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  1. Free Alatmura Head - Omega?

    There is a nice fancy one on the WOH4 hunt. It is color change. Very bottom of this post.
  2. Free Alatmura Head - Omega?

    The collar on my alt with the white pants and hoodie is from Pink Fuel and was a Hairology gift last month so likely not available any longer (REALLY GREAT). The one in my new profile picture is from MEVA from awhile ago. Not logged in now (in Blender) but wearing it still so I can look that up if THAT is the collar you are wondering about :D.
  3. Free Alatmura Head - Omega?

    That was the problem with my testing -- that most all clothing did NOT fit the body even with the numerous slots. That isn't a BAD thing, it is simply that it will take awhile (and luck) to get clothes makers on the bandwagon -- an ongoing and traditional problem with any new body release. I thought the body itself (aside from the pesky hand AO issue) very nice and I do like the all in one hud. I have that on my exmachina male body (also still in beta mode) and it does make life easier. NOW though, it seems like it will be difficult to gather momentum for the idea. The biggest stumbling block if memory serves and I am awake enough is that we had the ability to change the BODIES to a fair extent before we had the ability to change the heads (with sliders).
  4. Vehicles as avarats

    LONG ago there were some car and truck avatars in the "default" avatar section -- about the time when Linden Realms opened so six years ish? They were a bit cartoony and simplistic, like kids cars. I tried one out once. Not my thing.
  5. Free Alatmura Head - Omega?

    So I spent ALL DAY with my gal and she amazingly has three very nice outfits now with some others I picked up before that I need to test again. Quite a few of the items from the WOH4 worked (this with eBODY and not altamura body). The ones that worked for me were from Sakide, Justice and amazingly Masoom (a spicy hot pink club dress with metal trim that SO doesn't look like it would fit anything but the body it was designed for LOL. There is a super tiny bit of "air" on one side by the slit but she and I can live with that. A matching collar (to hide any seams can be found at Secret. Photos of all those things on my blog -- there are four reports on the hunt --- just look in the posts or sidebar. I also went through her hair which was pretty dire she being OLD and DUSTY LOL but found a few nice ones that still looked amazingly good AND were low rendering cost (I found one that when added jumped her cost by 700000 or whatever - OMG I had never seen a number like that. Anyway I am leaving her for the day and here is her state. It was a good project but I am tired!
  6. Free Alatmura Head - Omega?

    Yep I think they got a lot of folks with that. You can look at the vendor (always) in build to see what group it is set to and that will be "the group". You can even click on it from there and get to the group. In THIS case it is Omega Obsession.
  7. Free Alatmura Head - Omega?

    Thanks I will look tomorrow. I figured it must be in there somewhere. I don't really MIND her having freckles, just an odd default LOL.
  8. Free Alatmura Head - Omega?

    I think if you want to be pale that is definitely a good mix. My only issue with the Jenny body (which I like a lot) is that it doesn't seemed to be rigged even close to any of the "popular" bodies (hence clothes). I so far have done better with eBody for finding clothing. Also the Jenny body seems to need to have the hand hud "activated" often or her hands are splayed -- either for others or even for herself. So that doesn't "stick" which I imagine you could just get used to turning on and off each time you log in or it goes wonky :D.
  9. Free Alatmura Head - Omega?

    I spent the morning with my dusty alt and she is looking damn spiffy these days. Getting the Omega Relay inworld was a pain. I don't think I have ever been to a more confusing shop. I felt like I was in Las Vegas on a bad acid trip (note that I really don't know that that is like LOL but it is certainly how I imagined one might be :D). Anyway after joining a second group (this one free at the moment) and with the help of customer support or just a really nice person in the FIRST group I joined (for creators -- don't make that mistake) I did get the hud for $50. I got it for my alt so didn't try it on the Chapter Four head as I liked Gizelle much better and it is VERY "Bento" in that you can change most everything much like on a classic head. I decided that the full body avatar which I really like had too light a skin for her. So I went back to eBody and using the Gizelle head and taupe applier from Seven Deadly S[k]ins (all free) I found one that I liked the best for her. Along the way I got that "your hud is full, empty" message talked about but couldn't figure out HOW to empty the hud so I just deleted the one in use and started over. I seem to have permanent freckles on her which I am not sure how to get rid of. I kept backup copies of head that were working since I could go VERY astray not understanding the hud. Meanwhile this just out from the altamura group which pretty much explains everything we have discovered here. Would have been VERY good to have that at the beginning. But of course not all of the gifts were out then. Now I am going to see if I can get more clothes to work for her. A challenge for sure! Note that I couldn't of course get the neck seam to blend since I couldn't apply the body part of the mix :D. But I expected that. ★•••★ GISELLE BENTO HEAD ★•••★ 􀀈 • It is a complete Bento Head, full functionally and Omega Compatible. • It needs Altamura Design/Mesh Avatars Group active on your head. • It is at eBento Event from 10th to 31st December. 􀀉 ★•••★ JENNY BENTO FULL BODY ★•••★ 􀀇 • It is a complete avatar, with Bento Head, Body and Bento Hands. It has a limited HUD and it is a preview of the full functionally version that will be available on January. It is NOT Omega compatible. For all informations see: • It doesn't need any group • It is in the Main Store from 9th to 31st of December exclusive for Women Only Hunt. 􀀆 ★•••★ MAYA MESH HEAD ★•••★ 􀀅 • It is a traditional Mesh Head (not bento). It has a limited features and it is Omega Compatible. • It needs The Chapter Four Group active on your head. • It is at TCF Event from 4th to 31st of December. 􀀄
  10. What are you doing today!? :D

