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  2. Happened to me in a laggy sim as well from another vendor. I sent a screen shot of the transaction and everything to the vendor. But I think we just have to take the loss since there's really no way of proving whether or not we received the item unfortunately.
  3. If you study the pictures carefully you'll see the offset Arton spotted explains it all. .0.4 offset is almost halfway across the surface and that's exactly what we see here.
  4. Good points, thank you, and good questions, I think the Signature heads/bodies were $4000 each so I plan to check out LeLutka. Yeah, not sure how much I want to invest in him. Really just playing on a rainy afternoon, LOL.
  5. by renting a shoutcast or icecast stream host and configuring your software to stream to it. There's too many options to list. How you do the "configure your software" part is also a "more than one way to do it" thing. Some DJ software such as mixx has it built in. Other audio solutions will need an additional program to handle it for you. I personally use BUTT but then my sound comes in direct from my USB DAC, I do the mixing on the smaller of my two desks, so all I need to do is to tell BUTT to take input from that device and send it direct to the stream host. It is possible, with a lit
  6. My goto hair bases are BOM tattoos from EMO-tions. They come with a lot of hairs. They "may" be sold separately. I used EMO-tions appliers before I went to BOM.
  7. A-well-a don't you know about the birb? Well, everybody knows that the birb is the word! A-well, a birb, birb, b-birb's the word, A-well-a mow, mow, pa-pa, ma-ma-mow, pa-pa Ma-ma-mow, ma-ma, mow, pa-pa..!
  8. While I never bought a male mesh body, I did buy a female one, and one of the things I did before was talk to people in world who had the look I was after to see what they used, When I saw that almost everyone who caught my eye with a look I like was using the same body i was convinced.
  9. 👍 *we really could use some MUCH BETTER SYMBOLS Also to add to the confusion, the original post was changed after some comments were made. If it were "me", I would just open an old file that I knew worked for me, delete the objects, materials perhaps and a few other things and save the file as a new start up file. Is this a bizarre idea? I have done that a few times. Doesn't take long.
  10. Before the mesh era, many hairs came with their own hair bases included when you bought them. As mesh hairs became a thing, hair bases declined a bit, and generally speaking fewer varieties were made than in the past. Now, many mesh hairs come with built in hair bases, and those who don't tend to assume that you already have some that will fit - especially since many mesh heads came with built in hair base appliers. I'd suggest you look up Truth, I think they had a really nice hair base pack that should cover the basics - not sure whether they've updated it for BOM (I should probably g
  11. A well a everybody's heard about the birb B-b-b birb, birb, birb, b-birb's the word A well a birb, birb, birb, the birb is the word A well a birb, birb, birb, well the birb is the word A well a birb, birb, birb, b-birb's the word
  12. Afraid of slasher monsters with chainsaws? Afraid of the Bellisseria Slenderman? How about the Bellisseria Slenderman with a chainsaw? Bellisseria Slenderman... October Wrath...
  13. when the venues are jumping and the grids busy, I can clear GBP40 or so in profit on a weeks performances. That's usually 4-6 sets. Each hours set is 90min of work including prep and soundcheck before each one. Each weeks setlist will have had on average 3 hours of rehearsal the week before. When the grid is quiet and thus so are the venues I struggle to clear expenses (stream hosting, spare strings, wear and tear on gear) There's more of the latter type of weeks than the former. The last two years I declared less than a grand to the taxman from SL each year. You can't live on i
  14. "Why do we feel the need to tear things, particularly others, down? Does it really stem from something as simple as jealousy? Does it really impact us if someone else is different? I’m speaking in generalities because there are so many issues, thoughts and worries swirling around the void inside my head. Think of this as something akin to a stream of consciousness, only more questionable than answerable." Read more on the blog.
  15. If you like very minimalist electronic music and watching a city drift by on a train ride, I have just the thing!
  16. You can barely find other creator's skins for the head from the same designer as Geralt/Gianni. Stay clear of a Signature head, unless you will continue to use the included skin. The Catwa heads has been leading in skin variety, but lately the LeLutka Evolution appear to dethrone them as the "hot" one for new skins. I don't know what head that comes out as winner in the skin war. Rumors say that Genus is working on a male head too. How much you will invest for an alt? I don't know the price of the Signature heads. LeLutka cost 3990 (for now) and Catwa 5000, or is it 5100?
  17. Hi there GuillemDeFollet! You mentioned you had group notices unchecked, wonderful! but do you also have group ims unchecked? also check subscriptions you have have from shops which most claim to not take groups but their communications to you could be contributing to it. your first statement though about logging in/out for one second and seeing that message pop up.. If I checked all else I would file a ticket with LL and see if they can assist.. seems glitchy.
  18. I'm not quite there, as I thought I was. I did more or less solve the problem of the visible prim inside my head. I made a black sphere and attached it there, so, if I'm wearing my black hair, it is inconspicuous. I did not solve the problem with the pink inner corners of the eyes yet. I'm having a problem with the Lelutka eye applier---it detaches after a couple of seconds, so it's unusable. The major problem is that parts of the avatar become fully transparent. Only the lower tattoo area is affected. Sometimes, the whole area becomes transparent. Other times, just parts do, but they alw
  19. What are some good places to get a good bang for your buck hairbase for genus heads?
  20. It is a proper 1024 plot which should fit most smaller homes, hard to say as it's very subjective. I made the cliffs if you would like a copy. The trees I did not make, but I can send a lm on where to buy for sure. . Just let me know by sending me an notecard in-world and I'll be able to help a bit later.
  21. If you had bothered to look you would have found that, on the same website, Torsten Funk had already updated his setup for 2.9 .... "Blender 2.90 Setup für virtuelle Welten" http://www.torsten-funk.de/tutorials_blender-290_setup-for-virtual-worlds.html Viel Spass.
  22. Love the protected waterfront one but uncertain as to the boundaries and if those rocks, grass, trees etc are included? Is that flat enough to build a typical small house on? Newbie premium person. Thanks!
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  24. Dear Resident, Available for rent today is half of a sim located on a calm residential island without any lag. This green forest island comes with 1250 prims to build your home and is 16384 metres large in terrain surface. The measurements for this particular island are 128 by 128 metres. This luxurious island location is ideal for those who are looking to have their privacy in world. This luscious forest environment comes surrounded by mountain landscapes so non of your neighbors or their builds are visible. You will be able to enjoy stunning visuals and scenery as you design your v
  25. طيب ماذا اخبرك الدعم الفني بالضبط ؟
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