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This week's featured artist is Oblee, whose performances in SL center around live looping to create a unique experience for the audience every time.  Please check out his music on his official website, as well as his social media below: Spotify Facebook SoundCloud BandCamp   Q: When/how did you hear about Second Life? A: I heard about Second Life shortly after its release, but didn't spend any time inworld until late 2007. It was an exciting time to be there! I had some fri

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Nicest way to turn down friendship
Ok, this might seem like an odd question but what is the nicest way to turn down someone that wants to be friends with you?  I had someone IM today and said "I'm so happy to see you at the club so I can have someone to talk to when we are here"  Nothing bad at all, except he's not really someone I would become friends with.  Honestly I make friends organically so if I'm in a club and I start to get to know someone in local by chatting or joking around I might IM them and start a conversation aft
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"The wonders trapped in books, liberated by our imagination." Happy World Book D…
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