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  1. The Meet the Linden talks start this afternoon. The auditorium has moved to here. Remember you CAN dress wisely and still look good. Check your Avatar Complexity Info. Avatar>Avatar Health>Show Avatar Complexity Information. And yes, I do have some cute little strappy sandals with toe ring on too.
  2. Yes, but those were RELEASES and not the random now and then. In the beginning the random abandoned plots showed up instantaneously too. Then (maybe a couple of weeks later= not really sure) that changed. It was mentioned that "maybe" some folks were trying to "sell" their plots and arranging a certain time when they could trade with the buyer. There were some folks that traded (very early on) with their alts -- this all from posts here on the forums. So it seems as you mentioned likely that the function can work in various ways depending on what TPTB want. Most likely they will be instantaneous again with the new release when the process can't be gamed for profit.
  3. Why are all these "new plots being released today" comments floating around? The new area with houses and houseboats needs WAY more things to happen before plots can be released; there has been no update on Patch's update thread. All that we KNOW is happing today is that Patch will give a talk at SL16B (2pm SLT) that may (MAY) include some news about Bellisseria. Unless work picks up on the new area soon, I am guessing it will be closer to mid July -- judging from the builds and releases in the past. PATIENCE. I hope folks aren't abandoning because they believe "today is the day".
  4. While plots that were abandoned ORIGINALLY showed up in the listing to be claimed, that is no longer happening --- this according to several reports from different people here on the forums. One apparently took 16 hours to appear again (apparently the person that gave it up was watching :D). So while it will likely show up eventually, we have no way of knowing when that might be.
  5. They were last year and the Town Hall meetings have all been recorded and uploaded for viewing so it seems like a good bet. I can't find any official statement that it will be though.
  6. Not exactly correct but the idea is there. High LOD items (ones that hold their shape from a distance for those who have their LOD viewer settings at 2 or 1.25 or 1) "CAN be higher land impact but aren't necessarily. There are plenty of technical reasons and methods for getting long LOD items with low land impact and those interested can peruse older threads on the MESH forum (not much going on there lately as I guess many folks have learned which is good). You can have a high LOD item that holds its shape at a long distance and is still 1 land impact (or less such as .5). Having a low DRAW DISTANCE will make items disappear quicker no matter their LOD. If you have your viewer set at 32 draw dostance say, items will not be viewable if they are further than that distance (so not an LOD issue at all and a cube will disappear as well as mesh). While having LODs that hold their shape at a long distance is very important and likely part of the issue with the land impact of many Mole-made items, many of us -- when the houses and houseboats were unveiled -- questioned the need for such high land impact numbers since similar houses can be made with the same long distance holding powers and about half the LIs. Likely that thread is around somewhere from last Spring. I will say that while the trees are very "heavy" LI wise, they are great at holding their LODS (something most trees don't do all that well). The houses? I am not so sure about the NEED of those high LI numbers. I don't collect Linden gifts as a rule but I did get the Swaganator items from SL16B and was -- like many others who have commented over the years here -- surprised at the very high land impact costs of most items. This method of making mesh, again as others have been saying for years, cause the items to be pretty much unusable. Things that could have been 1 land impact and STILL hold their shape well were up to 12 times higher (that if I remember correctly as I deleted them since I knew I would never use them). In that one case I am remembering the mesh was made up of a cluster of items rather than joined into one mesh before exporting. That was unusual also. I have no clue as to the reasoning. So far as the houses and houseboats are concerned, the high LI doesn't HURT the plot owners as the buildings don't count against the 351 land impact of the plot. And since it is Linden Lab's project -- they of course are in charge of how they want things made. In the case of gifts, though it is a little sad as most will never be used.
  7. Same as in the corporeal world where the person bidding against you could be employed by the person selling. You don't. The point as I see it is to bid what you are willing to pay and not worry about who you are bidding against --- OR just buy land from the owner and not at auction.
  8. SOME of us have always given out things in folders. My only exception is for gacha sets that have to be boxed as you can only give out ONE item (not folders). I also hate opening boxes and really appreciate the folder aspects (this mostly on blogger packs).
  9. Even if you add animations it won't MOVE. That is a whole different set of scripts. There are lots of free motorcycles out there so I suggest getting one of those is your best move. If it wasn't clear that the bike you purchased was "DECOR" and not ridable then I would leave a comment if it was on the Marketplace.
