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The Destination Guide editors have once again collected some of the latest and finest destinations for you to visit — so don’t hesitate to start making your way through the list below and share your pics to our Official Second Life Flickr. If you have a place of your own that you want to share with the rest of us, make sure to drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com or submit your spot via web form. Also, do not forget to update your Place Page! In addition to the Destination Guide, Place Pages are a new way for creators to share their unique destinations in Second Life — including 360-degree photos! Check out Time Portal, which is our featured Place Page this week at: https://places.secondlife.com/regions/46933/time-portal BURN2 Burnial Equinox Sacred & Profane Sacred represents interests of the group, while Unity is embodied in a sacred group of symbols or totems. Profane involves mundane individual concerns. Art installations depicting these themes are abound at BURN2. Visit in Second Life The Grab Monthly Event Luxury, elegance, fashion, beauty, power and quality can all be found at Second Life's latest exclusive sales event, beginning April 28. With some of the best designers coming together to present to you amazing clothing, furnishings and accessories, this is definitely the event to add to your calendar. Visit in Second Life Hollow's End - City of Portals Hollow's End - the hub of realms with seven unique realms built inworld for roleplaying. Your character can be involved in many contexts at once without needing to create new characters per genre. The seven realms are of different time periods and different contexts but the storyline is interwoven as fingers to the same hand. Visit in Second Life LICK - Asian Fusion Country in the Orient Asian Fusion Country in the Orient is a picturesque sim with a collection of different Asian cultures. A touch of old and new merged together on one sim. Explore, take pictures or just hang out. Visit in Second Life Celebrities Bay Surf & Music Festival Rebel Yell Concerts presents Celebrities Bay Surf & Music Festival. Enjoy the biggest waves at the surf beach, the luxurious VIP beach, a panoramic restaurant on the ocean, tribute concerts, parties and more. Visit in Second Life The Reading Cafe Welcome to The Reading Cafe. Sit back, relax and espresso yourself. Visit in Second Life Niamh's Journey of Dreams Niamh's Journey of Dreams is a story sim in watercolor textures based on Cybele Moon's "Tales of the Tuatha." Follow in Niamh's footsteps as she looks for her lost dreams. Visit in Second Life Ynys Seamaide It is said that Ynys Seamaide stands upon the grounds of the last great battle of the Elder ones, the Tuatha da Dana and the Femorians. The land holds the key to their banishment. For years, Seamaide has been a haven for those seeking a peaceful life. Its waters, it is said, are doorways to other realms. Behind a reflection in each pool lies a new world, a secret that should have been better kept. Visit in Second Life Wrong Turn City If you have arrived, turn your car around! Wrong Turn City is a dark urban sim where crime flourishes and people seldom live there by choice - unless they are running from something. With a community of roleplayers who are fully inclusive of people of varying roleplay skills, you will not find cliques at Wrong Turn City nor overbearing admins. Come along and start writing your stories today. Visit in Second Life The Anthropic Principle Live the exploration of an alien planet and discover TRON-like sites, full of fractals and lights (cased on a short novel written by Gem Preiz). This installation is open until end of June and held concurrently with No Frontiers (another Gem Preiz exhibition). Visit in Second Life A Yorkshire Tale Feel the warmth of Yorkshire's rural villages and the soul-warming comfort of rustic fires and homemade food. The fulfillment of a simple life is yours for a little while, so let Yorkshire awaken your senses and ease all your worries away as you lose all track of time. Perfect for couples, photographers and explorers alike. Visit in Second Life Visigoth Kingdom of Caucaland Visigoth Kingdom of Caucaland - the place where history, adventure, romance and fantasy are present...and, yes, love is present, too. A place which might astonish you because of what you'll find and what you'll expect to find. A place where you can have fun or relax. A place where you can come and take romantic or kinky pictures. Come and make an impression by yourself. Visit in Second Life Costa Blanco Costa Blanco is inspired by the southernmost province of Sweden, mixed with Bretagne in France. It is a sophisticated place to take pictures, where nature's spacious beauty surrounded by ocean is combined with adult pleasures. Visit in Second Life Maduro Lounge Maduro Lounge is a beautiful waterfront outdoor club. This friendly place features good vibes and good music while live deejays play R&B, soul, hip-hop, reggae and calypso genres. Visit in Second Life

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Create a new prim with script.
Hi, I am trying to figure out how a script can be used to create a prim from scratch.  Sample use: using a pickaxe to 'mine' ore from a vein of ore. The script would create the 'ore'.  Any methodology is appreciated. Prefer that the method is compatible with 'no-modify' 'no-copy' objects/scripts. 
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