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  1. Back to using the NEROX Be a Robot Joints Also using the Starbright Fitted Torso Petite - Now that theirs a M4 neck fix for it
  2. Switched to the Pawcrafted Mechanical Limbs
  3. Here you go :) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sassafras/103/20/56
  4. Apart from the Charge pad. The two PsiNanna Holo Computers and the Electrical wires on the wall. Everything else was created, using, simple prims. Some textures, and various parts canabilised from other pieces of furniture Bulit inside the interior of a Linden Camper. Then linked together. (obviously not linked to the actual Camper, as that's not allowed) Used AVSitter scripts and a few poses, on the maintenence table
  5. Edge. From GRAVES Tried the demo first, and found that it worked with the Maitreya Petite Chest Strap gloves are from clblue
  6. Avatar/Avatar Health/Undeform Avatar should fix it
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