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  1. To make money in SL you have two options. You can build things and sell them, or you can become a sex worker.
  2. This reminds me of one of my absolute dearest friends who I miss very much because he no longer comes to SL, In Sl he was a cat. A lot of very interesting people choose not to be human in SL
  3. I used these things as well, and yes they come get the 1L and never buy a thing, I don't even think they bother to look to see what I was selling.
  4. The breach of course, My tan skin however is one I got with a complete avatar I picked up for 1L about a week after i started SL, I had used it till I went mesh and had to give up my old system skin. but BOM let me use it again. I just love the tone and I had never found anything I liked as much back when i was mesh before BOM.
  5. So I saw these new eyes and had to have them, it is debatable just how much different they are from my old ones, but I think they have a little more sparkle.
  6. All dressed up for my date later today.
  7. It is like trying to buy the best car, it really depends on what you want to do with it. A young single guy who loves speed and handling is going to pick out a totally different vehicle than a Mother of 4 who has numerous practices to take her kids to. Then of course is the issue of how much you can or want to spend. That mother wanting to transport her kids around might not be willing or able to shell out the cost of a Range Rover and so would settle for a Ford Exhibition instead. even though that Exhibition isn't better than the Range Rover, it is better fro her because she can afford it.
  8. I tired to post from my iPad this morning and couldn't, Not sure if it's me or something that changed with the forums. I used the forums a lot with my tablet since i can't get to SL with it.
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