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  1. Earn Unlimited Linden(every 3 minute 20Linden )

    Possibly -- but the person writing COULD be doing a completely legitimate and legal job FOR the same (obviously not so legal) employer :D.
  2. If you like Roleplay there are TONS of places. Find some listings on the Destination guide and look on the map for ones with lots of dots. For RP most seem busiest on the weekends (I have lived in a couple of RP sims) so that is a good time to be out and about meeting folks.
  3. Help any ideas on buying parcel/private land

    You can find ALL the tier prices in your website account. Honestly, there are LOTS of places you can find out about this info. Do a little homework and decide what will work best for you.
  4. Help any ideas on buying parcel/private land

    MAINLAND is any land owned by Linden Lab, not a private land holder (islands). As said you need a premium account to buy mainland rather outright from the owner or on auction.
  5. Question

    It is very unlikely you would get kicked out of SL by Linden Lab for just being rude, that being said maybe it would be good NOT to be rude (well, duh). They CAN ban anyone for anything. It is their platform. You can EASILY BE BANNED from sims for any reason at all and rude would definitely qualify. I suggest you work on your jokes and perhaps find a better way to be funny -- especially since from your post that doesn't seem to be working LOL.
  6. A Steamy Mystery at Terradale now open

    Thanks. It was a fun two months.
  7. Do sim owners know when i am using two avis

    For anyone who really cares, the actually page that text is on is here: I think that is definitive but we still have that "in the TOS but not enforced" thing going on :D. This is NOT new *wink*; just saying. Thanks.
  8. Do sim owners know when i am using two avis

    So as I read read the top quote in your post, I see nothing FORBIDDING a user from giving out their password, only that it is the user's responsibility. A typical wording in that CYA way that much of the TOS is. Like this for example: You will immediately notify us of any unauthorized use of your Account. (My bold.) It doesn't say that anyone has to notify LL for AUTHORIZED use. I do see the info in the blog post which isn't a legal document. The TOS is of course a legal document that we agree to so that would lead me to believe it takes precedent. So two different "official" comments which are not the same and that isn't that unusual. I am certainly not advocating users sharing their accounts. I do however know that lots of businesses have shared alt accounts for all sorts of purposes and this has been going on for some time (years) . It would be great if we had definitive answers (that were enforced) on so many things. We however do not. Not arguing, just my point of view.
  9. Do sim owners know when i am using two avis

    I agree that was definitely true some time ago, but apparently things have changed as I wrote something like this maybe two years ago and was "proven" wrong. So only a VERY carefully reading of the CURRENT terms of service can say what is the rule now. I didn't see anything on this in the last one, but if you can point to it I would definitely like to know. And to the OP, along with all the "you REALLY have to be good to play the alt game" (I know as someone has tried it on me and failed a few times :D) since you posted here it is certainly possible that the sim owners NOW know you are running too accounts. I sympathize somewhat if this is a para sim since (for me) that is beyond yawnsville and I could likely run three alts and do it well (RL actress at one point) but I SO DON'T CARE LOL.
  10. While the open house isn't happening until September, A Steamy Mystery in Terradale is now ready for your exploration. Best to enjoy the adventure inworld but you CAN read the clues if you want. You could also look at the photos of the Perry Pipers and see which areas you might have overlooked. In order to find the answer to the mystery you will need to be in the sim to get to the "hidden" webpage :D. This is part of the Linden Endowment for the Arts Artists in Residence Program.Here is the website.
  11. Jake Skin Appliers

    OK. I guess I wasn't clear. I am looking for head appliers that are OMEGA along with skin appliers (either Belleza or Omega) that match. If I wanted Catwa I would have likely gone with aeros :D. I had checked Stray Dog before and just did again as well as the other two stores and they are all for Catwa heads ONLY (or if there are some that are Omega they are really hiding). Nothing on the Marketplace that is Omega and L'etre had only ONE face (and tons of places for more but all empty) and it was for Catwa. So thanks but that didn't help LOL.
  12. Jake Skin Appliers

    So I have been watching for awhile now as I think the Jake body (and hud) are the best of what's out there for the guys now. Aeros has had placeholder for JAKE appliers for awhile and now they are viable with two choices (bare and hairy) in five or six skintones. That's great, but of course there is a BUT. The faces are only for Catwa. Any other recommendations for JAKE? with OMEGA heads? If any skin designer is paired with Bellaza for skin tones of head appliers, that would be super to know. Thanks. I really don't understand why designers resist the Omega option. It seems like it would increase sales. But, I am definitely not a skin designer. Still for those of you with Catwa heads this might be a new place to check.
  13. How does your avatar look today ?

    Liked this so much it is my new profile picture.
  14. Nope. Not SL. Tis you. Sorry. Turn down you draw distance, turn of shadows and DOF (in case you are using that) and turn UP (or down depending on how you look at it) your JELLYDOLL SETTING. That should help.
  15. Buying outright a product

    This was done quite a lot in the past (like long ago). People sold whole stores of merchandise. But there are as mentioned trust issues involved, ones that if they go bad would be most likely too expensive to rectify. Also if someone is discontinuing a product it is likely it doesn't sell. In that case buying it might not be the best move :D.