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  1. Processing Credit out to Paypal --- OR NOT. IMPORTANT IF YOU HAVE ALTS WITH USD balances. Well THIS WAS SCARY. I have two alts with small USD balances that need to go away (my choice) so that they will not have to OK the Tilia TOS. I was planning on waiting until the end of the month but got a "vibe" that it would be good to do it now. So I tried ^^. The Process Credit Button was grayed out. with a "We may need more info" link. Credit card was listed in the account. This avatar had NEVER processed credit to Paypal. I added my Paypal account thinking that was the logical missing piece. Still couldn't process credit but using the "more info needed" link sent me to this page. Edit: I guessed that she couldn't process credit because she hadn't BOUGHT Lindens that I can remember (not sure but maybe one time when they told us only people who had purchased lindens would get to keep their accounts - that didn't happen). She WAS however linked to the main account and had Payment Info Used in her profile. Anyway ----- Here is what I saw [graphic saying "Don't have an SSN? Use this form. Have questions? Read the Tilia FAQ.] The page never loaded (many tries and many tries to the "this" link also) but it appears to be wanting the SSN in order to process credit. Well THAT wasn't going to happen. So now instead of a bit over a dollar in USD I had $5.44. WRONG direction. I did some research and found that I could buy lindens with my USD balance (something NEVER done by any avatar of mine). So I took a chance and that worked. That account now has a $0 USD balance and can (in theory) log in after August 1 without signing the Tilia TOS. Thought I would pass along this info as I haven't seen it covered -- AND I AM WONDERING about the new SSN addition in the check out process. I just transferred money to Paypal on the account that I have always used and had no issue --- SO if you have an alt with a USD balance you want to get rid of, it looks like buying some lindens is the way to go! This has been a community service announcement (and I feel about ten years older right now from the stress).
  2. Contacting the Firestorm inworld Support Group (under help in the viewer) is probably your best route - assuming that you are looking in the correct folder which I am guessing you are. I am still using the previous version of the viewer.
  3. Just wanted to make a note on my comments about LEA and Tilia yesterday. When I said that "I" know more about LEA than @Inara Pey, I was saying it with a smile and was speaking historically about my three years on the advisory committee. I personally have had NO information whatsoever about WHY the LEA is closing. I have only talked to one of the people running LEA now (there may only be two left, I don't know) in the last year and a half -- and that was only two one line IMs. What I was referring to was the long history of LEA and the inner workings. So just clearing that up. The citizens will likely never know Linden Lab's outlook on LEA and why it was closed. So "conspiracy theorists" can keep thinking it is all connected to Tilia; I just personally don't see it. Their platform. Their rules.
  4. LOL. No, all old stuff, same 5 percent fat :D.
  5. My thinking too -- or at least that is my HOPE LOL as it has been pretty quiet over at SSP. I guessed August for the trailers main release, we are approaching -- of course August is a long month *wink*.
  6. Most often this is a script inside the object that is NOT full perm. So check that. Other possibility is that SL is acting extremely wonkie and it will be OK tomorrow. If you have any scripts or animations etc that are not full perm, that's would be the first thing I would check. Good luck.
  7. This is covered in the COVENANT in the land tab, and also I believe when you claim your home. So would be good to read those. I have a house sign out in front of my gate and it has been there for months with no issues. As Abnor says it isn't a "technical" thing but a USAGE thing and and following the covenant which says items off parcel MAY be returned. EDIT: It also says (last time I read anyway) that you are not supposed to put things outside your parcel that make it look "as though" the land in question is yours. Seems like you did that.
  8. Been down for me for over a week. Still down as I type this. Happily I didn't have many issues with the last big build. Just uploaded to main grid. Not too much waste. If you have an account in Opensim you CAN test some things there for free. Not physics or download costs but general mesh working or textures and how they look. Not a fix for sure but something depending on what you need to test. OR wait another week and see if comes back up :D.
