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  1. This digressive series of puns will undoubtedly entrail a lock on the thread.
  2. Pretty much my practice too. My block list consists of 8 objects. I don't think I've ever blocked a person. Part of that is due to my particular brand of neurosis: I'd much rather know that I can see what someone is saying than not -- even if I don't actually look. And as for generic annoying chat spam and such, it's easiest just to ignore. That said, I can totally understand why some people might want to block other avatars, particularly in cases where what is being said is causing real emotional distress or anxiety. So, as Rolig says, YMMV. Certainly, the choice to block or not is not an ethical issue. It's a tool available for those who need or want it, and they are the only proper arbiters of whether it is appropriate or not.
  3. Oxford Street, W1 (With a cat in a box. Can you see it?) ETA: Never mind. The cat wasn't there. Now it is. Probably a Cheshire cat.
  4. From the look of it, you need to take your alt for some serious clothes shopping.
  5. I met someone yesterday who claimed to have over 900 alts, which he used to play Bloodlines. I asked him if that was cheating, and he admitted it was, but claimed everyone did it. He said it was expensive though.
  6. With respect, no it is not. There's not much question that sex is an important part of a great many people's SL experience, but there Is a vast range of other things to do on this platform. Even for many of those who do engage in sex here, it need not be the actual focus of the experience. One of the things that most frustrates me about discussions of this platform is the reductive tendency for some people to assume that everyone else here is swimming around in whatever particular little bubble THEY think is most important, be it sex, or RP, or gaming, or shopping, or music, or whatever. All of these things are important, but it is the fact SL offers them all, separately or in complicated combination, that makes the platform special. Sex would seem to be your thing here. That's great; enjoy. But please don't relegate everyone else's SL to the margins because you happen not to share their interests.
  7. You've obviously run across a much better class of griefer than I tend to. For most of the ones I've met, it wasn't the prims that were "mega."
  8. I've just come from @Talligurl's new art exhibit! It's definitely worth a look. This is the one I think I like best. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Water Haven/148/60/22
  9. You know that there is a specific subforum for role play, right? https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/320-role-play/
  10. Yes, agreed. I am so excruciatingly bored by Tilia that it's become almost painful just contemplating it. Should anyone ever seek an example of a totally unnecessary, uninteresting, and artificial "crisis" generated by nothing more than poor communications, let them look no further. I look forward to seeing the stake driven into the heart of this one by LL -- if they can ever manage to find a hammer with which to do it -- so that we can move on to other, hopefully more substantive crises. Linden Home trailers, anyone?
  11. If anyone was being these things, I didn't notice it. I just saw a debate and disagreement. It is indeed better than nothing, but LL can, and I'm pretty sure will, do better. The ideal is both long and short form communications -- the former for those who want or need fuller detail, and the latter for the majority who don't. LL has done a better job now of providing details, which is indeed a step towards fuller transparency. The next step is to provide something much briefer and more accessible, for a much broader audience. As am I!
  12. YES! THIS! Exactly! As I am pretty sure I said above, I think the town hall was a good idea: I like to see LL reaching out to different kinds of residents through a variety of channels. But most SL residents -- probably 90% or more -- don't need more than a one or two sentence communication informing them that this doesn't apply to them at all. The next largest group, who don't transfer money out, but do have a USD balance, need a few sentences more, explaining that they need to agree to the Tilia TOS, and that they may potentially be charged an "inactivity fee." And there should be links to fuller, more detailed explanations, like the video, for those who want or feel they need more information.
  13. As town halls go, it was fine. And for those who are either sufficiently interested, or really want the fully detailed story, it's a great resource. But most people don't want, or need, that much information. A town hall, and a video like this (or a lengthy transcript of it) is not even close to the best means to communicate the simple information that needs to be conveyed to the vast majority of SL residents. If you were told that Facebook had new privacy guidelines, but that to learn them, you had to sit through an hour long video of a cartoon Mark Zuckerberg droning on about them, would you do it? If you got a new video game, and were informed that, before you could even load it, you were required to watch an hour of the game company's Vice President, Development, talk about the licensing agreement you were accepting, would you do it?
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