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  1. Chic Aeon


    [First, it looks like you made a prim build, exported and then uploaded as mesh.] Sorry I was confused by all those extra edges :D. I don't think that is actually this issue and there is NO strikethrough in the forums any longer (boo hiss). There are several steps that need to be completed to have that work "well". Your problem is that you are trying to let the uploader make the physics model which is almost never a good plan -- certainly not with your model. The error message you are getting is most likely because the uploader hates tiny triangles and you have OH SO many up there on that top landing (not sure why). Below is an example of what the stairs should look like to be optimum. I selected the stairs and they are in orange. So see how simple they need to be to work as they should? Selecting your stairs and using Alt + J_key will get rid of most of those extra edges -- if not you can remove edgeloops. Then remove the doubles and you will likely have better luck letting the uploader make the physics model. Remember to change your stairs to PRIM after uploading. Here is a video that might help: Here is a more complex set of stairs:
  2. Chic Aeon


    Well themed areas were mentioned so that cuts it down a bit. While it would be nice, it also seems pretty cumbersome for the folks that would need to make it work LOL. Looks like a new style of houses (different look on the map) at SSP44 area. Dots there again today. Fun to watch!
  3. Chic Aeon

    Bloggers & Merchants

    PERSONAL blogger groups are my favorite method -- aside from the hand delivery which I know can get tedious if one has a lot of bloggers) so something for the future maybe. With a personal group items are there in archives for two weeks. So if a blogger (me anyway) misses a delivery they can always check to see if something new is out. My personal least favorite blogger method is BlogOtex which seems about as far removed from "friendly" as it can get.
  4. Chic Aeon

    Bloggers & Merchants

    Now that my trip down memory lane is over I guess addressing the OP QUESTIONS would be appropriate :D. As Syn stated there really is no norm. Some designers hand out new release copies to a few bloggers that they like, some have subscribomatics, some have blogger groups in that SL group manner, some are on Blog0tex. Blogger groups vary in size with some up to 50 "bloggers" or more. Some have rules, some just say "feature me when you can". Reasonable merchant expectation? I would say one or two items featured per month per blogger. Note that this FREQUENTLY doesn't happen. Then again some bloggers will feature more often that that. Reasonable blogger expectations? Items of good quality that they can mix with other items of good quality to make a pretty picture and / or an interesting post. A plus is getting some info on what event the item will be appearing at (sometimes left out so bloggers have to do a lot of legwork tracking down the info needed). Finding bloggers? Look at the Flickr sites of your competitors. If you like the photos and presentations, check the blog link in description (if you are actually looking for BLOGS of course). When you think you have found a blogger that will work with your brand check their review policy if they have one. Some bloggers accept goods from anyone, some do not. You can then send a notecard asking if they are interested in blogging your items OR send some items along with a notecard. I suggest the hand delivery method at first as that is how most designers start. I have some that still hand deliver and I love that as we now and then chat a bit and that makes things more personal (and nostalgic). Good luck!!!!!
  5. Chic Aeon

    Bloggers & Merchants

    As a blogger of over eleven years (and a merchant for almost that long) and I believe the most fashion and design posts on my main blog (well over 5000) -- I of course have a point of view. LOL. Things have changed over the years. Flickr is king now --- partly because that "no body reads" mantra is true :D. There are few blogs out there still with fans, but not like five years ago. Readership is down as a whole -- easy to see on other blogs by looking at the ratio of comments between now and then. Easy to see on mine as I have the statistics. Merchants are having a difficult time getting their bloggers to blog -- this from merchant chatter as well as blogger manager rants and the absence of photos on Flickr that "should" be there and are not. As a merchant, I haven't found any relationship between items featured and sales. Now, that's an eye-opener, but true for me anyway. Partly this is because of the long time trend to get as much as possible into one picture (clutter in furnishings OR in clothing and accessories) so that nothing is really "featured". There are a few of us using the "feature the products" method, but not that many. I have never had a blogger group --- or a store group for that manner. And while there are some GOOD blogger managers (typically I am grandfathered into group when that becomes part of the process OR I leave that designer) but there are some that have the photo takers running for the hills as all the managers do is rant like a drill instructor. Hence, bloggers sometimes leave even when they had the best of intentions when joining the group. I used to write more on my blog. Now it is often just text highlighting the features of the new products. That saddens me, but it is the new norm and what is expected. I miss Berry's memes and the color a week challenges and all that was Second Life blogging of long ago. Blogging has become more of a business than a hobbyist activity. So after all that input, my advice would be to keep working on your shop and think about advertising for bloggers when you really WANT that process as part of your SL experience. Do it for enjoyment, not because you feel you HAVE to. We ARE supposed to be having fun here !!!
  6. Chic Aeon

