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  1. the ones on sale are clearly marked. Also if anyone wants a Saturday sale note card, send me an IM. Edit: Added Doe's sale.
  2. Orwar and Nephe. I snuck into his office. lol
  3. Thanks !! Been working on sponsored content for the past two days, so I wanted to do something fun just for me.
  4. I've been doing a lot of pics for sponsor events. decided to go to Candlewood for the most recent one.
  5. Yes, he made his self-portrait into a door. lol
  6. https://youtu.be/uqozGu-sYLQ Thanks!! I found a youtube video tutorial and followed that.
  7. okay. last pic for the day. I wanted to learn how to do an “old-timey” photo, so I learned how.
  8. Got a new skin and had to do a pic for an event.
  9. ❣ When Caesar’s away the consort will play ❣ My Blog ❣ My PixelVR ❣ My Flickr ❣ My Facebook
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