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  1. If you go to the Hair Fair website, they have a demo group to join
  2. Enjoying this aquatic themed party!
  3. Hair: Sintiklia- Pamela @ Hair Fair tomorrow. Outfit: Marti- Aura @ Dubai event on the 20th Pose: Lyrium- Ari
  4. I somehow found myself as one of their bloggers last year. Still in shock that they kept me around lol. But we just promo it, we don't get free hair packs. But it's for a good cause!
  5. Got a chance to go to Hair Fair early access today...must say it's smaller than last year but I found a few hairs I liked.
  6. He placed them on a transparent object and put it on my fence. Yeah, some sort of simple prim.
  7. He and I had a little chat lol. He wasn't happy that I was home when he did it. He likes to be a vigilante. My man came home as this was happening and went outside to talk to him too lol. It was kind of cool. It's because I had rez rights on , otherwise he wouldn't have been able to with the protected land on the other side of the fence.
  8. TIL to turn on group only, even if we have a security orb. I was in the house when I was visited by an "artist" trying to "spruce up" mainland. He was able to still tag our fence.
  9. Got a little galaxy action going on. Love the galaxy from Half - Deer.
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