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  1. Wait, I just noticed one of the tags is "child support" does this mean I will get a regular payment every month if I let you knock me up?
  2. One interesting activity is flying, not as a pilot but a passenger. I used to do this all the time, I was a member of a group that sent out notices when someone was going to fly thier plane, then you could TP to the airport and ride along. Quite often I would end up falling out of the plane at some point, but I discovered some really cool things and met some interesting people in the process.
  3. I once met a guy with a baby collection, he seemed to want me to contribute to it, but that didn't happen.
  4. Maybe sometime between July 31st and now something happened to his account
  5. Only if browsing through the Marketplace while occasionally coming back to SL to type " Yes yes, yes be baby yes" is considered role-play.
  6. His name is otagatico, that is how the forums work.
  7. I am not new to business in SL, though my business is not highly successful or profitable. I would love the opportunity to set up a gallery of my art on your land if you would be willing to allow it.
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