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  1. Both Kitely Market (Opensim) and Sinespace have convertible currency as well as a variety of "games" that are not worlds as we think of them. Many other Opensim grids also have convertible money. Back when the big Tilia thing happened last summer I spent a fair amount of time looking at the Tilia website which --- at that TIME -- seemed to be poised to be the conversion Mecca as talked about previously in this thread. I just went back there tonight and the story -- from the entry pages anyway -- seems to be different now. NOW it is talking about United States rather than more global. I haven't kept up with Tilia but it "could" be that The Lab is happy just going through the somewhat painful process for its own platforms and doesn't really want to branch out ---- especially with all the new rules that the IRS seems to be determined to make (shakes head violently thankful that she is no longer cashing out). They may be working with other companies at present. I didn't see evidence of that on the website but that means little and I could easily have missed a link somewhere. Since so many folks have agreed to Tilia and have proved their identity and given plenty of info I am glad that it will continue for their sake.
  2. Cloud Party was a VERY LEAN platform. 256 textures were advised and sometimes putting many textures on ONE texture -- things that put it back to SL 2006 type days. Your scene (forgot what they were called) while very large at the end had VERY LIMITED for resources. No way could a SL sim from 2012 work with what Cloud Party allowed. Cloud Party was also "on demand" while SL has always been persistent and "always on". It was ALSO browser based using Chrome and NO VIEWER. So basically very little in common. Beyond apples and oranges, more like a crab and a whale LOL. The Cloud was also fairly new, not that tested. According to Lab Chat and other mentions moving to the cloud -- just getting READY for all parts to move -- is a huge undertaking. Only so many things can happen at once.
  3. While I will of course NOT be changing my name LOL I would pick "Nova". Also Premium plus will get $20 off of the suspected (still) $40. It didn't sound like much else super exciting was happening with premium plus. We keep hearing the "name change discount" as the big banner with that. So ---- Hmmmm. I will say that my undisclosed insider intel was confirmed -- but NOT for Premium Plus. So as I have said before, things change rapidly and good intel one day is no longer valid the next (well not THAT fast usually). It did sound like the current staff was feeling a bit more secure monetarily. I am going to guess that is the truth and not smoke and mirrors. Sometimes business decisions are hard. Been there. Done that. But once a new path is decided on, one can move forward.
  4. That WAS the original plan when EEP started (and another product for the Marketplace for LL :D). And hopefully there will be some of that. But "some" of the ongoing issues (see the EEP feedback thread) suggest that that there are problems that are not "fixable" (I mean it has been worked on for-e-ver) and from comments at the Lab Gab they will likely not be fixed in the future. The Lab has decided to publish with flaws and move on. "Maybe" -- that's kinda like "soon (tm)" --- there will be some glorious things come out of it. From the reports I have seen I am not too sure about it though. I will likely be holding on to Windlight as long as I can. Still in my OLD Lara body too LOL. But the comment about content creators redoing their work did NOT seem promising.
  5. Understood. Hopefully there won't be TOO many problems. We can keep our fingers crossed. Lighting has been an issue since materials were added -- one reason why I use them sparingly. So perhaps, for me, it won't be a problem. Hoping so.
  6. There was never an official text version (as promised) for the Tilia Town Hall which was MUCH more important than this, so if you don't want to trust bloggers, you will need to WATCH for yourself. Links above I believe.
  7. The new feature replacing Windlight(R). Environmental Enhancement Project I am pretty sure is the official name. I am not a fan.
  8. So I thought that was a much better communication tool than the Town Halls -- which often had griefers and got out of hand. The only "disturbing" news that I heard was that EEP will be going live soon complete with known flaws and that content creators will (may) need to update their products because of the way things look. Not happy about that at ALL. Otherwise all good. And Sansarians had already had news of what was going on about Sansar but were asked not to pass along that info.
  9. Also keep in mind that many Blender tutorials are NOT for making game assets (what we need in SL) so some tutorials and parts of tutorial lessons will only HURT your learning for SL. It is important to be able to recognize WHICH skills will work for you on our platform.
  10. I have tutorials that explain but they are for Blender 2.79 so won't help too much if you are using 2.8. You EITHER need to bake an ambient occlusion texture (just shadows) and then add your texture to the that (layered in your graphics software) and then put that on the model inworld OR bake all the textures and layers together. Blender is a steep learning curve with many many parts that are necessary. If you are just starting I strongly recommend something EASY like a picture frame or a simple bangle so that you can start figuring out all the steps you need to do. Tutorials playlist is here:
  11. To add to the JOIN advice (you want your shoe to be ONE piece) textures don't upload well WITH the model even though it looks like they should from the slots in the uploader. I have seen a few notes on the forums of people getting it to work but very easy work around is to put the textures on the model AFTER you upload. So save the textures that you hopefully baked to a texture plane and then add them inworld. You ALSO need to rig the show to the foot (each shoe gets rigged to its own foot). This is NOT easy. That is why the shoe doesn't fit. I say this kindly but you seem to be missing a lot of mesh basics to have received a Maitreya dev kit. So maybe backing up a bit and working on something simpler than rigged shoes would be a good plan. Good luck.
  12. Yep, I should have caught that. Was just before bed. Will go post on that other thread if I can find it AND if no one caught it. Thanks.
  13. Someone on another thread found what looks like a "hint" photo of the new theme on Patch's Flickr. So I am pasting in here since you guys may have missed that. Saving my comments until we see the reveal.
  14. Yes, I zoomed way in and that is a snowy mountain and not the roofline :D. Not really sure what that style is. Guess I will wait until the unveiling to make my assessment IF that is the actual clue. It does go along well with the trads and vics but I was expecting something a bit different. But yes good sleuthing!!!! Hopefully it won't be long now.
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