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  1. Kotelle

    What's your IRL job?

    I am a product owner / application owner but I could have been a mathematician
  2. Kotelle

    The Home and Garden thread

    Sukubia, I like what you have done. Also I see many familiar items I've just noticed that I still have half of the prims to use but not so much space. My island is not so big, even if it is on 4096 parcel. So I guess it is time to set up a skybox just in case if I am bored with the beach.
  3. Kotelle

    How does your avatar look today ?

    back from rl vacation but here in sl it feels like I am still having a good time off work
  4. Kotelle

    If you could create something ...

  5. Kotelle

    What are you doing today!? :D

    he didn't say but apparently the girl he loves is from Poland but living in UK. Things are going very international.
  6. Kotelle

    What are you doing today!? :D

    I am having a conversation with a guy who insists that I am from Norway (because in his opinion it suits me) and that I need to help him find a girl he is in love with and that girl has a sister in Norway...
  7. that house is very nice, I wanted to buy it once but I chose something else instead. I am always torn between having a spacious medium size house with as much open space as possible and a building with a few cozy rooms. It is so hard to find a perfect one and now I think if I should throw a housewarming party but... umm... I am bad at parties
  8. Kotelle

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Very simple summer look. Truth hair from Uber, dress from FLF at erratic and simple tiptoed sandals from KC.
  9. ^^ this. At least this time I managed to overcome the urgent need of a big house and choose a big garden / beach area over a big house. But I guess it won't last long.
  10. Kotelle

    Clothes (sexy or otherwise) retailers

    today there's a nice dress at erratic for 50 L$ (FLF), I've just bought mine, lovely summer look
  11. Kotelle

    The Home and Garden thread

    this week FLF brings us nice ivy room divider at dust bunny, a pool at floorplan and some decor animals (I guess birds only) at jian there's more of course but these are the ones I like the most
  12. Kotelle

    The Home and Garden thread

    I can always try lol, that would be fun. last but not least, outside. And I think I am done for couple of days.
  13. Kotelle

    The Home and Garden thread

    It would be my SL dream job to have a lot of rentals and decorate them, if I had more time. I really love this thread.