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  1. You mean people actually keep their inventory clean? I should delete the copies for other bodies but i don't. My inventory is a mess so you don't want to do what I do.
  2. I got the Admirals of my fleet together tonight for a picture. The Admiralty of the Continental Navy. (Thats me in the Center)
  3. I have an old photograph from the 1880s of my great great something or other grandmother. The effect is very similar with the scratches and such. My mother is an artist and she had it blown up and painted over it to give it color. The finished results is very similar. Grandwhatever was dressed rather more conservatively although there was water and ducks in the picture. Come to think of it though, you have the same hair lol
  4. If any of the pirates I fight looked like you I would stop fighting.
  5. Those look a lot like the Meshdol-7 Color Nerd Glasses I'm wearing the the 2nd pic of the set just above yours. I like them a lot and their not too different from my RL glasses.
  6. I wear glasses except when I'm asleep or in the shower in RL (I tried contacts which caused one eye to swell to twice it's normal size so won't do that again.). So I often wear them in SL. Here is my modern neko and my 18th Century sailor looks with their glasses.
  7. I should put in a Cochon in my New Orleans. Being the City Manager I could get you reservations Very nice pic.
  8. When I went to a mesh head i tried every demo i could find until I found one I could make resemble my system head. I ended up going with Lelutka Simone. It's not that it's better than the others but that I could make it look like me only better. Like everyone said here, try all the major supported brands and find one that works for you.
  9. You can get horse avatars. I don't have the avatar but I have a new Teegle Animesh horse and there are mentions in the notecards that came with it of their avatar. I noticed some "full body mods" for it on the Marketplace while looking for a saddle.
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