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  1. Before I turned into an egg this afternoon (not sure I have EVER been an egg before ) I had better luck (whew). Kustom9 gifts.
  2. Houston we have a problem - one that the grid status isn't showing yet LOL. And huds won't release so I guess it is time for a rest.
  3. MAKE SIRE IT IS REALLY Linden Lab. Call up the office. Ask in support. Schemes are abounding in real life seemingly exponentially. Everyone in my area (a small town) is getting robo calls and calls from those cattle farm type places about all sorts of things. I would DEFINITELY not give out my SSN unless I was really really sure (and for me not even then LOL) that it was Linden Lab (Tilia) that "needed" it. As you say, there really is no reason that they do. AND if they were asking a ton of folks about this it would have appeared on these forums.
  4. altamura and eBody have free avatars and free bodies (eBody has a curvy version also). Here is a post from this Spring that might have some ideas for you also. https://chicatphilsplace.blogspot.com/2020/03/2020-avatar-makeover-four-looks.html
  5. If you put on a full alpha texture and you are not wearing a mesh body you should be invisible. I think there is an "invisible avatar" full alpha still in the viewer library. THEN your transparent garment should work -- at least it seems likely but to get the sheet or whatever to move with you -- it would need to be rigged to the avatar skeleton. I would suspect there are some already made on the Marketplace.
  6. This is from earlier in the year but some things are likely still available. https://chicatphilsplace.blogspot.com/2020/03/2020-avatar-makeover-four-looks.html There ARE of course all the free avatars listed in the viewer under "choose your avatar" or something similar :D.
  7. I am still using 3.1 as I am a lazy gal and didn't see any reason to update BUT I had this issue last night so happy to know there is a fix. Found it in 5.1 too Thanks.
  8. I don't see that ANYONE has accused you of anything "bad". People have simply explained what has happened in the past as a warning. You can of course do whatever you like. MEANWHILE, Linden Lab decide IN SANSAR that only money that was received as sales through the Store (the Sansar Marketplace name) was able to be cashed out. If all this gets to be too much of an issue then they certainly could decide to do the same thing here. More problematic coding wise as we have inworld sales here to track and there were none in Sansar. Honestly --- in this case -- they are simply tr
  9. I have been wearing that head too since the original gifting. Aside from my long trudge up the BOM mountain (not the head's fault) I have only had issues getting mesh eyes to work well. Typically I don't fiddle with the hud. I use BOM makeup and the like, so there could be some problems there. There ARE some slight issues with the neck seam. It isn't as close as it could be and apparently isn't updated to the newest Maitreya body. I tried that out to see if there was a difference and there wasn't. But it isn't all that noticeable; I am just picky :D.
  10. LOL. True but even if not fishy "Chic" has a Paypal email that I got long ago for a machinima job that I never took in the end. Back then it was a big hassle to get it and I had to talk on the phone with someone. Likely not that way any longer. I still wouldn't want to give that out. That's just me. I suspect people that ARE laundering money (honestly I don't fully understand how that works) are doing more than a hundred bucks or why would it be worth it? But whatever. REALLY better just to avoid the issue I think. That comment about a friend almost losing his account was a real o
  11. Well whoever cashes it out would have to go through the cash out policy personal info proving who you are bit === AND not everyone would want someone to know their RL paypal email :D. So seems likely that isn't all that workable --- but maybe. Whoever cashes it out would have it as income for IRS if this is in the US.
  12. It likely depends on how much. If it is a lot it could certainly be flagged as a possible money laundering scheme. I would check with support (if they can give you an answer) before doing anything. I had a friend who was trying to help someone and almost lost his account. He was "on hold" for about a week before LL decided he wasn't breaking the law. I have no idea if the money actually was given or cashed out. Also realize that cashing out isn't all that easy these days so the person you would give it to would need to supply a lot of info to Linden Lab BEFORE they could transfe
  13. If anyone besides you is going to be using your house --- customers, friends, alts etc then it is VERY IMPORTANT that you test with various heights of avatars and best if you make your building mod if you are going to sell it. Avatars come in all shapes and sizes, I try to aim for the six foot crowd also but than have my testing alt (big) make sure it will work for them and THEN make it mod so folks can enlarge or shrink as needed.
  14. I am fully with @Charlotte Bartlett on this. In thirteen years I have only been premium for one year (the Bellisseria experience). I have not purchased lindens, I camped and played trivia and ran the Realms and made clothing, decor, animations and eventually mesh. Linden Lab HAS the numbers. We do not. If they truly believed it would be a better business model to ONLY have premium members --- they would have done that years ago. The lab has made a ton of money "off of me" even though I am not premium. Currently they have a huge amount of lindens that I am NOT cashing out and never plan
  15. Trick or Treat Lane gifts (a very fun to shop venue like the "old days").
  16. According to Inara in a post yesterday, Premium Plus is on the back burner (from Linden public meetings). I see no reason that The Lab would decide everyone needs to be premium. There are tons of non-premium popular creators and not all are willing (or can for one reason or another ) be premium. They support second life as well as many of the premium folks who basically just dance and party (and likely have sex :D). Would be really stupid of them to make that move. They aren't always right, but they are not stupid. So that's my input.
  17. I believe your best choice would be to advertise what you want in the WANTED forum as a "work for hire" item.
  18. Not a clothes maker (at least not here) but did you make the top double sided and not leave enough room between layers? The folks that I know that do the "whole garment double sided" way of making clothes turns them into two pieces that load separately (you can see that happen if it is laggy). I am guessing it is a linkset. Again, not really my area so I could be WAY off :D.
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