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This week we are placing a Spotlight on Angel Manor, a palatial estate adorned in some of the most impressive architecture we've ever seen. The Duke (Kaya Angel, Owner & Builder) and Duchess (Kezzy Forwzy, Co-founder & General Manager) of Angel Manor have proven to be a powerhouse duo in terms of creativity and event management. How long have each of you been in Second Life? Kaya: Well, I first came into Second Life to see what this new virtual world was all about when it fir

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Male body that doesn't look like he lives in a gym and guzzles protein shakes?
Seriously, I want to make a male avatar, but all the male bodys I can find that have any clothing for them at all look like the kind of dude I don't wanna be. like, is there a male body out there that just looks... normal? 😡
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Happy Hanukkah to those celebrating in our community. May this Festival of Light…
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