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How does your avatar look today ?


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8 minutes ago, Scylla Rhiadra said:

I know exactly where you are, and it's never looked as good as it does here. The slight vertical distortion is a really great effect, too!

I have some painting in a gallery down that street, and my permanent gallery is down a side street to the right, I have taken lots of pictures in this sim, not one came close to this one though, and this was just a random surprise. i had been taking pictures of me at the base of these stairs from outside the building, and  then just swung to camera around to see what it looked like, and  was like, WOW.

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I have a hard time taking far-away screenshots of my avatar. The lost details bother me. =( If anybody has any tips for screenshots in general that they'd like to share, i'm all ears!(or eyes). I'd be much appreciative. ❤️ I know very little about taking screenshots of characters/avatars and have always been more of the scenic screenshot type of person.


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57 minutes ago, Madelaine McMasters said:

From the looks of it, either B2 or B3. Only you know what floor you got on at, so why are you asking us?

See? Posts like this are why they won't let you back into Hell, Maddy. You p*** everyone off too much.

(What you can't see in my pic, because I cropped her out, is Maddy at knee-height, sticking her pitchfork into my foot.)

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I had time on my hands today and a bit of overtime money to spend. Meet my sister Odaraia (and you know SL is running out of names when you have to go back to the Cambrian explosion  to find a name that's not already taken). She's wearing Maitreya Lara,  Catwa Blueberry, both modified to my liking, and Skinnery Zendaya. Odaraia is going to be very fashion forward once I let her into the shopping events.  


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