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  1. well, I am definitely not the Andersen's mermaid, but I hoped to keep the sea witch part in secret. oh and btw I LOVE TO DECORATE!
  2. I've just visited the underwater garden, and I really love it!
  3. living so close to the water slowly turns me into a mermaid again
  4. thanks everyone! I am not very active mermaid, but sometimes the sea calls me I've joined the group and now I am decorating small underwater garden on my parcel so anyone - merfolk or not - is welcome to stop and say hi or just visit. It's in Deno.
  5. I was looking for more merfolk
  6. I have lost several notes with slider numbers written down, so I usually keep one shape save which I call "basic" - like a start shape which looks best with my favorite skin, brows and most of hair. Then I copy it to separate folder where I have all "basic" shapes for all my heads.
  7. I usually am, that's my job to ask many weird questions.
  8. can you elaborate on that, because I am not sure which emote to react I should select
  9. @Scylla Rhiadra this is fantastic what you've just posted!!! And here's mine for today.
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