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Winter festivals, snowball fights and holiday hunts are among the highlights of this week’s Destination Guide additions. The Winter Activities category continues to grow with over 70 snow-filled destinations to explore. Don’t miss these new spots: Snowball Fight Holidays have traditions - the gathering of families, the giving of gifts, the food and merriment, and - in our case - the Linden vs. Resident Snowball Showdown! This is your chance to arm yourself with some sweet snow-slinging artillery, take to the sparkling ice and attack your friends, fellow Residents and some Lindens with snowballs galore! But, you had better be prepared to get pummeled in return, because much of the joy of the holidays is giving - even if that means giving someone a snowball sandwich when they are least expecting it. Join us at the Snowball Fight Arena on Friday, Dec. 15 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. (Pacific) and prepare to get pummeled! Visit in Second Life Adoration: The Nativity in Art Showcasing 20 paintings, prints, and manuscripts, Adoration: The Nativity from Medieval to Baroque showcases this popular art subject. Most old masters were familiar with the nativity, and painted their own interpretation of it. See how artists from different time periods and regions used different methods and took on the story of the nativity. Visit in Second Life A New Babbage Winter For a couple of months of the year, the usually fog-bound and sooty city of New Babbage turns into a Dickensian scene of Christmas from a bygone age. Come explore the 11 regions of the City State of New Babbage during winter! Visit in Second Life Mieville's World Winter Festival Mieville's World Winter Festival features six different areas of nearly 100 shopping booths plus entertainment, gachas, dancing, amusements, food and drinks and much more! Come join the fun in Mexico, Africa, Australia, Japan, Germany and North America! There is also an ornament mini-hunt. Visit in Second Life Winter Festival & Hunt - Team Fox for Parkinson's Share holiday cheer with your friends at the Winter Festival & Hunt. Experience the enchanting rides. Fall in love in the romantic winter garden. Find all the fabulous gifts in the Winter Hunt. Get a head start on holiday shopping. There are free skis and ice skates for exploring. Visit in Second Life Advent Hunt 2017 Presented by Larnia In this Advent Hunt, Santa is dropping off a gift each day until Dec. 24th. Wear the HUD, find the gifts and receive a special final prize for Christmas! All gifts will remain until Jan. 2 once they appear, so come anytime you like! Pick up your own tree, go skating, explore toyland and more! Visit in Second Life 2017 Winter Showcase & Art Show Join Team Diabetes of Second Life for 10 days of fundraising, live performances, ice skating, two hunts, shopping, art and winter fun! Event ends Dec. 10. For more info, visit teamdiabetessl.org/winter-showcase-winter-artshow. Visit in Second Life The North Pole Sleigh Ride Adventure! Come celebrate the 7th year and experience an SL tradition filled with magical scenes and classic Christmas memories. Enjoy a delightful sleigh ride that commences in a pretty natural setting; winding its way down to the North Pole village passing delightful Christmas-themed scenes and ending on the doorstep of Santa's workshop. Stop in for some ice skating, a holiday meal and a visit with Santa. Visit in Second Life The Frozen Fair 2017 The Frozen Fair is an annual event for shopping holiday gifts and much more - everything is inspired by the winter. You'll find gifts in each store including discounts and exclusive designs. More info at eventhuntforeverplanners.wordpress.com. Event runs Dec. 9-23. Visit in Second Life BinemustSnow This beautiful two-island winter wonderland is filled with surprises in all corners and under the surface. Explore Binemust now to see it covered in the loveliest of snow. Visit in Second Life Lyndenfeller Center Lyndenfeller Center is Hard Alley's newest holiday area! Take pictures, ice skate, or have a little fun in the cafe, or Santa's house! It's all here for you through Dec. 31. Visit in Second Life Christmas Market Come on down to Tropical Sands' Christmas Market! Looking for a place to sell your Christmas goodies at a responsible price? If so, then this is the place for you! There are multiple stalls at only L$50 per week for a lovely 20 prims, along with some festive music and hot cocoa! Visit in Second Life Pagans Winter Wonderland Pagans Winter Wonderland is an amazing place to come take your winter pics as there is lots to see and do. Grab a sled and have fun racing up the track or play in the snow! There is also a paintball dragon arena. Visit in Second Life [ I N S P I R E D ] Winter Resort [ I N S P I R E D ] presents its first seasonal sim. This picturesque place features many activities such as skiing, ice skating and even a chocolate bar to get you into the holiday spirit. Visit in Second