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Knock knock Who’s there? Boo Boo who? Don’t cry! You have not missed out yet on the chillingly spook-tacular prizes and events taking place all over the Grid. SWAGINATOR HUNT The Swaginator Hunt ends Nov 4th - so be sure to explore this trick-or-treat style hunt for free, limited-edition treats and prizes. Everyone can collect the incredible gifts, but the first rule of horror movie survival is NEVER SPLIT UP - so grab your friends and head out for some swag grabbing!

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Pics of Nude Avatars as wall art inside a Bellisaria home - violation?
So Bellisaria is M-land. I've been living on A-land for so long I'd not thought about this before setting up my build... But thinking about what a neighbor was up to with a skybox on their roof has me thinking about whether or not my own build is fine... I've had pictures that are snapshots of my avatar and some alts as nude art on the inside walls of my home. In the images here, I've blacked them all out - which lets you see how visible they are (and why most of these shots were
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Today's Second Life pic of the day is "Dark Emperor" by TheEmperor* To subm…
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