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  1. aawwww... thanks, Scylla. I'm enjoying taking landscapes, so it may be something you see more often. lol I've also taken these, so far, both at Clifton Forge, as well.
  2. Thanks, Matty. I tried various windlights to get just the feeling I wanted. It took awhile. lol ...I feel like anything you give me will self destruct at the worst time possible. lol
  3. I've been decorating my apartment on the RP sim Clifton Forge. However, I haven't found any wall art that I really HAD to HAVE for my living space. So, this morning, I cammed around the sim, changed windlights several times and finally took one that I really liked.
  4. Honestly, I just put stuff in my wishlist, for me to go back later and buy the stuff. If someone REALLY wants to buy me stuff from there, I have no problems with that. I usually give waaaaay more gifts than I get, and I am QUITE happy about that. I was THAT girl and put my wishlist in my profile, with no explanation, because it's my profile. If something in there turns you off, that's fine. However, at the end of the day, it's my profile. If I want to put a ton of clown pics in it, I will. No one is required to read it ( I know I rarely read other's profiles), so it really doesn't matter to me if someone likes what they read or not. If they don't, that's on them.
  5. If she has shoes in or on her bottom, that's a WHOLE OTHER fetish. 😛
  6. I tweaked my facial features a bit and decided I wanted a new profile pic.
  7. I picked up a hair from Hair Fair. It gave me vibes of like a vampy demon, soooo.... yeah. lol
  8. the demos are in the Notices tab of the group.
  9. It's a Corgi I got from MishMish during The Saturday Sale Also, my "strategy" is to get all the demos from the group, make a specific folder for the Hair fair and put them all in there. Try all the demos on, delete the ones I don't want, then keep the ones I do until I can purchase them. If I can't afford to get them, during the fair, I have them in a folder to get at a later date.
  10. @Alyona Su bought me this top today. Isn't it cute?
  11. While I DID pick the color, I'm pretty sure everyone knows my signature color is pink (which was a choice for this, btw.) lol
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