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At the core of Second Life’s momentous 21st birthday celebration lies a treasure trove of imagination: 310 mesmerizing exhibits on 20 regions that paint an intricate tapestry of creativity, blooming from the hearts of our talented Residents.  Let your spirit of adventure guide you as you navigate through the wonders of our creative community. Click over to the SL21B category on the Second Life Destination Guide for a list of all 20 exhibitor regions. The regions will open to the public on F

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My face looks awful
Help! I was recently advised to buy a new head for my av with disastrous consequences that turned my head into pink blur. I bought a CATWA head but it is pink and lacks any real shape. There are lots of little pieces that come with it but when I wear them I see no difference. There are no instructions. I opened the HUD but it is full of buttons with no explanation what they do and pressing them seems to make no difference. Can someone tell me what I need to make it look like flesh again? Please
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Second Life Pic of the Day

🌱🌼🌷 Residents featured in this image: Top Row (from left to right):   …
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