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  1. https://chicatphilsplace.blogspot.com/2019/04/bellisseria-car-and-boat-rezzing-zones.html
  2. You do understand (well maybe not) that you will NOT know the age or even the gender of most people in SL. They can be "whoever" they want. Unless you are going to video Skype (or another platform) you won't know :D. So just be aware. This because of your OP title
  3. While 30 IS high for trees, the trees have extremely long LODs made for the Linden viewer default which is much lower than Firestorm's default. That is part of it. Those 1 LI trees (assuming they are mesh trees :D) typically have horrid LODs and are only viable for folks that run with LOD4 on (which really taxes your computer). So there was a purpose there. Happily I haven't seen too many of those low land impact LOD 4 trees around -- mostly I guess because some areas have a lot of trees already. THAT being said and especially since I don't make trees all that much, the houses are also very "primmy", partly for the same reasons -- but as noted on a thread or two when they houses were first unveiled, there really is no reason why the houses need to be that high of land impact. That LI doesn't really matter to the citizens as it doesn't count against their land usage, but still a bit of a puzzle as to the "why".
  4. Chic Aeon

    Transparent Back?

    I am not your gal. Have NO CLUE how to get rigged clothing into SL. Sorry.
  5. They were taken down some time ago (Two weeks?) At least they were inaccessible when I tried last.
  6. Chic Aeon

    Transparent Back?

    Ahh. I thought you had already TRIED flipping the faces and it didn't work. No great tips. I am not a great clothes maker. Just enjoy and have fun. For SL you have to RIG the garment to the skeleton which is a HUGE job. If you are just practicing you might want to go to Sansar and use the auto uploader. A few different steps on exporting but that info should be in the knowledge base. When you get some clothes that are starting to look good, then you can research the rigging part. Again VERY complex. I guess I though you already knew about that, hence my screenshot from Blender :D. Good luck.
  7. After 125 posts the answer is the same. LL knows the "show homes" are there and if they want them removed or changed, they will let the people in question know. Same with cafes, book stores, pubs, clubs and whatever else might be out there. Since many non-residential plots have been in place for a month, it seems like they are OK with The Powers That Be. Everyone can have their own take on whether they are "right" or "wrong" but in the end LL is the only one that will make those decisions. Since we have been asking repeatedly for clarification on clubs, tip jars and now "show homes" and since we have not received any word, it seems like they are OK so far as rules and covenant go.
  8. Chic Aeon

    Transparent Back?

