of the very first post of the thread? Not to mention, saying this comment wasn't meant to silence the discussion seems disingenuous when in this thread (as well as that other thread) you keep repeating it as a reply to everyone as if it is the only response, dismissing out of hand every comment pointing out that you're missing the point. There seems to be a discussion about this going on in the Sansar arena, where LL wanted to allow people to modify content they purchase off the Sansar marketplace but some sellers want it all locked down to the equivalent of no-mod. I had a link the other day but I can't seem to find it right now. I'm only kinda sorta following Sansar issues right now since I can't even log in over there. I'm wondering if doing it as a temp-attach item is a feasible way to do this. You don't need an experience to do temp-attach, it just works with a regular popup. Then the person receiving the teacup isn't receiving the actual teacup as inventory, just as a prop specific to that furniture.
  7. Its not based on Satan, it only uses the name (I believe mostly to object against Christian religion). They actually are firm "believers" that there is no supernatural/deity/afterlife and are focused on materialism and "self worship". I am far from an expert though, just read some stuff on a different forum quite a while ago. Very interesting, but I find every religion interesting. Am atheist myself.
  8. Where are all my friends? Come on in and lets get comfy by the fire!

    Much coffee was needed this morning - I had a terrible time waking up. And I was freezing my tushy off when I got to the office this morning. It was -4 fahrenheit (-20 celsius) when I got out of the car. They claim that we'll get up close to 40f today, so at least I'll be able to leave work without turning into a popsicle
  9. A Derail Thread

    Not forii?
  10. Mesh Body Question

    I helped a friend out about two months ago. Your best bet is going to be Belleza Jake or Slink....I don’t remember the name. They even have fairs for men’s clothing now, so you have some nice options.
  11. A Derail Thread

    We s*ck! Of course, I can only truly speak for myself.
  12. Outfit Gallery

    Yep I did that too.
  13. I don't ''get'' Sansar

    Well, the fact that they have all these 'big' names involved seems to say they've been doing some pretty good marketing there...
  14. Searching a Ghetto Shape.

    She does seem rather dedicated to the task of spreading her own contrived brand of "justice" around.
  15. Outfit Gallery

    I've never even used the Outfit Gallery tab. When I'm done putting things on, I edit appearance and save the outfit with a new name (or sometimes replace one). That is the only usage of the Outfits window I ever do. If I decide I don't want an outfit anymore, I simply delete it from the Outfits folder. Best I know, you can delete everything from within that folder in the Inventory window. I wear outfits directly from that folder also, still not using the Outfits window.
  16. I don't ''get'' Sansar

    But it will be, and I think that's why they're building Sansar (for the most part).
  17. Searching a Ghetto Shape.

    I see no "holy crusades" going on here. What I do see however, is YOU here stirring the muck and searching for something to gripe about, as usual. I imagine you rub your hands together with glee as you log in and think.. what can I find to accuse others of being offended about today. No one else commented on this thread and it had practically died out until you made a concerted and purposeful effort to bump it.
  18. The No-Mod Rebuttal

    Not sure what you mean, but I'm pretty sure my "twisty" explanation was the source of confusion. Furniture maker sells their furniture with whatever perms -- most commonly copy+mod. But they want to embed a teacup that the furniture script will auto-attach to sitters on that furniture. Those sitters are the next-next-owners of the teacup so the buyer (the next-owner) must have permission to both copy and transfer the embedded teacup. And copy+transfer isn't acceptable to teacup creators... ... except just maybe in the very special case described with all those words in my confusing post, in which a no-mod teacup can be scripted in a particular way to make copy+transfer permissions a little less scary.
  19. I don't ''get'' Sansar

    These are lovely photos of Sansar:
  20. Outfit Gallery

    This has nothing to do with what I mentioned. All the outfits do is make links to the items so we should be able to delete even the last one. After creating an outfit, I changed the system eyes, skin, shape and hairbase/brows that I was wearing so nothing in the outfit was being worn, yet it still would not let me delete the outfit. This is what I tried and it didn't work. Not sure if it's a bug or working as intended. Maybe Whirly or someone could explain further.
  21. I don't ''get'' Sansar

    I can't say I always want yellow in the landscape, but I do love a misty-mystical look, mysterious, though my preference would be blue. The bright light of noon with the bright blue sky is so harsh, and it really does not show things more accurately (you said you thought this light would be a good test) because it makes much of the foreground washed out. Let me see if I can find some photos of Sansar without the sepia look or "candlelight effect" as you say....if that only means yellow?
  22. A Derail Thread

    Actually, fora is the plural for the specific case of forum as it relates to roman political venues. Even in English. However, with any other sense of forum, the plural is forums.
  23. How to Make a VERY Slow Script?

    Is it possible that because it is viewer-side, certain small values may work for some viewers/PC’s but not others?
  24. I don't ''get'' Sansar

    Ahh I did not know shadows were totally viewer-side...does the SL viewer have the problems with shadows you demonstrated?
  25. I don't ''get'' Sansar

    Which flaws are you referring to? I don't see any flaws at this point except for some of those psychopath-appearing avatars with their emotionless expressions...reminds me of that ax-wielding murderer in the original Fargo But...I realize so much has not been implemented in Sansar yet, and I don't know what will be coming with facial expressions, so I really should not judge. However, I hope I don't meet some of those avatars in VR mode with its increased reality, as the shock would be worse than some of the horror objects in VR games...
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