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  1. Chic Aeon

    A Sansar Journal

    I tried watching the meeting on TWITCH but too many folks talking at once (or at least the part I was listening too :D). It does seem quite odd -- the way the permissions were changed. No middle ground which is where I normally hang out *wink*. Not being able to put your own photo in a frame for instance seems bizarre to me. I also think it is pretty odd to have the resale box checked for you when you fill in the STORE info. I have to go uncheck it each time. I don't see a ton of folks using the resale option at present and as far as I can see there is no way to "resell" clothing. Maybe I am missing something there. I am perfectly happy to have my stuff mod but not transfer. Especially for "tinting" which most anyone can do. Replacing the textures on my things would be bad but folk might WANT shiny old wood and they could change that easily too. Also this certainly limits things in the selling of whole experiences which seems to be the end game (at in the short term and from Ebbe's point of view). Since all my experiences contain only my stuff (more an ego thing than a resale thing) I don't have any issue, but ... I guess we will just have to see what the future brings. This certainly didn't seem to be what any of the oldtimer's expected so far as permissions go. My current project is going to take a long time so I will just keep working on it. What worries me the most is the content still up on the STORE that is no longer mod but says it is. Messy. I guess if sales drop way down that will tell The Lab that permissions need to be reintroduced in a different form.
  2. Chic Aeon

    A Sansar Journal

    Agreed. A lot of the folks making things didn't read the "release notes" so they are definitely confused. Not sure if it is planned to stay this way, but this is the way it is for now. I am not reselling anything so I don't have to worry about that part of the change. I DO however have to remember to check OFF the resale checkbox each time I list something which is kind of a pain. I guess they thought "everyone" would want o join into the pipeline of resale. Seems not so much LOL.
  3. Chic Aeon

    A Sansar Journal

    For folks that haven't been over to Sansar in awhile it should likely be mentioned that the mandatory mod thing has now been put to rest. As I understand it from both the official new features report and chatter on DISCORD this is true. Old items are no longer mod for materials. I am guessing they are still resizable etc. New items listed can be listed for "resale" with the original creator getting royalties (often the same price as the cost of the item) when an item is resold and "abilities" to modify can be chosen at that time. The release notes say that we will see these permissions in the STORE but so far that doesn't seem to be happening. Items can be "full perm" by choice with NO money going to the creator and open ended modding. This is much like a CC0 license or giving out free things in Opensim. And that may work for some folks. I only had one (free) item up that was meant specifically for modifying and I have taken that down to avoid confusion. But note that most picture frames or any other type of item previously meant to be modified (like building components) are no longer "viable". They will no doubt still be in the STORE as some folks have moved on and others aren't paying attention. So BOTH as a buyer and a seller's point of view this is important information. Be aware. You can read more here: https://help.sansar.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001391546
  4. Chic Aeon

    How does your Sansar avatar look today?

    Thanks. It is NOT easy for me, the picture taking in Sansar. Assume it is easier with VR gear LOL. This was an experience from Skye which is lovely. The framerate isn't great (85 for me which is normally 100) but loads fast and is definitely peaceful. Sure I will visit again.
  5. Chic Aeon


    The BOATS just appeared, but there have been places for boats to dock for a very long time. I was surprised to see the boats though (looks like sailboats if the white unrezzed triangles are sails LOL).
  6. Chic Aeon

    A Sansar Journal

    Just wanted to add a note here for anyone that might be thinking of journeying over to Sansar soon. Certainly a fine time to come and explore and get some clothes and "a look" etc. But I would not suggest trying to learn to build in Sansar AT THIS TIME. It really is very very messy and it will take a bit of time for them to sort this out. Sansar is a very different building system than SL. Not terribly difficult to learn ---- (wait for it) ---- when it is working LOL. But so not working now. So if you don't know what is suppose to work and how and what is "broken" it could be VERY frustrating. So wait a bit -- IMHO of course. PS. Clothing is still doing fine so if you are THAT kind of creator, come on over.
  7. Chic Aeon


    I think I said that long ago here LOL. Or maybe just in my head :D.
  8. Chic Aeon


