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  1. I'm going to report it via support case directly to LL, let's see what they can do about it.
  2. rather not, for sure not intentionally. My list of ignored user here on forum is empty and I don't know any other way to block or mute someone or their PMs. They are also not blocked by me in world. Weird thing is that my avatar picture which appears in this conversation is very old, over a year for sure, from pre-bento heads time. I changed it long time ago, both in my profile in world and here but there it is. I wonder if this can help with finding the root cause of this error, maybe there's something wrong with my profile.
  3. I thought exactly the same what you suggested, Skell, but it was right after first message. Then there were 3 or 4 more notifications as it was (and still is) a conversation between 3 persons but it seems that I am the only one who can't access it and answer, they can. I have checked my settings and it seems all notifications are on, as they were yesterday and before. Additionally I am able to exchange messages, it is this one conversation which I can't see in my forum inbox.
  4. no, I can't. The messages are simply not there, however I keep getting emails with them, but can't reach them.
  5. I am not sure if I should report it here, since it is a technical issue I experience with messages on the forum. I haven't seen Forum option for a support ticket to report it directly to LL. Here's the issue: I have received couple of email notifications today that someone sent a message to me and I can see the sender and a part of this message in the email, but when I click Read Full Message, I am moved from my email account to forum with following error message: Sorry, there is a problem. We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2S136/C. There's also no notification on the forum that I have a new message, it comes only via email. Has anyone experienced the same issue or even had it solved somehow?
  6. thanks Scylla, now I can assure you next family picture will be better
  7. I'm inspired by Scylla to play a little with light and shadow
  8. Yep, we met on that bridge, and no, we were not wearing potato sacks anymore. Scylla, this is amazing And here's mine.
  9. when I heard YAM by Fiona (Yet Another Magazine) I immediately thought of SLAM! (SL Another Magazine). when it comes to voting, in-world box sounds also great but in case you are not able to be in world on time, a document is always accessible. Unless you have no internet connection, but then nothing is accessible. Additionally, when using google docs or any other poll system, votes are automatically collected in a file so it is very easy to see the result. But why not both solution?
  10. I propose to combine all answered questions and suggestion to one doc and paste a link to that doc in the first post of every new monthly theme thread. This way you can always add more information or answer more questions in that document without editing the same post in all threads or trying to find out in which thread you answered
  11. can I get a copy of your car? I love it
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