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Welcome to the Second Life Blogger Network (SLBN)!
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Strawberry Linden

Sinful Retreat - 5.jpg

"Hello again! I’m going to be straight with you. I don’t see the point in starting another blog post about Sheba Blitz by explaining what a mandala is. We’re all on the internet, and I would just be paraphrasing a wikipedia entry or other article. Mandalas aren’t foreign to me by any stretch of the imagination, but to explain them to you? I’m not the person to do it. Besides, to use the traditional explanations to try and convey what Sheba does not only talks down to you, but over simplifies her work. No single description could fully convey what she does." Read more on the blog.

Strawberry Linden

Virtual Hotels - 13.jpg

"There are a number of excellent vacation resorts in Second Life, where you book in advance and get a group tag on check in. Unfortunately there are far fewer hotels I've been able to recommend that look and feel like their RL equivalents, and  where just like in RL you can meet people at the bar or restaurant even if you are not staying there." Read more on the blog.

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