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  1. the last time a woman went to the bathroom by herself, Hermione got attacked by a Troll.
  2. Sometimes, a random shot is so much better than the one I was actually trying to get.
  3. aaw.. thanks so much. Honestly, I was just feeling cute and killing time before going to the moss&mink party with Momo. lol
  4. Something a little different than my norm.
  5. or better...depending on who you ask. lol
  6. Men can't purchase something that isn't there. I've talked to plenty of male SL players and they lament the fact that they can't easily run out and buy clothing they like, like I can. They end up wearing the same outfit for 6+months, simply because there hasn't been anything they've liked that's been released in that time frame. Even stuff that has been released, the quality isn't always good. The men of SL aren't really given the wardrobe choices they should have. In another thread, several months ago, Skell gave examples of clothing he'd love to see in game. Several people expressed interest in them, but guess what? No designer has come out with anything even remotely similar. I, for one, would buy men's clothing for gifts. I've done so before. The holidays are coming up and people will be spending Linden left, right and center. But, they can't buy what isn't available. If guys were given more clothing options, chances are good that they'd actually spend money on themselves.
  7. Get more stores to offer more than crotch hammocks, board shorts and tank tops. I'm so tired of seeing the lack of good mens clothing options. We women have endless stores to go to. Men only get a handful and most times, they offer the same things, just different textures. Maybe if there were more for men, more men would feel it's worth it to log into SL.
  8. If I'm messaging a stranger, I'll start with " Sorry to bother you but (insert what I was going to tell or ask them)" as I'm polite like that. 😛
  9. When I remember it, I wear it. Especially if I'm going to a public spot. No one needs to see my goodies.
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