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  1. My alt is always trying to raid my closet. it's led to some tremendous fights.
  2. The decoys are also in a red black gear.. the exact one the hunt item is in with the exact same name. All six decoys with a peanut on a plate I found were in the same gear on the sign in the store with the hint. That's what I found disrespectful of the customers.
  3. I found six separate decoys. SIX. That's awful and shows a great disrespect for the customer. I left and not sure I'll ever go back.
  4. The sisters hate each other but they do seem to dress a lot alike. Navy Blue Pirate Pink
  5. We haven't had events there in a while but my Second Home Club is still on my New Orleans City region. It was started in February 2007 so just over 14 years ago. it's been located in 3 different places but in the current spot for about 12 years. It was fairly popular for a small club in the old days but we hold most events in the city park or Bourbon Street now.
  6. I used Angel Rock for years and still would if they supported LeLutka heads.
  7. Pirates Destiny has their own system similar to G&S. Also, Antiquity just started up their own system too. I don't know the details but I understand they bought a basic system then modified it for their purposes.
  8. I'd second jynx47 on Pirates Destiny. My Continental Navy is active both there and in Antiquity. Pirates Destiny is a bit more hard core role play.
  9. I have my 10th Annual Mardi Gras today. I've scaled it back from the 8 to 10 hours of the past to 3 hours because I'm getting old.
  10. I tried SL in late 2005 or early 2006 before point to point but my internet connection was too slow to handle it. In November 2006 when I had a faster connection I logged in as Amanda for the first time.. I don't remember that first accounts name.
  11. I'm just over 14 years and have never taken a break from SL. I still enjoy it as much as ever. Maybe it's because I'm not a wrinklie like Cris. I think the Wrinklies are those who were here before free accounts which I believe was sometime in mid 2006 around the same time they did away with telehubs and went to point to point tps.
  12. Laura the Evil Pirate painted a new ship tonight. (New for her, Amanda has been sailing that particular ship for 5 years)
  13. I found the Toksik coat that @Orwar mentioned. It's fancy. I might make this my dress uniform for balls and receptions.
  14. Skell pointed out both of these in another thread. I"ll checkout Toksik too.
  15. I'm not sure which of my new uniforms I like better. This is at the Continental Navy fortress in Pirates Destiny That's the CNS Trebuchet behind me. I sail her a lot.
  16. I setup another new uniform outfit tonight. Then danced around my skybox menagerie. Later in the week I'll take some pics of it in a more appropriate setting.
  17. Admiral Amanda's new Uniform Coat thanks to @Skell Dagger I might look around for a sword that will work with it but that's not important.. I'm an Admiral, I have people to do the dirty job of sword fighting for me.
  18. The outfits from Hotdog and ContraptioN that @Skell Dagger posted are better than nearly everything else available. My officers have piece together the best we can find but it's difficult for ladies. In fact i'm going to suggest the Hotdog Navy Uniform Coat to all of my officers, men and women. There are some older outfits out there but this one is better than all of those.. I"ll post some pics of my new uniform soon with this coat.
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