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  1. Me and my pups catching the last rays of sun...
  2. Deleted the original post this since Niran had already answered the question I was about to go on about, and posted this picture instead to mess with Aedan's mind ("Why the h%/# did I thank her for this post?")... Choice of picture also made to further explain for Amanda why I wear glasses in almost every picture - my eyes gets very sore and swollen, as you can see, if I leave them off for a prolonged period of time...
  3. Dressed down after the princess-happening to do some last minute shopping...
  4. And I think this is a first for me - An unedited 5000x2607px snapshot from the Official LL Second Life Viewer!!! Look how happy I am in my new outfit and with no tiling
  5. And since I'm urging others to check that they are using the latest version, I have to smack myself over the fingers and give myself a stern correction! The latest Official Viewer from LL seems to have adressed this, ref last point here: So that would make it two viewers that does not have the tiling problem as far as I have experienced, BD & LL's own in their latest versions...
  6. Oh, interesting!!! Could you please post an example in this thread for instance: I have identified the tiling error in Firestorm, Catznip and the LL Viewer, but so far not in the Dragon... I've even made a Photoshop template with guidelines to help me look at the right parts... Addition: @VictoriaGrwd @TDD123 - are you using the latest version? Updating might fix your problem...
  7. Well, kind of a silly idea I have - regardless of outfit/time period/outfit, be it medieval or future, I’ll be wearing my “signature” glasses I make some rare exceptions now and then, but I need them when I’m building
  8. Finally getting some inspiration to go on with a new build...
  9. A quick visit at Paradox Ivory's new creation "The Appartments" before bedtime...
  10. And I of course have to post a picture with some (totally-not-any-reason-for-being-there) bokeh! (Belinda showing her thoughts on bokeh by pushing me in )
  11. And to those who have questioned my sleeping habits (ehem, @Saravendi...), I can assure them that I am sound asleep ALL day!
  12. Party Preparations in Progress... Setting up and testing some syncronized dancepads at the club - guess who's me
  13. I might be late so y'all probably knows this already, but I got the 5.0.2 update today, and that was one of the fixes: Changes V5.0.2: - Left breast had a hairline gap at high altitudes = Solved - Save stick 'load alpha' was not replacing but adding alpha = Fixed - Some boots using specific versions of the V4 auto-hide would hide the hands instead of the feet = Fixed - Specific versions of V1 appliers would not apply the feet texture to the skin = Fixed - Some Omega appliers for fingernails and toenails were not recognized = Fixed - Left-clicking on in-world objects while in Mouselook didn't work = Fixed - Tattoo (system) layer Glam Affair skin 'Asia" has wrong textures = Solved - Applier script V5 for "MATERIALS" notecards didn't work = Fixed and replaced in the materials kit at the store
  14. Just because I thought the video thumbnail looked very SL
  15. Just a quick snap to show Sara that I DO remember to feed Boxie when she's not around!
  16. ...this on the other hand is BD and Photoscape X combined:
  17. Thank you ❤️ The pictures are taken here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rayne and PetitChat/189/226/2974 - the beautiful Yorkshire sim. They have this amazing animated sky, so I just waited out the time when it looked like I wanted it - so if this is art, it is then art by accident! And actually no BD involved, all Firestorm this time...
  18. I don't think I got that memo - happily chugging along at 60 at home and it barely dropped (to 55) when I jumped on a dance pad at my favourite dance place just for a test right now. What is that notification you are talking about - I did not get that one?
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