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  1. I think the differences are due to how it fits on the head.
  2. What is it worth to you? Software often has different prices for commercial vs. personal use, this is because it is worth more to someone running a business and making money from it than to an individual just using it for some personal project. Only you know what it is worth to you, be honest about what that value is and tip accordingly.
  3. It looks like a style from Rezology but I do not think they are abailable anymore
  4. Hanging out in my apartment trying to look pretty.
  5. More like they are looking for an excuse to not actually take anyone shopping.
  6. What are your skills that you can bring to SL and when are you available?
  7. I love taking pictures, and I meet a lot of people who spend thier time in SL just going around exploring different sims.
  8. I know, I wasn't trying to say anything other than that you are pretty. I dont believe he ever intended to buy anyone anything.
  9. I am cureous as to whether anyone got taken shopping?
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