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  1. I've been feeling uninspired lately. Yesterday, I pulled out the free Catwa Freya head I'd gotten a while back and decided to play around with it. Whether I'll keep it full time or not, who knows. but for now, it's something different.
  2. I DJ'd for an RP Drag Queen event, with a fantasy theme, then had to be manager at a club I work at that had a masquerade event. Soooo.... decided that I'd take a pic of my outfit from last night.
  3. Was looking for some "high fashion" hats. @Skell Dagger recommended Zibska, since they are having a sale. I restrained myself and only bought a couple of items. Not exactly what I was looking for, but I still love it.
  4. not sure if this qualifies or not. technically I'm in the pic, but it's not the focus. shrug
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