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HINT: It’s winter-y, fun, games and a series of quests. Can you find the gift hidden in the magical chest?  http://bit.ly/2SIOpp1 Grab the gift before it's gone! If you missed out last week and/or didn't get your HUD to get started - you can drop by Winter Wonderland to get one now - just in time to get this week's gift. How to get started - if you have not already: Grab your HUD from Winter Wonderland. Equip your HUD from your inventory, by finding it, right-clicking it and selecting “ADD” Find and collect your gift! Stay tuned to our blog, MoTD, and Social Media channels for new clues each week. Happy Hunting!

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Recurring things in Second Life
So I've been in Second life almost 8 years and over that time period, there's been a few recurring things that I've seen. So I thought I'd put together a list of them and my personal opinions on each one, so here it goes 1. " IM's get capped, please leave a notecard" Now I know we've all seen this one 10 times or more during our time, whether its simply reading someone's profile or trying to figure out how to contact a store owner because your favorite boots somehow got deleted from your inventory AGAIN, we've all come across this line, and since we can have offline's sent to our emails, I simply don't get it. I'm someone who checks my emails daily if not several times a day for this very reason. Now I can understand that some people don't know of this option ( and I've added a picture here to show you how if you use the Firestorm Viewer) But for seasoned creators who use SL as there RL income source, I don't entirely understand requesting people to clutter your inventory with hundreds of notecards when this is an option. 2. the overaggressive partners. You know, the ones that have the line "If you mess with my baby/ hurt her/ make her cry you will hear from me!" somewhere in the pick dedication of their wife/ girlfriend/ boyfriend/ slave/ sub/ daughter/ son etc etc etc. This one always makes me laugh when I see it because its like...What are you gonna do? Caps lock me to death? 3. People trying to say that avatars don't matter. I've gotten into more arguments over this very topic more times than I'd like to admit and I will say it now. they 100% DO MATTER! They are the first thing someone notices about you and whether you want to admit it or not, it is the very thing that will make people wonder if they want to open your profile and read it or not. (Sorry if I sound a little aggressive on this one, but it just irks me so much when people try to push this one off on people) There's my list. What are your thoughts and what are some things you've noticed?
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Second Life Pic of the Day

Today's Second Life pic of the day is "Snowy Day..." by Hinata Prates Shady. Cre…
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