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  1. Not sure if she is a hero or a villain -- perhaps a bit of both -- and little is known about her except that she is the grand-niece of Toshiro Mifune. Please use this one for the magazine!
  2. Wandering the streets of Nunox. Raw shot -- sometimes the local lighting just works out.
  3. One last bunny shot from me. Please use this one in the magazine, and thanks @Orwar
  4. Posing in the studio... BTW, these shoes are from Moda which is having a birthday sale of 80% off everything through tomorrow at midnight! (Also included are all furniture, bikes and cars.)
  5. Thank you so much! Maybe it's because I wasn't really trying -- was hanging out at a friend's place, chatting and taking a few shots and everything just happened to fall into place! When I deliberately set things up and think to myself "I nailed" I am often disappointed when looking at the shots later.... And the hat is attached to the hair -- Kimmi by Ayashi. I love it too!
  6. Can you tell that I finally made it to Neo-Japan?
  7. Thanks! The skirt and top are from Gaall -- the Dina outfit.
  8. Messing around in a digital darkroom...
  9. Actually from a couple of days ago, but I love these boots.
  10. To pick up on @Catrie's suggestions Look at me! I am a Forumite!
  11. Forumite? Forum Freaks? Forum Fashion Fanatics? Fabulous Flying Forum Fashionista(o)? subtitle: not just another lame SL fashion mag
  12. I kinda like Vague myself. But then here's another couple: Virtual Vanity A SLeasy Mag Pixelated All My Prim Parts (not strictly accurate, but still) And the title can always have a sub-title/tagline, even a tagline that changes issue to issue. Like: Vague: What I am really doing when I ignore your random TP offer. Virtual Vanity: SL Fashion for Inquiring Minds
  13. In a gothic mood... ETA: I usually don't post more than one image but I love the way this one turned out! So here it is. The one above is a raw shot this one has some post-processing...
  14. Back to our regularly scheduled vanity...
  15. And of course Harley Quinn! This one is proportional to 768x1024, so shrink as needed. And yes this one is for the mag!
  16. Yet Another Bunny from me -- and yes you can include this one! Thanks for doing this, what a fabulous idea to all to whom credit is due! XOX
  17. Love this idea! There certainly should be a punk theme somewhere down the line. How about FTW for the name? Stand for Forumites Takeover (the) World of course.
  18. Challenge accepted -- and this is about as super-heoric as I get.
  19. Yes i did have some bunny outfits deep in my inventory! Happy springtime!
  20. Did I say how much I love this head from LAQ?
  21. It's been a while. Here's me with a newish head from LAQ.
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