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Happy spring! Thank you for all the suggestions sent in for future last names through our Last Name Suggestion Form.  Today we are doing another big last name refresh by removing some of the older last name options and adding the following new ones from your suggestions: Firehart Ravenwood Zennor Whisperwind Starforge Xochitl Finchfield Azalea Seabrink Pawprint Morehead Osbourne The following is a screenshot of the full list of current last names available:

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A Real Therapist/ counselor?
Serious question everybody: So, I have a woman who I very much love but I fear i sometimes have issues that I maybe don't handle the best and to make a long story short, are there actual counselors on SL that a couple can go to talk to? A neutral third party who can listen to them and help set up guide lines and boundaries etc.? 
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🌱🌼🌷 Residents featured in this image: Top Row (from left to right):   …
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