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Pictured: Black Sails While Autumn vibes are taking center stage, don't forget there's a world of magic and some fun events waiting in other corners of Second Life. Dive in and discover the unexpected!  Black Sails Built by Hera (zee9), Black Sails is the ultimate pirate hangout which boasts a tavern and an inn, along with majestic ships anchored near a colonial fort, all surrounded by a bustling town and the stately Governor's Mansion. Adjacent to the pirate's rea

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Make Us Laugh!
As Reader's Digest has told us for eons, laughter is the best medicine. What is tickling your funny bone during these rough days? Let's try to keep it light, please. Let's see your memes, your cats, your goofy YouTube videos... whatever it is that's making you giggle. Can we all actually come together on something to help lift our spirits?
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Second Life Pic of the Day

Nymphy Evergarden is weaving a magical melody in today's unedited Second Life pi…
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