Life Christmasville The magical land of Christmasville has opened its roads to the citizens of Second Life. Visit the beautiful winter wonderland and gain a place on Santa's nice list. Complete the current rendition of SL's oldest scavenger hunt and finish various puzzles to prove your worth to Santa. Will you get on Santa's nice list? Come visit Christmasville before the town closes its doors after the holiday. Visit in Second Life Chedderbarrel Project SANTA The man we know as Santa Claus has a history all his own. Today, he is thought of mainly as the jolly man in red, but his story stretches all the way back to the third century. Find out more about the history of Santa Claus from his earliest origins to the shopping mall favorite of today. Visit in Second Life 3D Republic Christmas Market Over 80+ vendors come together to present their creations for the season at the 3D Republic Christmas Market. Strolling through the market, you will find everything from full perm content to the latest designs. Bringing together so many designers at once gives the shopper a glimpse into what great talents are here in SL. Visit in Second Life Christmas Fair Enjoy the feeling of holiday and the warmth of Christmas at this special event. Experience holiday activities, dances, live music, gifts, ice skating, carousels and much more. Visit in Second Life The Cove Experience and Event Come Experience the Cove! Go shopping at Merchant's Row or find those rare gachas at Trader's Corner. Pick a tree or build a snowman and take them home. Filled with fun activities, including a gift hunt, ice skating, carriage rides, a sledding hill and even Santa! Visit in Second Life It's Winter! If you love nature...this is it! Skate or snowboard in a scenic winter environment. Teleport to relax in a winter bungalow in the sky...and don't forget your camera. Visit in Second Life Christmas at Brunel Hall Experience Christmas in the longest-running grand dining hotel and restaurant in Second Life. Bring your partner for a quiet dinner or use the hotel as a base to explore the surrounding steampunk city of New Babbage. Visit in Second Life Pure Love Drift away with your lover or hang out with a friend at Pure Love. Cuddle, Dance, walk around, bring a horse and ride together or enjoy the winter-themed landscape. Visit in Second Life Grey Magic Grey Magic is a sim full of surprises, Winter is not coming...it has already started! Here you'll find ice skating, dancing, shopping, photogenic spots and more! Visit in Second Life Ren Faire - Winter Wonderland No winter is too cold if you have plenty of love! Come cuddle or explore this winter wonderland by yourself or with someone else. There are plenty of places to keep warm and relax...or explore and find something new! Visit in Second Life Got a spot that you’d like listed in the Destination Guide? Make sure to drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com or submit your spot via web form. Also, don’t forget to share your Second Life pictures with our official Second Life Flickr —  where we select our Pic of the Day features. Have you updated your Place Page yet? In addition to the Destination Guide, Place Pages are a way for creators to share their unique destinations in Second Life — including 360-degree photos! Our featured Place Page this week is Moai Jinja + Beach.

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SecondLife-based temple and community for artful spirituality?
Especially now that first life is enduring a small dark age-like winter that seems propagated by ideologically paternalistic cultish regressive forces, there is this sense of SecondLife being one obvious kind of safe harbor and place for communities to organize. What I've been turning over in my mind seems so very obvious that one might expect it's impossible that it hasn't been arrived at by others over and over again already, and yet all of my limited attempts on occasion to identify and connect with any such community on SecondLife seem to have been fruitless so far, with a caveat or two that I will leave set aside. Has anyone founded a temple to a classic or ancient Goddess and elevated their values in spiritual and philosophically earnest terms, e.g.: not just an artful ediface, but a body of faith, belief, and practice? This could be either an authentic attempt to bring ancient practice forward, or a modern syncretic recreation, but I'm just curious what's out there. I don't see any forums here for spirituality, though that may be (given my specific interest) for the best, since so many incumbent religious systems seem hell-bent on ideologically undermining spiritual gender equity like it's 380AD. I realize that most of SecondLife is arguably like a secular cult of Artemis et al, and I'm quite curious if anyone's taken a logical next step to build and give the 21st century the kind of non-paternalistic ethos that it so clearly needs for its own spiritual and material salvation.
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