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Pictured: Hypnotic Romance Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away! Grab your date and head over to one of these romantic spots on the Destination Guide!  Hypnotic Romance Hypnotic is a special place for love and romance with couples dances and secluded places to cuddle and kiss. Hidden throughout are special romantic animations. Can you find them? Bring your partner, lover or date...or come alone to meet someone with romance on their mind. Visit in Second Life  

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LL needs to implement a way to detect bots via script - urgently
Given the number of unwlecome visits I've had today, I'm not going to tolerate it much longer. I do not pay a lot of money to have my land invaded, and I won't be forced to put up ban lines which I do not want. I enjoy visitors, if they are driven by a human. Or even a dog, come to that. But not a script. Since accounts which are primarily used as bots are required by the TOS to be identified as such, LL needs to implement a way to determine this by script. Probably using the llRequestAgent
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It's time for renewal and excitement as GentleMonsterr and friends celebrate lif…
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