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  1. Chic Aeon

    What avatar is this person using?

    Note that if you are talking about the WEB profiles that we got many years ago, MANY folks don't use those. I haven't been to mine in many years. Doesn't mean that I am not here :D.
  2. Chic Aeon

    Linden Home Not Responding

    Agreed. Live chat or support ticket. This happens OFTEN unfortunately.
  3. Chic Aeon

    Uploading meshes

    Do it on the Beta Grid. Agni. They give you "fake" dollars to spend on upload. There IS a process to get there though. Since you look like you are older it should be pretty simple. Just choose the beta grid from the drop down Grid list on log in. Mesh Sandbox 3 or other numbers is a good place to go when you get there. You MAY need to put in a support ticket if things don't go well. But it might work fairly smoothly for you too. BTW $11 is the cheapest mesh upload charge :D. Good luck.
  4. Chic Aeon

    Super simple hair rig video?

    One of the Sansar Devs, Snow made a simple rigging video and I am hoping that will solve my issues. It was for another person (many it seems from the comments so a good thing) but I saw a couple of steps that I didn't know about so maybe that will solve my issue. I have some super cool sunglasses that I made today and some new bangles so getting there with the accessories. Fashionista status will not be mine for a long while though. Thanks all.
  5. Chic Aeon

    premium membership is it worth it?

    Yep and we have asked for clarification MANY times and "someone was looking into it" but no one got back. I "believe" the differences depend on the date of your avatar. It took quite some time before LL stated -- when dropping down from Premium to Basic that you would NOT get that same stipend back. So they may feel that they legally have to give the higher stipend to some folks. That is just my thought on the subject but there have been many reported cases here on the forums of old folks getting their higher than $300 back -- and others not. So best not to plan on it. It has been over a decade since those higher rates were in effect as the official charts show.
  6. Chic Aeon

    premium membership is it worth it?

    Ah and see they got you there. It is STILL only costing a little bit over a dollar. If people choose to spend the money they get back, that doesn't negate that it was returned to them. I suspect that long ago when premium came into being (and the stipend was much more) that the whole point was CASH FLOW. I haven't any concrete info on that, it just seems like a natural reason to do it the way they did. :D.
  7. Chic Aeon

    Issue with textures

    Asking the inworld Firestorm group is your fastest answer. Whirly likely know but faster asking FS support. You can get there from HELP in the top of the FS viewer bar.
  8. Chic Aeon

    premium membership is it worth it?

    It only cost a US dollar a month if you pay by the year and you get free tier on a 1024 lot (or a Linden home of course with new 1024s coming). And you get easier entrance into busy events if that is important to you. So it all depends on what you think is worthwhile.
  9. Chic Aeon

    A Sansar Journal

    Actually there are trees around, just not in this small portion of the build. And some random dead grasses. Happily it is supposed to look barren -- as it was for a long while. :D. I have overall rompers actually. They are multicolored LOL. But moving on now. Happy with how it turned out.
  10. Chic Aeon

    A Sansar Journal

    A bit over two weeks of working everyday (with lots of things already made of course for SL) and I have published my first experience. I was a bit worried as we all know about those 30 minute downloads and no one (NO ONE) was willing to give any hints on "Best Practices" and downloads. Happily the site seems to have an average download speed of about 15 seconds which is pretty much unheard of in Sansar :D. So I am a happy gal. I learned a lot and definitely got my feet wet. The mesh is made in Blender with Cycles textures (natch) which is definitely NOT the norm for Sansar. I has a different look than the other experiences I have visited, more dreamy (my environment setting probably has a bit to do with that). I pretty much used my SL knowledge of how to build a fast loading an unlaggy site -- and happily it worked. So stop by and wander around if you are out and about. I am happy to answer any building questions. RANCH LIFE (not sure if I am supposed to put in an "outside" link here but you should be able to find it -- or poke me).
  11. Chic Aeon

    Copy your Avatar into a Mesh Statue?

    It is important to understand that while you purchased a mesh body, you only have rights to USE it in SL. You do not have copyright or any terms of use that lets you export said body parts. You would also need a way to texture the body parts to look like a statue. So while an interesting idea, it is likely that your skill level isn't up there. And those statues I pointed you too aren't around on the home sim any longer. I was just showing you (OP) what was possible IF you made your own avatar.
  12. Chic Aeon

    Super simple hair rig video?

    Thanks will look at those soon. I did TRY but my hair (for Sansar so different than here a little) either wasn't really rigged OR I didn't import correctly. I uploaded as "non-rigged" hair and it works fine but would like to regain that skill (been a few years). Appreciate the link. Well it might help in the FUTURE but I really need some TALKING or at least text overlays. Watching a lot of clicks doesn't work for me (or lots of other folks hence they way my tutorials are made :D) but I do appreciate your try! TY.
  13. Chic Aeon

    Copy your Avatar into a Mesh Statue?

    You can't download someone else's mesh legally -- or any of the other things that go into what you are looking for. Mesh statues can be made of course but the person that makes them needs to have the body and other parts to do that. One person does this in Opensim and gives them away. Very pretty. Aine Caoimhe was the maker. She is apparently no longer in Opensim but you can still see the photos of her statues if you look her up :D. I have a few in my inventory "somewhere" over there :D.
  14. Chic Aeon

    the rights to upload mesh models in the Aditi SL version

    At the bottom of the upload window in your screenshot there is a NOTE at the bottom with a link. That tests isn't needed any longer but there is still a click through message I believe. The link there may or may not work. If your avatar is relatively young you may need to put in a support ticket in order to be able to upload. This was changed a year or so ago and people have reported as such.
  15. Chic Aeon

    Some vertices & Edges are missing from model after upload to SL

    Keep in mind when you work that your shapes should be quadrilaterals (four sides but not necessarily even sides) which then get turned into triangles when the model is uploaded. You don't normally need to triangulate but you do need to think about building your model so that it is made up of those shapes. This would be a more typical way an L shaped could be made. Just another example. This one has more vertices of course; I recognize that.