    ORIGINALLY I was thinking that each "plot" would get a boat "slip" but since they are putting in the boats that seems less likely. OR maybe one (some) level of the "new premium" includes the boats. Seems like there are about as many boat slips as there are places for houses LOL. I guess some boats could be "living quarters". Ah the mystery. That is a VERY good looking home area Patch is in. Time will tell. The current Linden homes are almost nine years old ---- for those that weren't around then, here is my post: https://chicatphilsplace.blogspot.com/2009/12/androgyne.html SOME things have changed LOL.
  9. Chic Aeon


    Horizons was a LL "themed community" project which didn't stay themed :D. https://chicatphilsplace.blogspot.com/2016/11/linden-labs-new-mainland-experience.html
  10. Chic Aeon


    Yes some parcels appear much larger. My thinking has been for awhile that this has something to do with the "levels" in the new premium. Time will tell. I think Ebbe said the new Linden Homes were still scheduled by the end of the year. So if this is them, we will see eventually -- and if not we'll still see LOL.
  11. Chic Aeon

    Linden Realm Wiki and user contribution?

    You can certainly make a web page of blog page with instructions IN YOUR OWN WORDS about the game. I did that oh so long ago here with the old Realms: https://chicatphilsplace.blogspot.com/2012/01/linden-realms-101-beginners-guide.html BUT the trick will be to get that out to the folks you want to see it. Long long ago the wiki was public. I know as I was invited to contribute my Windlight settings. But times have changed so official contribution isn't an option. If there are any gaming groups in SL with the languages you want to reach, then joining those with the idea of getting the word out would likely be your best bet. Be sure and read the group rules however. Not all groups let outside links. Good luck Personally, "I" would stay away from anything that looks like a wiki. That would likely (or could) get you in trouble.
  12. Chic Aeon


    Sailboats looks like so I win a third for "Sailing". Also some houses. Pretty spiffy if these are the new Premium parcels.
  13. Chic Aeon

    A Sansar Journal

    It is mid October and since this is a journal (mostly to myself) it seems like a good time to add a post. I have been over in Sansar pretty much full time for two and a half months now. I have built three experiences with another in the works. I pretty much know my way around the things that I DO (so scripts and dynamic objects don't count in there at all -- and then there is rigging). I have had great fun with Marvelous Designer and can now make up my own styles without having to look up things in tutorials (a big plus). BUT, well of course there is a but. This last update (Tuesday afternoon) pretty much did me in. It is great to be able to get copies of items from an experience into inventory. It isn't elegant, the way that is done but it works. But so very many things were changed in the interface and simply how things work that it is harder to build (apparently not only in desktop but this just from Discord comments) --- and the major bug list must be very very long judging from what I have turned in and worked on with support and the comments on Discord with changes and bugs and workarounds. So I am simply tired :D. I am going to try and get another window, door jam door and mirrored house up to finish my "row houses" and then call a break. I may even call a break before that but leaving something undone seems unwise and not really in my nature. So that's the state of my personal nation over on the new platform. I do have a pretty darn spiffy wardrobe even if my avatar's teeth stick out the side of her mouth and are not getting fixed (depressing). I may make some more clothes before my free trial is up. Maybe by next monthly update some major bugs will get remedied. It's been a tough week and I feel for the support team and developers.
  14. When I heard that the Realms were changing (or HAD changed and got called back to fix some issues) I got my alts over there to check if they had any crystals from long ago. They did but not tons. It was fun running around there again but not like when the land was GREEN. I went over again to the new realms last night and DID find the letter this time and got started on the quest. To me, the quest is HARD but much of that is likely the learning curve of how to get from point A to point B. I doubt I will finish the quest , but in redoing the Realms LL has done a great job in many ways (IMHO of course). First, it is much more difficult to cheat in oh so many ways. It will hopefully cut down on the griefing as that was a super pain. The folk that want to play the game AS A GAME -- can with lots more challenges and a new story line. It is upgraded and MUCH prettier with lots more things to see. It will most likely save THE LAB a TON of money --- which will help offset other "taxes" like tier, cash out, linden buying etc fees that affect those of us that actually live and work here --- not just claim crystal money and take it out for RL uses.