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  1. Almost makes me want to get married again.
  2. Any payment of money is in you transaction history, surely you do not think LL does not have access to that.
  3. I was in SL a while but later I have to go to an 11 year olds funeral.
  4. yes i know the only sure way to get a seamless transition from one to the other is with a single skin, and i know this will work with a mesh head, i was just wondering if the same think works with a Slink foot on a Maitreya body. Sounds like it does but i need separate applicators for them.
  5. Not really happy with the way the top and skirt meet, might not actually wear these together outside.
  6. I have a husband a son and a daughter (my husbands step kids ) a step daughter, a brother in law, and a niece. I would love a sister.
  7. With so many adventures just waiting to be had, you just hang out?
  8. As a merchant i would have no problem refunding the additional purchases, provided the item was not a no copy transferable item, then i would need to get those items transferred back to me first. As for canceling an order I have never had occasion to try to do that. It doesn't seem like something that would be necessary, if someone wanted one item but they tried to buy it 8 times and then got charged 8 times, just send them 7 times the selling price. I think I might take advantage of the fact i know they have the money to offer them a discount on anything else they might want to compensate for their trouble. What I don't understand is why someone would make multiple purchases when the first purchase didn't go though
  9. No, always remember this is your SL and you are allowed to live it any way you please, you can never do anything wrong as long as you are true to yourself and what your goals for SL are. That being said you have to give others the same freedom. and did the guy teleport away, or did he go offline? People can go offline for reasons such as a crashed computer or power failure or loss of internet signal. About once a month my router just stops working until I unplug it and let it restart. If I am in SL, I poof till it comes back on and I can relog, so don't be quick to judge anyone who just vanishes without a word.
  10. it is a slink foot, but the body is maitreya, maitreya does not make a pointe toe foot, I just used the Slink hud that came with the foot to try to match the maitreya body.
  11. I did try the demo, and was able to match the size fine, it was just the color that wasn't perfect, I guess i could have tried to adjust the body just a bit to try to tweek the match, since the neck seem is less critical because of my collar. Most of the time i would be wearing the pointe toe feet i would have bare legs, such a laying on the beach, so covering the seem with a pant leg isn't going to work.
  12. I currently use a Maitreya body, with the Maitreya feet, and just use the hud to tint the body to match my system head. I am considering going to a mesh head and then using a skin so the head and body matches perfectly with no possibility of a line between the two. I was wondering if I do this would I also be able to use slink feet, and have the same skin match the feet to the leg? I demoed Slink feet a while back and never bought them because of the difficulty in getting a perfect match. I would want to be able to switch back and forth between the Slink feet and the Maitreya ones fairly easily, as I would only be getting the Slink pointe toe feet, and only using them some of the time.
  13. Hmmnn maybe I need one of those.
  14. You left me for Maddy?