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  1. Blur Brush Blender 2.78

    OK, Adding this info from friend as I apparently misunderstood (and still really don't understand but hopefully someone else will) : "it isnt that the brush itself didnt work for me, it only worked within one mesh but not cross multiple meshes within a mesh group". So like chains on a body with links that consist of multiple chains (so far beyond my imaginations although I love the finished products LOL).
  2. Blur Brush Blender 2.78

    Well D*MN that is what I am using. I will give it another try although I am thinking that The Universe is trying to tell me I don't want to make clothes. THANKS VERY MUCH for going to all that trouble. It might be a setting she had us do in the tutorial? That's the problem with tutorials of course LOL. There are very few that you get through without issues. I actually tried doing this tutorial more than a year ago and got stuck much earlier in the process (maybe at the Blend Brush) with a cylinder much like yours -- I don't remember. I will look at your settings and if needed paste in what she said to do and perhaps you can see the issue. I am sure MY FRIEND (really is one) will be glad to know also LOL. Just in case you are unbelievably bored LOL, here is the tutorial that I am trying to follow. There are parts before this in the series which can be reached from the tutorial page. :D. There was a page where she changed the settings because of a change in an earlier version (this is a more than year old tutorial). They may have made other changes later? I guess going with the defaults might be a good way to test LOL. I remember HOW MANY TUTORIALS I watched trying to learn how to make curtains (good curtains). Eventually I told myself that with ALL that knowledge (none of it actually working completely) I SHOULD be able to figure it out. And I did eventually and made a bunch of curtains. Whether I REMEMBER if I ever want MORE curtains ---- well that is the question. Thanks again. Appreciate it.
  3. Materials enabled vs. has materials

    OK. This isn't just to Morgan, but SOMETIMES people who DO understand materials use a blank texture for the materials layer ON PURPOSE and with REASON :D. I have a normal and specular map maker. It is a VERY easy thing to do from your baked diffuse layer. However it is yet another texture for your viewer to download (some folks make their specular maps at 1024 - OMG). In the case of METAL (which is where I often use a blank texture) the 16 x 16 texture works pretty much the same as the specular map created from the diffuse texture (they are often almost solid white). So FOR ME, using a 16 x 16 texture rather than a 512 x 512 seems to be the only sensible thing to do. This doesn't work with normal maps of course. SOME of that "materials enabled' text came about at the very beginning when materials were just being introduced. Many people didn't have a VIEWER that could see them and for some reason that phrase was the one used by almost everyone. Even WITH materials enabled, a more important thing to note in a Marketplace description is whether the textures are baked (showing subtle ambient shadows and "shine" right in the diffuse texture) or that the photo is showing what ONLY those with materials will see. There were quite a few creators (likely still are) that never learned baked textures and so their vendor photos didn't resemble their products at all to those without ALM on. That was a disappointment to the buyers I am sure.
  4. Putting new mesh on

    Since you are new that "rez" comment above may not make any sense. Here is the official page in the KNOWLEDGE BASE (a good place to look up things).
  5. Blur Brush Blender 2.78

    That makes no difference. Tried HUGE values and it still doesn't work. Thanks though LOL. That value is there from following along with the tutorial BTW. Very smart lady. OTHER brushes work fine.
  6. Need Help for mesh creation

    Note that there are EASY TO GET developer kits for TEXTURE APPLIERS. The actually mesh body developer kits are harder to obtain. The only way is to stop by the store and fill in an application. You will likely have to show that you already make mesh clothes and pretty much know what you are doing :D.
  7. Blur Brush Blender 2.78

