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  1. It's a NEW week(which I almost forgot LOL) and we return to the neutrals with the very first color in the challenge from a decade ago. You most likely have some ideas from the week of silver (know that wasn't easy for some of you -- sorry). This week's hue is quite a bit darker. Easy for me since is often my personal "black" (who knows why). GRAY I forgot what I chose in the end so heading back to find the photo.
  2. Try one of the default avatar eyebrows and then mod to your liking. OR go get the eBody FREE body and use that hairbase. For sure it works
  3. I typically use one 1024 texture for most furniture and bake a 2048 at 400. For houses I do the same bake style but one texture for the interior of a small house for example, one or two for the exterior etc. I have to admit that now that I am "retired" I am not AS thrifty with my textures (still with my triangles :D) since "I" like PRET-TY too - LOL. But still there is a big difference between reasonable and the over the top use of both main textures and material textures by some of our most popular H and G creators (clothing too but I don't know near as much about that). S
  4. For those of you looking for a low land impact sofa, this new set by Kuni (also makes hair) is impressive. The triangle count for the couch is under 5K. I am over at the cam sim so can't get all the info to tell you --- but if this looks like something that would work for you, get over when you can. NO MOD but texture change hud. I am puzzled why the glass of champagne is listed at 4 li when it is very low poly. Might be a typo? Who knows. This is at ACCESS and the whole set is $299.
  5. I am commenting in general about something I saw on the "clip" version of a comment as it rolled by but I can't find it here on this thread any longer so perhaps it was changed (and quickly at that :D). I know we will never solve the Materials - no materials argument; it has been going on for a decade and we each have our point of view. BUT I haven't seen any mention here (and maybe I missed it) that oftentimes designers add 1024 normal and specular maps) to their objects. Sometimes SEVERAL and sometimes on SMALL objects. Each normal map -- each specular map is more texture tha
  6. I don't USE normal or specular maps for my items (well 95 percent at least, but "bake" all the ambient shadows and shine IN the main texture. There was a reason I chose that method. I don't like CAST shadows on items either but in general my items have "ambient" shadows. So you just may not be my audience and that is fine. I am definitely in the minority since I also make very low poly items with (OMG) actual physics models that work for the houses LOL (smiling). Here is an example if I wasn't clear with MY terms. Darn, hit reply without pictures.
  7. Have no clue as this is a no mod item and not mine :D. But I am sure Thor wouldn't be to happy and no way to "fix" really as no sales trail. It did seem "better" to me than the last time I checked. Artistically (RL art teacher) shadows ARE suppose to have the underlying color of the object when painting (well from some artist's point of view anyway) but the land tones are quite different and that is a bit bothersome. So eventually ---- maybe it will work out. Not sure about the baking issues. I haven't ever had any problems -- except that of course the SL te
  8. Here is a comparison of the last Firestorm Windlight viewer and the current Linden viewer. Aside from resizing to make smaller there was no editing. The objects on land appear very close to the same look. The major difference is the diffusion where the sky meets the water. The tail light looks bad in the Linden viewer though. The texture appears almost completely flat rather than bumpy glass. Sort of spoils the object. So still some work to be done it seems. EDIT: Same exact graphics settings except for things I could not change in the Linden viewer. I see also that the g
  9. From the FS download page. Might be worth a try for some folks.
  10. I ALWAYS loved Windlight (note forum tag :D). And I didn't say anything about TWO viewers == although thinking about it I suspect that the OS viewer doesn't have EEP as there is no way Opensim is using that (maybe I am wrong there --- not willing to try putting both viewers on as last time it was very bad :D). The CHOICE long ago when the viewer style changed ---- was at LOGIN, not a separate viewer. I have no idea how Cool is handling that, but I do know I will be sticking with FS as it has too many things I use that the other viewers do not :D. We'l
  11. The only way you can get textures to be more clear (and honestly I can't see a huge difference in your screenshots, just a little bit lessening of contrast) is to use MORE textures. Sadly, many top clothing creators (and even H and G makers) use a ton of textures (like FOUR 2048 textures which become 1024s on upload on a pair of jeans for example ). So if you are comparing your finished garment to one of their finished garments, theirs will look sharper and more clear). The downside of that of course is that it is VERY bad practice and why so many people are having
  12. I haven't been keeping up with this thread but I have read through a lot and wanted to add a couple of things if they haven't been said in the 168 comments (some which seem very silly but anyway). Linden Lab released the code that made copybot viewers possible. This long, long ago like maybe a dozen years. Any viewer on the approved 3rd party viewer list is SUPPOSED to by copybot free; known copybot viewers have been banned and removed from this list in the past. Firestorm USES LL code and attempts to keep "parity" with the Linden viewer while adding TONS more optio
  13. I only have ONE "mid length" skirt in that folder. I guessed that BAIASTICE would be the winner for that. I think there are a lot more mid length DRESSES than skirts. One reason that these are difficult to find is that the longer you make the skirt, the more difficult it is to rig. So the "easy" way out is to make VERY SHORT skirts (I have many "dresses" in my "tops" folders). Also you might check SUITS which would typically have a skirt and a jacket and sometimes a top. This is Baiastice_Belted Leather Skirt -- both colors and prints and a fatpack.
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