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  1. Doorways and the new Firestorm Physics View

    I want to add more to this thread on physics as I had another issue today and it was on a VERY SIMPLE floor (so this isn't an issue with the complexity of the model). I uploaded twice again, once using high physics and once using cube physics. Both times it LOOKED as though the physics was wrong when in fact it was as it should be. Since it was a flat floor and I didn't turn it to upload I couldn't actually see what the uploader showed but I am guessing it is the "correct" look that you would expect, like with the door the other day. They both showed the area closed, a little difference but basically the same --- BUT. I check in the Develop Menu and it looked exactly the same as it did in Firestorms physic viewer. So this ISN'T a Firestorm issue and I am guessing that data gets pulled directly from the Develop >Show Metadata info. Lani stepped over the edge many times in many places to confirm that the physics were actually fine. I did try planes physics and couldn't get that to work at all, but even though Aquila patiently showed me the ropes on that and I used it successfully a few times, it is not my norm so THAT might just have been me. My tests though had the physics staying convex hull even when changed to prim on the NON-ANALYZED physics. Likely someone has done this and can add some info here. Likely just me with the planes physics. Here are some shots. New shop floor -- hence "oversized" scale :D.
  2. Desperate help with lag

    Good plan. I don't know if that will help your rubber banding issue, but it will help OTHER issues for folks :D. Good luck.
  3. Another problematic thing about living on a roadway is that sometimes it is difficult to get your objects to move INSIDE YOUR OWN LAND when next to a Linden road. I redid my shop yesterday and had some very strange issues with not even being able to move object INSIDE my boundaries (no overlap of any kind) and rubber banding. This isn't new; I remember it from when I set up in the first place but it has been awhile. So BEST if you are buying roadside land to plan a bit of buffer if you can. It is the smaller things that are at issue, not a whole linked house. But something to keep in mind.
  4. Desperate help with lag

    I went over to your place and had good FPS (like 86) but there is indeed rubber banding going on and I rezzed slowly. The sim visually rezzed quickly for me though. So very odd and I am not technical about this part of the equation. I will say that as I sim designer there are WAAAAAAAAAY too many visible textures at the entry point. Notice how most events have the vendors INSIDE the buildings? There is a reason for this and not only for aesthetics. I also had a very difficult time finding it to the actual role play area even though there was a huge yellow arrow to that section. So along the way you might think about some changes in that direction. Not sure if it is all the visible vendors (seemed like hundreds but I didn't count) is part of the issue but it certainly isn't optimum. Good luck finding your issues.
  5. Mesh Front Sides are not visible

    Here is where backface culling can be turned on and off. "I" never turn it off LOL.
  6. Doorways and the new Firestorm Physics View

    I just uploaded a VERY simple building with three doorways and all was as expected. This was not just a Beta Grid Occurrence as the same shows up on the main grid. Again this was analyzed physics. That's my report. So it may have been the complexity of the doorway? No clue really.
  7. question for land impact

    There are lots of factors that determine what land impact will be on a single piece of mesh. One of course is SIZE. Another is LOD settings. In the case you show, however, it does look like the most likely cause of the high land impact would be that it was uploaded with HIGH physics. A sword doesn't really need physics in most cases so using a cube would be typical choice to use as the physic model. This book stack for example was uploaded with a cube as the physics model. IF it would have been uploaded using high physics it would have had a much higher land impact. You can see the physics shape by turning on the "eye" icon (Firestorm Viewer Only at this time). See the red dot.
  8. I have one of those looooong bakes happening and since I already got some tea I thought I would share this --- mostly for new folks that might get pretty confused. I don't know if this happens with ALL doorways, with just cube (analyzed) physics or what but it can be fairly disconcerting when you think your physics model isn't working. Here's the deal. After I uploaded a mesh entry wall (with doorway) I wen't into the build window and looked at the physics with the new "see the physics model" option in the Features menu (the little eye up by Physics Shape Type). Well I at least THOUGHT a word that you can NOW say on TV. Why wasn't my physics model working. Well the answer is, it WAS WORKING -- it just didn't look like it in the "see the physics" pane. Here are the screenshots. I also uploaded the same mesh with high physics (just choosing that option in the uploader). It showed the same solid door but a slightly different shape. The doorway WORKS just as it should. So don't panic if this happens to you. And my bake is done. Pasting in screenshots. EDIT: The 10 land impact doorway is the one with the HIGH physics from the uploader which shows you why you want to make your own physics models LOL.
  9. Asymmetrical tattoo

    One tattoo on the tattoo layer, one on the underwear layer?
  10. You MIGHT be able to scale down the house if it is mod. You might write to the home builder and ask if they think that will work for you. And I live on a road and NO stuff in that area is not good. They do watch :D. Goooooodbye house.
  11. Making sense of things....

