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  1. Hey guys, I am on my way across the country to visit family, will likely be busy with RL vacation stuff and not getting online much for a while. So if you notice I am scarce, do not worry. (Those of you who are thinking, yay she is gone, disregard this message)
  2. Looking for Those Interested in Art

    I make art in SL, I have three galleries in world, IM me sometime
  3. How would a secondary currency help support Linden Labs? I cannot afford to buy Lindens, so I find ways to make them in world so I can buy pretty things. Every Linden I make however had to be bought by someone, and that makes money in the real world to help pay for servers and such. If I was earning Gems, that never brought in money to the Labs then they would have to find other ways to pay the bills. Probably by requiring everyone to have a Premium membership, so the population goes down overall, and the place is less appealing to those left.
  4. What are you doing today!? :D

    I sent him a TP to come vote for me and he showed up naked. Good thing he didn't get kicked out, LOL
  5. {RP} & WGAC July Photo Contest

    Voting is now open for this, you all should come by and vote for someone. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Enchanted Valley/107/79/29
  6. What are you doing today!? :D

    Checking my votes in a photo contest
  7. How does your avatar look today ?

    Relaxing on the beach
  8. Your dream house

    A big modern house on an island, but I would make it open to the public so anyone could come visit any time and I would just hang out in a bikini and meet the people as they come visit.
  9. How does your avatar look today ?

    the whole look is awesome
  10. How does your avatar look today ?

    and the evil sister, got even more evil.
  11. Looking for new friends

    I sent you a request lets get together and hang out some time
  12. How does your avatar look today ?

    Jenny's evil sister
  13. I am adding you, I love the picture, and i do not mind at all having my picture taken, I am almost constantly posting to my Flickr account, so if you are with me in SL, you are going to end up there.
  14. Looking for friends

    will do
  15. Tan my skin

    I would recommend just getting a new skin with a darker shade.