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  1. *snaps her fingers like she is at open mic night at a poetry cafe*
  2. Another thing to check is that your neck size for the head, mesh body and system shape are all the same size. If one is different it can lead to the neck seam being more visible.
  3. *looks at the title, then looks at the quoted bit, looks back at the title* *The chameleon spins in circles*
  4. ~ Behind Studio 54 ~ If who you knew and what you wore couldn't get you inside, you could still keep dancing.
  5. Seeing as how this challenge has been around since at least 2014, I think the "no lashes" is a bit outdated and like Skell so eloquently wrote, "it don't make no sense to say 'no lashes' but other genetical stuff is okey-dokey". I worked with one young lady that got so stressed her eye lashes fell out. That is my only personal experience in RL of someone having no lashes. No brows? Sure all the time, just please draw them on so they match. I also think challenges like these should be open to interpretation. Bare to me means more than just taking off make-up or clothes, it is exposed and a little vulnerable. There's a bit of my pixel soul (so to speak) in that shot.
  6. Thank you. We were until the beginning of May, when I learned things. So now there's stuff to work through.
  7. You're welcome! There are worse songs, just saying. And none more fitting.
  8. Rhonda accepted a promise ring from me today. There's a long road ahead but we're taking it together, one day at a time.
  9. Frakkin heck, Suku! You have all my energy AND my cake! You need anything, ANYTHING, reach out to me. We're practically twins, you fight, fight! There's so many more Octobers.
  10. Hide and Seek “For there is no folly so great as keeping one's sorrows hidden.” ~ Anthony Trollope, Framley Parsonage
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