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  2. Yep, that definitely sounds like an issue with your internet connection/ISP. Go to something like speedtest.net to check your download/upload speed and ping time. You may need to call your internet provider for assistance with this.
  3. I did this with my first account, by submitting a support ticket. Provided that you know the account name, and can provide some other info - I provided the names of some friends, and part of the payment info, and part of the email address even though I wasn't sure of the whole address (I knew the first half but wasn't sure if it was a Yahoo or Hotmail account). And that was with an account that hadn't been logged into for 8 years. But in my case the account was never actually deactivated, it just went dormant because I didn't remember the password. If you have actually deleted it, it's possible that there's nothing left of it to recover.
  4. I know that mesh that's set to "None" must be linked to a Prim. But will larger linksets break if I keep on adding to them? I have uploaded the walls and floors in 1 upload with custom physics, and set it to Prim. It is not 1 mesh object, but 4 that was uploaded together, and set to prim. All the trim and windowframes was another upload, not physics, linked and set to "None", and linked to the prim walls/floors in one operation. But after this, I added windows and other parts that's bought and "Convex hull" set by default. I added them, and the stairs I bought from OPQ. It seems that the adding broke something. I can not walk up the stairs. It worked in the test grid, I could go up and down the opening. But I did not link so many parts as I did in the main grid. Only the walls, floors and the trim. Should I waited so the root prim was the last one added? Is adding more and more to the linkset ruining it? I made sure the root was still a prim, not one of the new linked objects. Can I have more than 1 object that is a prim? Should I export the floors and walls, join them in Blender so it's one object, and upload it again? I did not join first, bc I could need a small final adjustment. Is it possible to have both None and Convex hull in a linkset with a root Prim, or should I keep Convex Hull objects out of the linkset? Or link all parts, my mesh and the bought mesh, set it to None and then link this set to the Prim walls/floors, and not add more? I will not reply for many hours, because I am going to bed. I hope to be wiser tomorrow.
  5. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! I noticed that on my first day back to the Forum, and it has bugged me ever since.
  6. Sadly, after 48 hours the OP is as helpless as the rest of us. The typo is there for eternity. It does catch my attention, so there's some value in it, I suppose. I do feel a bond of kinship, as one typoist to another. Whether I blame it on lazy eyesight, stiff fingers, a vengeful keyboard, or latent dyslexia, I can barely type a sentence without mistakes. As others have said, typing here in the forums or in e-mail gives me the luxury of time to stand back and edit (although I often fail to see my own errors). I don't even bother to check in local chat, though. There, speed is more important than accuracy. Clumsy typing can be excused as nothing worse than mumbling in RL, and I'm OK with that. I sometimes mumble too.
  7. I don't know what color space the SL viewer uses, but it does request one. If I switch color spaces on my Mac, my desktop image reflects the change but the SL viewer doesn't. If I take a snapshot of a scene, it will not look like what I see live in the viewer, regardless of any color space reassignment I make in the editor. I've never been able to figure out just what's going on, but if I really like something I see in my viewer, I don't take a viewer snapshot, I take an OS screen shot.
  8. Where did you find those gorgeous glasses?
  9. It drives me bonkers too, I just want to tell the OP to correct it. I feel yeah there.
  10. I still have glasses like that, but I haven't worn them since about 2009. Pass on the system hair though.
  11. Hotel Experiences Re-define Domestic Standards Got to be so damned quick, like Quick Draw McGraw....... HOTEL
  12. I'm a trans man too, and my experience, both RL and SL, is very similar. Although prior to completing transition I did get this very thing in RL on a very regular basis. Even when trying my hardest to present as male, I still got plenty of unwanted attention from guys who can't tell the difference between a trans man and a butch lesbian. Now that I'm 9 years post-transition, it doesn't happen any more. I do have a female avatar in SL but I rarely take her out in public so I don't often get this kind of IM but it has happened on occasion. However, transition has made me acutely aware of the bull***** political-correctness hoops that men have to jump through in order to not get accused of sexual harassment all the time. I'm an extrovert and naturally inclined to chat with anyone, anywhere. But I have to be careful now, when chatting with women, because even a harmless comment can so easily be misinterpreted, it's safer jut to not even bother. And that makes me very sad.
