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  1. In university I read Horace, Caesar, and Cicero in the original. Who'd have thunk I'd be laid low by A. A. Milne and Winnie the Pooh?
  2. I do! Or did. I think it's in a box somewhere. I tried reading it once. Eheu! I felt like a 4 year old learning how to read again.
  3. I doubt that there is anyone on this forum who has not lost at least one loved one whose life they valued. I have lost several. My grandmother, who fought her cancer every step of the way because she, unlike you, loved life, died literally in my arms. It was where she wanted to be. There is still a void there where she once was. Don't you DARE tell me that their lives were unimportant, or that their deaths were a "release." Don't you DARE tell me that I am selfish to grieve the loss of someone who valued her life, and whose existence meant so much to me. Who the hell do you thin
  4. Says WHO? Why do YOU get to decide that someone else's death is a good thing? You really are an ignorant tunnel-visioned piece of work.
  5. These are super excellent points. But I suspect that they miss the point. I don't think it's so much about who gets derendered as what he can still look at. I.e., good looking women (understood in a conventionally binary way) avatars. Because, of course, if lag were the main issue, the logical thing to do would be to jellydoll those with high complexity ratings.
  6. Why embarrassed??? I grew up on Milne's Winnie the Pooh stories -- read to me, and also audio tapes. My mum still quotes from them constantly. When I first left home, I was gifted The Zen of Pooh. They are everything. The stories that always most compelled and terrified me were the ones from The House on Pooh Corner, about the Heffalump. I still get shivers when I think of Pooh raging around the pit with a honey pot on his head. So, sweet moments (Pooh sticks!) and terrifying ones. Everything.
  7. Yeah right. Like I’d ever wear something that stopped me from talking.
  8. So mean! I'm not going to wait for you to walk into a glass door. I'm going to push you.
  9. God, the rendering cost of our hair alone! It should be noted that all the respondents here are women . . . and this is sure going pretty slowly.
  10. I'm on my way over with a broken balloon and an empty honey pot. "It goes in! AND it comes out!"
  11. Um . . . and men make it slower????? Seriously confused here. And it's ok, I'm a woman. I won't slow down your response at all.
  12. Probably I know it, but you wouldn't mind PMing me the store, would you? I'm always looking for nice thing ca. 1890-1950.
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