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  1. Thanks, Rhonda, now I want to be a cat avatar.
  2. Thanks, Lindal. I am aware of that and that it is a perfect opportunity with new Blender - I even have it installed - but it is never enough time Although I really hope to make some time for that finally. Oh and very occasionally I use one of my alts for pictures.
  3. I have really no idea what to do with alts. All of them were created because I forgot emails, logins and password to previous accounts so I am not really sure if I need them, except one of them which will be the businesswoman if I ever learn how to create mesh items and clothes, which is probably never.
  4. thanks, me too! Actually it looked quite flat without this effect, so even if it's not very natural, I like it anyway
  5. well, I am definitely not the Andersen's mermaid, but I hoped to keep the sea witch part in secret. oh and btw I LOVE TO DECORATE!
  6. I've just visited the underwater garden, and I really love it!
  7. living so close to the water slowly turns me into a mermaid again
  8. thanks everyone! I am not very active mermaid, but sometimes the sea calls me I've joined the group and now I am decorating small underwater garden on my parcel so anyone - merfolk or not - is welcome to stop and say hi or just visit. It's in Deno.
  9. I was looking for more merfolk
  10. I have lost several notes with slider numbers written down, so I usually keep one shape save which I call "basic" - like a start shape which looks best with my favorite skin, brows and most of hair. Then I copy it to separate folder where I have all "basic" shapes for all my heads.
  11. I usually am, that's my job to ask many weird questions.
  12. can you elaborate on that, because I am not sure which emote to react I should select
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