  9. I am not seeing any changes in the SSP "trailer" area but maybe I am missing them. This is my screenshot from June 30 of SSP83 and SSP84. Would be good to see some changes though! Adding larger screenshot to show the plywood pad was also there
  10. Nice article. Not changing any of my personal plans :D.
  11. I can ONLY say that I never voted for anyone because of friendship or talent -- or even experience; I voted on the idea and the presentation of the idea. And yes, it did get very nasty back then. I am sure if you search NWN, Hamlet still has posts there with lots of comments from me :D. Without mentioning any names I can say that LEA was at times dysfunctional and there may have been one person that always voted for a grant for someone he thought was outstanding (have no idea if they were friends). BUT, I honestly and VERY SERIOUSLY doubt that the people complaining would have done better. Some of those people tried and failed and hence there was some animosity behind the attacks. And folks sometimes forget the many VOLUNTEER hours that were given to the process. For as much as I could manage I stayed out of the fray and just did my MOSP thing. My third stint was enjoyable as I had many more skills -- mesh and otherwise -- learned in the time I was away and I was able to build most of MOSP on my own. So I did my thing and enjoyed the process. The last few months though HAVE gone downhill, even before summer. In part I think that losing the AIRS regions impacted interest and people forgot all about LEA. That may have been LL's plan, maybe not; but either way I made my exit plans a couple of months ago and will be fine with LEA6 going back into the ether on August 31. I doubt that the cost of keeping seven mostly empty sims on the servers was the reason for their soon to be demise. The Lindens truly had nothing to do with the running of LEA; there was never one at a meeting AFAIK. So no work for them and plenty of kudos over the years. Some really great work was shown there. Some of the artists exited in 2013, some are showing on other sims now. Hopefully art will continue in SL but I am pretty sure it will never be at its peak as it was in the first few years of LEA. Let's bring this back to Tilia again --- and look at things logically if FROM THE OUTSIDE. Again, no little voices speaking to me from quiet IM corners, no inside intel (now and then when I do have that I just keep quiet as I am a big believer in NDAs, real or implied). 1. There was a big influx of dollars in to the LL coffers with the "$72 yearly pay ahead" deal. So "if" money was needed right now, hopefully that move achieved it. But all those premium members who reupped to save some cash will NOT be paying on their regular membership anniversary date --- hence a big "sink" time on our imaginary graph. 2. A year after August 1, 2019 Linden Lab will be able to collect up to $3.00 US per month from any "inactive" USD account on the Second Life books (and if Sansar is still around there might be a tiny bit of money from it, but doubtful there). Since SL is over sixteen now, there are a lot of accounts just sitting there with money in them (this at least was the impression I got from Grumpity - WATCH THE VIDEO AND MAKE UP YOUR OWN MIND). That could be up to $36.00 per year per abandoned account; that's HALF of a premium membership fee that was in effect for sixteen years. THAT can make up the shortfall. It is important to note that some citizens were forced to give up their accounts rather than accept the 2013 TOS. Those folks made real life earnings in SL and they left those behind rather than break RL contracts. This information in part should be somewhere in these forum archives -- assuming those threads are still around. So it is certainly likely that there are some accounts with large abandoned balances. 3. The "super duper premium" account should it arrive towards the end of the year could also make up some of the loss of premium membership payments -- this from folks who will be "going back to basic". So REALLY, this Tilia fee seems to be NEEDED, and more importantly it seems likely that it will be PAID by folks who are no longer using SL anyway -- for one reason or another. So in THAT since, I think the fee is a good thing. I never actually had any issue with the fee; only with the horrible TOS and ESPECIALLY with having EVERYONE forced to accept a TOS -- even those who would never use it. Hopefully that problem is solved now.
