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It is clearly Spring outside the office windows here at Linden Lab. Blue skies, crisp air and sunny sidewalks, and everyone seems to have a bounce in their step that indicates the shedding of winter memories and the excitement of a new season upon us. While it can be Spring eternal  in virtual life — there’s no doubt that Residents love to do it up in full festive glory. Egg hunts and pretty pastels are around every corner, and the sweaters and coats of last week are replaced with tank tops and cardigans. Our Destination Guide knows just where the latest adventures await in Second Life. So swap out those boots for an open-toe shoe and hit the grid with a bounce like you mean it! If your Second Life creation is missing from the Destination Guide, drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com  or submit your spot via form.  Don’t forget to take loads of pics and share them on our official Second Life Flickr. We select “Pic of the Day” from that group. Now — let’s jump down that rabbit hole and see what awaits!   The Story - Second Life from 1999 to 2017 Revisit the whole history of Second Life since 1999 including "The Rig", Linden World, Teen Grid and more. Visit in Second Life The Tower You find yourself in a strange place with no memory of who you are or how you got here. Your only hope of escape rests in solving a series of challenging puzzles. Can you uncover the truth before it’s too late? This immersive puzzle game from MadPea Productions will put your wits to the test. Visit in Second Life The Photo Game II The Photo Game II features a small selection of pictures by two artists - Inara Pey and Proph - and their comments about each other's work. Will you agree with what they've said? Do you have insights of your own to share? If so, press the link and have your say. How many of YOUR words is a picture worth? Visit in Second Life Baja Shore Bask in the warm sun of Baja Shore, a new beach sim by Lauren Bentham. Feel the fine, white sand between your toes, while you breath in the fresh, salty air of this nostalgic retro beach. Don't forget your camera, so you can take home some photo memories of your visit. Visit in Second Life Penumbra Penumbra, in the shadow of the moon. A quiet midnight place to relax. Just lay back and watch the sky for shooting stars... Penumbra is a build by Fitch Lekvoda. Visit in Second Life Pandora Resort - Spring Time Pandora Resort is a creative, immersive and relaxing environment created for both the general public and those individuals who enjoy Second Life exploration. Not only are there public locations but there are also private rentals along the edges nestled within high cliffs along the quarry for those who would love to be part of this experience. More info at pandoraboxdesigns.wixsite.com/pandora-resort Visit in Second Life Trunk Show by Catwalk S/S 2017 Fashion Event Find the latest fashions at the Trunk Show by Catwalk S/S 2017 fashion event, held through April 2. Shop for creations from top SL designers in the retail area and don't miss exclusive fashion shows on March 25 and 26 at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. (Pacific). Visit in Second Life TBB Art Museum It's the best from the visual arts, from the all day and evening grand opening on Saturday, March 25th (with a great "Ari" concert and a massive fireworks show) and onward from there. Don't miss the new Curei Gallery of photographic panoramas and the re-opening of the large TBB classical Fine Art Museum. Many hundreds of grand images await you in a beautiful French town setting. There's so much to see; so many great people to meet, and you're invited. Visit in Second Life

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Does anybody from the Forum Cartel use these forums any more?
You probably wouldn't remember my name, but I was the two dimensional barman there.
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Second Life Pic of the day is "Ostara Blessings", from Gia Nikai Juliesse…
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