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  1. Busy day. Good day with happily an ah-ha "done" moment at the end. I made an addition that fits outside the French doors. It will be a pottery studio. Somewhere towards the end I figure that this might work on the other two story house also as a "carport" type structure, so made a couple of changes so that it could. I will have my friend with that house test, and also another friend with one of the small houses. We'll see how versatile it is. I still have windows to make tomorrow. I am planning on multipane partially tip out windows, so kinda fancy. So far this is 5 li with long LODs and I am very happy with that. Medium gray metal roof since it is "A" flat and "B" we don't have matching roof textures LOL. Cozy. TO BED!!!
  2. In a previous hunt LL sent folks to ADULT areas which was of course a bad plan. The "grab a drink" leads me to believe this is the same bar (or similar) that they sent folks to before. So if you don't have ADULT checked (or can't) that is likely the problem. Yes, it is unfair; and yes, we told them that before -- just in case that is the issue :D.
  3. As stated in the Linden Home info each avatar can ONLY have ONE Linden Home. You cannot have both a home and a houseboat unless you use and alt and make that alt premium.
  4. So I am seeing a TON of reports that The Lab is going to fill up both land and houseboat areas with more plots "like immediately". Also a lot of other reports that seem beyond far-fetched so will leave those out. I know the houseboats were scarfed up quickly but Patched warned folks to get in theirs early and not to leave their 512 house if availability looked iffy as they would lose that house. So that doesn't sound like they had PLANS to keep filling up the land. Granted that it is likely a very good idea to do so :D. Does someone have an official comment on this? All I have seen is various repetitions of the info and no source. Thanks.
  5. There is a HEIGHT limitation in the covenant. I think it is 15 meters for some things (like TREES come to mind). If it is up higher than that it is probably against the covenant. It certainly doesn't seem all that "in theme" to me and the noise should be limited to THAT PARCEL, so a few things you could send in a report on. I am guessing this is in with the houseboats? If so how many helapads are there on boat docks in the "real world"? :D. Someone told me they saw two skyboxes on STILTS over on the docks. Obviously some folks are NOT reading the rules LOL. Good luck.
  6. Thanks. Found other gardening stuff but no wheelbarrow. They may have had one in a gacha at some time but not going there LOL. Appreciate the tip though!
  7. Have no clue LOL. I think maybe it was called "gray". It was the lightest color of the choices. NOT the one with the yellowy tint. Of course a LOT depends on Windlight settings :D.
  8. I am putting this here as I know most of you - sort of. Does anyone know of a wheelbarrow that isn't "rustic" (as in 1908? ) I have found a few on the marketplace (with no demos and also too rustic really) and some in world (not thrilling). I can MAKE one of course but it isn't high on my Oh-my-goodness-now-I-can-work-on-THIS list LOL. Want something with good LODs and texture. Many of them seem too low prim (with no demo) to make me think they can be seen very far away :D. Thanks for any help. I will put wheelbarrow on the list of todos but finding something would be better.
  9. My picture of the morn -- actually put together last night. Today I am making a covered porch for a pottery studio off the french doors (my kitchen and dining). The TEXTURE PACKS have been updated with exterior and interior textures now. Don't forget about lighting if you are by the shore -- it gets dark there too LOL. Apple Fall, Trompe Loeil, {what next}, RIORO, theosophy and moi. EDIT: I just found out that one of the people on my friends list (only ten people and a couple I don't talk to LOL) is a close neighbor. She is very happy with her house on the hill overlooking the ocean. Fun.
  10. That has been stated yes, by Patch among others. Maybe five or six more styles including more "nautical" (not sure if that is "beach houses" or more styles of houseboats or what; I took it as beachy homes :D). BUT not will appear all at once. We are guessing there will be "trailers" as what looked like trailers showed up on the SSP continent in one of the empty inland areas. Those (again guessing) might be 512 plots instead of 1024 since some folks need that size (makes sense). There were more "trialers" on the land than the 1024 plots per sim.
  11. Note that there will be more styles of homes coming up in the future --- and before you HAVE to move. So what you have now might work fine in one of those. Inara's "guessed" that we would see more home styles appear (and land get filled with them naturally) at the birthday bash this June.
  12. Wanted to post a picture before I head to bed. OH SO MUCH done this eve! and OH SO MANY LIs left to play with. While I had one idea for the backyard, I completely changed my mind. I have a raised bed garden out back, lots of pavers (almost free LI wise) and sand. There is of course rich, dark loam in the veggie beds :D. Kitchen and hallway are fairly done and looking good but the kitchen needs a bit more clutter. I have SO much great stuff plus an almost full sim of things LOL. But sometimes getting the FLOW is tricky. And a tip for anyone finding their framerate declining --- blacklisting your neighbors big trees will likely help. I did a bit of that tonight (I only see them in the backyard) and got a 25% hike in my FPS instantly. ^^
  13. Chic Aeon


    Unless the houseboats are all gone ---- and they could be -- you click on Bellisseria and then you get a choice of house or houseboat on the next screen. So see if that works. If not, they are likely all gone.
  14. LOL. I am just (personally) having a difficult time seeing why the Premium sandboxes (almost always near empty) won't do. A simple click and you are there. But should they put in sandboxes, I am happy for you! [Psst] those carefully placed trees do nothing for all the FLOATING building pads with the clutter (seldom lovely) :D.
  15. Handy for the general residents possibly, but not so nice for the folks living anywhere close to the attached sandboxes. Those of us that have lived next to sandboxes KNOW that we no longer want to :D. Just saying. That would pretty much give the new lands instant "undesirable neighborhoods". While it seems like trailer parks "may" be in the continents future, I believe most folks would still like a nice view.
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