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  1. I think it's the teeth. They are just too white and too perfect (even for SL standards, lol) and might make my avatar face look too artificial.
  2. I think Zeta is right. It is easier to edit a picture than work with a non-creepy emotions on a face which has limited set of bones and is not that flexible. Here's my try of the faceapp. I am not sure if a smiling me is still me.
  3. Great picture! And I love your hair - where can I get it?
  4. I believe you mean Catwa, Lelutka and Genus, but which one is the 4th one? Laq?
  5. I still don’t like Genus animation hud and the animations, so most of the time my avatar shows no emotions, and it’s fine. I miss so much Lelutka’s animations - best of all I have seen and tried - but as long as I am unable to find or make a perfect shape for any of the Lelutka heads I already own, I am stuck with Genus.
  6. don't worry, I think the round of Equal10, where Pink was available, has just ended, so maybe soon you can find it in store (in couple of days - I noticed they sell hair from other events with some delay)
  7. DOUX - Pink. I got it on Equal10 so I am not sure if they are available in store.
  8. I am on a repeatable quest of cleaning my inventory because I really hate having items I don't use. This time I wanted to have some fun doing that so I had a small photo session wearing forgotten dresses. I am even not sure why I have some of them, might be some FLF, gachas or random items bought just because they were cheap. Anyway, part one and two of Forgotten Dresses Show:
  9. I am actually thinking why I am still keeping my account on premium level. „Free” land is not really free, the possibility to easily get to popular and crowded events is not needed anymore because more and more events have mirror or cam sims. I usually don’t even notice the stipend because I buy much more linden dollars monthly. I don’t really care about the rest. What Scylla said about urban community would be a good idea. I like also what Rhonda proposes (especially one „superaccount” for multiple characters - it is a standard for mmo games - and separate account name from avatar name). I would add an option to buy a homestead without having full sim first. Maybe a possibility to buy abandoned mainland without creating a ticket and waiting 5 days to have it resolved.
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