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  1. Good Night, and you might not think it is worth anything, but i will say a prayer for you.
  2. you should I was doing things in world, now I am just laying here
  3. I unpacked my piano again
  4. Rocking out today
  5. I am at a concert
  6. Working
  7. Today I added a small fish tank to my place.
  8. Sitting in my new, and not yet finished , kitchen and dining area.
  9. In world crushes? I am usually the subject of those leaving a trail of broken hearts.
  10. Is this my Second Life? because here there are few rules, or the First Life, because I have a pretty good handle on the rules I need there.
  11. You have it backwards, The guy pays the girl. and Lacey, we should get together, I have a big place in SL, and no one to share it with right now.
  12. Yes, my SL ex partner is back even though we were just together a few seconds
  13. Thank you, and to relax a little now that my work is done, a little fishing. OK,maybe more posing on the dock than actual fishing, LOL, fishing for compliments.
  14. I finished a painting for a friend.