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  1. Great explanation and I really do get it now (taken awhile). Since you need to use cube physics on some Opensim Opensim grids and since I have been making cube physics for four years LOL, I of course used that in my (currently editing) tutorial. I DID however give an explanation of the other flavor *wink* and even have a screenshot on the beta grid. By the time I am finished the land impact will likely be determined by the download and not the physics but I realize the server would likely be happier with a lower "cost". Meanwhile I don't have any issues at all with rezzing prims on the floor or roof or whatever and the cube physics model doesn't change in land impact based on the physics (or very minimally) so that is something to consider depending on the build. No? Anyway thanks for the lesson!!!! I may try planes on the next build. Always good to experiment and learn.
  2. Good to post that head is no longer available. Thanks. Didn't know it was a short time offer. While I do believe that yearly premium is a great deal for land or home, getting a premium account for the stipend (LOL) doesn't seem like a sound investment to me. You are just getting MOST of your money back over time is all, so that "windfall" each week isn't actually a gift -- but more like a repayment of a loan. BTW folks that went premium early in the game got $400 per week and some really old timers $500 --- and there was some sort of "forever" deal back in the Paleozoic days, but don't know those details. I don't think I mentioned the free body on the Marketplace. There are no feet for that body and no alpha slots, but if you want to run around naked in boots for some reason (maybe to dance on an pole and earn money for a better one?) --- well, it IS free. I forgot the maker; someone posted the info on these forums awhile ago. Agree about gachas for heads and in general really. Some machines will let you know the rares rate in the description. The only stellar gacha machine in my mind is one that will give you something you can use and like on one pull - LOL. Hence not a gacha gal. My store ones are set at 8 BTW .
  3. Akeruka has a free head (group join fee) right now and there are some free heads on the marketplace. You will have to save up for your body though. Not deals on those OR use one of the ones in the viewer. And I agree with Alwin. They are expensive for everyone. I had my alt chase crystals at the realms to get money for hers. Maybe that is a good plan for you too.
  4. Well that sounds like a very good idea since that is AGAINST THE TOS! But the land tab isn't showing as being checked. Does that mean that The Lab refuses to list but "overlooks" the breach? Puzzling for sure. I didn't actually READ the land info. I was in and out in less than five seconds LOL.
  5. Well I WAS going to tell you that Places listings don't show up well in websearch but certainly do in Places searches. Since I seldom use websearch though I did a test and my store came up when I searched for it. I ONLY have an "ad" in Places. Honestly I was surprised. I teleported over and I did not see the check mark in show in search. So I was wrong on that ^^ I would FIRST check to see if you are being charged each week. If there is someone besides you that can check that box (assuming it looks unchecked to them also) then I would have them check the box and see if it sticks. If you are the only one that can check the box, then I would try logging in with a different viewer (the Linden Viewer maybe if you don't normally use that) and see if the box THEN looks unchecked to you. You could then check it in that viewer and see if it sticks. If none of that works, you can send in a ticket telling them all that you have tried.
  6. Update: So Aquila did find Lani on the beta grid and Lani and "I" and "the typist" all got a lesson again. I tried uploading my non-analyzed physics model and it did work. But the land impact was MUCH higher - 17 instead of 5. But, as I understand it (and I am sure she will correct me tomorrow if I got this wrong), while MY cube physics model was just fine to use with ANALYSED physics, I need to use PLANES for my physics model when uploading with non-analyzed. Since planes physics doesn't work in Opensim and I am trying to make tutorials for both (and also -- let's be honest -- because I have been doing it this way for four years LOL) I will just use the Linden viewer for now and hope that FS will get this worked out down the road. So --- planes (as large as you can make them AND they can overlap) for non-analyzed physics and cubes (not touching) for analyzed. Here are some photos.This is Aquila's house and my houses and some physics models. Her house was lower land impact than mine (she has always been smarter -- no argument there -- and has baled me out of issues for years -TYSM). My linden viewer house though is only 5 and doesn't increase when resized up. So I am happy with that and will just grit my teeth when I have to upload something with doors in the Linden viewer. So set in our ways. BUT SMARTER NOW. All good. Aquila's house, planes physics model and screenshot of physics.
  7. Thank you. I will try that. I have never actually understood when and why (and I remember you asking me long ago if I did) the difference and since Drongle told me long ago to analyze I almost always do unless I have some odd issue. I did forget to try that. I didn't get that warning on my current big machine FS Firestorm 5.0.1 (52150) Dec 10 2016 or on the notebook with the newly installed just out of the gate version. IF I would have seen that LOL, I would have had a hint. I will try the un-analyzed and see how that works compared to the other. If you have time would you explain "why" you use one over the other (in normal circumstances of course) as hopefully I am smarter now. Hope you waved at Lani if you were on the same sandbox LOL. Thanks very much, she will try momentarily.
