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  1. Region owners that like to attract traffic, and photographing explorers, should just allow for rezzing with auto return. Some put it behind a group with some join fee to support the region, which is also fine. With advanced posers you can also pose your avatar live, without rezzing, it's a lot more limited though. So if you like your region to pop up on a lot of Flickrs, allow rezzing one way or another. Backdrops are used for a whole different aspect of photography though than exploration or building. Simple backdrops (like the hundreds you find in Backdrop City) are nice for a quick snap, a profile pic or blog, where color matching is more important since most of the picture focus is on the avatar. The more advanced really well designed backdrops are generally way too detailed to be usable in that quality as region building, due to lag, LI limit and such. But they make for awesome photo scenes due to their amazing detail. And being a backdrop you can rez on your own land, you have all the freedom to use it how you like, add props, work undisturbed, and so on. Those are hardly just backdrops, but more environments or scenes.
  2. Only 2 hours in at work and already much in need weekend! sigh... Happy monday!
  3. Several reasons for myself A lot of those amazing looking places do not allow you to rez a poser, spotlights or any props. There are several very well designed regions out there, well known, that allow rez, and you will usually see a lot of photography visitors there when they are new. But there's only so many photo's you want to take on a specific region setting so at some point they are no longer interesting from a photo point of view. Also more adult themed photography, you can not just go do everywhere. And in general I prefer the privacy of my own place where I can set up a picture undisturbed. From a non photography point of view, some of those backdrops are so well made, but incredibly LI and texture heavy. A region designed in that quality would be way to laggy and out of "prims" before half the place was finished.
  4. No, endeded up using a choker in world, or photoshop when in a picture
  5. Does anyone know if the default body skin on the Legacy is from a skin maker and if so who it is? I do like the default skins, but would like to match a Lelutka head skin to it if possible.
  6. This reminds me of those Happy Tree Friends movies. Most adorable cute cartoon animals, who die in the most gruesome ways every episode
  7. Well quality in SL is in the eye of the beholder. If a not well known designer makes a skirt, they might find it just as lovely and valuable as one from Blueberry, and therefor sells it for the same price. They probably spend more time in crafting too, and they pay the same for land rent, or event participations as the other brands. So why would they sell for less. It's not like in real life quality that an expensive pants last longer than a cheap one. It's all just pixels. There's still a lot of cheaper brands though out there, just have to search a bit harder to find them. There's also shops that sell for the same price (like for example 250,-) but they sell every product as fatpack. There's also brands who want to be more exclusive and sell for really expensive. Some are awesome in design, others I find questionable, but others might like them. The mainstream prices maybe somewhat on same level, but that's not really weird I think, and as long as they sell, there's no motivation to lower the prices.
  8. Well to be honest, the Ruckus furniture has some of the nicest (bento) animations I've seen, but they are mixed with some of the silliest and weird poses. And since they just number the animations instead of naming, there's no real way to keep them apart. Kinda messes up the feeling so to say if you go from using a really good sensual one, and then switch and end up looking like some acrobat doing nearly impossible exercises. Makes me wonder if the creator just needed to fill up the bed and did not want to put in more efforts making good animations. In general, I find Stockholm & Lima having really good animations, though they have been using the same for way to long now. Would be nice if some new ones came out. Same with Rawwage, great quality, but same old for so long and way to expensive for reused animations.
  9. Yay! Join the club! Most of us that are in here for years are still at that same point of cluelessness! We are having fun though. Don't see SL as a game, there is no "goal" in SL, no game to play. It is a virtual world and is what you make of it, mostly a social and creative experience, exploring, fashion, creating, whatever. Well, there is grinding for money, but that's a different kind of grinding I guess
  10. Finally friday!! 2 more hours of work to go and then off to a weekend binge watch of Westworld and lots and lots of wine! Oh, did I mention wine? Lots!
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