  10. They come and they go so I don't have that particular setting any longer. All the settings called "Places" in the 3rd party viewers are mine from long ago -- mostly named after places that sadly are no more. I have a couple of "custom" ones that I added to my Windlight page I think (see link below). Yep, links to the files at the bottom of the Windlight page. And, no I don't really share my personal favorites. Partly because it took me many years to actually GET Windlight and partly because I want folks to learn how to make their own :D. Once you understand what the sliders do, you can take one of the default settings and tweak it to get what you want. Videos are old but still have some useful info in there. I am smarter now but no longer making videos. This is all assuming that you are using Firestorm (or maybe Black Dragon which I think has even more options). Photographers on the whole stay VERY FAR AWAY from the Linden viewer (I am sure there must be an exception or two though). Also, alway good to tag someone or reply to their post if you want a reply. I just saw this by accident. I rarely "follow" threads :D. Have fun. Learn lots. Here is the page. https://chicatphilsplace.blogspot.com/2009/09/windlight-settings.html
  11. That was happening to me and lots of other folks (reported here at the time) when the new Houseboat Atoll was up for grabs. It seems to be an overabundance of people trying at the same time for the same plot. So yes, from those experiences, likely the same house and a confused webpage. Sorry. Know how frustrating it can be. I am just waiting until a new release :D.
  12. Or MINE! Little fish. "Game Asset Baked Mesh with SMALL footprint LOL)... and I have been in four times (I know not why really, but likely being the first one completely set up each time could have helped LOL . I also sign up on the first day although I have no reason to believe that matters). And I also do very well and report as such. There are some very "small" and "niche" brands in Hop and Shop this time; there have been each round. There are also some new creators that I have seen at "Top Tier" (a term Home and Garden folks use quite often anyway) events. I, personally only know one brand that applied that didn't get in. This was an H and G brand and IMO with "better made products" than some that did get in. But "I" am not the one running the show. The omitted brand is fairly well known as they have been in good events (Tier Two) for many years.. So we can't say that it was ALL about how well-known someone was. We don't KNOW THE CRITERIA. It is important to remember (and I think this likely is a reasonable assumption for most events, not just Hop and Shop) that the people choosing brands to include are going on information people send in. So how your Marketplace site looks, how your blog or FB page looks, how great your vendor and Flickr photos are --- ALL come into play. I am guessing that some event owners visit main stores and some do not. But anything that someone can see in a couple of clicks is pretty much part of your brand's package -- and MAY need to be looked at if you didn't get in. (This by the way not aimed at Polenth; I didn't do any sleuthing, just a general comment). I don't agree with Polenth, simply because we don't KNOW if any mesh pet places or plant makers applied (there is a store with animated mesh creatures by the way and one with lots of potted plants (not original plants though so I am not counting that one ). Or automobile makers, or men's facial hair appliers makers, or (insert missing niche market here). So HOW could that niche market possibly get in if none of the creators applied? If three or four folks that make reasonably good looking plants post to this thread and say " I applied and didn't get in!" --THEN I will take that premise seriously. With all the events I have been in over the years the idea just isn't working for me; it would be too different than the norm. Personally I am very grateful for the event (and was grateful for it even before I got in). It is big and fun and free to the creators AND there are some very nice gifts along the way. No event is ever perfect. This one is better than most IMO.
  13. This IS supposed to be in the Forum Feedback area. My last post on this subject a few weeks ago was moved and lots of folks got very confused. JUST NOW a person I had blocked became "unblocked". I did absolutely NOTHING to have this happen. I can of course block them and I will, but there is obviously an ongoing issue and I am just TRYING to let the webmaster(s) know. Thanks for reading this through completely :D.
  14. Again --- or maybe you missed my comment above -- brands had to APPLY in order to be chosen. If they didn't apply, they didn't get in (well perhaps a few were asked to filled in for missing folks; I don't KNOW that -- but possible). There have been plant brands in the past, not sure about pets. But if the plant folks didn't do well (at least one I remember was a very big name) then it probably wasn't worth the time and effort to set up shop and they simply didn't apply. Also this is a SALES event and not everyone is into putting their goods on sale. All that figures in to who ends up at the event. If you look at the Marketplace OR the inworld stores, it is easy to see that women's fashion is the biggest category and has the most creators. So it is easy to see why there are so many represented at the Hop and Shop.
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