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  1. My latest experimental shot in learning about light, I had the neon from another picture I did recently for a painting.
  2. And what sorta wannabe model doesn't take selfies and post them for everyone to see?
  3. my absolute favorite store used to be Brii, back when i had a classic avi. I did all there hunts and loves there clothes, I probably was there inworld two three times a week at least. Then I finally made the switch the mesh, with a Maitreya Avi, and there stuff wasn't so exciting to me anymore. Now I have several, bu tat the top of the list are Blueberry, Pixicat, Dirty Princess, Baii maii, Seven and more.
  4. but there are no pictures on your page
  5. I had seen this top in the marketplace a few times but never really understood that it was just the collar till last night, and of course then I had to look for the perfect skirt to go with it. The top is from Asteria, the skirt Blueberry and the shoes Renegade.
  6. I do to, we will have to try that technique.
  7. Yes, it is very ambitious to say the least, but that is how we grow, by stretching our limits.
  8. I used to change my hair almost daily, but the rest never changed except the occasional addition of a tattoo or piercing, Then around Christmas I finally broke down and got a mesh body, one of the reasons for my resistance was knowing I would have to start over with the tats. The mesh me had fewer tats but opened up some nice new piercing options, then with Maitreya 4.0, I lost my primary tattoo, and so changed to another one again. My obsession with daily hair changes came to and abrupt, and unexpected end on St. Patrick's Day, when I got some curly red hair for a party. Since then I have continued to change my hair, but only within the confines of what I could do in RL with that basic red curly hair. The hair is from Analog Dog, the Afro Curls line, color dark red, and they have several options, to this I have added a couple braided hairs. So I have 6 or 7 different hairs I now use, all red either curly or braided.
  9. Seeing these shoes makes me smile, I wore these for my wedding, No one could see them under the dress but I knew they were there.
  10. That should work, and why doing that has never occurred to me I have no idea, I have used that code plenty of other times for other stuff.
  11. Sometimes huge makes you say, "Oh my, that is to big" but that is never the case with pictures.
  12. I want to do a picture based om this
  13. All these edgy people with their edgy outfits and here I am just a plain girl in a new bikini
  14. can we come see it sometime?
  15. It is one store out of thousands, if she wants to shut the door to potential customers do not worry about it.