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  2. Sounds like you're asking for all the benefits but none of the responsibilities.
  3. Granted, this thread will survive, the necro-post haters are going to womit this all over and the vomit i guess will provide a nice base for all the living stuffs. I wish i was good at singing.
  4. Quick test with an indigo/crimson warp and weft on the beta grid. Slubs normal mapped to raise them slightly, darkened slightly in the diffuse map and blackened completely in the specular map. Base color of the diffuse map is the deep indigo, with the crimson tint on the specular map. Glossiness 51, Environment 0. Official viewer set to ultra graphics.
  5. If the land level keeps rising we'll soon be in Space.
  6. Items that are 'rigged for Maitreya', but also require you to have your boob slider to at least 50 or the mesh will cut into your stomach.
  7. Sorry, I misunderstood (I should have been in bed two hours ago, but keep saying to myself, as I flit from website to website, to emails to here again, "five more minutes"!). Yes, I wonder how many are disused bots too. Oddly enough - and I feel a little bit embarrassed admitting to this - round about 2008, I used to keep folders full of names of all the bots I'd found on various sims/regions. These folders, I only looked through this week, and shredded all the pages, as it seemed irrelevant to keep them for all of this time. There were hundreds - thousands - of the blighters. I still find clusters of them, in sky boxes above stores on the mainland. They probably are on the private regions too, but I tend to stick to the mainland, and I don't log in as much or for as long as I used to. The ones I find underwater are often either the advertising bots, or Tiny Empires players (that still seems quite popular). No official figures for the bots though.
  8. " ...are there any sort of universally-known bigger-than-life in-world personalities these days? " I don't know who wrote that, but there really shouldn't be any sort of those.
  9. Barstough, it’s rather nice, but Elvis has left the building!
  10. I would list them all here, but can't remember all the names in english now :D Some new Star treck.serie, Travelers, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, The Witcher, Altered carbon etc.
  11. Thank you. I turned it into a story on my blog (link in signature below). The dress is from TBO.
  12. Is there any new updates? I'm looking for a futuristic restaurant or sim with some food in it to take pics in. I already visited all those links on that nice list.
  13. Today
  14. Heh, .. Oh! I meant of that about 40 million... how many are bots. How many are disused bots? Any guesses? Estimates? Evidence, even? I see unresponsive crowds making a comeback now. Some say they never really left, they just went under water.
  15. Oh i was looking to rent an office within a high end looking shopping/community center. Kind of like The Ridges, just trying to see if its the only place like that.
  16. "Bridie is one of those singers where you immediately notice the voice – it was sensitive and its occasional flaws at the top notes of her emotionally charged set only served to add an endearing vulnerability to it." Read more on the blog.
  17. @Ansiri It's a while since I listened to Epica. I loved Simone's voice but got tired of the backing grunt. Not that I always want to hear elegant music. This is a go-to song when I want to headbash a bit.
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