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  1. YOU were assuming. I was pointing out with facts why I think you are wrong. Other people reading your comment might not know the history of Tillia since it was much more behind the scenes until recently. I answered you more for them than for you.
  2. Tillia was created several years ago so doubtful it was with this acquisition in mind. It's recently become more visible. It was created to meet the requirements of United States Financial regulations. LL hopes to sell it's services to other environments that use micro-transactions but don't wish to go through the process for meeting those financial regulations. This might be the value seen by these investors for purchasing a controlling interest in Linden Research. In the meantime, SL is more profitable than Tillia and also the source of Tillia's profit.
  3. I went to a day late 4th of July party with fireworks. Here's how I looked.
  4. I wouldn't say "no-one complained." This is SL, someone ALWAYS complains.
  5. The Clublane Skyport March/April 2008 Along with my collection of blimps, balloons and other flying devices.
  6. I'm texturing some hostess uniforms for a friend. This is not only a raw shot but the uniform before I'v made any changes.
  7. Raw shots getting ready for a ship battle. My graphics were turned down a bit to make sailing smoother. This is my alt and evil twin Laura Dallin the pirate. It's also her ship the Helheim Tigre. Helheim is the name of a pirate crew and their Raven Flag is flying on the ship. This was the combined Antiquity fleet so some of the ships in the background are flying different flags.
  8. Some of you old timers might remember a store called Pillow Talk. This is my Pillow Talk Apple Tree from October 6, 2009 This is the same tree today. And the dismount. The tree might look a bit primitive by today's standards but was amazing when I bought it .
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