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  1. Yay! I am going to frame my "Roxy Approved" certification!
  2. Phil? Is that you? I'd like to spend a moment reminiscing. It's not too soon, right? /me clears throat My earliest and fondest memory of Tarina dates back to, I guess, 2009? On the old RA forum. I'd created a joke thread, and Tarina upbraided me (not without some justice, I suspect) for being a little "cliqueish" (or something like that), and directing my humour at the "in crowd." I'd like to think that that is sort of what Tarina herself is doing here. And that 10 years from now, on whatever version of the forums we have then, she'll reminisce about my imminent virtual demise in the same way. RIP Tarina. But don't forget to drop by and visit occasionally! I'm sure my wrist will still be in need of slapping!
  3. Well, most immediately, it happens to be the name of a very kind person who said nice things about me when I needed to hear nice things. But also, it has, shall we say, certain personal and lovely associations with me and my childhood. 🙂
  4. Have I ever mentioned here how much I love the name Kate? And anyone even remotely associated with that name? And also, Roxy's refined and sophisticated taste in friends? 🙂 This morning I stopped taking pictures in-world in disgust because it seemed to me one of those days when pretty much everything I touched turned to dross and muck. So, these very kind words are doubly appreciated. So, thank you very much. You've made my day much nicer than it was.
  5. This forum (and particularly this thread) abounds with lovely people. And one of the loveliest of all is @Rhonda Huntress. Rhonda is one of those rarest of creatures -- almost like a unicorn, except not at all full of herself -- because she derives pleasure from being kind and bringing happiness to others. This morning Rhonda, unprompted and entirely unexpectedly, gifted me with a gorgeous blazer outfit from Giz Seorn. It was one of those "random acts of kindness" that one hears a lot about, but so seldom experiences. This is, as many of you can attest, not her first offense In fact, some 6 months ago, when I was here asking about mesh jeans, she gifted me (wait for it!) a lovely pair of mesh jeans. The woman is clearly incorrigible. Here, in celebration of my lovely new outfit, and of the generous, sweet woman who decided that I needed it (I did! Who knew?), is a wholly inadequate picture of me looking swanky in my new clothes. (I'm not very good at pictures today, for some reason: a pic that more effectively displays my new-found swankitude will follow at some point.) Hugs, Rhonda. And thank you. .
  6. Beautiful, Laika! I kinda want the dress. Also, where is this?????
  7. Those steps would be handy! I have difficulties even reaching the door handles in some builds.
  8. I think, given that we are living in a digital, virtual world, that we should probably be expansive about our definition of "landscape." This is gorgeous! I should probably explore underwater more . . . except that I am not a mermaid, and hence likely to drown. (Also, I hate getting water up my nose.)
  9. I should rename the thread "Landscapes . . . with Sheep." I love the contrast between the foreground and the ruins behind!
  10. I think appearance makes a great deal of difference in RL; Zeta's point above is well made. But there's a difference between how we respond to someone's body and face, and how we might read how they dress, their grooming, etc. I think that we'd agree that, however important it might in fact be, responding to the former is "shallow," while the latter is not. In SL, of course, that is not a real distinction: even those of us who survive on freebies have an enormous number of choices to make about how we represent and look, ranging from gender, race, and even species at one extreme, to our cultural affiliations and taste on the other. (I might add that I know some amazing looking system avatars, and equally some really terribly put-together mesh ones.) And in a world where 95% or more of direct communication is by text, and the usual visual and auditory cues (body language, facial expression, tone of voice) are mostly absent, reading someone's personality and identity from the particular choices that they do make is not only inevitable, but pretty legitimate. A person with an avatar that looks terrible may be communicating through that little more than that they don't care about the visual element of SL that much, but that itself is an enormously important bit of information. Judging someone on how much money they likely spent on their avatar is probably, still, pretty shallow and stupid. And anyone who only cares about appearance is being foolish. But adding the information that the choices they've made about their appearance (almost all of which, again, is in their control) to the myriad of other factors that determine our responses to them is really do nothing more than assessing another set of clues and communications signals that we use to connect here.
  11. Tali, I'm pretty sure you can search for the display name, and find the account name that way. I just found you by searching for "Talitha," for instance.
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