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  1. Today was an exciting day. I finally got some poses made and working. Partly Medhue's help and partly h. All good. The POSE MAKING is easy enough it was the exporting and "rules" that were the issue (and the rig most likely too).
  2. That's one of my "experiences" in the background. Only a "mother" would recognize - LOL.
  3. I have been working back over in Sansar the last month and a half. Not in any hurried way, just playing. Pluses and minuses abound and some days it is difficult to tell how much progress is being made. That is the angst of a creator with things that don't work, don't work correctly or don't work well :D. There is indeed progress being made. On the plus side the NEXUS is quite impressive. The Lookbook dressing room is improved -- although they changed the lighting to be more "realistic" as in shadows directly on female faces (not so much on the guys - a familiar story) and that was one of those step backs. I spent a month playing in Marvelous Designer for free and enjoyed it again very much. I can't see myself buying the software however. It doesn't pencil out at all for me. But still, Sansar Chic has a fairly spectacular wardrobe. I learned a few new things, made a little money and chatted with old acquaintances -- all good. Chic mid October in one of the last outfits she made and some free hair that she is amazingly fond of. I pretty much have bonded with Chic 2.0. She is a little thin but she wears clothes well and is "chic" in that sense. I have another custom avatar but those are problematic as clothing, shoes etc can be a problem. What I think Sansar really needs is someone to make new skins for the default avatars -- not completely NEW avatars. Part of the stated point of Avatar 2.0 was to have some consistency. Well that ain't happenin'. There are several popular "custom avatars" (think Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and all that jazz) already. A few folks are making clothes for them. A few Marvelous Designer outfit will work for them --- but still problematic. I have been a bit discouraged this last day. All I wanted to do was to make a few fashion poses for vendor shots (note the photo above is what you get in the dressing room. There are alternate "model poses" but they are so awful they might as well not be there (honestly). I couldn't get things to work. Medhue kindly made a tutorial on how to upload animations. (There are only "emotes" not animations and poses but I am stuck in over a decade of SL thinking.). I followed it carefully -- a few times -- to no avail. Was it me? Well it could have been certainly, but it turns out it was not. The bottom line is that the reference avatar we are given to use is less than stellar if you are using Blender -- which most folks are. This isn't new news, the AV 1 was "broken" for a year and never fixed. I tried alternate avatars and the story goes on. My only choice now is to install Blender 2.8 and hope that things go smoothly and I actually get some emotes I and others can use. All my AV1 emotes disappeared from the library. Backwards compatibility is not a goal in Sansar -- and that's fine. Still I really think that some better support for creators could be a proper goal. Here is my first day photo so that you can compare. In a few of my old clothing and accessory items that still worked with AV2. And here is a close up of present day Chic. With some better skin, she would be a looker. On the plus side for anyone wanting to venture over, you can now do two quests which garner you 270 Sansar dollars -- which can get you some nice hair or shoes or other specialty items. There are plenty of free items too -- of varying quality of course. But for creators --- only the heartiest will go the distance and stick around. I may be taking another vacation soon. Haven't decided. I have had a fun time there though -- just that last day (most all of the day) spinning wheels that got me nowhere was pretty depressing. For those that are into rigging and custom avatars and the like, you might want to check out last night's and today's "avatar" section on the Sansar Discord. It was pretty interesting stuff and pretty much worth all the angst and frustration of the last day. That's my report.
  4. I do remember him but not his name. Long series of videos. You might try looking at SLartist.com or http://www.aview.tv/ (this is a much older site and probably a better bet). There may be some videos on there. And of course they could have just been taken down by the machinimatographer. Good luck.
  5. I just wanted to say that whether FullSpectrum wants to "prove" how much money they have been making is there business. I have at least one person who repeatedly challenges almost every comment that I make. I have not blocked her yet but I likely will eventually. It gets VERY TIRING. What I will do is paste in MY PERSONAL cashout info from Sansar. It isn't great and certainly much much less than what I make (and have previously cashed out to Paypal in times past) in SL. That once again is unverifiable unless I want to paste in all that info and I do not. I just really wish that folks would stop being so nasty to one another. I was only in Sansar for a less than a year when I departed (mostly the creating on "shifting sands" thing). I returned a month and a half ago and made a lot of clothing and some jewelry and such. I am not a big fish there -- certainly not as skilled as Medhue and Bagnaria. And counting what I have in my account now I have cashed out made about $400 US plus some that I spent inworld. I wasn't there from the beginning. I didn't get bonuses and all that jazz and I wasn't around when the first wave of "new folks" came to try things out -- and spent a fair amount of money. So "I" was there AFTER some of the boom times. Got it? I didn't see what Optimo wrote but I appreciate all the help he has given me in improving my skills. This isn't -- or shouldn't be a contest. Here is MY PROOF (not that anyone really cares) --- but honestly I see no reason that the $10K isn't correct -- assuming that is counting in the money from off-site Sansar related content like the avatar making kit.
  6. During the Tilia "conversations" Grumpity said (I believe at the official Town Hall on Tilia as well as in the official Tilia thread) that if there were issues --- especially with those folks outside the US with different laws -- that you should send in a support ticket. Certainly ASKING in live chat would be good if you are premium. If not, then a ticket asking what else they need etc. This assuming there is no link to check more about status like on Amazon LOL.
  7. LOL. The "pond" is the rocky area which has a tiny fountain and area that could house pet fish. Maybe I should have said "pool". While it LOOKS very much like the MOLE rocks, it is not and I incorporated it into the scenery using some very old sculpt bushes which I also scattered around among the Mole plants. So pretty much all the landscaping you see is mine, not part of the Mole's work. Hope that makes more sense. And FLF is "Fifty Linden Friday" --- was in blogger and creator mode where everything is talked about in acronyms :D. Again, my bad.
  8. New freestanding pond at FLF. Great work and looks very nice in the yard. 3LI with great LODs.
  9. Maybe getting a place in Bellisseria would work for you. It at least satisfies your concerns noted here. Much of the lag is due however to USERS, not Linden Lab and there is no way they are going to police all of mainland. Mainland IS "mainland" -- free and open with very few rules --- as it has always been. I have places on mainland and they work well with 50fps on a three year old computer. So there are MANY things involved in "lag".
  10. No more than $3USD per month (varies by state in the US - not sure how outside US is charged). Any activity (even logging into the backend of your account) constitutes 'activity' and Premium members do not get charged (as obviously they are "active") :D. Likely this is covered in the Tilia page of the knowledge base. Lot of info from that time in the "tilia takes over" thread in this forum. Plenty of links to the info above.
  11. I was made to be a model -- NOT an avatar. I was to be all silvery and manikin-like. Well THAT didn't WORK - LOL. So that is where "Chic" came from although I pronounce it "chick" like baby chickens. The Aeon? Well I am pretty sure I had just finished watching Aeon Flux on Netflix - LOL. And really who wants to wade through a whole long list. My building alt's last name (made for a blogger challenge oh so long ago) is "Ashland"
  12. Some while back Patch mentioned that it was GROUPS (large ones especially) that impacted performance the most -- or at least WAY more than large inventories. I can't remember when but perhaps around SL16B time when people were asking about lag. So apparently a large inventory wouldn't hurt too much. You could do your own tests so far as combat goes, with a new alt with minimal inventory wearing the same gear as you main alt. I am sure that the question answered by Patch had nothing to do with combat LOL. So it may not be applicable to your case.
  13. Personally I always leave my doors open when possible. I script them when selling but personally I hate the opening and closing --- and of course there IS no security.
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