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  1. Being lazy, but its weekend so that's allowed
  2. https://secondlife.com/my/account/request.php?lang=en If you put in your account name there, they will send an e-mail to you on how to reset it.
  3. With the European Championships soccer started, I thought I wear orange to support our national team!
  4. As other mentioned, it's the cloth clipping trough your hair, not specifically a hair problem. A way to deal with it without having to resort to short/updo hair, is take more full long hair. So even if the cloths clip in the hair, they do not come out at the backside. Rowan suggested Stealthic above, they are indeed a brand with really lovely hair that is also quite full without keeping an open gap between you back and the hair.
  5. Thats what I based her off actually, so thanks for noticing
  6. The month of May has become Star Wars month in our pop culture. We have seen some incredible photos and costumes from fans this month and really wanted to do a collective photograph to commemorate all your efforts. So the idea was created for a picture day! On the surface this seams like a simple enough idea... ...but finding a day & time that our all sci-fi loving friends from around the globe can participate and getting everyone to a single location is difficult. Then once everyone is there we still have to create and pose a scene. Knowing this can be time c
  7. The gang getting dressed up for the Galactic Gathering 2021 Star Wars party tomorrow
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