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  1. Talligurl

    How does your avatar look today ?

    i just work here, I don't set the price for the water.
  2. My very first memory of SL was me looking over the shoulder of a co-worker as he used it on his laptop he brought to work. I am not sure how long it was after that till the time I actually went on SL for myself, but that was certainly the event that got me curious to try it for myself.
  3. Talligurl

    Why do people support sellers that do no mod?

    It all depends on the item. If I am buying a clothing item that I like as is, I won't care if it is mod or not, but there are lots of photo props I want to change, so lots of times I reject items do to being no mod.
  4. Talligurl

    Take a word leave a word (game)

    Heirloom carrot
  5. Talligurl

    What are you doing today!? :D

    Exploring new sims
  6. Talligurl

    How does your avatar look today ?

    I have had my share of pests in the motel.
  7. Talligurl

    How does your avatar look today ?

    I just realized this is the same diner, maybe the same table.