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  1. Could you post a screenshot if how it looks for you? Bit hard to picture it by just that description
  2. Ahh I did not know they had to manually send the TP still. Only have been on the "receiving end" a couple times
  3. You can definitly do that with a RLV leash. If thats not your thing, you can probably find a leash with a hide function and only use it for that specific function. Might be easier though to just send a TP invite, better for your complexity count too, not having to wear it.
  4. Still deciding on today's outfit, so I guess this is my "now" look
  5. I am quite sure that people who post erotic material online know exactly what people could do to their pictures. I mean, what is the purpose of sharing those pictures at all if not to let other people admire/enjoy their work? I find your post very naive to be honest. If you post something online free for all to see on the internet, how do you even consider it private material?? If you have pictures that are considered erotic and you do not want others to enjoy it, you do not post it online to be viewed by everyone. I think what you call "not the point" is exactly the point of posting it.
  6. They are from RIOT and I am almost sure I got them at ~Uber~
  7. It's Kaithleen's Harym Sheer dress, can grab it at the Fetish fair currently
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