    It's quitting time for me but I wanted to paste in a screenshot JUST IN CASE it might be helpful. It goes along with dividing up your baking onto more than one texture plane and baking at the same time. And by the way I think you deserve BIG congratulations for getting your multi material bake to happen. It took me a VERY LONG TIME before I figured that out :D. This is my first rough bake of a new building. It is very plain looking at the moment but will spiffy up along the way. Right now I am looking for the feel of the build, working on textures and such. There will likely be many (or at least some) changes in the nodes before I am done. The important thing (and you may already know this but perhaps others do not) is that you can bake layers of UVs all in one UVmap simply by designating the texture those pieces (usually for me one or two materials per plane but it totally depends on the build) will BAKE to. Here you can see ONE of THREE textures that are getting ready to bake. It is designated by the node on the far left. There are four materials and three textures I am baking to in this case. They all have one (the same) UV Map. And here is what I ended up with from my first test bake (20 samples). This is the ceiling and roof area and it looks good (the roof is supposed to be darker :D) These are the interior walls. A bit darker than I would like but pretty even in lighting so all good there. And this is the outside (no importance to those selected bits) which DOES have some lighting issues. Way too dark on two of the side and would look very odd inworld unless I was only going to use it in a particular place that called for that somewhat odd lighting. So adding more lights and baking at 500 I get this: And that is looking pretty good. I have a few spots that seem too light but I will look at those when I get the texture on the beta grid. I have already uploaded the model, checked the physic and walked through. NOW --- I may decided to use two textures for the interior walls as there are a lot of walls there. BIG building which is difficult to tell. IF I decide to do that, I will need to: rearrange (natch) and add a new material category (the exact same material but with another name) so that I can bake to two different textures (let's says "walls" and "walls2"). Logic pretty much dictates that. But here is the part that took ME forever to figure out --- You ALSO -- after you have finished your rearranging -- need to select your build so that it is highlighted and make a NEW UV map (see photo above and the red parts) so that Blender "understands" that you have made changes. It will still just be one UV map and the name doesn't matter. Here you see the default that comes up when you just hit that plus key to add a new map. I typically delete the old map and most often add another default UV map which is once again called UVMap as I like to keep the names the same. That isn't important though -- this works just fine as shown. Anyway, hopefully that will help someone as that part was definitely a stumbling block for me. It really is easy to redo and rebake: you just need to know the rules :D. 5:01 -- caftan and wine are calling. Hope all continues to work well for you!
  12. Making sense of things....

    I just wanted to mention (left of Aquila's graphic but scroll up) that while this often works very well in Blender Render, it can (or sometimes doesn't) work as well with Cycles because of the variance in lighting and shading -- AND if you are working with a pattern of course (either engine) you get that cookie cutter look which is less than optimum sometimes. The pattern part doesn't come into play here and I am guessing it would work well with the project at hand. I remember getting into the discussion from hell in Opensim with a guy who insisted that every board on my bookcase SHOULD (get that "should" here?) be the same board so that I could use a 256 texture. FOR ME (and there's that for me) it was completely unrealistic and I cringed. But with solid colors (or solid metals like smooth knobs) the one texture area for all the same thing works well and certainly saves space, using smaller textures and less download for the viewer. As always, in my book, testing will give you the answer.
  13. Making sense of things....

    And I now make about 90 cents and hour (well maybe a bit more as I am faster these days) rather than the 90 dollars an hour I used to make in multi-media. And I am OH SO OK with that :D. OK I had to come back and edit since while that quote sounds great and has been true in the past, I currently make half to 2/3rds of me RL income in Second life. Plus a little from Opensim :D. I trey not to lie unless it is purposeful LOL.
  14. Making sense of things....

    I have one more thought here as this bothers me a fair amount and came up on the Opensim forums a lot. We each look at the world differently and what might work for one person doesn't for another. That is OK! We don't all need to agree that pink is a prettier color than blue -- etc. etc. And looking to authority figures (we better put that in imaginary quotes) is a dangerous thing as too much reliance on others can push you off your own path. When I was first learning art a few decades ago, my art teacher (about my age) told me that a drawing I had made "didn't work". I had spent a long time on it and I was very happy with it. She couldn't explain WHY it "didn't work", just that it didn't. Well I could have taken her word as law and followed her directions to the letter. Instead I explored lots of ideas about form and line and color etc and found my own style and my own way. In the end I became fairly famous (famous not rich :D) and one night I met my old teacher coming out of a restaurant-bar. She was definitely tipsy and told me how happy she was that I had been her student. She did teach me a lot, partly to decide for myself what was "good". We each need to pick the advice that will help us and discard that which will not.
  15. Still Struggling after days of research. Help, please?

    I think I am going to disagree here. Even with head and skin sets from the same maker that are supposed to match -- there can be BIG problems -- not all skin designers pay close attention to matching seams ^^ unfortunately. So test, test, test for sure but I would suggest looking at skins you are actually thinking of buying in MANY Windlight )R)settings some bright, some high contrast, etc. In Firestorm this is very easy buy just clicking through the list on the Quick Reference panel. Remember that setting a Windlight (R)that makes the skin look good ---- ONLY affect YOUR view and is not how others will see you. So if that matters, take extra care. Happily there are some skin makers who do fantastic jobs of matching that area. When you find one, smile and wear it forever (well not forever --- but for awhile cause it was likely hard work finding it! ).