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  1. And have you been taking pics of bloomers? HARDLY appropriate, do you think?
  2. Gosh, you just sounded like . . . an old and largely unlamented forum regular/ troll. /me peers at you suspiciously
  3. Ok, here's my peeve. I don't have many of 'em, but this one is kinda annoying. LL's "Photo of the Day" will highlight "Lick an Ice Cream Cone Day" and "Pet a Ferret Day" (ok, those are made up, but they're only slight exaggerations), but is there a featured photo marking International Women's Day? Um, no. Not important enough? Although . . . props for covering Black History Month. And OBR. Still. Grrrr.
  4. Yep. All of this is entirely true. In fact, I sent out a notecard to my groups this morning with links to stories detailing the radical origins of the day. The main contribution of the Soviets was to fix it on 8 March (although they didn't actually initiate that). I'll agree entirely that the Soviet Union had a pretty mixed record on, well, pretty much everything, including women's rights. I'm not sure why any of this is particularly relevant to the modern commemoration of the day? (Luxemberg is a fascinating figure. I don't idolize her, and I'm not big on the way she was co-opt
  5. "Mais Joséphine, je vous en supplie! J'ai besoin de mes balles!" Works for me.
  6. March 8 has been celebrated as a day recognizing both the achievements and particular challenges faced by women since the early decades of the 20th century. It was recognized by the United Nations in 1977. Personally, I've been celebrating IWD in Second Life in a variety of ways since I began here. This year, I made freebie tee shirts for two of my feminist groups, and sent these out with a notecard about the day. And I produced a photograph that celebrates the contributions of women during both world wars -- contributions that demonstrated conclusively that women were more than capable o
  7. I love the clarity and the lighting in this, Laurel, the missing head notwithstanding. It's a really great picture.
  8. Here's my version of biking in Belli! From left to right, @Stranger Hoxley, me, @Eva Knoller, @BelindaN, @TatianaNikolay, @Saskia Rieko, and @Laurel Aurelia.
  9. And in other news . . . tomorrow is International Women's Day, so I've spent some time over the last week creating freebie tee shirts for each of two of my groups, "Stop Violence against Women" and the "SLLU Feminist Network." Today I sent them out to the groups. This is the one I'm happiest with. It ain't Addamberry, but at least it gets the point across.
  10. So, @manoji Yachvilihas a new exhibit! This one is quite modest in scope and size, but really interesting. Entitled "Change of Life," she's put it together partially in recognition of International Women's Day on Monday. It is intensely personal and, in some respects, a bit squirmy. It probably speaks more to women than to men, but I am positive anyone who goes will be glad they did. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sunny Hills/223/26/1366
  11. I wrote about this once. Well, technically, my alt Laskya wrote about it. And it was part of a larger discussion about appearance in SL. But here is the relevant excerpt from the blog post. (Note on context: this dates from early 2014, when fitted mesh was still largely on the horizon). It would be interesting (although I have neither the time nor inclination) to determine the reasons why the individuals belonging to a group such as this might make the conscious choice to employ “ugly” avatars. Are they Augmentationist Extremists? Are they protesting against gendered sexual st
  12. Well, said griefer and his behaviour certainly brings to my mind some form of bodily excrement.
  13. UPDATE! The mysterious tower is gone, presumably removed by LL, or removed automatically when autoreturn was set to 5 mins. There's another building of the griefer nearby on another abandoned parcel (set down at the same time) still there. That land is still a free rez zone. But it doesn't have any scripts in it, so it doesn't appear to pose any kind of threat (even assuming the tower did), so I'm not going to worry about it.
  14. The same thought had occurred to me. However, as all members of the group have already been implanted with microchips as part of the deal for the L$1,000,000 donation we received from Bill Gates, it seems silly to worry about it.
  15. Just a quick shout out and thank you to @Profaitchikenz Haikuand @Qie Niangao, who dropped by my land to check out the mysterious radio tower left by my griefer on an adjoining parcel. Thanks both! Childe Scylla to the Dark Tower Came . . . (Sorry. Lame Robert Browning joke . . .)
  16. There is no direct access to the parcels from the highway, and it's not really a vehicle-friendly place anyway (lots of stairs and steep hills), so that's not really an issue. At some point, I will probably reinstate rezzing rights on the smallest of these parcels, with autoreturn enabled. But not yet. I've now done both of these things.
  17. This was definitely malicious. He's attacked at least three times over the course of 3 days, twice while I was present and both IMing him and responding in real time. On each occasion he was completely filling the land's LI capacity, at a pace that was literally almost faster than I could respond. He did not, I might note, respond to my IMs, and TPed to another part of the sim whenever I got close to him. Interesting to note: I've just realized that the name of the radio tower object, "hvguplink.Flagg," includes the initials of the only group that appears in his profile, which may, by its
  18. No, I didn't AR him. I should have of course, but I was exhausted, and this ended at around 3:30 am my time, sooooo . . . I'll AR him now. One of the interesting things is that this is not a throwaway noobie account. The griefer is over 10 years old.
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