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  1. I was trying to recreate that scene, but failed quite badly at getting the mood in it. But liked the pose anyway so
  2. At one point we had this awesome idea here in the forums of making a group together for photography and exploring photogenic sims. We kind of got stuck after making the group, also in Flickr (and have a bit of activity on there). Maybe a good idea to put some more life in it again! The struggle for new fun and inspiration places is real indeed!
  3. Yes, the tattoo layer I tested with myself messes up the HD nipples. Using only BoM now and there is no issue. I must say I am quite happy with the new body. The nipples look great, no longer need my external ones. Using Session skin I now have all the options as BoM that I can stack, so stuff like freckles, moles, vains, tan lines, abbs, tattoo. Anything really where before I had to choose. The system with the saving stick seems a bit complicated, but when using it as Orwar described above it is actually pretty awesome as you can save them in your outfits. The possibility to add layers to just specific spots is also nice (if you use them instead of BoM)
  4. Well, if you touch them, you most likely end up with a black eye or broken finger. And no, touching them wont cause the bears to make sound, only the wearer at some point
  5. I think we could do it in forum style. "Manliest Man of the Forums" elections. Set several themes for competition. Obvious ones, like show your manlieness in certain outfits (swim / suit / whatever?) and in manly activities, but all shown in screenshots. No photo editing, its not about who is the best editor. RAW screenshots, because raw really sounds manly too. (no Blackdragon shenanigans either!) Winner of each category voted by a professional jury! (all the women on the forums), and winner of most categories in the end is the Manliest Man of the Forums 2020! We of course have to create a body sash with the title, that the winner has to wear for a year. Only now I think of it, do we have enough men on the forums to even have a proper competition?
  6. Because of the complaints we make way too sexy pics, I went for something cute instead this time.
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