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  1. MadPea usually has several different HUD games throughout the year. These are usually hunt type games, and you will get some pretty cool gifts at the end. These are usually available for a limited time. The cost does vary. I've seen them anywhere from 100L to up to 500L. However, they do have some HUD driven adventure games, such as Spellbound and Nightmare in New Orleans. Spellbound is based in an Academy of Sorcery. there is magic and mystery involved, and you have to solve puzzles, etc to help out. Starting cost: 1000L for the game HUD. You may need to purchase other items as well, such as robes and a wand. Nightmare in New Orleans is also a interactive adventure game with puzzles, combat and an immersive story set in the 1950s. Starting cost: 1000L for the game HUD You can find all their current games on their website.
  2. So, I saw this outfit an an event a few months ago, and couldn't get it out of my head. So, I finally broke down to get it. After taking the full pic, I took a quick pic of the face, to show @Styxes how her newest lipstick looked and ended loving that too. sooo.... I posted both. lol
  3. I wanted to do something a little dreamy today.
  4. I looked on the MP and couldn't find anything that worked for me. So I just used what I had.
  5. Halsey dropped a new song yesterday and I was inspired by it.
  6. feeling sick again/still, but I managed to slip over to Isles of Scotland for a pic.
  7. I've tried various bento heads and have constantly made adjustments. I had the Lelutka Simone for the longest time. The only reason I went to Catwa is because I noticed more and more stores not making Lelutka versions of the make up I wanted. Genus was newly out and everything was going Catwa/Genus. The Catwa head was okay, but I didn't really care for the HUD. Lelutka's HUD I loved, because to me it was just easier to figure out. I moved to Genus because it looked better in pictures. Since that's what I do most, I tried it out and went with the Baby face. I wish the zones were a bit better, as right now I can't wear different eyebrows and still wear the Genus provided mole, as they are both on the same layer and will cancel each other out. There is a lipstick brand that has the mole added, but I can never remember the name to try it with different eyebrows. 😛 I tried the new Lelutka heads, and they look great. But Py and Momo both told me that they didn't have the "Catrie" vibe. I'm not exactly sure what that is, but if they say the heads aren't me, I'm going to listen. lol Just means more Linden for me to spend on fashion. lol
  8. I demo'd both heads and after sharing pics of them, the general consensus was that neither of them had the "me" vibe. I just felt like being cute today.
  9. oops. sowwy. ((though, I'm pretty sure it's an open secret at this point.lol))
  10. Don't know who Flossie is, huh? okay.... 😎
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