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  1. I have tried being in search (rather than Places) over the years and garnered NO MORE traffic at all. So unless folks want to pay a really big fee, I don't see it working for "the little guy". Perhaps some other folks have had different experiences and will post here.
  2. Note that the Advisor tag thing is now fixed for everyone -- at least that is what my email said
  3. Noting that it has been over a week and while my support ticket was escalated on to "higher authorities" I haven't heard back and the ticket that I put in completely disappeared (or was never entered as I didn't look at the beginning) from my support list. :D. So it looks like Lindal was just lucky . Alas. OR maybe they plan to fix the whole issue for everyone --- that would be a plus.
  4. Obviously it is difficult to say "in general" as there are many different types of freebie sims. Some are indeed left over from the REALLY OLD DAYS (like a dozen years ago). Others like Free Dove (also a long time institution) gather donations from various creators to make a shop for new folks. While most things there are not in the elite quality range, there are some very useful and fairly up to date items. For some of these sims you need to be in the group to pick up gifts. In that case you will likely get advertising within the group for various stores (this if you don't turn off group notices). Also for some freebie establishments there is the hope that you will buy things from the same stores that gave you gifts :D. I do not know of any cases where you are paying linden dollars for those gifts -- unless of course there is a charge for joining the group (not the norm for free places). Once you have explored and learned all you can at the free places (and I agree it is a great way to learn) then perusing various shops that have regular free group items is a good next step -- that and events that have anniversaries and such with gift giving. You can pick up some very nice items from time to time. Last month was phenomenal and I have plenty of favorite free items as well as those I have purchased. As a current example, here is a super cute mini dress (also in plain pink) from FaMESHed (free group) courtesy of SCANDALIZE (one of the top free items stores that I know of). There is a matching necklace -- hard to see in this photo - at the same event.
  5. Basically if I have this correctly (I have only seen this error once personally in seven years) --- you need to keep the same number of materials (materials defined as groups of vertices - quads -tris that have the same texture parameters) CONSISTENT when you are making your own LODs. The MINIMUM number of tris you can have for an LOD is the number of materials in the 3D object. Agreed that unless you have a specific reason to upload a model as a linkset (complex animation for example) it is better to upload as a joined single object OR upload sections individually. So that was a good move for many reasons. Note that this was a single large object with no need to have more complex lower LODs :D. Yes, of course I tested LOL.
  6. It really amazes me that LL released this version of EEP (thus making it mandatory for anyone using the Linden Viewer) when they knew there were still major problems -- ones they didn't plan on fixing. It's not like there haven't been hundreds -- maybe thousands -- of examples of what ISN'T working. And at the same time Ebbe "warning" creators that they may need to remake some (some?) of their items. It's a bit like the last name debacle of so many years ago. They were told OH SO MANY TIMES that people wanted last names and then they removed them anyway. Since the large majority of folks use Firestorm, only those testing EEP are really seeing the consequences. I am dreading the day when I have to choose between seeing the world as it is now without EEP and the Firestorm viewer that I love and appreciate. This is particularly hard for photographers. Edit: What ever happened to not breaking content?
  7. I am not making any changes in either virtual or corporeal worlds. The best support we can show IMO is how we live on a day to day basis. The idea that there are some lives that don't matter -- especially based on race, color or creed is so far removed from what I believe it is difficult to grasp the thought process. The recent events are nothing new really; we have seen it over and over. I have felt for a long while that police need to be held accountable. Pretty obviously some people are being given jobs that they should never hold. BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER.
  8. In my experience the live chat folks just asked me to make a ticket. Worth a shot I guess.
  9. You need to send in a support ticket under "Linden Homes" if I remember correctly. Time varies about how fast the web interface gets fixed -- at least judging by the past :D. Cranberrry Ridge is NOT NEW however, it is over ten years old. Still you have a home and that's a good thing. The controlers on those old homes go out quite a bit.
  10. Definitely true. MY mention of "materials" above however related to defining a group of quads, tris, vertices etc. to belong to one group that can then be defined a textures (in my case using Cycles render) and also can THEN be tinted or have a normal or specular map added to it as JUST that section of the build. Likely beyond the OPs knowledge and eyes are rolling but wanted to make that clear :D.
  11. Just adding that the latest "maintenance" FS update fixed this.
  12. I am not working in the newer version of Blender. Typically you would need to BAKE your texture to a texture image of some kind and then upload the image(s) and add them to the UV unwrapped object inworld. I made a lengthy set of turtorials for Second Life that may help. Note however that these are in 2.79 so that the INTERFACE is different. The process and ideas are still valid however. Here is the playlist. In order to bake a variety of different defined materials onto one texture image you will need a better background in basic 3D modeling. It is all in the playlist though. Hope some of it helps. If someone knows a good step by step 3D GAME ASSET tutorial for Blender 2.8 for SL I would love to know and pass along that newer info.
  13. Over looking at the setting up of Cosmopolitan and saw this out and thought of this thread. Looks like a cabin kitchen to me :D. Opens at midnight.
  14. For now you could use a viewer that doesn't have EEP. The newest Firestorm (a couple of days ago) still doesn't have EEP. So that viewer will be "good" and will be able to access the grid for most likely a year. There are some third party viewers that don't plan on adding EEP ever and also don't have the rule about keeping the viewer version fairly recent. I was hoping from the beginning that someone would make EEP optional as you suggest -- mostly because so many folks testing it hated it LOL. That could still happen maybe.