    Typically the transparent face is because the face itself is reversed. I have never seen that in MD but apparently it has happened to you. Since you already tried flipping within MD then likely the only thing to do would be to flip the face using "flip direction" or something similar in your 3D software. Actually if I remember correctly -- in Sansar anyway -- MD makes all the faces double sided (hence my not seeing the problem) so likely there IS a way to fix this in MD but I have no clue. That seems to be your issue. Sorry I can't be more helpful. Maybe asking on the MD board?
  9. @Fritigern Gothly For some reason I can't quote YOUR post above but I can quote others - oh well. THANKS for trying. I know it is difficult sometimes. I am trying to take more notes and make more blog posts so I can remember who, what, when and where. Since that time you mention was before Patch made the "first of the year comment" I am going to keep that one as the official statement. It doesn't seem now like that will be a viable date, but if they can get out 700 per month, maybe it can be. Always nice to make your goals. That would be around 8,000 homes. And sometimes (more than one would think) info that we DID see --- disappears for whatever reason. Still, taking screenshots of everything is a bit over the top I think LOL.
  10. Note that even if you get an omega applier that works with both Catwa and Slink you need to TEST THE DEMO carefully as not all Omega appliers are created equal. Many times the neck seem is different even though it "should" be super smooth and completely matching. Not all skin creators have the same skill. So look especially at the neck area in VARIOUS Windlight settings. When you find one that is perfect, pounce on it.
  11. That seems likely now. Can you site your source on this. Last official thing I heard was from Patch's talk at the Home and Garden Expo and that was "around the beginning of the year" which would be a year earlier. Two years at the rate things are going seems more likely, just like to be able to quote the source on my blog. Thanks.
  12. I actually went to both the same day. Note that I found the landmark in my teleport history. Likely they were on the same tour? As I definitely remember the "A****" part of the sign and don't see how that is applicable to the other house. I liked the A house better but yes, very crowded at both. Can we let this go now? I am certainly going to.
  13. The day that I went to the "pie" house there were tons of folks there, so likely there was some kind of event, tour, open house gallery thing going on. I just ignored the people (and likely the sign they were in front of on the right) and cammed into the building. Since I have never gone or been in any of the event tours, I wouldn't recognize any signs anyway. I kinda like the alternate reality explanation though, much more fun.
  14. All I can say was that the sign I saw was on the other side of the walkway, was white and plain like with a simple black "metal" border. I may have been hopping over to that other reality I visit quite often (not always handy) but that is what I remember. I "MAY" have seen an extra sign for a "tour" maybe? I guess that is a more likely explanation than the alternate reality. I did NOT take a screenshot :D. Glad it has always looked classy.
  15. It has been a couple of months since I added to this thread so thought I would comment on recent developments. Note that I have not logged in; this is from website videos, DISCORD etc. Best of all for some people the AVATARS available for purchase are getting better. This gal for example: From Cora's store. I don't know Cora and she is likely new to Sansar. Undies are mandatory but these are WAY better than the default avatar Army Green with wide strips version. So a big plus there! There are now inworld building tools which look much like the famous kid's toys. LODs have been introduced and are in testing mode for AVATARS ONLY. Lots of chatter about Store and Event guidelines not being enforced or enforced differently for different people. Avatar 2.0 (official default avatar) has a target date in August 2019. On a personal note, I cashed out again recently and was paid in a day or two (very speedy) so that 30 day wait period is not etched in stone. IF there are a lot of changes to be made with new attachment points I will not be making them. If the Sansar dollar does indeed become 250 to one (a mandatory change for STEAM awhile back) for everyone I will just close out my store. But I did have a VERY good time there and I did learn some important new skills. All good. The Lab seems to be moving in various directions -- even more so lately trying to be all things to all people and perhaps finding its own niche. I hope that works out for them. Not the platform that I originally joined however so unlikely I will return. Still, good to watch what is going on.
  16. Sorry I was reading your comment to "say" (which it didn't) that "A****" wasn't part of the parcel name. Seems likely the maker wouldn't want the store name as the parcel name. THAT would be confusing in search unless it said "demo house" or something. Still MUCH more tasteful sign IMO. A good thing!
  17. It USED to say "A**** Pie". You can fill in the asterisks. I may have the date I was there in my teleport history but maybe two weeks ago? I didn't bookmark so have no idea what sim it is in :D. This is much more tasteful I think. The other sign wasn't all that impressive aside from the obvious store reference. Edit: While I remembered the name as "A**** House" my landmark tells me it was "A**** Pie" so one or the other. Nothing else on the sign as I remember.
  18. OK. NOW I am very confused. "Shapes" is right there in this screenshot of yours. Maybe I missed the whole point. On with the day.
  19. Shapes have always been under "body parts". For some reason (I am guessing the viewer used) "body parts" isn't showing up. My screenshot is from Firestorm. While that customization search USED to be in the Linden viewer, I don't see any way to get to that now -- but I almost never use the Linden viewer so it may be possible. So YES you do need to be able to customize the search. I guess I just wasn't clear enough.
  20. Actually I think the demand is pretty even now (although houseboats were certainly in demand before this last launch). Of the folks that I know personally that got plots in this last rollout, all wanted houses and "took" houseboats because that was all that was available. The next release (we are thinking maybe in a monthish but no official time estimate) will be a mix of both so hopefully THAT will help solve some of the issues with boat people in houses and house people in boats LOL. Good luck. Hope you get just what you want eventually.
  21. Shapes show up under "Clothing/ Body Parts". Your screenshot looks like you are using an 1.23 3rd Party viewer so that may be part of your problem.
  22. I think pretty much everything has been said by now but I did want to ask -- Did we ever get an official OK or "no" on the tip jar question? I remember a thread asking for clarification for DJs and such for their "club". Did we ever get a clarification on the "club" thing? It really is difficult for folks to follow the rules when they are murky (even if they are the kind of folks that DO follow the rules). My only bit of info is that when LEA began long ago "commerce" was excluded in the land tab (still is). Any items for sale must be for $0 lindens. Tip jars were OK for a time, then banned -- but CURRENTLY are now only for special occasions: So it would be good in the long run for the Belliseria continent to spell things out a bit better I think. Note also that the very top of the LEA lands covenant reads: The LEA is not affiliated with Linden Lab ...
  23. I hope you realize that the "little blue houses" represents a HOUSE PLOT and that you can change the house on that plot to any of four styles. Same with the houseboats. Also if you do actually see a houseboat available on refresh you need to be VERY FAST or another person can get it before you do. Just putting that in here for folks who may have missed those two important points.
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