  8. I am having issues AGAIN with house physics on the beta grid and also on the main grid IN FIRESTORM. It isn't the physics model, it is pristine. This is the second time I have had this issue in the last month. I hadn't needed "house physics" as in walking through the doors lately; been making smaller things. When the physics are analyzed parts of the doors get closed off in the FS viewer. I have heard others complain in chat when they had to switch viewers in order to upload :D, but I have never had this problem before. I know there is a new FS out but I also need to finish some Opensim stuff in a few days so wanted to wait to install the new version. I am HOPING that the change is address in FS. I guess I can install the new one on my notebook and test. LOL. So my question is to those in the know -- is this something folks besides me already know has been happening? My test on the beta grid shows the building works just fine when changed to prim when uploaded with the LINDEN viewer. So it is just me wanted to know what happened. This is 5 land impact when changed to prim so happy with that. Later: I installed the new FS viewer on my laptop but alas it doesn't fix the problem. Same exact thing happens. Any insights appreciated.
  9. Note also that many buildings (especially prim buildings) come in Rez Boxes -- so when you open the box that the building came in (likely but this is not always true, I don't box mine :D) you may get a box looking item that you need to click in order to have the house or diner "rez" (appear) for you. Also I suggest that if this is a copy item to go ahead and practice in a sandbox. Once you get the hang of opening and placing things it will make more sense. You can just delete the building you practiced on (AGAIN ONLY IF IT IS A COPY DINER). Then go to where you want it to be REALLY and rez it -- or the rez box -- again and repeat the process. A few tries and you will have it. We all had to figure this stuff out. It DOES work :D.
  10. Yes, not a viewer thing, but a Windlight thing. You can also of course turn on lights WITHIN the house or wear a bright facelight LOL (we do what we need to do to get that shot). Here are some Windlight setting tutorials that might help.
  11. Cycles does a much better job than Blender Render. A combination of area lamps and point lamps works well and you need a plane (and or wall if needed ) to reflect the light. Don't put the back of yours model up against the wall unless you want it completely black which is pretty unrealistic. The gloss and reflection is mostly about the node structure (glossy node and mixed shader most likely) and not so much the lighting. A combination of course. And yes, lighting is tricky. Some tips in this video:
  12. Not exactly sure what you are asking but Ambient Occlusion is in the same dropdown as Combined; right above it. This WILL give you a grayscale texture with AMBIENT (not cast) shadows. If you merely want a UV layout with only the outlines of where you would add your texture, then you save that in the UVimage editor under IMAGE > SAVE AS IMAGE after you have unwrapped. No need to bake in that case.
  13. Too philosophical a question for a complete reply , but THIS case it is an avatar that I made for a blogger challenge long ago. Her name is Lani and she uploads my test mesh on the beta grid. She really has no "life" LOL. But running two viewers at the same time, the broken mesh only shows up in the viewer that has the avatar WITH the broken mesh. The other avatar on the same machine sees everything as fine.
  14. Well something very similar happens with the Maitreya body and the Lelutka head, both pretty well used *wink* so I am thinking there is something else going on. Oddly I am pretty sure (and I will check the next time this happens) but for me Chic sees herself as missing parts in sort of a cracking up mode but her alt sees her as normal.
  15. From my point of view that is exactly what happened. If you look at the official (mostly from Ebbe) comments, many in these forums he absolutely led people to believe that they could "move". Mesh but not prims would transfer over, friends lists would be in both places, money would be "interchangeable" etc.. It even appeared for a time like The Lab was planning on making that move easy for SL folks by moving inventories for us (shadows of that nasty August TOS). We could surmise that some of that info was meant to calm and placate SL residents, but I doubt the ideas presented at the beginning were lies. Projects often change along the way. What seemed like a good idea can become enmeshed in issues or even impossible. We were even told at one point that everyone would be given a small piece of starter land. I haven't heard that in years now and assume (all assumptions here) that is no longer on the drawing board. Those of us that have been watching the official statements have certainly noticed a shift and what we preconceived (with some help from those official statements) the new platform to be is not what it will be. Some things will be better, some not as good, but it is always wise to remember that this is the beginning of the platform and after opening can change and grow. Personally, in my mind I was relating the new platform to Cloud Party which I loved. And even though they are many years apart now, there still seem to be some similarities. So "I" had preconceived notions and likely others did too. The Apollo Experience is debuting this weekend for folks who missed that announcement so likely there will be some reports on that from various sources soon.