  12. Just to note -- TILIA IS NOT NEW. LL has owned Tilia since 2015 and Inara has a post talking about that. What IS NEW is accepting Tilia's TOS and Privacy Policy (US only) -- which for some reason most likely legal those using Tilia will need to do). This seems very much a CYA legal move. Here is the 2015 article. You can find Inara's other articles on Tilia by using "Tilia" in the search box. Sansar has also been using Tilia and I was never asked to accept a Tilia TOS. That may be in affect now. I am no longer there. OR it may come into affect on August 1 (one of the reasons I am no longer there :D). https://modemworld.me/2015/11/04/linden-lab-and-tilia-inc-speculations-on-the-labs-new-subsidiary/
  13. Early morn at the Bellis Blues Cafe - Domingos
  14. It does say in the Tilia TOS (and this is not unusual these days and I really HATE that) LL can change the TOS of Tilia at any time in the future. This was affirmed in the video, so yes, it does seem that the fee could be increased but ONLY if it is legal within the laws of the various states. Grumpity mentioned that each state was different and so that "not more than three dollars per month" estimate was dependent on the laws of the various states. So it isn't likely that they can just decide to make it $5.00 on their own for example. They have TOLD us anyway that they cannot. WATCH THE VIDEO. While LL has told us many things lately that they aren't following through on, I do believe that the RL laws will keep THAT kind of change from being arbitrary. AGAIN, for the people that will continue to use Tilia and process there USD balances to Paypal etc, they will need to stay alert. Also AGAIN, Premium members will not have to worry about the fee. So the CURRENT number of users that have to worry about this are very small. WATCH THE VIDEO.
  15. Obviously not an attorney (well I guess I could be as we never REALLY know, but I am not) what I CAN say is that in my home state of Oregon, IF you do not use your bank account in over a year (see that YEAR part in there) your bank will send out a letter asking you to return the letter signed in that "are you still alive and are you still living in Oregon" manner. If you do not return the signed letter, the bank (can? - is required? not really sure about that part) send the money in that "inactive" account to the state. I know this as I have had two of those letters (some people actually DO consider "savings" as "savings"). I also had a lengthy conversation with the person at my bank responsible for checking "inactive" accounts. Some financial institutions only require you to call them once a year if you are not using the account. The ones I am familiar with with THAT rule are in other states besides Oregon. Rules vary but it seem VERY likely to me that there is a loophole letting LL siphon money from old and inactive USD coffers. Is this bad? Is this good? Well, if the person died and left a USD balance then unless the beneficiary contacts LL, it will stay there forever. IF it is $0 .84 then the person PROBABLY isn't going to spend the $3.00 US fee to move that money out into the real world. If, this unclaimed money keeps SL (paraphrasing since we have no transcript *wink*) Second Life to continue in the manner it has been which she said in some similar phrasing at least two times if I remember correctly --- then I think that is a better plan than some of the alternatives.
  16. Linden Endowment for the Arts --- See Inara's post here: https://modemworld.me/2019/07/17/linden-endowment-for-the-arts-to-officially-close/ For those of you that do not know (and hence perhaps why MY take on the closing is coming from another direction) I was a part of LEA from almost the beginning. As an artist, I had two exhibits the first round -- all built by myself; that was how it was done in the beginning. One plot I won simply by being fast enough and grabbing a "free" spot, the next because I had one of the best builds in those free spots (official quote by a later departed LEA board member). I also made the first LEA video highlighting the builds of that first round. These three videos from year one are still on my YouTube channel. Later on I applied for an Artist in Residence Grant and opened version 1 of the Machinima Open Studio Project where people could film freely and even rez their props. At the end of that round I was invited to move MOSP from LEA20 to LEA7 as a permanently established feature of the CORE. I was there for three years when I left simplistically because of infighting that I was in the middle of (my perception, I am sure others would have other comments and of course neither perception is the whole story). MOSP was invited to return to the CORE in January of 2018 after some of those fighting exited the LEA Board. I became the curator of MOSP 3.0 at LEA7. I was never on the LEA board; I was an adviser to the board for almost three years. The reason that I say the closing was not unexpected is that (at least several) folks on the committee saw the disappearance of the AIRS sims as the first death knell for LEA. We never expected "restructuring" to happen. The official LEA page that said it would disappear soon (this for well over a year six months) never was replaced by the shiny new board members. NOW the "will soon be replaced" text has "closing" text. The people that were fighting to BE on the New LEA board were completely quiet --- etc. etc. None of these things were positive signs of a return or of even restructuring. LEA was a good program. It helped countless artists. But I still do not feel that its demise was directly connected to Tilia which is how this topic came up on this thread. Since this thread is the ONLY real way for folks to get answers now and since a fair amount of people ON this thread KNOW the answers now, I hope it will remain for the folks that are still confused. The best thing that we can do as individuals is to alert our friends that there WILL be a change coming and advise them to do research. I am sure there are still a fair amount of citizens with USD balances in their SL accounts --- who will be surprised on August 1st when they find a new TOS.
