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To celebrate, we put together a special (and somewhat mysterious) gift set.  We’re not entirely sure what a Sananok is, but the Moles assure us they are friendly creatures that tend to keep to themselves and need a good home. Each Sananok avatar comes with a mysterious egg, which is  in fact so mysterious, not even the Moles know what it will hatch into. Sananok Avatar A wearable avatar that includes a shape and an alpha layer.
Mysterious Egg  (Rezzable or wearable)   Things you can do with the egg: Rez it out your parcel, make it feel at home. Add it to your avatar to carry it around with you (perhaps for a night on the town?). Have a tea party with it, it’s all good. Keep an eye on your Egg as it will, from time to time, tell you things (like when it’s getting ready to hatch!). Stop by the SL14B Birthday Regions and grab this gift from any of the gift kiosks available!              

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Beautiful Green Garden Island - 4096 M² 1250 Prims
Dear Resident, Available for rent today is a green garden island located on the corner of the sim by the ocean. This bugdet friendly parcel of 4096 metres will supply you with 1250 prims to build your home for a small weekly rent. Your Second Life does not have to be expensive for you to enjoy having your own private property in world. Come and live on the Dreamworld island today and enjoy living the good life on your very own private island. When you need more information check the Info Display on the land for all the details. When you have more questions IM Count Burks directly in world and I will be glad to assist you. Click the Image above to teleport to the island or Click Here. Count Burks Estates is providing the Residents of Second Life with high quality living environments for over a decade. I am looking forward to meet you in world.   Count Burks Count Burks Estates - Excellent Land For A Modest Price http://www.countburks.com
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Second Life Pic of the day is "hungry", from Nana Negulesco. …
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