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  1. Yes i gave in to the temptation and got a babyface from Genus...
  2. It's been far too long since I've been here! Trying to spend less time on the screen these days, but then Hair Fair happened :P
  3. It's been a while. Here's me recently.
  4. So many amazing avis and wonderful photos since I've posted here last. Been too busy in RL and not super inspired with my own sl photography lately. I did manage to grab one of the new houseboats in the 6 1/2 seconds while they lasted. Thanks to the Forum Cartel group I found out at the right moment! Here I am starting to decorate.
  5. Picked up a new head from LAQ ETA: oops! just noticed that the earrings are kind of in awkward places -- ouch!
  6. Sunglasses do help with certain windlight settings...
  7. Bento just refers to the bunch of extra bones in newer avatars that move in more complex ways. By default the Maitreya body comes with bento hands which you attach to the ends of your arms (you could also use the older non-bento hands too). Normally the nails built into the hands are displayed unless you turn them off and they have three different size options. Bento nails are basically little objects that get attached to each finger and they are usually sold in one length as a set though there may be designers who sell different size nails together. I'd go to some nail shops and demo some nai
  8. You are welcome! And if you wear bento nails you also need to hide the built in nails on the maitreya hands -- there is a spot to click somewhere on the body HUD to hide the nails.
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