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  1. For the vampire trio I had a horned demon perform the ceremony. He was great. The hard part was finding poses to fit the ceremony
  2. Years ago, I managed a wedding business in SL (2007-2008). We had numerous wedding venues from cathedrals to gothic cathedrals, to woodland settings, and even one set in the clouds. We did help with a few proposals but usually we came in after that. I can tell horror stories about how many prospective grooms made a pass at me while I was talking to him and his bride about the wedding but now isn't the time. My all time favorite was the 3 way lesbian vampire wedding. That one was a blast.
  3. That plus some of y'all have slightly better legs in SL than RL, Not that I can relate to that or anything.
  4. Simone is pretty much the only mesh head I've used. I tried several dozen demos to find one I could make look somewhat like my system head which had been the same since 2007.
  5. I'd be vengeful too if someone did that to my dress.
  6. They told me a while back that lasers wouldn't work for my problem. Maybe that's changed in the past few years.
  7. It's not always an age thing. I've been blind as a bat since I was about 10 although I can read within a few inches just fine. It still freaks my brother out when I push up my glasses to read something.
  8. Sure, drop one on me when you have a chance. I was at a biweekly belly dance tonight and can use it to take pics of my outfit.
  9. Amanda can do things I can't like walk without pain. She also is a lot more adventurous, doing things like pirate ship battles and general sailing. She's who I could have been.
  10. I was looking at my old yachts and deciding which one to bring out of mothballs. I think I decided on the Trudeau 12 Metere. Mid 20th century is about as modern as I care to sail. It has to be a wooden ship.
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