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  1. Stopped by my friend Felix's house to see his new lighting and I love it!
  2. I sat down on the tire swing to think about where I wanted to blog and ended up liking how it looked here haha.
  3. We got our first renter to our sim and had a small impromptu beach party with friends.
  4. Lol oh lordy....We really would have to do pose balls for everyone, depending on how many show up.
  5. Trying out the first pose I made...which was a new year's goal for me in SL.
  6. Before he crashed, my boyfriend and I got to sit and talk for a bit 😊
  7. Added a tuk tuk to the sim, love the poses with it
  8. All my plant hoarding came in handy when I put the florist shop on our sim!
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