  15. A gal in Sansar had great success with Shadow. Apparently from the conversation there you need to have a very fast connection speed for things to work well. She used it (Netherlands) for quite awhile before she got a new spiffy computer.
  16. I have a notebook similar to your setup and I can't do much of anything but answer IMs if I use Firestorm (my normal viewer). The texture limitation above might be a good idea, but I would suggest derendering everyone to help with lag. That is pretty much the first thing I do when in a busy area like a newly opened event. I do this on my hefty computer and it helps a lot with framerate; I haven't tried logging in on my notebook in at least a year. Too painful. Firestorm apparently take a lot more resources in general than some of the older style 1.23 viewers, so trying another (simpler) viewer might help. I love Firestorm but it does pretty much EVERYTHING and that comes with a cost.
  17. The largest upload is 2018 which becomes a 1024 texture. Mesh has nothing to do with it and most large photos or art are on a simple prim or a mesh cube. The more clear a texture is before upload, the better it will look large. While someone "may" have divided a mesh plane into quadrants to increase the texture size, the ones I have seen were simply very good screenshots to start with. If you find one, you can right click choose OBJECT and INSPECT it and see how many and what size textures are used. For example this is a single 1024 texture on a prim.
  18. I actually enjoyed the community run years more than the Linden run years (and have been part most years and on the ground floor as a participant or infrastructure builder or speaker and sometimes press). I am hoping that I like this year's better than last which personally I felt was a lot of wasted space with nothing happening in many regions -- as well as a bunch of traditional parts of the event that disappeared (Cake Stage for one). The DJ folks (not my thing) seemed to be pretty unhappy last year from comments here on the forums. So fingers crossed some of those things go better than last year. My exhibit is all done along with a handful of others but there is still plenty of time for the community builds. I look forward to seeing what the Linden parts of the event are this year. I always have enjoyed the time portal region or whatever that is officially called. I remember the first year it showed up. Fun to look back and remember OR for new folks to see the history. Imagine in TWENTY YEARS :D. BTW the birthday celebration was for MANY years run totally by the Lindens until they abandoned the project and some community members took it upon themselves to keep the event going. I suspect there is a history of those years somewhere (the WayBack Machine likely has some answers there for those that are curious). ADDED: Going back to my blog and the memory of my builds it looks like SL9B was the first community run event. I remember contacting Doc and letting him know about the machinima filming policy :D. Last year was all Linden run and the year before a mix of both if I remember correctly.
  19. Oddly I have recently had this same problem with two avatars (no three) when updating with new heads. ODDLY even the system eyes don't work well with the heads. They bulge outside of the heads when you first put the head on (this on several name brands of heads so thinking it isn't the heads per se). When adjusted back into the head they have to be adjusted back into the headmore than you would think or the eyes pop out on the sides whenever animations move the eyes. For ME this just happened in the last couple of weeks with the Firestorm BOM viewer (also the first time I had changed heads in years so may not be a viewer thing at all, just timing). I just changed to the new "housekeeping" FS viewer but can't say if this has helped or if the eyes (I tried a couple of brands also and as I said even system eyes were bad) OR if I just finally got them adjusted. So it "may" not be YOU, but a problem with something else. My heads were all human and made by Genus, Akeruka and Exmachina. I tried the free Catwa head but the shape wasn't working for me so not sure if it had the same issue; I didn't test long enough to remember. Again, I don't think it is the heads since it seemed to be a problem with all of them.
  20. Just wanted to note that if this is just for YOU it will work fine, but if you are attempting to have a more universal animation then the scale of the avatars as well as the different mesh hands will make it very difficult if not impossible to do. If you try most any animation where body parts come together (elbow on knee - fingers coming together or even hand propping on the floor) on DIFFERENT avatars you can see this easily. Only about half of the animations out there work for me. I test on a variety of shapes and try and stay away from the problematic areas so that the poses and animations will fit a larger portion of the SL populous. This in case you didn't know
  21. Also important to remember that not all SL photographers have a computer that will take those super sharp photos. For a long while (maybe nine years ago?) I couldn't take a photo with shadows. Shadows were new then and I think first on Kirsten's viewer. Berry could take shadows. I could not.[ Insert memory of big sad face here. ] So it is also important to remember that lighting and composition and interesting location and great poses ALL add up to good photos. It's all relative. There was a machinima contest long ago and one of the films was about the Wright Brothers. It was very "flat" in look. I have no idea if that was a plan or a necessity of the filmmaker because of their computer -- but either way it was an excellent film and I voted for it near the top of my guess list. I think she (I think it was a she) won third or something like that. So you don't NEED a super computer to do a good job -- and certainly not to enjoy yourself.
  22. If you edit a shape you already have (NOT MADE BY YOU) it will have the makers name as creator and not yours. So if you are making shapes that you want to sell you need to make a new shape first. If you are just tweaking a shape for yourself you just use the appearance sliders and then save under a new name (it adds "new" each time you save as a default and you can change later if you want).
  23. Morning Light (That nasty " tiling line" issue in the BOM Firestorm is fixed in the latest update. Happily I only had the BOM viewer for a week or so before this one came out. Glad to know what the issue was). Whew! New group gift SCANDALIZE.
  24. Hi there --- I can actually do all of this --- but Is this "legal"? Using screenshots from Second Life to advertise another "start up" platform seems a bit questionable to me (and likely to some other photographers reading this). Maybe we need a bit more info.
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