  13. I'm not going through the 160ish pages to check, but am I the only one who starts twitching when they see the "What are you listening to right know?" thread? Why hasn't there been a petition to ask the mods to correct it? I don't mind typos here and there, and I know I make plenty of them myself, but it's the title of a huge thread! It makes me bonkers, which I'm sure is enough of a reason for some people to not want to change it.
  14. Snarky Little Elves Eat Peanuts. P I L L S
  15. I have a head from UTILIZATOR and a skin from another vendor. I applied the skin to avatar, put the tatoo layers on it and then to the head via Omega hud but it did not apply the tatoos, just the plain skin. The Omega applier aplied the skin to Maitreya body and the head properly... just the tatoos are missing.
  16. No. It's true I didn't appreciate that comment from Orwar and I responded to him directly, but I also responded directly to you about how and why I disagreed. No. The fact that you have lots of lovely men in your life, and the frankly obvious point that most men are decent, are NOT relevant to the issue at hand, which is why women get defensive in light of all the harassment they receive. Nobody at any point suggested that most men are not decent. It reads as detraction from the issue, which had already been dismissed as "whining" elsewhere. As for "Really?" being the equivalent of "shouting someone down"...you're not serious, are you? Are you? Please say you're not. Especially in this context. You said that some women get offended by a man saying hi, to which my reply was words to the effect of: "Really? I'm fine with men saying x, y and z..." That's aggressive shouting down? That's not relevant to the discussion? No. I disagreed with things that you said, and I spoke to you about them. You may not always agree with me (clearly) but please do not try to make out that I've simply been using you as a punchbag rather than responding, really quite thoroughly I think, to things that you've said. When I want a punchbag, I use Goreans and their Blessed Leader John Nobhead. Huge soft target, those are. Ok. From my side of the table... I've experienced a lot of harassment and abuse both on and offline (the things I have had hissed in my ear and screamed at me! The hands on public transport! The attempts at mutilation RP! The threats! The slaps and punches!) as have very many women, and more often than not it gets shut down. I find that it is so rare for women to be able to speak explicitly about what has happened to them without someone coming along and, one way or another, attempting to minimise its impact to make people (and I'm afraid to say that "people" in this context usually means "men") more comfortable about it. Oh, stop whining, it'll never change and you should just ignore and forget about it. Oh, but Tumblr. Oh, but feminists on the internet. Oh, but we mustn't blame all men, my men are lovely. It doesn't matter how bad it is for someone to have to hear about the experiences, it is far far far worse to have them, and frankly I'd like the complainers to toughen up a bit about it, because goodness knows we've had to. And in my defence, you did say when you started the "men can't even say hi" debate that you knew it wasn't going to go down well. I don't think either of us realised how right you were. And then it just went on into things I quite patently never said, like women always being right and needing to shut up (I thought I was pretty clear that I want them to shout louder!), and all men being to blame and yada yada. Then it became a "women v women" issue, which is exactly what the perpetrators of these things want. It's cumulative and it gives an overall impression. The wrong one, perhaps, but the one that is given. I like you, Beth. I have always liked you. You say you get on with men better than women, well that's fair enough. Women are complicated. But while we obviously don't always agree, I would be really, really upset if what came out of this exchange was yet another "oh look, women can't get on" round of crap, because it's not where anyone who's unfortunate enough to be reading or participating in this is going to learn anything helpful. It's not how I saw our exchange, either. Believe me, I can piss men off too.
  17. but, as necessary, killed silently. KAPOW oh, rats, and it was a good one too. Let's all be nice, or retire. SLEEP
  18. Love it!! nice one. on a side note, he looks similar to my son ! hah..
  19. Well,looks like it wasn't just with me...please read the LL report : Unschedule Maintenance Resolved - Maintenance has been completed and the incident has been resolved. If you are still experiencing issues regarding accessing a region or teleporting to it, please reach out to customer support. Nov 14, 09:48 PST Investigating - We are currently investigating an issue that has affected access to a number of regions. During this time you may get teleport failures, or the region might appear to be offline. Nov 13, 23:09 PST
  20. My turn to look into the crystal bowl... Permaglow Friday morning 06:30 AM SL time. It's has to be 1/3 right, since it is only 3 named regions. Better than the odds for the lottery. Something I really wish we had, tin RL the one thing after the other break down and need repair now. Sigh.
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