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June is Pride month and many in the Second Life community are celebrating with month-long parties and events that celebrate our diversity and the ability to love freely without labels or limits.  A highlight of the community events is the annual Second Pride event, held June 14-23. Check out the full event schedule to see what’s happening. You won’t want to miss the many deejay performances, parties and special “All About the Facts: Stonewall Edition” event. Second Pride

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Almost got one!!
Hey guys I clicked on the refresh (I do it everyday lol) And there and behold was a beautiful New home,  I clicked on K to name the home then next  I was so excited then when I hit accept the terms .. sorry this home is no longer avail (something like that) I almost screamed ..haha I'm so excited to move into a new home , I can't wait:) Next time anyone throws a party or a bar-bq would love to come ..Kota  
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Second Life Pic of the Day

Today's Second Life pic of the day is "F L O W E R P O W E R" by S A L T Y. …
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