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  1. What Nova says. You can get indoor shadows from sunlight coming through a window, but you won't see it otherwise from EEP. That's because you'll get indoor lighting from ambient light, but the direct light from the sun is stopped by the walls of the room. The answer is definitely to use projectors to cast the shadows where you want. And, of course, you can colour that light a tinge of orange (or red, or whatever) if you want to replicate sunlight at a particular time of day. You can do what Hunter says -- I have on occasion created my own shadow prims for objects when I was havi
  2. Archbishop Ussher, presumably. One hopes that rushing all of those fossil fuels into existence doesn't mean that they didn't test it properly for safety. It would be awful to discover that the oil we've been using had serious and detrimental side effects . . .
  3. Um, no. That's how experiments, used to prove or disprove a hypothesis work. That is NOT how most scientific inquiry operates. We've never had a "control subject" earth, or moon, or sun, or universe . . . and yet we've learned a fantastic amount about these things nonetheless. By your logic, we wouldn't understand tidal forces, as we don't have any large bodies of water not influenced by the moon as "controls," to cite one simple instance. As it happens, however, scientists DO have a model: our understanding of past climates and climate changes. We know how quickly glaciers have advanced
  4. Not sure about calling cards, but you can use subfolders in Outfits. I have about 3 levels (and occasionally more) of subfolder in my Outfits. It's sooooo much easier to find things.
  5. Setting up my photo exhibition that begins this week at the ArtCare Gallery. (On the theme of "light," if that isn't perhaps evident enough from the pic.)
  6. It is for SL: there is a huge presence by merchants, photographers, artists, and just people who like taking snaps on Flickr. (Which maybe says more about SL than it does about Flickr.) Join some groups and post. Follow people and fave; engage with them in comments. Some people use their Flickr handle as an advertisement too.
  7. Wow. You're really getting the hang of this! Magnificent!
  8. Gorgeous pic. See? I told you! Light is FUN! (Just keep away from Maddy, or it will be firelight.)
  9. Thanks Charalyne! Lighting is FUN!
  10. I'm going to agree that this is NOT as bad as Red Zone, which didn't even bother to hide its central intent, and which leveraged paranoia to an unprecedented degree to advance sales. And I'm willing to accept that the way this has been setup (I'm intrigued by the issue of the use of Experiences) may have entirely innocent intent. But we can't know that. And right now, it's a loaded weapon that is certainly capable of being abused. LL can shrug this off, of course, for the reasons you suggest -- it's stated purpose is, I suppose, at worst marginally against the ToS. But waiting t
  11. Ok, so this is essentially a way to get around the "you need to be streaming media" thing. And it seems to make more sense to ask a visitor to open a web site than to start streaming media? I think I get it now, but it's still enormously intrusive, and potentially dangerous.
  12. Assuming that they are being genuine about not collecting and storing other kinds of data. And it still seems overly-elaborate to me. I wouldn't trust an unknown web link sent to me by someone I didn't already know well. Why on earth would anyone choose to trust this device?
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