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This week we are visiting The Dollhouse Forest, which currently has a macabre theme.  Creator Lil Brat (stylized as ღ Lil вЯαⓉ ღ) tells us “I felt like I needed a place of my own to show my creativity, my craziness, and the creepy corners of my mind.” Many of us love spooky things all year round, and Lil Brat was influenced by things like the Goosebumps books and old nursery rhymes with morbid undertones. In fact, there is a Nursery Rhyme Garden, of which Little Brat says “Here I have

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Can’t use this body, ever.
Have you ever tried wearing a mesh body and immediately felt that you can’t use it? For example, I’ve tried Slink, Freya and Maitreya bodies and felt that I could easily start building a wardrobe around the mesh body. But when I tried the Kupra body I just could not think of doing anything with it. I had the same feeling with the Maitreya petite body. They fell out of the shape range that I feel comfortable in.  There’s the idea of a residual self image, a look that is your default, and even tho
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Second Life Pic of the Day

Robyn Paperdoll is enjoying the summer sun, in today's Second Life pic of the da…
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