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  1. There WAS a call out to have "friends" (you could actually have your own second brand and some folks did) at this shop and hop. There were three sims that never were filled. While the event appears to be "more inclusive" than before not EVERYONE got in. I believe it still tells you there are no guarantees on the application form. There were times that "I" didn't get in and times that I did. Plenty of reasons. Trying to fill 380 spots was a very big endeavor and one that I personally didn't think was so wise. But it did keep the overflow areas of the past from being needed and
  2. OK. Change of subject - LOL. And congrats ahead of time for anyone who gets close to "asparagus" :D. Yes, hard I think. BIG change next week in hue and tone both and a lot of peachy type colors coming up and yes even MORE BLUE (but I didn't have any issues with those so maybe you guys won't either). Meanwhile if you like free stuff be sure and check Shop and Hop for many colorful gifts as well as gift cards where you can pick up your own items (no group required). AND since I am only posting on this thread now (long story - who knows how long that wil
  3. Thanks for posting but THIS thread is about CLOTHING and what folks wear to match the color. It is not a landscape thread. Here is the landscape thread:
  4. I think the camo likely has "celadon" or another upcoming green LOL, but I can't say that any of them look like "asparagus". Hence my idea about TINTING. This was really one of the hardest colors for me. Look back at that list of all the colors (or the one Eddy did with the similar hues close together) and see the various greens and then MAKE A NOTE to yourself for the future. Camo is a "print" although it is likely a color also --- going to check. Google considers camo a PATTERN and Pantone doesn't appear to have a color called "camo". We are really learning a lot on this on
  5. Well two of you guessed green and Doris was VERY close I think (at least my college boyfriend used to call this color by her designation LOL). It is ASPARAGUS!!! Now asparagus -- according to Pantone anyway -- isn't the color of actual asparagus (one of the few vegetables I don't like because I had to eat so much of it as a child). If you have played with color theory OR finger paints you know that when you take YELLOW and add BLACK you get a kind of green. And that is pretty much our color this week. Here is your swatch and BEST OF LUCK with it. I f
  6. You guys have really been shining with white and blue!!!! Lots of thumbs up and happy hearts and the like. Due to some unexpected and unforeseen events of this last week I will ONLY be posting the color swatches of the week''s challenge here on the forums, no stylings. Hopefully Berry will still be posting links via the community blog so you will see that (again hopefully) come through here on the forums. So sorry about that, but the most important thing is what YOU do with the week's color LOL. I will say that this next week is going to be a challenge for most
  7. I've had this sitting out for a couple of days or more now. A gift from Status Inc at the WIP Anniversary gift giving. I like it because it is simple. Little (minimalist) me :D. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/WIP/141/190/1497 Edit: the second bottom rail is just in the sand. It matches the other side.
  8. I did a series on making a free avatar in March. Likely that some things are still available. My gal use eBody FREE and it is true that is it difficult to find clothes for it that "really fit". Agreed there. https://chicatphilsplace.blogspot.com/search?q=onboarding
  9. Just wanted to say that what you mention WAS against the LL rules --- UNLESS the creator ALSO gave an actual GIFT :D. Even though it was against the rules it did happen and some of the merchants (and likely the public) complained. I know "I" did. There were VERY CLEAR RULES for Shop and Hop and presumably still are. Sometimes folks (usually top creators) slipped under the wire, but it WAS noticed and was reported. We had "exiting surveys" for some of the Shop and Hops :D. I haven't seen that group gift issue recently -- other than the OPTION to ALSO get an additional gift vi
  10. Only OLD BLOGGERS most likely LOL. Some two letter brands are VERY confusing. AF can be Artisan Fantasy or Apple Fall and likely other brands too -- I can think of an older clothing store for women but sure I couldn't spell it correctly. But even if you type a store name into Marketplace search you often get a big list of stores all with the same name. Not sure if that is purposeful with folks trying to piggyback on a well-known brand of if they just didn't know and went with a name without researching.
  11. I am in the same camp as Rowan. If you are actually giving out a gift --- and it is MEANT as a gift then it should be a large enough amount to cover at least one typical item. If you give away a gift card for 250 and have no products to buy at 250 then in my mind it isn't a gift -- and I tend to take a dim view of that practice. It sounds like some of your card recipients did too. If you want to have a SALE (which is pretty much what a gift card that only covers part of the product is -- as you said yourself, a "discount") then just have a sale. I typically never use or even
  12. The current (unless they updated again and I missed it) of the Lara body is 5.3. I suggest going and getting redelivery at the store and using the NEW (and much improved) body and see if that solves your problem. If that doesn't do it I am sure there are more knowledgeable folks here that can help like Skell. But that seems to be a logical first step. The future is NOW
  13. OK MAJOR issues with posting. Happily I copied out the post I had made and will paste in here. You guys really rocked this week. Woot! Our upcoming color takes us back into cool territory and dare I say on the cups of that "teal" thing (so you can see why that rebellion thing set in). Our color is a pale clear blue what I would call "powder blue" (not sure what decade that was popular in). The good news is that is a color in a lot of fatpacks so if you have any of those (including free ones ^^) be sure and check those huds. Here is the swatch:
  14. Hadn't a clue so looked this up. Pasting in from the Knowledge Base for those who ALSO had no clue :D.
  15. Typically not ALL textures used in the houses are included in the Linden Homes packs -- even in Belliseria which are the new homes and Elderglen are the really old homes. So if it isn't in the pack that you have it is unlikely that it is available. You can make your own if you have good graphics skills. Screenshot, crop, make seamless and upload. That's about as good as it will likely get.
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