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  1. Wanted to give the FaceApp a try, but I think I'm more of a smirk person... Edit: funny though how after the initial shock of "hey that's not me, its creepy" after a few minutes it does kinda look not that horrible at all.
  2. Am no expert, but I think the main issue compared to the Face app, is that its not just a smile in a bone movement way. You need to change eyes a bit, add some wrinkles here and there, the lips need to stretch, the cheeks need to be compacted and so on. Also the app adds textures (teeth, wrinkles). Don't think this will soon (if ever) all be possible in SL, but it looks nice on pictures. Not so creepy as morphed rl/sl pics, but much more natural.
  3. You inspired me to give my home a paint job too! You made it look so easy, but its quite hard work!
  4. FYI the neck seam is not as bad is it shows on my pic, I picked the wrong skin tone from my applier when changing
  5. This is my experience too with mesh head/body. Some skin makers you hardly notice any seam (my favs so far are Session and Glam Affair on the seam part) and on other its quite visible (Less good experience on that part with the Skinnery for example). So best advise is like with everything you buy, try the demo's.
  6. I have a female catwa one, I agree the big master hud is is not the best on the market. I know for the female one there's also the mini master hud, putting all the most used options in one much better managable hud. Maybe the male version has that too?
  7. Very much this. Trying to adjust a mesh head to match the look of an old system avie is like trying to make a beautiful new technique/style to look less nice so it matches an outdated technology. Upgrading system to avie will always make you look different. If you do not want that, you should not upgrade. Reason to upgrade to mesh is because you want to use the new features, looks, skins whatever, meaning you want to upgrade your look. Have to say this look is absolutely gorgeous! Also explains why I thought your avie looked so different in the "look at me" topic
  8. My free advice: Post your current system look here, and you might get a few useful tips about shapes/skins/heads
  9. The three aging settings for the session skin. Its quite subtle. I only have this skin, so I do not know if its on all their new skins. They do make for different brands. Catwa ,Lelutka and recently more Genus.
  10. Session skins has age options on the newer ones. I'm not online now, but I think I have the option for 20, 30 and 40 years on the applier hud. Slight/more wrinkles were the difference. Might be worth to check that out. Can do a pic tomorrow (1am here, going to bed!)
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