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  1. Dancing at @AyelaNewLife her gallery opening!
  2. Well this clip might strengthen that view of the Dutch then!
  3. All we are is dust in the wind
  4. Dutch, but I believe we are seen as just as blunt and direct by the international community Actually seen this movie a while back where people from over the US shared their experience/opinion about us after a longer stay, the "straight to the pointness" was a big thing (not necessarily negative), quite refreshing and funny to see that difference in our cultures.
  5. I'm not having a lot of problems either, but I do have a really good internet connection. My friend though, who has a fairly lousy one crashes all the time when TPing, while in the past she did not. Maybe somehow TPing is messed up making it cost more bandwidth or timing out to fast?
  6. Well to be honest, the choice of words might have been harsher than your intentions. With "Awh guys, instead of being uncreative and just taking established superheroes" you basically called everyone who put their effort in to and posted a knows superhero uncreative. Being not native English myself, I do that quite often As for the point, I myself like it to be open to interpretation. If someone prefers making their own version of a known superhero, that's great. If someone likes to make up an entire new one, that's great too. You probably enjoy creating avatars and background stories, others might not. Lets not set to many strict rules and let everyone do what they enjoy within a set theme.
  7. I see you have a rug and a fireplace. That's good enough!
  8. Happy Friday! I'm out for a couple of days, crossing over the sea to see London one more time before they leave Europe... Have a great weekend everyone!
  9. Mon Cheri - Miranda Dress Plastix - Feline Coat Vale Koer - Nightshade Pumps DOUX - Brianna (Hair) Catwa - Sofia (Head) Maitreya - Lara (Body)
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