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  1. I really like the new Fleur head. It's hard for me to choose a favorite of the four Evo heads I have, but this might be it!
  2. Detour! For the flexiest of flexi hair. I still have a bunch in my inventory. I am sad that I got rid of my Surf Couture items, because I was going to do a recreation of a typical day in 2008. Also have fond memories of Armidi.
  3. I think I am going to break down and get the Petite add on. Everyone's pics using it are very inspiring!
  4. Coco has a discount section with standard sizes. I wouldn’t describe the clothes as quirky, but there are quite a few items so you might find something that works.
  5. @Ajay McDowwll Sounds like fun!!
  6. Taken at the perfect spot for moody pics... Puddlechurch!
  7. I don't consider my photos to be fashion photography per se, but I do shop a lot and enjoy getting dressed up and taking pics of my avatar. I also really enjoy exploring, so my photos are usually taken with an interesting-to-me place in the background. I credit my outfit and location on Flickr out of courtesy, but I'm no blogger. Here is an example of my latest: an outfit I like taken at an interesting place, Frogmore. I try to find a complementary Windlight and angle.
  8. Currently binging The Expanse on Prime while simultaneously reading the series. Watching The Good Place and Frontier on Netflix. I don’t know what took me so long to finally watch The Good Place. It’s great!
  9. It is a wonderful thing! SL can sometimes feel like a very empty and lonely place, even in the midst of a lot of avatars. Finding people to connect with makes the experience so much better. These are my favorite photos of our get together today! We chatted, we "drank" (especially Sakia :D), we laughed. I am already looking forward to our next one, and @TatianaNikolay has promised to join us!
  10. This coat is so fabulous that I want to wear it everywhere. 🙂
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