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  1. I posted a question about inventory in OpenSim on a Google Group mentioning these threads on inventory loss. This was the techy reply I received. Thought it might be of interest.
  2. Well no one is replying so I will let you know that integrated graphics in general are not best for SL. And there have always been issues with AMD. If it doesn't work well when you try, then an older styles 1.23 viewer will likely run things better, like Singularity. You can find a list of accepted third party viewers here:
  3. Your post suggests that you are going about things the right way :D. WHILE in your pose you simply right click on the object and choose Attach To> Right Hand (etc.). From there you use the editing tools to rotate and place the object as you want it to look. THIS DOES TAKE PARCTICE. After it is in the right spot, but SURE to detach and attach AGAIN in order to get it to "stick" at the rotation and placement you have defined. There are no scripts necessary.
  4. 8f8 items have been traditionally "heavy". I only have one thing I think but I can remember going to venues with lots of (very lovely) 8f8 items and not being able to move. It was molasses. So IF you only have the disappearing issue at home where there are those 8f8 items then likely that is the problem. There can of course be OTHER mesh that is too dense. Happily a lot of content creators are doing a good job on both vertices and LODs.
  5. I was thinking the same thing a day or so ago. I don't go to the beta grid any longer, my alt does all the testing. When they first instituted the "link" between grids it was a mess and I lost a LOT of stuff on Agni and it took me a week just to get my inventory working in any semblance of normalcy. That being said, I "could" be helpful for scripts and textures. It would SEEM like you could send full perm items to your alt(s), but unfortunately I had an occurrence where that did no good at all. ALL instances (many different UUIDs) disappeared from the grid no matter who had them. So there must be a hierarchy in the database with the original item and then all the copies of that item. All very strange but definitely something is wrong (not new news but seemingly getting worse). You COULD export any mesh you had made if needed. In theory you should have that on your hard drive -- anything recent anyway. I have considered Opensim a "cloud backup" for a couple of years. It has saved me a time or two for sure.
  6. There was a time when the web profiles were new that uploading there did change your inworld profile photo. The problem was that with 75% or so of folks in Firestorm with a 3 to 4 ish ratio and the web (then anyway - I never go there) at 1:1 that the photo look BAD "somewhere". So it may have been purposefully changed. Just a thought. I only uploaded to the web once long ago and didn't like the way it worked so now I just upload inworld. You CAN use the "local" feature to test how your profile picture will look, and that is a nice thing.
  7. Here is the playlist (currently 8 videos) for the new Blender Cycles Tutorials. This starts pretty much at the beginning assuming very little knowledge of Blender although I am sure I left out some things along the way.
  8. @ChinRey Well yes Rotation and Scale is mandatory for manual unwrapping which I always do. I just ALSO apply all those things before exporting :D.
  9. Good to know about the SL OS differences and thanks. Your ideas about where the problems are coming from may be correct for some folks but I have no issues logging in (like EVER unless the grid is down), I never clear my cache unless I have a real issue (like mesh being invisible which hasn't happened in a long while) and don't have thousands of items in a single folder LOL. So none of those reasons answer why I am (and have always) had issues. I can't say that my inventory losses are any WORSE than they have always been (I seem to average about one giant (10,000 items ish) loss a year or two with some smaller not too handy but not catastrophic losses in between. They certainly haven't improved though. And my inventory is only 30,000 as I have mentioned and I do PURPOSEFULLY empty my trash fairly often AFTER CLOSELY CHECKING the contents *wink*. I really can't think of anything else I can do to fix this on MY end. Any ideas are welcome.
  10. While Dakota's info is important and will likely increase your Marketplace sales if you have not already made those adjustments, the most likely reason for sales dropping is that it is TAX TIME IN THE UNITED STATES. This is an historical low sales time -- not just in SL but in RL also. I agree my sales were down and procrastinators did their taxes and many found that they owed money --- hence no extra money to play with in SL. I have seen this every year since I have been here and yep, it was that way this year to. Not really much to do about it but recognize the cause and work on things for AFTER tax time (around the middle of the month each April).
  11. A note about having things all in one top folder (like Objects). Aside from being beyond messy and impossible to find things, there is a possible prolem with too many things in one folder. That is true for sure in Opensim and it is likely a problem here too. Some techie person might know the answer there. In Opensim if you get too many items in a folder (maybe 1000? I don't remember the number) then items will not show up any longer in your inventory window. They will apparently be there but not viewable. That wasn't MY problem however as my whole inventory is 30,000 (I purposefully delete many items after I blog them) and I have lots of top level folders. I also often save backups in coalesced form to keep my numbers down.
  12. No, it isn't a cache issue -- at least not mine. And that is what logging in on a new viewer will do. There have been SOME TIMES when this was a fix. Clearing your cache on you viewer would likely do the same thing and most people try that first. But even with a brand new viewer that you have never used installed, things can be gone. And lately it seems these losses are happening more often. They aren't new though. They have been around a long, long while (at least nine years). I am going to assume that the OP being an old timer did all the "tricks" to retrieve seemingly lost inventory BEFORE they considered it a real loss. There is a whole page in the wiki about Inventory Loss. Unfortunately it isn't about REAL inventory loss :D.
  13. As far as I know from the information on that other thread, premium membership is not the criteria. One person was told that they need to show NEED as I said, so you would need to MAKE over $999 US a month for some consecutive months in order to meet their criteria. The point (for them) is that if you are making less than $999 US a month you can cash out each month. This of course keeps you from saving on fees but IS possible. I will eventually get all my money out this way. And yes, I suspect a lot of folks asked for an increase and didn't get it. I have no idea why some folks that don't NEED the high limits have them. That's all I know.
  14. Ah OK. Sorry. Too late :D. When I have seen those they swung to and fro but they still didn't change direction. Rolig will answer your question when she is on no doubt. Good luck.
  15. You set preferences in the marketplace SEPARATELY from inworld. So you need to change that in your MARKETPLACE account. The information doesn't filter over.