    A few weeks ago a friend wrote because she had spent three days (and much hair pulling) trying to get the Blur Brush to work in Blender 2.77 (I think but it was an earlier version than what I am using). Since I don't weight paint I had no idea what the blur brush was. After a few days of angst she went back to an earlier version of Blender - 2.6 something I think where it is working. The last couple of days I have been working on rigging and weight painting (new to me) and so far it is going OK. I am following a very complex tutorial. I am now at the part where I need to use the blur brush and I CANNOT get it to work (the same issue she had and she has been making VERY complex clothing for four or five years now so knows what she is doing). I can't find anything at all on this via Google and the Blender manual just says that the blur brush has been "improved". It apparently doesn't matter if you are using Avastar as she was and I am not. So does anyone have ANY CLUE what you need to do to get that blur brush to work in newer versions of Blender ? OTHER brushes paint, just not the blur brush. I am not in 2.79 as a bunch of plug ins that I normally use wouldn't work at all and I went back to 2.78. This a month or so ago. Thanks. Here is a screenshot but I am not sure it is helpful. No matter how I change the settings the BLUR brush simply doesn't work. LATER EDIT: I talked to my friend just now and she said that Blur Brush works fine in 2.77 -- it was 2.78 that it didn't work in (what I am using). She asked and asked about this when she was having issue but no one had a fix. MORNING EDIT: I haven't found an answer for this but research at does tell me that there were changes in the tool. It seemed to state that it was (now) to be used on higher poly models than before. I copied out the parts of the manual that had been changed and I am pasting in here in case it helps someone in the future. In the meantime I am moving on and abandoning clothes making LOL which I didn't think I would love anyway.
  8. Avatar Height Restrictions on Adult Sims.

    and I have a big bridge in New York I can sell you really REALLY cheap - LOL. If they don't have a Linden last name, they have no credibility in my book :D.
  9. Avatar Height Restrictions on Adult Sims.

    I find that VERY HARD TO BELIEVE on the TOS level. ANY sim owner can make ANY rules they want for their own sim of course but I truly believe you were fed some misinformation. Just "who" told you that? Someone official with Linden as their last name? If not, don't believe it unless it actually happens (and I would bet a few thousand lindens it does not). For one thing there is no reason at all for this to be true. Height has very little to do with "age" which is what I suspect is the criteria here.
  10. Rental Prices -- Through the Roof? :D

    Actually there is a MESH creator with the same horrible LOD issues -- LOL. I only know as I was in an event with them a couple of times. I didn't even need to cam out to NOT see the objects and only triangles. SO NOT GOOD. But yes the sculpt thing had even worse problems as harder on the server. And we TRY and move forward.
  11. Rental Prices -- Through the Roof? :D

    Just TPed back at 9 AM SLT and things have been changed somewhat. Perhaps someone clued in the owner. The rental board is now on the ground and you land on top of it (rather than against the wall). You can now CAREFULLY make your way through the horse paddock area and into the outdoors (to be fair there are physics issues and you may have been able to do that last night too if I would have kept trying). The places that are apparently rented are all furnished by the owner and an area search in the vicinity of the house I checked shows no objects by any tenant so we can assume that while "not for rent" they are also "not rented". And while you could decorate with 25 prims (hopefully not from the creator mentioned who has THE WORST LODS that I have ever seen -- assuming that we are thinking of the same one :D) the whole thing is just beyond comprehension. Prices are still the same very high numbers however.
  12. Rental Prices -- Through the Roof? :D

    Well I don't have an explanation but I do know that I have been to many places in the Destination Guide that are not as listed. It is very easy to for someone to get INTO the guide and then change things afterwards. I used to report things but that didn't seem to help so I gave up. Hence no report on this one either. Just thought the whole thing was pretty bizarre. I have found other rental places similar to this (or stores rather than "picturesque" places) in the past -- just thought this one was SO over the top it deserved it's own mention.
  13. Rental Prices -- Through the Roof? :D

    Editors Picks actually and when you TPed in you were stuck (and I mean REALLY stuck) inside the rental building. Not sure if that was the plan but there was a forced landing point that you couldn't double-click out of :D. The only way I could get OUT was to go visit one of the rentals; hence my discovery.
  14. I just had to post this. I went out tonight looking for a blogging locale --- directly from the destination guide. What did I find? Likely THE most expensive places in SL (well at least they took MY breath away). These are UNFURNISHED houses with the land impact of the houses around 73 prims. No way you could actually furnish them with 25 prims. And life just gets more weird every day. We can only hope this is an error, but I went back and checked on the places rented and they DO seem to have 25 land impact for furnishings. They may or may not be "actually" rented. Sometimes my head just has to do a reset.