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  1. Since we "know" there is a humongous release on the near horizon, why not just wait until there will be lots of all kinds of plots available.
  2. THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS!!!!!!! Screenshotting (now a word in my vocabulary) :D.
  3. The minute you get ANY lindens in your USD account that is triggered. I believe (this from my interpretation of Grumpity's many reiterations during the Tilia Town meeting which hopefully you can still watch on YouTube) that getting rid of your USD balance (as many of us did) would negate the need to accept the Tilia TOS on August 1. That was the only concession that we got, but I was very happy with that one. August 1 has come and gone and the three month "extension" to accept the Tilia TOS has also passed. I checked the account that I used to use to cash out to Paypal and while it was whitelisted this summer when Tilia came into being, it is no longer so -- hence more info is being requested. Hence no cashing out for me. Sorry you got caught on this. A good lessen to others that it might impact. Not sure if LL will do anything for you or if you are just stuck. Good luck.
  4. The opening of the trailers was well underway before we got any real word so that thread isn't fool-proof by any means. They did open the one region with the lodge previous to the trailer release so people could cam around and there were people hanging out there in "release party" style to wait. Since this is such a HUGE release I think most of us believe it will take some time for all plots to be claimed. It took almost two days for everything to be snapped up in the first release and this one appears to be as big or perhaps bigger. So aside from watching for any hints from Patch in chatty form here in the forums I suggest watching the map OR have your auto-refresher on to signal you as needed. I finally figured out WHY (I am still guessing) my refresher doesn't signal me. I think it is a privacy setting which I am not going to change. Since I am not trying for a new home that isn't so important to me. Typically releases happen during West Coast business hours but that isn't always true. So be alert and be vigilant. When you see some green dots in the new areas, you will know things have started.
  5. I went over in male form (good sized guy) to test and I didn't have any issues. This is 2.29 meters or 7.5 feet tall so not AS tall as you can be but pretty big. Oddly "he" didn't have trouble navigating the houses like "I" as Chic did (twice) so perhaps something else was going on then and I will take back that "pink is the only one I can walk easily in" comment -- since it seems to no longer apply. There was still plenty of head room for "my guy" but it seems like a walk through for anyone wanting to move would definitely be in order.
  6. Just a note that SOME of us (many of my RL and virtual friends and I anyway) went to great lengths NOT to sign the Tilia terms of service because we READ it and did not agree with it (adamantly). Hence agreeing to it was "a lie". So hopefully the OP will be able to get LL to take away the money that appeared in their USD wallet. It might be best to try and contact Tilia rather than put in a ticket. Here is the contact page: https://www.tilia-inc.com/contact/
  7. Patch won't see this most likely unless you tag him with a "@" sign. They have said all along that the old Linden Home will be going away "around the first of the year or a bit after". So this GIANT release "seems" in part a way for folks to move. There has been no mention of another plan that I have heard. It really only makes sense moneywise to closed down all those regions. Hope you find a new and "better" home :D.
  8. And yes, Belli has made a huge land impact on mainland and with THOUSANDS of more plots available "very soon" TM it is going to get worse. Since I am going back to basic in the Spring, I won't be buying any more mainland so not a big deal for me. But it is sad for sure as anyone who is OLD understands that "mainland" is part of SL's history.
  9. I haven't actually read this thread but YES is my comment. Some anecdotal info: I recently sold a 4096 which I bought very cheaply at about 1.3 per meter a bit over a year and a half ago. It is a good lot. Nothing special but no "issues". I tried to sell it for 1 per meter with no takers. In a few weeks I lowered the price to 3000 and it sold but not for two weeks. The purchaser abandoned that land in less than three weeks (oh my). Another tiny lot from the land group was purchased for about 1,300 -- again a year and a half ago and sold NOT QUICKLY for 800. A "flipper" apparently bought it hoping to make some money. A month later it is now for sale again at 800 LOL. Oh well. I have a long history of making profits on mainland. I only lost money on one other lot (when an airport moved in RIGHT NEXT DOOR). This is the worst I have seen mainland prices and sales in twelve years.
  10. You pay on the amount of land that you owned LAST MONTH so you will have one more month to pay. It has worked that way --- well I think forever. But a long time.
  11. While being modify "may" let you drag textures onto the curtains, it is not a guarantee. Would depend totally on HOW the curtains were mapped in the 3D software. They could have been made so that any patterns will not match well at all. So if that is important, better ask the creator. Also in adding your own textures you will automatically lose all ambient shadows and the fabric will look "flat". Just a warning :D. Meanwhile while you are here. Yes, I was talking about view angle. This is what I see when I log in so this is my default angle and has been for many months. Before that I use the LL default mostly so that I could see how things looked at LEA for the "new folks" and anyone using the default setting (which is a lot of people).
  12. I am thinking that it is more likely the graphics card or the system as a whole rather than the bandwidth. I rarely have waiting issues and when I do they aren't for long. But glad SOME folks have speedy connections. There are people in Sansar that live out on dirt roads almost off the grid and still do OK - LOL. Determination I guess is key. LOL
  13. I tested this idea just now using my seven curtains in my Peony home. It worked --- but no help on the land impact. In fact the seven curtains were 10. So EASIER to set up but no savings on LI. That is partly because of that 1.4 equals 1 bonus. This was on MY curtains which were already very low poly. So I guess you better just designate that amount of LI for the curtains. Sorry.
  14. Another thread -- now closed (by Patch I think in the middle of the SL night).
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