    I pretty much am always hanging out on my building platform so aside from showing "look what I just made" photos which likely no one cares about --- I have nothing to report on this thread. But last night (oh so late and early) I set up at the Hop and Shop coming back to the grid on Friday. Many of you went to the SL14B event and this is the same venue only three sims instead of four. Everything is on sale; some things half off. My favorite part in being in these events is watching them come together. I recognized some names from the group listings but others I didn't know. So far it is looking pretty exciting. Some brands have been around forever and kind of dropped off the radar (or mine anyway) and some are new and also impressive (JUSTICE for one). As suspected I have a less than stellar spot and rightly so as H and G is not as popular as hair and skins and clothes -- obviously. But I am thrilled to be there and had a great time setting up. NOW I am going to rest! I SO NEED TO REST. I am also celebrating 600 followers on Flickr today LOL. PS. I am not posting this for self-promotion but if the moderators want to delete it I certainly understand :D. It is kind of "gray" in my mind so I will let them decide. I am just excited :D.
  11. Free Alatmura Head - Omega?

    Another option which I hope to try today (much going on) is using the eBody (more colors of skins to choose from and currently more clothes that seem to fit) with the new altamura head. I like the eBento head better than the Chapter Four Head and of course the Omega function puts it in the lead for many people. The head on the full body altamura is very nice and the skin matches pretty well, but since (reportedly) the eBento head will take omega ---- that opens up lots of options. 7 Deadly S[k]ins has had a few appliers on their Advent Tree that would (in theory) work. I just haven't tried them! I am thinking down the road that the altamura body might get more designers behind it (especially with so many free bodies out there soon LOL) and THEN finding clothes will be easier. The alpha slots are great, but currently the things I tried didn't rig well on the altamura body. It is a very PRETTY body though and nicely shaped. So the next few months will likely see some shift in the "body wars" :D.
  12. Big Store using alts for 5 star reviews

    Not new news. Also used to give one star NASTY reviews of competitors products. While The Lab certainly has the ability to clarify that these are actually arts (sometimes just friends but mostly alts) they have other things to do. If you really WANT to, you can comment on the comments of your suspected violators pointing to what you have said here :D.
  13. Free Alatmura Head - Omega?

    Note that you need to be an altamura group member to get the head at eBENTO :D. Not only that, according to TeleportHub: Both altramura and eBENTO will have 12 day Advent calendars: eBENTO The Event – Teleport – Group required (0 $L to join group) – 15 Days of X-Mas eBento Event – at least 15 Gifts – 1 gift each day. Click the correct date number to get and wear the tag – Date: Dec 10 to Dec 25 – Contact Person: Shine Messmer and Syra Hyun Altamura – Teleport – Group required (40 $L to join group) – Several Types of gifts for Women and Man all 100% originals – Date: Dec 12 to Dec 24 – Contact Person: Lucrezia McBride
  14. How does your avatar look today ?

    Industrial Steampunk
  15. Free Alatmura Head - Omega?

    I tried that out today for a long while and I suspected it was NOT Omega compatible since the guy version was not. However. There is a full compliment of Bento animations in separate huds (and as separate poses if you want that instead) and the huds are quite nice making this a very good free body (IMHO). So my gal (dusty alt) will be sticking with it for awhile. It is a pretty avatar and you can make changes to the shape which effect the look. The issue is of course the SAME skin on everyone LOL, but since I wore my Lelutka default skin for a VERY long time, that apparently isn't that important to me. Here is a shot from an upcoming hunt blog post currently in the queue -- for comparison. It is great that we have SO MANY choices now for our alts and for new folks too! Hands change with hands hud. Face changes with the face hud. I think there is another hud I didn't try. The "eye lashes" etc buttons are non functional but all the alpha slots work fine. Feet are alpha on and off and you have to click them until you come up with what you want --- not like Maitreya :D.