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  1. :D. Yes there is a very easy way to fix that. But I am going to smile along with Pamela since it is very unlikely you could have made that mesh head and not know how to fix your current issue or even exactly what the issue is. You didn't tell us what program you USED to make your head. There is in fact an apparent bug in Blender that "could" have caused this and isn't fixed in the newest version. It is very easy to work around and taking the extra steps needed in your workflow makes it not such a big deal. I do wish however it would get fixed :D. We could of course be wrong. If you put up a screenshot of your baking set up someone in whatever program you use can likely help.
  2. Here is some official info on what to check: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Inventory_loss THAT being said, know that things do disappear from inventory. I have had four MAJOR losses over the years, the biggest being my whole "home and garden" goods folder (and I blog so it was big). If none of the steps in that wiki help, then you can chat up live support if you are premium. I have not known that to work actually but hey, worth a try. Things do from time to time return -- typically single items showing up in VERY odd places (like in a completely different folder of another year or another type of item). So watch for oddities in the next few months. The best you can do is make a lot of backups, put things that you can in a NEWLY rezzed box and store on your land for extra backup. And remember that creations almost always improve over time so eventually what you lost won't be as important as it seems now; there will be items to replace the things lost. Good luck.
  3. It depends on the gacha script in your machine. Some want you to write the exact name of the rare in a field inside the script, other want you to write RARE after the name of the product. You designate the cost in the script or in the description field (again depends on the script). So basically find your gacha machine with a script or a script and make your own machine and go from there.
  4. technical

    I agree it may be the graphics card or driver but the OP is looking for a viewer that will take pictures with shadows AND see Bento, so rolling back isn't going to work. I suggested they try the Linden viewer to see if there was the same issue. They didn't write back so maybe it got solved.
  5. https://community.secondlife.com/knowledgebase/english/buying-and-selling-linden-dollars-r46/
  6. Each avatar can only have one store. So you would need to make another avatar and let "them" have a store also. It does get messy for those of us that make a variety of things and / or have a long time creating.
  7. Also, depending on the head it could be very heavy mesh. Anything that is very heavy (I even had jeans once but more often shoes when mesh was new) can be left behind. If it is a name brand head then that is unlikely but there are SOME pretty well known ones out there that have issues and have been talked about here. Check your Avatar Rendering Complexity. If it is a lot more than 3500 (no issues with that) it could be the head. Here is an article from awhile back that might help: http://chicatphilsplace.blogspot.com/2016/08/jellydolls-and-avatar-rendering-costs.html
  8. Yes there are plenty of usable sandboxes out there. Some searching will get you to them. And depending on what you want to do, the beta grid sandboxes while not neat are almost always calm. Everyone is busy working on their own project. Another way to deal is to place a platform way up in the sky and work there. Derender anyone being a pain.
  9. Ahhhhh. That make MUCH more sense. Thanks for the clarification.
  10. Yes, I got that being smaller makes the world seem larger thing --- but then the whole world seems larger. I bet your remember the Greenies sims where EVERYTHING WAS SO BIG LOL. I have done a lot of racing on Opensim == where land area isn't at a premium and agree it is very nice to have room, but in order for that to work well (or at least well for me ) the rest of the environment would need scaling down also. Doable sure but very limiting so far as having friends over etc
  11. If you are saying that you just rented a store and need an invitation from the land group so that you can rez in the store .... those invite functions often don't work -- perhaps because the owner didn't set things correctly. Right click on the box and choose Object > Inspect and see who the OWNER of the box is (not the creator). Send a message to that person telling them you need a group invite as you just rented. If all goes well, you will get an invite soon. A notecard is often a good thing to send as IMs get capped and don't always arrive.
  12. technical

    OK. I understood what you were saying :D. There might be an AMD "bug" in the JIRAs on this problem. I don't watch the JIRAS so someone that does will have to reply. Sometimes in the past there have been problems with the Linden Lab viewer that have been included in Firestorm. Have you tried the Linden Viewer to see if it has the same issue? If it does then that could certainly be the case. And unfortunately just because things work in another viewer doesn't mean it ISN'T a driver issue :D. So that is still in the possibilities. And what happened with the print screen capture? Good luck and hopefully someone will know where to point you if there is a Linden issue that translated into a FS issue.
  13. technical

    The first question most tech guys ask is "have you updated your graphics driver"? That being said it could be an AMD issue since SL and AMD have never played well together and many of us have switched to Nvidia cards for that reason. I had tons of issues with Win7 and AMD long ago -- only with Second Life :D. One thing you might try is just taking a screenshot with Print Screen and see what you get. This won't garner a high resolution (5000 pixel ish) shot of course.
  14. You can't really. Supposedly you get a warning when you try and take a locked object. If you don't get that warning, then make sure you have the viewer set to warn you (you can do that in Firestorm anyway). I still after ten years take my building pad up now and then when I am tired and not paying attention. So paying attention is a good thing. The only method that I can think of as foolproof would be to have an alt buy a house and rez on group land with you not having the ability to edit or take their items. That seems a bit overkill though. The good news is that putting things back gets easier with practice :D.
  15. It wouldn't have changed my comment