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  1. Layered business suit for Maitreya Lara?

    I did a quick search on my blog and along with LOTS of male suits, I found this one. May or may not be enough "shirt" for you :D.
  2. I am trying to find out why I have such bad FPS

    There is a lot of "heavy mesh" in SL and depending on that and scripts some sims can be very difficult on your computer. There are a lot of things you can do to make you system run more smoothly. One is turning down your draw distance (mine is usually around 120 but it will depend on your computer). You can turn UP your "jellydoll" settings if you are in a place with lots of avatars. Turn off shadows if needed etc. I suggest having your friends take a screenshot of THEIR settings and compare to yours. That isn't foolproof of course as there are SO MANY things that go to make up your settings. If you are trying to run on ultra, then turn it down a notch or more. Second Life is one of the MOST STRESSFUL experiences your computer will be asked to handle -- partly because it isn't generated by professionals, but by "hobbyist" for the most part and many have no idea how to make Game Assets which is what we need in SL. Good luck. I don't actually understand you computer specs but I can tell you that any INTEGRATED graphics card is usually problematic. I have an older Nvidia card with 4 gigs of RAM and it works exceptionally well. OH -- one OTHER thing you can do that might help a LOT would be to turn down your LOD setting to 2 if it is above that. Makes a HUGE difference even on powerful machines
  3. Thoughts on the Town Hall meeting?

    Since I log in daily and don't subscribe to "chatty groups" I don't have that problem (well once four years ago when I went AWOL for a few days) but THAT is a bonus for sure. Good sleuthing!
  4. I am trying to find out why I have such bad FPS

    Are you comparing your FPS to that of friend's in the SAME LOCALE --- AND LOOKING IN THE SAME DIRECTION -- WITH THE SAME EXACT GRAPHICS PREFERENCE SETTINGS???? There are so VERY many verifiable that if you are not, you cannot really say you are "comparing" -- well you CAN grammatically but it really makes no difference as things are not the same -- that apples and oranges thing.
  5. Thoughts on the Town Hall meeting?

    So just in case anyone wants to actually get back to the POINT HERE LOL. What could the new premiums have? One of course could have the ability to own land with free tier (or a Linden Home) as we do now --- but of course not everyone really cares about that. Some folks simply want to get into the busy events FFFFFFIIIIIIRRRRRSSSSSTTTTT -- I know not WHY this is important. The GIFTS aren't a big draw as far as I know. I have no friends that ever go get them. More groups -- even MORE groups -- would be important to some folks. MAYBE there could be an upper level Marketplace perk -- that might be a winner. Maybe the ability to have a second store? THAT would be popular. Even more free tier of course would be nice. There is still a LOT of empty mainland out there. The ability to share inventory isn't going to happen but that WOULD be something folks would opt in on I think. Any other idea on your WANT LIST FOR SUPER PREMIUM??????
  6. Thoughts on the Town Hall meeting?

    I think that would probably be ---- well, ILLEGAL? Since there was an agreement (might be considered a contract) when those folks signed up. AND every alt that is premium ALSO PAYS A YEARLY FEE!!!! Not sure if you have any idea at all what you are talking about -- or perhaps just trolling.
  7. Viewer 2 windlight

    Well I never replied to this as it had VIEWER 2 USERS ONLY --- BUT I was going to say in reference to the Linden Viewer --- it seems SO much harder for me somehow. I have some very popular Windlight tutorial videos out there. One is ANCIENT and the others fairly recent. But whenever I have to use the Linden viewer ? Well it is painful. Hopefully the new EEPS (those may or may not be the correct letters) will make things easier in that viewer. As it is, it is certainly a reason to use Firestorm. Really, that's just the way it is. And YES I would be thrilled with MORE WEATHER like snow and rain. We can have that already of course but it is VERY LAGGY so not something you want to deal with all the time --- and certainly not if you are a public place.
  8. SL usage statistics

    And this matters HOW? If you are happy here and having fun and some of us making a fair amount of money each month, does it really matter all that much? Ebbe in the Town Hall meeting said that overall population was going down consistently and VERY slowly for many years (maybe since 2009 but you would have to look at the video to check that -- or maybe you needed to be there and it was mentioned after the camera was turned off and questions were asked). This is NOT NEW NEWS. So flag waving with "SL IS ON DEATH'S DOOR" isn't really going to get much but a few raised eyebrows.
  9. A mainland Island ?? Today's bargain buy !!

    It isn't, and most people on the Merchant forum know the story behind those "reviews" :D. Since there were both demos inworld and on the Marketplace to see and try I can't say that those reports hold a lot of -- well let's say credibility. And since I have sold several thousands of said surrounds and folks see them OFTEN, I would say that those reviews from a time period ago haven't made much impact. MY point was that most folks (including the first respondee) think of "island" as just that. This land has many neighboring plots that adjoin it. It would be more appropriate to call it "protected by Linden waterway" (on two sides I think as I walked a few edges and what looked like a waterway wasn't a LINDEN waterway ). We see a lot of confusing post from folks selling land here. Oldtimers know all the differences in terms. New folks almost always are VERY confused (and that is certainly appropriate as buying land is confusing). No worries here Fionalien
  10. A mainland Island ?? Today's bargain buy !!

    Yes hence my LOW LAND comment.
  11. Beta grid downtime

    Another old irrelevant thread, but ---- Lani was there a day ago uploading and there were a couple of other people there. I looked on the file an it was 7 AM SLT on the 24th that she was testing. I just tried and she is there now. Try MESH SANDBOX 3.
  12. Isles of Ice Grid Hunt

    2016 thread on an OLD then Linden build. I visited but it was very long ago and even then it was broken. I am pretty sure this build was before the Portal Park
  13. A mainland Island ?? Today's bargain buy !!

    NOOOOO draw distance there and plenty of neighbors. "Islands" it is important to note (mostly for new folks that might be confused) can be made in ANY low land by terraforming. This particular plot has plenty of adjoining neighbors, so it isn't actually an island as most folks would suspect. There are waterways but some of those could disappear in a flash. Again, posting this mostly for the NEW folks that don't know the ins and outs of SL land. I lived next door (across the Linden road really) to someone who kept advertising land as four sides protected when in actuality it was one side and a partial bit on another. It really is a BUYER BEWARE area -- much like our corporeal world. There ARE a few actual mini islands on mainland (or adjoining anyway) that Linden Lab made maybe twelve years ago. Now and then one of those comes up for sale and can be very pricey. You still don't have a long distance view but you ARE protected from any close-by neighbors.
  14. How to start a land business in second life?

    The people that make "big bucks" on land buy MANY MANY REGIONS and get an undisclosed discount. Also there was a "buy down tier" offer maybe a year or so ago that had a one time payment and then folks pay 195 in tier each month (don't quote me on that as I don't have a sim that I own). Other than that -- you can buy individual lots and resell them at small profits that add up over time (land flippers) or you can buy part of a sim and decorate it very nicely with houses and plants and MAYBE make a profit on rentals. It isn't all that easy to make money on land these days unless you ARE a Land Baron :D. I suggest doing a LOT more research before you spend your dollars ---- start SMALL and see how you like it.
  15. It took me some searching (5000 ish posts) but I found my blog post on the change and apparently I wrote it on Christmas! LOL