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  1. I started to do a set of photos that would have been setup and with a fancy backdrop and everything but someone IM'd me and I ended up chatting all evening so I just took some pics in my boudoir.
  2. I use the mini-map all the time for many of the reasons given by others in this thread and it's a must for sailing but more particularly for pirate ship sailing battles. The mini-map alloys you to see where other ships are in relationship to your own. With some viewers such as Firestorm you can mark avatars on the mini-map with different colors. This is very useful to be able to tell your fleet apart from the enemy fleet so you don't shoot your own side which tends to irritate people. I use Firestorms Contact Sets feature to mark people so I can use more colors that are easier to see on the mini-map plus you don't have to redo them every time you login. Also the chat rings in Firestorm are useful for guessing the range of an enemy ship. The shout ring at 96 meters is a useful guide.
  3. I've been active almost daily since i first logged into SL in late 2006. I'm a lot more active in world than I am in these forums.
  4. If you search VCO in the Market Place you can still get the Milli head. I'm seeing prices of 75 lindens to 299 lindens so their not expensive. missyrideout is correct that it is an older head and being a gacha item it is no copy so you might be happier with a newer head but if you can get it at one of the lower prices It's cheap enough to try.
  5. I made a new navy uniform from a full perm steampunk outfit. (18th Century female uniforms are in rather short supply) These pictures are in my office at our fortress in the Pirates Destiny Estate.
  6. Your pic was fine for this thread. It's for pics of your avie just like the "How does your avatar look today ?" thread. It's just not as popular. There's no reason not to post in both.
  7. I spent most of my day in ship battles so here is how I looked most of today. My side won both battles and several times mine was the last ship afloat. My navy painted ship has until today had a white hull but I've had a lot of technical issues with that version of the ship recently. (There's no real reason why it should have more problems than other versions of the same ship since only textures are different.) So, I took a pink hulled ship originally created as a joke but which I have had better luck with recently and which my gunner far prefers and put my navy sails and flags on that ship. They'll definitely see me coming.
  8. What a silly thing for someone to say. A good furry avatar is just as difficult to put together as a human one. Your human is great.
  9. I can't resist a new gown. There were actually two but I didn't have time tonight to take pics of both so the other will be for tomorrow.
  10. I got this hair thanks to Talli's thread asking if anyone recognized it.
  11. I'm hardly an expert on ******* but I understand while Excite is still available to purchase it hasn't been supported for several years plus they are rather high in scripts so not the most modern ***** on the market.
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