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  1. I read this one as "Cowboys with Nipples" and I'm not the least bit ashamed.
  2. I'm sure Clover would say to put them anywhere as long as you wear them often.
  3. That's always been a issue for me as a neko. You look great. Very cute.
  4. erratic had this dress on sale for those in the update group today.
  5. Maybe there is another window out of the frame of the picture and that window is open. Or maybe Scylla is indeed the goddess of nature and making the wind blow.
  6. I have an alt I use as a banker to store lindens that belong to a group. This keeps them from getting mixed up with my personal funds. When I need to transfer lindens between us I log her in with the light weight client Radegast. Radegast doesn't put any strain on my computer at all.
  7. I ran across the Eve Boy body the other day. It's a more androgynous version of the Eve Slim female body. There is a demo on the Market Place.
  8. I suspect that those of us who were around when system layers were the way we got dressed will find BoM easier and more natural.
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