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Today we’re announcing our new, fresh faced Auctions System - now part of Place Pages.  We’ve created an Auctions Walkthrough and the Auctions FAQ to help answer common questions and provide a detailed breakdown of how auctions work and what happens during the different stages of bidding. You’ll notice a couple of key changes: Bidding on an auction will require you have the funds available in your account at the time you place a bid.  Your maximum bid amount is immediately taken out of your account and held in escrow. If you are the winning bidder, the parcel you won will be assigned to you within an hour of the auction closing. Soon it will be possible for you to create auctions to sell mainland parcels you own (the parcel must be owned individually, not by a group).

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What setting turns this off!
I live in a Linden Home, and I like it. And this problem is not restricted to my home, its every place, how do I turn it off or turn it around? I log on and I am at home, I look out the window and watch the other houses rez, I can read the numbers over the doors, without caming!!, but things in my house are still blurry. How do I tell SL to rez things close to me and then worry about things that are 60 or more meters away, that I will never interact with! This is most madding in shops as I see the shop but can't see ad boards to buy something, that's counterproductive! How do I tell SL to show me the things around me and then worry about things I truly don't care about.
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Second Life Pic of the Day

Second Life Pic of the day is "Subway -", from Seung-ji Park. To su…
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