  17. Someone on this forum -- a couple of months ago -- when I commented on "broken promises" made by Linden Lab (in that case it was Ebbe) commented that they doubted he would ever make a promise "like that". Well officials in The Lab have broken at least two promises in the last week. Whether we call them "promises" or not, it really doesn't matter; they clearly tell us things (sometimes repeatedly) that don't come to pass. I suspect we will muddle through the Tilia debacle (that is the HANDLING of the Tilia announcement and the subsequent TOS acceptance which BETTER be just for the USD holders in the crowd and not another broken promise) but I foresee another shoe dropping in the not too distant future. MORE difficult news isn't likely to come right away though so we will get a breather. It may be three months, it may be after the "super duper premium" is unveiled -- this giving us (possibly) something good to remember before said shoe hits the floor. My hunch is that it will concern cashing out to Paypal once again -- and not in a rah rah sis boom ba kind of way. I would be happy to be wrong :D. The LEA announcement was expected for some months now; once the AIRS sims disappeared. Whether my comments here "helped" finalize that decision, I know not. I seriously doubt that I have enough influence to tip the balance, but my continuous questions (some still unanswered) didn't help stabilize the situation. No regrets. I wouldn't change a word. And I think @Inara Pey's post on the closure and history of LEA was very fair and correct. And in THIS case, I know more than she does on the subject LOL. I don't see the closure connected to our current atmosphere at all. And it was a very good run and certainly a very important part of my personal SL journey.
  18. Four days with very few issues in the mix -- the new community Bellis Blues Cafe -- coffeehouse and music venue is pretty much complete. The BIG build which included new exterior siding came in at 36 li and pretty much fills the whole lot which was the plan. Some really pretty mullions for the windows add 3 LI each (OMG). I actually know how to do some tricks to make them 1 but I am tired and going to rest LOL. A very good experience with a great result. Big inventories are a good things sometimes :D. Hope some of you get to enjoy it. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Domingos/38/240/36
  19. There actually is a pretty easy way to fix this. I had it happen to me a few times. I have lost my bookmark for the fix though. Likely the inworld Firestorm support group would know. I am sure it happens quite often. "I" found the answer on the web, so trying Google might also be good.
  20. I journeyed over to Hangars Liquides last eve. I spent much time there in my youth, taking cyber punk fashion photos and the like. When made it was terrifically impressive; now it is a bit less so -- but still there is history there and a reminder of what the world was like when it, and we -- were younger.
  21. Building all done, I get to start decorating the community cafe tomorrow. I snuck in tonight for a little testing to find that my SHUTTERS work perfectly as room dividers. Really if I had to build yet another wall I was going to scream --this after a day of making exterior siding (thanks to @Aquila Kytori it was a bit easier with the transparency trick). Eventually though I just made new mesh using the mock ups as patterns. Much faster for ME, but likely not for new Blender folks. Anyway that was a GREAT tip! So a very mixed day with building going well but some bad event stuff as well as hearing officially that LEA will close at the end of August. So adjustments (many) will be in order. Happily I adjust easily and quickly to most changes. Anyway, just for fun here is a shot of the cafe kitchen which sits between the "coffee lobby" and the "dining room". More to come of course but a good start. While I really like white walls, they seemed a bit stark for some place that is supposed to be "cozy" so went with EARTH I think. I really couldn't face making interior walls after today's project :D.
  22. Some of the walls (both houses and houseboats) are not at the typical 0-90-270 degrees so you will need to adjust the ROTATION in the build menu. Usually just one degree.
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