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  1. This is why BoM is superior to the method we've been using with mesh bodies.
  2. either a really big nut for Scylla to be inside it or she has changed to a Micro avatar. 😁
  3. I have an outfits for everything I always wear. body, head, skin, tattoos. I have one of each of the hairs i often wear. then i have my outfits without those items. I wear the body outfit then I add the clothing outfits. then when I need to change something like an update to my head i just do it in the body outfit.
  4. Speak for yourself. I still plan to be Rhonda when I grow up.
  5. I like your Simone face but I’ve been using Simone for years so maybe I’m biased.
  6. I went to the fortnightly belly dance tonight.
  7. I'm at a concert with my Sandrine. It started late and everyone left before it started so Private Show.
  8. I love Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds. My older brother introduced me too it. (so I'm not dating myself )Thanks for reminding me of it, I'll have to dig it up to play tonight.
  9. When we still had a pirate role play/ battle area in Blake Sea, We had a huge trial for the leader of a pirate faction. I was a Commodore in a navy (years later I'm the commanding Admiral of the same navy). We captured the leader of a pirate faction and put him on trial. The role play of the trial was great. I was the prosecutor and we assigned an officer as defense attorney. Just as he was found guilty, his pirate crew attempted to rescue him. I was horrible at metered combat and the pirate faction was known to be the best while my navy was known to be among the best at ship battle but average at metered combat. Somehow I lucked out and defeated one of their better fighters and we fought them off. @Hans Modan New Brunswick is back in Antiquity. Their not exactly the same as they lean more toward steam power so haven't participated with our sailing ship battles but they are role playing. My Continental Navy is active in ship battles in both Antiquity and Pirates Destiny.
  10. You can also get a rezzer script that you can put in anything, then put the objects to rezz inside the same object with the script. I use one to rezz boats at a dock. I have it setup to rezz a boat when i say the boats name.
  11. Well if your date ran off them I'm guessing you.
  12. I love that suit. Where'd it come from? It'd make a perfect gift for my Sandrine.
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