    I am confused - Omega applier, Altamura mesh body

    Just a general note and not only about altamura gals bodies. Even with a body that is supposedly Omega compatible, not all items will work -- for heads also, not just bodies. This includes many brands (I am counting five that I have had issues with so that's a lot; I don't have Omega for Maitreya so I can't say whether that has the same problems. I just use appliers that are specifically made for Maitreya -- since there are plenty of those. For some brands there are several versions of the Omega appliers. For some brands even the Omega documentation says that it doesn't always work. SO, "sometimes" it isn't US at all :D. Maybe in a couple of years with BOM active we won't have to worry about all this.
  7. Chic Aeon

    To Mesh or Not to Mesh?

    If you are happy with your "retro" look, then stick with it. As long as you don't plan on buying new clothes or shoes you will be fine. It is VERY difficult to find any new clothes for legacy bodies since so many people have mesh bodies. It is a learning curve though so no need to jump right in. I doubt there is a big market (or even a small one) for antique clothes. Most of the folks I know tossed them long ago. I do have a guy friend that still has all his MIA (forgot what that stood for -- men in action maybe -- a free gift a week for a year at least). And of course you could only sell things that are transfer -- but many things were long ago. Good luck and welcome back. And so far as mesh and mesh bodies go, you ARE somewhat of a newbie. It is quite a different world now :D.
  8. Chic Aeon


    That looks a bit like a retail area which seems odd. Double lane road. Hmmm. But dots working again. All is good.
  9. Chic Aeon

    Are the 'Standard Sizes' files still available?

    I don't want to be encouraging but it is a VERY long road to making clothing. You can get the default avatar file here: http://blog.machinimatrix.org/avatar-workbench/ You can get an approximation of sizes here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Standard-Sizing-Package-Updated-Male-Female/2894727 I don't think anyone was thrilled with standard sizing, but I do understand you have to start somewhere. Along that "somewhere" road, you might want to look into Marvelous designer which is pretty much what most folks use to make clothes these days. Of course MD is just the first step in clothing creation for second life and for that most folks use Avastar. BUT my best suggestion would be to zip over to Sansar, sign up and get a 45 day free trial (I am pretty sure that is still available) of MD. You can also get a shorter trial from the Marvelous Designer website. IF you make clothes in MD, Sansar does the rigging for you (the hardest part in my estimation) so you could PLAY and LEARN and even sell a few things while learning. Good luck!!!
  10. Chic Aeon

    What are you doing today!? :D

    Well "I" stood around my building pad all day, but the TYPIST worked on the roof and ceilings for a new bigger than I almost ever make Victorian house. No issues (always a blessing) and aside from a few adjustments it is coming along fine. @Aquila Kytori would by happy as this is basically PLANES physics which came in very low. It is of course "my" style of planes physics LOL, but hey -- we learn slowly. So a good day and I am OFF. Lani working hard on the beta grid *wink*. Those odd wagon wheel things are shadows from some Victorian deco trim which will be uploaded separately. Roof all one piece with what appears to be perfect physics. Downstairs all one piece also (not the windows and trim). Prim posts are for getting an idea of the porch railings. A work in process obviously. 50 li so far.
  11. Chic Aeon

    So I just found out about Sansar

    Posting in the SANSAR section of this forum would likely get you more input. That was LACEY LINDEN that you met I bet -- but maybe there is a "Lucy". You can cam around but not in the same manner. The experience owner also has the option of NOT letting you cam, but I am betting that you just didn't figure out how. It is a DIFFERENT platform with different rules. It takes some time to learn the differences. While Sansar was originally designed for VR there are more Desktop users now than VR folks so it works fine for both. I don't have any VR gear. Most creators work in Desktop even if they visit in VR . There are many shirts in SL that are also $1US :D. There are also TONS of free items on the Store so you should be able to easily find what you want there. There are also plenty of inexpensive things. You just need to shop a little more.
  12. Chic Aeon


    You need to wear the ALPHA layer that comes with the dress on a non-mesh body. If it is a NEWISH dress, it may not come with an alpha layer as it is made for specific mesh bodies. So look for older clothing that comes in XS, S, M sizing rather than Maitreya, Belleza etc. You can also get a free mesh body at eBody Shop and a complete free mesh avatar with head at altamura. The large majority of fashionistas now have mesh bodies so many designers are only making clothes for the popular bodies (only good business sense - it's a lot of work). Good luck. ALWAYS DEMO BEFORE BUYING.