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  1. Can someone please point me to where the OP "begged" for anything? For themselves, or anyone else for that matter? Regardless of whether or not it is true that "most" of us are unemployed, the suggestions that there are millions hurting financially now because of this pandemic is demonstrable fact: what is not clear is how this may be impacting upon LL's own financial situation. The OP did not "beg": they asked a perfectly reasonable question, albeit one that is premised upon information (are premium signups dropping? Are estate owners bailing in any significant numbers? Are rentals being impacted?) that we don't have access to yet. The question was -- as more or less directly articulated in the title of the thread -- has LL put in place any plans or mechanisms to respond to the presumptive impact of the recession/depression that we are now quickly sliding into? Thanks to the few here who have actually attempted to answer the question. As for the other responses: I get, to some degree anyway, the hostility of people to those who come here demanding that something be done to help them. This OP doesn't do that. When we respond to a relatively reasonable (even if misguided) question with the same vitriol as we would to a bona fide "beggar," it is we who end up looking like jerks. The pile-on here is unnecessary, uncalled for, and ungenerous.
  2. Yes. But concurrency is only part of the picture. How are land rentals and sales being impacting? What about estates; how many region owners are being forced to leave or cut back? Are premium memberships holding up? What about the buying of Lindens? It's hard to believe that some of these things are not being hit to some degree. Possibly increased concurrency and, maybe, sales are making up for it? Or maybe not. I don't know the answers to these questions, but this disruption of the global economy is going to ripple out in really dramatic ways. I think it's foolish to assume that LL is going to pass through this unscathed, yet alone be a net gainer.
  3. ETA: What HAS been really quite lovely to see is how SL's residents seem to be responding -- at least many of them. I've heard occasional stories of rent "forgiveness" for tenants who are in a tight financial situation, and a really significant number of merchants have been offering freebies and/or significant discounts on goods in an effort to strengthen SL and the community. SL is a world we built ourselves, in many ways. It may well be that we will be what saves it, and keeps the community afloat, during this awful time.
  4. You're not the first to ask here if LL plans to reduce fees, or tier, or whatever, in order to help those who have been financially stricken by the pandemic, or retain people who may otherwise be lost. You can find LL's only really comprehensive public pronouncement on its response to the pandemic here: https://community.secondlife.com/blogs/entry/3867-a-message-from-our-ceo-coronavirus-and-second-life-operations/ While LL has, apparently, reduced pricing for non-profits and educational institutions in order to encourage and/or facilitate the use of the platform for meetings, classes, events, and so forth, there appear to be no plans to do more. It may be that will change if the platform does begin to experience serious losses, but it would appear, in fact that it is actually bustling. Sign ups and concurrency both appear to be up, at the moment. I haven't seen any figures to suggest that there is increased economic activity in-world, but it seems not unreasonable to suggest that there is some. How much of that activity is reflected in LL's bottom line I do not, of course, have any way of knowing; it would be mere speculation to suggest that they are doing "well" as a result of renewed interest in SL. But it should also be remembered that LL is coming off the recent failure of Sansar, and some job losses of its own as a result of that; I think it's pretty clear that there is some financial retrenchment and maybe even austerity necessary to keep the company healthy as it works out its next direction. I'm not at all sure that they are in the financial position to offer substantive reductions in things like fees. Of course, the point that Vanity makes above is also true: there are unquestionably individuals -- consumers, land renters and sim owners -- who are suffering right now, and may not be able to put the money they once did into SL. And that will probably impact in negative ways upon the LL's own finances and the health of the platform. I guess we'll see. Bottom line: it's really difficult to know a) what the net impact of this all is upon SL and the health of LL, and b) how LL will or even can respond. Whatever it does, if it does anything at all, will be in keeping with its own understanding of its financial situation, and its analysis of what needs to be done.
  5. Not far from where I live is a small greasy spoon diner that is open all night, and is reasonably well known in the city for that reason, and for the excellence of its breakfasts. It's tiny -- it seats maybe 15 to 20 people at stools along the counter (it looks a fair bit like Edward Hopper's "Nighthawks") and if you pass by at 3am (as I sometimes have) you'll see that it's actually busier then that it is at dinner time, mostly with police and late night partiers, rubbing elbows. A couple of weeks ago they, along with nearly all of the restaurants in Toronto, were ordered closed by the provincial government. This is unprecedented, you understand: this place literally never closes. It was an index, in a way, of how serious everything was. Last Friday, as I walked by the place, I noticed a sign, announcing that that coming Sunday morning, they'd be giving out 150 free take-away "breakfast kits," consisting each of (I think) a half a dozen eggs, a half a loaf of bread, and a quantity of bacon; there followed a series of instructions detailing how they'd be doing this, while ensuring social distancing, safety, and so forth. This was their "thank you" to a city they've been serving for almost 70 years, and that was now in crisis. It was about community. I haven't eaten there in years. When this is over, I'll be returning. For a Sunday breakfast.
  6. @monkstripes -- There's a Reset button on the right hand panel of the Genus HUD; you can access it using either the "Genetics" or "Cosmetics" tab. See below! This will remove all of the appliers, including skin, and should reset skin tinting as well.
  7. Must . . .resist . . . Oh f**k it. Ok, boomer.
  8. *coughs* Excuuuuuuuse me? In addition to which, pretty much the entire punk movement, which got its inception in the late 70s? And, if you're looking for smart social commentary, protest, and satire from the period, how about Patti Smith, Lou Reed, Iggy and the Stooges, etc., etc., etc. The 70s actually created a new genre of "protest music" -- less "earnest" and "naive," smarter, more cynical, and (with apologies to @Dillon Levenque), often much more interesting and clever than that of the Vietnam era. It's the model for most protest music today.
  9. Beth, what Seicher said, pretty much exactly. I just want to add that, as difficult as it may be (and I can speak with some authority on that issue as well, having been provoked on a few occasions by the master troll of whom Seicher speaks into posting things I really regretted posting afterwards), you don't need to "deal" with this at all. You can ignore, block, whistle nonchalantly, whatever. That can actually, I know, be more difficult than responding effectively, so god knows I'm not going to berate you if you feel you can't. In the final analysis, do what is best for you. BUT . . . this thread has served an enormously good purpose. Whether or not you continue to contribute to it, you can, you should, feel really proud of what you have gifted people with here. Even if you walk away, do so with a feeling of accomplishment.
  10. Well, you know someone was going to. /me awaits your detailed explanation patiently
  11. When you're in fabulous Kowloon with a friend for a visit, but the region rules are enforcing "stay in place" orders. Also, we couldn't agree on what to order in.
  12. You are correct about the exact date of the LL Act; however, FDR had already signaled his intentions of supporting Britain and the Commonwealth. He first called America the "Arsenal of Democracy" in December of 1940, and before that had already taken steps to provide Britain with assistance, most notably through the leasing of destroyers in exchange for naval bases. In fact, the first steps in supporting Britain financially date from as early as 1939. I do of course know that America did not enter the war until 7 (not 11) December, 1941; it's official "neutrality" was, however, a mostly convenient fiction for a long time before that happened.
  13. Oh, I think he's empowered by the Defence Production Act to do it . . . although how a 70 year old law might, in practical terms, apply to multinational conglomerates that just happen to be headquartered in the States is an interesting question. Trudeau has just said that he's not looking to retaliate: "Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he plans to talk to U.S. President Donald Trump about White House orders to Minnesota-based 3M to stop exporting its surgical-grade face masks. Trudeau says he is not looking at counter-measures against this move by the U.S., but rather he believes the countries can come to a diplomatic solution."
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