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Second Life’s 15th Birthday is coming! It’s an incredible thing to have 15 years of history to celebrate, with no end in sight, and we’re planning to commemorate this milestone event along with our Residents! Please stay tuned to this blog and our social media pages for more details as they arrive - there are some new things in store this year we can’t wait to roll out and tell you all about! Read on for a just a few events we have brewing … we’re looking for your help! Calling All Merchants - Inworld Shopping Event Submissions We’re actively seeking Merchants who are willing to participate in an inworld Official SL15B Shopping event! Our inworld shopping events have been very successful and we hope to continue that tradition with a big SL15B. We are looking for quality Merchants across all categories to be a part of this exclusive event. If you think that this is something you’d like our brand to participate in, read on! Space is limited! If you are a Merchant who is interested in being part of this event, please fill out this form no later than June 5th, 2018. The event itself will run from June 18th, through July 2nd, 2018. It’s great to be celebrating 14 years of Second Life with our amazing community! We’re looking forward to doing so this year, as well as many more years to come! Music Fest Showcase Sign Ups Don’t forget - Music Fest is returning this summer and you can sign up now to be part of our Showcase Auditions. To sign up for an audition, please complete the submission form no later than May 18th, 2018. Sign ups will close at 12:01 AM (SLT) on May 19th, 2018. While we encourage everyone to sign up, it is not a commitment on your part and does not guarantee a spot at the auditions. We will review all submissions and extend audition invitations via email and/or inworld to the designated contact. All Second Life Residents are welcome to participate in the auditions as audience members. It’s an opportunity to see a variety of acts showcase the best they have to offer. For those who are interested, the auditions location will be shared in a future blog post. We’re excited about these events and can’t wait to share more with you soon!

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Sail to the Blake Sea and Beyond - MOVE IN SPECIAL
Waterhollow is a small community on the continent of Nautilus. We are located on the East side of the continent right off the Coastal Waterway. This let's you boat to hundreds of sims. Sail or cruise North to Corsica, East to the private islands of Seychelles and Blake Passage, South to the Blake Sea and many other private boatable sims too numerous to name here and to Satori's East, North and West coasts.

Below is a screenshot of the parcels on our property (see below for current units available). There are 3 beach parcels on our property and 5 water parcels. The beach parcels are terraformed to give you approximately equal amounts of land and water. The 5 water parcels have been setup with a mesh island (with working physics). We've added some landscaping but we can remove that if you prefer to do your own thing. The landscaping we put down DOES NOT count towards your prim allotment. Check out our move in special for 1st time Waterhollow renters below!   Beach Parcels (approximately 50% beach and 50% water) Waterhollow #3     2080 m² - L$1125/week - 825 prims - RENTED
Waterhollow #7     2912 m² - L$1500/week - 1060 prims - RENTED
MiCa Beach          3328 m² - L$1500/week - 1060 prims - RENTED Water Parcels with/without Mesh Island Waterhollow #1    2080 m² - L$1125/week - 825 prims - RENTED
Waterhollow #2    2080 m² - L$1125/week - 825 prims - RENTED
Waterhollow #4    2912 m² - L$1500/week - 1060 prims - AVAILABLE
Waterhollow #5    2912 m² - L$1500/week - 1060 prims - RENTED
Waterhollow #6    2912 m² - L$1500/week - 1060 prims - RENTED HERE ARE SOME GREAT REASONS TO RENT AT WATERHOLLOW VALUE No premium account needed. Prime boating location. You can't find a better area in Second Life for boating than Nautilus...period! Buying land in this area is very expensive and renting with us is a great way to get the best, without the need of investing a lot of money. Very competitive rates. Great prim allotments. Compare to others and to Second Life's allotment for parcels of equal size. Quiet area, the owners live here too. FEATURES Convenient rental system with weekly payments. If you pre-pay for 4 weeks you get a 10% discount! Mesh island, palms and grass landscaping. We can add more landscaping or remove it if you like. Small public boat dock for gathering. Invite some friends over to chat or maybe play a game of Greedy, swim, jet ski. Community sandbox, 50m x 50m platform. Dance balls (single and couple) at each parcel. Owners are friendly and very approachable. MOVE IN SPECIAL FOR 1st TIME WATERHOLLOW RENTERS!!! First time Waterhollow renters will receive a 25% discount on the first rental. Here's an extra tip...if you pay for a full 4 weeks up front you'll get the normal 10% discount as well, for a total discount of 35%. It's very simple, here's how it works. Follow the instructions on the back of the parcel rental sign, on "HOW TO RENT". When you choose the time period and pay the full rental price, the rental system will refund the amount of the discount back to you. Grab a landmark from above and come by now!!! If all parcels are rented, we would be happy to notify you when a parcel becomes available. Just send one of us a IM, or notecard with your name on it, and we'll check with you before we release it to the public. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact either Cassandra Kestrel, MG Canonmill, HDThoreau2012 or AmandaSterling. IM's get capped but are directed to our email or drop us a notecard.   Thank you and have a happy Second Life! MG Canonmill and Cassandra Kestrel
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