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  1. The same thought had occurred to me. However, as all members of the group have already been implanted with microchips as part of the deal for the L$1,000,000 donation we received from Bill Gates, it seems silly to worry about it.
  2. Just a quick shout out and thank you to @Profaitchikenz Haikuand @Qie Niangao, who dropped by my land to check out the mysterious radio tower left by my griefer on an adjoining parcel. Thanks both! Childe Scylla to the Dark Tower Came . . . (Sorry. Lame Robert Browning joke . . .)
  3. There is no direct access to the parcels from the highway, and it's not really a vehicle-friendly place anyway (lots of stairs and steep hills), so that's not really an issue. At some point, I will probably reinstate rezzing rights on the smallest of these parcels, with autoreturn enabled. But not yet. I've now done both of these things.
  4. This was definitely malicious. He's attacked at least three times over the course of 3 days, twice while I was present and both IMing him and responding in real time. On each occasion he was completely filling the land's LI capacity, at a pace that was literally almost faster than I could respond. He did not, I might note, respond to my IMs, and TPed to another part of the sim whenever I got close to him. Interesting to note: I've just realized that the name of the radio tower object, "hvguplink.Flagg," includes the initials of the only group that appears in his profile, which may, by its
  5. No, I didn't AR him. I should have of course, but I was exhausted, and this ended at around 3:30 am my time, sooooo . . . I'll AR him now. One of the interesting things is that this is not a throwaway noobie account. The griefer is over 10 years old.
  6. Ok, so . . . I did a reasonably thorough inspection of the property this morning, and all seems to be ok. I did, however, see this, which belongs to him, on a nearby parcel of abandoned land. That's the property I administer in the background. Again, I'm not sure how he got it there: I'm standing at the nearest rez zone, which is quite distant. It was placed there 3 days ago. At the risk of sounding (increasingly) paranoid, there are two things about this object which worry me. The first is that the sim name has been appended to the object name: it's called "hvguplink
  7. THIS I hadn't thought of. Object entry is indeed ticked. I'll fix that. As per my response to your Orwar, you're probably correct. He was spawning complicated stuff so quickly (I mean, dozens of objects every few seconds) that it's hardly surprising that I couldn't see it. That seems possible. He didn't scoot around, however, until I started chasing him. Thanks for the replies, Prof!
  8. Thanks for the response, Orwar. I'd thought of something like this, but I suspect it would have involved more work than he was willing to undertake. The objects scattered over the no-rezz parcel were, with the exception of the American flag (which did seem deliberately placed), dumped kind of higgledy-piggledy. What is interesting is that during the active griefing attack -- which is to say, when he was dumping crap on the region while I was actually there, responding -- he didn't bother doing this: all of the objects were placed in two small parcels (one was 16x16 m) that I subseque
  9. So, tonight I spent a good hour and a half battling a griefer attack on the group-owned land for which i am an administrator. That it took that long to deal with him, and that he was able to come back after his first go for a second try, is due to the fact that it's a large group of various parcels that straddle parts of three regions, and that it's been so long since I dealt with something like this, that I'd forgotten half of the land tools at my disposal. (One of the "good" things about tonight was that it was a crash refresher course in land management.) Without getting into too much
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