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  1. ::StudioC*Hiring*::

    A little sluething found a new shop at the SLURL and no mention of photography in the OP's profile, only ads for strippers and escorts etc for a club. So I think you guys can write this one off.
  2. SL15B Inworld Shopping Event

    No hat stores per se. Lovely summer hat gift at eXxEsS (a hair store). There are some steampunk hats in one (corner near the tp point) store but I don't remember its name. There may be others as I wasn't looking for hats. :D. @Qie Niangao Yes that was an interesting Asian backdrop store. I loved the gift but the LODs make it a pose prop only unfortunately. Certainly plenty of atmosphere in that corner though :D. It DOES -- like any popular venue -- calm down after a few days, at least that has been the pattern in the past. By next Monday I suspect non premium can get in easily. There are plenty of people shopping as well as picking up gifts so that's a plus for the creators.
  3. SL15B Inworld Shopping Event

    OK now you are being unfair. Since I was there for several days I found a lot of male stores-- just while looking around. NO there are no track suits for men. As far as I can remember (wasn't looking) there were no track suits for gals either. To go to an event expecting to find something specific AND for a specific mesh body is not very practical. Among stores with items for men there are: :ZED: A D R I A T I C [CerberusXing] not so bad ROZOREGALIA ADRIATIC ASCEND This is Wrong MINIMAL Boys to the Bone FAKE ICON LURE AITUI Lapoint and Bastchild EUDOORA SHU-MESH Apple May Designs (gift - unisex) Dreaming Thicket (gift - unisex) kisetsu (gift for men AND women) Feel free to go BACK and look at all the shops you missed :D. The event is open June 18th thru July 2nd And since I am doing extremely well there, I have to assume that a lot of folks are happier with the event than you are.
  4. Attaching Furniture to Homes

    Ahhh. I see. Yes, mine tested were single sits. I pretty much figured there would be an issue so glad to know what issue it would be. I would NEVER DO THIS so it doesn't matter to me personally LOL. TY.,
  5. Attaching Furniture to Homes

    In many cases that would make the skybox unusable to TESTING on a copy is well-advised :D.
  6. Attaching Furniture to Homes

    I actually tested that before replying and it worked fine so apparently I "do". I HAD very much wondered about that.
  7. Attaching Furniture to Homes

    Not to LINK them. But if you ever want to MOVE that couch (inside your skybox in this scenario) you would need to use EDIT LINKED in the build menu and do it very carefully. If you are not familiar with how linked prims all link together and then are STUCK together, then I suggest some experiments out on the sandbox with things you don't care about. It would be a very bad plan IMHO to link a no copy item that was a linkset into the build. Those that have lots of practice could do it safely if they wanted to, but those new to building would have a good chance of ruining their object. So practice and just be careful. Skills take time. Good luck.
  8. Attaching Furniture to Homes

    Only if you don't have a ton of stuff on your building pad I suspect Edit: and I am OLD -- long before area search LOL, but yes, that makes sense.
  9. Attaching Furniture to Homes

    While easy to do it is fairly impractical as it joins LINKSETS together and if you should want to undo those (like a plant for example) it would be a huge pain. If ALL your items are single objects (no multiple pieces of mesh or multi prims) then it should be fine. Be sure and click on your skybox last so it is the root prim. What is USUALLY done is that the owner "lassos" the complete build, drawing a rectangular area around it on the viewscreen, then takes it up as a coalesced object. Then to replace they rez a prim to the size of the build and put THAT up in the sky, then rez the coalesced skybox on top of the prim and then delete the prim. The other caveat is that if any items are NO COPY, you can only TAKE the build --- either way.
  10. Outfit Question for SL15B Crystal Ball Contest

    Most likely official support won't know. You need to ask someone directly related to SL15B and the ball. There is an inworld group for the celebration (SLB Community Celebration) which would be a good place to ask. OR look up the group leader and contact them directly. Personally I think the idea is to go back in time "to your birth" so to speak with NO mesh bodies or clothes - hence less lag. This year the Lindens are back a co-creators and some rules have been changed and the big builds made very low lag (Chic claps here). So it seems to me that the point is to move back to pre-mesh and maybe even presculpt days. I won't be going but I did say a VERY old "Playboy Bunny" outfit and my favorite old hair -- if the database hasn't lost it :D. I don't think anyone will kick you out for wearing NEW skin, but to get in the spirit and old one would be good if you have it. Again, this is just MY take on the event.
  11. Can you use your Premium membership to get land for a shop?

    OK. I think you confused the OP more LOL. You DON'T pay any monthly land fee as long as you don't own more than a 1024 mainland lot. OVER that you will always have fees, yes. EACH PREMIUM AVATAR CAN HAVE UP TO A 1024 LOT WITHOUT PAYING ANY MONTHLY TIER FEE. YOU DO HAVE TO BUY THE LAND. They will of course have the fee that goes along with Premium, be it yearly or monthly or quarterly.
  12. Can you use your Premium membership to get land for a shop?

    NO ONE said that. You BUY the land (up to a 1024 of MAINLAND). You then have free tier from your premium membership. "TIER" equates to "rental cost" in some ways. I think of it more as "taxes" or "land use fees". But NO you do not pay both.
  13. Also keep in mind -- in the bigger picture -- that we will have new land impact (rules, criteria, measurements etc) in the not too distant future. So THAT will likely change this discussion a bit. Not so far as the actual use of sculpts and mesh and lag --- but in the LAND IMPACT department which was in the OP. This mostly to the OP as I know the others are well aware :D.
  14. SL15B Inworld Shopping Event

    Actually there were many more stores than that; nine that I can remember with some "girls" shops giving away unisex items that would also work for guys. Some stores had both men's and womens things and there were plenty of shops that didn't carry avatar items but Home and Garden and the like. I agree it would have been nicer to have more for the guy, but they simply have a lot less stores making things for them. Ten percent with male wearables is a good proportion if you look at most of the events nowadays. Many popular venues don't have any male wearables at all. You of course have a right not to like it though :D.
  15. How to build my own land?

    You can't BUILD LAND here. You can actually in Opensim if you put your land on your own computer but that is another story. You BUY land (or rent) and then you can make your dream home or club or store or whatever you want either buy BUYING items and placing them or by learning how to build and making them yourself. I suggest going to one of the inworld schools to learn all sorts of things you need to know . Good luck.