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  1. Well review dates would give you some hints but as you say there are none. Here is a biggie as to AGE however --- " -alpha body (just wear) ONLY viewer 2". Viewer 2 was introduced many years ago so mentioning "only viewer 2" suggests it was new when this was listed. Also it is sculpt and not mesh. If you cannot SEE A DEMO, I wouldn't buy it -- that's just me. . The mantra on the forums -- NO DEMO - NO PURCHASE (chant along with me). That being said, just because something is oldish, it could still be very good. I have a lot of mesh items from five or more years ago that are still very usable and work well.
  2. Linden Lab has owned Tilia for many years. Not new. You need to use a browser with NO blocking on it. So maybe "Edge"? You would have known all this if you had been reading EITHER the official LL blog posts (since July 1 anyway) OR been even slightly watching these forums. Many threads with hundreds and maybe thousands of comments :D. No, there is no legal way to transfer money out other than Tilia. You could have transferred out before August 1 as many of us did, but too late now.
  3. In the 3D mesh world "faces" translates into "materials" at least in Blender (or simplistically TEXTURES). For example, this simple plant base is ONE mesh object with ONE face (all the same texture). You cannot change one plant in this group without changing the others). So it would be fairly simple to make slightly different textures -- movement wise -- and cycle through loading them. I suspect (not much of a script person) that you could alternately move the offsets slightly in various directions via scripts and cycle through those. In this example there is still a SINGLE MESH object but in this case it has four "faces" with four separate materials in the file. So each of these plant stalks can be changed independently -- either by changing the texture in the build menu or by scripting.
  4. My place in Heathstone was the second plot I was given on Day One of Bellisseria. From the map, I was hoping for a GRASS lot by the ocean, not the sand which does look pretty desolate on the map LOL. The first lot I was offered was in Graff on the other side of the continent. While there are even fewer houses in Graff than in Heathstone, that lot abutted a beach common area with umbrella's and towels. While some folks love those umbrella's and towels, I really wanted an "unobstructed" view so took my chances and got my current plot which is high above the beach and has some nice rocks for visual interest. There are some plots I would like better but my chances of getting though -- through a now painful (for me) process is very dim. I will be staying where I am! My garden is growing well now and most all prims are accounted for.
  5. I am not a big script person either but that script you posted has you putting the textures in the object rather than calling the UUID of the texture. So if you use this and if you are using purchased textures OR if you don't ant to give your personally made ones out full perm then it might get tricky with permissions. So watch out for that.
  6. When Bellisseria was new (seems like so long ago now) I wore my {what next} non-motorized bike a lot as I explored the grid but the rez and drive scooter was beyond my skill level. Partly that was the sim crossing and partly the framerates -- and of course partly ME. . Both technical problems have improved now but I am glad to see that the wearable bikes made it to the top of Winter's list. I had asked her about wearable scooters back then and then forgotten. Happy that she did not :D. Great picture.
  7. Chic Aeon

    LoDs creation

    At @OptimoMaximo I simply meant that I had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what you were talking about --- and hence could not respond with even a semblance of a viable comment -- let alone add to the conversation LOL. Had nothing to do with money, but knowledge (and sometimes I guess those do go together).
  8. Chic Aeon

    LoDs creation

    I think for a lot of folks your ideas were beyond their "pay grade". Since my rigging experience is very simplistic I had no clue what you were saying. I am sure it was very smart though (honestly) :D.
  9. You should be able to tell by looking in the backend webpage for the account that tried to transfer USD out of SL. Mine only took a couple of days so if you haven't heard anything by now you better check to see what is happening. Your money may be in limbo still and --- at least BEFORE Tilia (not sure now) you only had so much time if you needed to respond with more information. RIGHT NOW you cannot pay for your tier or membership with Lindens. Patch said in the Tilia Town Hall meetings that could "possibly" (maybe? doubtful? again, unclear) do that in the future. No idea when or if that future might be or happen :D.
  10. OK. Let's be logical and forget all about the things I WILL NOT SAY, and let's look at possibilities that could happen that will change how Bellisseria is viewed by the citizenship. NONE OF THESE THINGS were what I was referring to above. LL could lower mainland tier OR up the minimum "free tier" size to 2048 (there certainly is plenty of maintenance land out there). Then the 1024 plots even with the houses that don't count against LI aren't quiet as enticing. LL could start making LARGER (either in LI or in actual size OR in land size plots) homes. Then the existing homes, as nice as they are won't be as good as the newly introduced ones. The larger sized plots could be tied to "Super Duper Premium" status. LL could make an ADULT "Bellisseria X" continent for those that want to flaunt their desires. So very many things can happen to change how folks view the new continent. And then of course there is simply attrition. Not all that many people are going to keep trying to get a house or in this case a houseboat for months on end. And some will find that they don't enjoy living within a theme and want more freedom.
  11. And remember what is PLANNED and what actually happens in SL --- are often two different things :D. I will be waiting to see if it actually happens too
  12. I know you are kidding but there is no number. My RL friends KNOW that I don't pass along info. And when two friends are involved I am often heard to say, "sorry, can't tell you. Told in confidence". They never seem to complain too much. I mean if I told THEM the other person's secret, then would I do the same with their "private info"? Just something I have done my whole life.
  13. Actually almost ALL of the info was public. Why not share with you? Well for one thing the person that talked out of turn might lose their job. That's good enough for me. For the folks doing the research and going to the meetings and such, the idea isn't a big leap at all and was even mentioned officially LONG ago, and maybe someone else will put the same pieces together and come forth with their theories WITHOUT endangering someone's job. My point was that the number of Bellisseria homes, the rollout plan, the subsequent changes in policies are part of a bigger picture --- one that will make sense if it all comes together in a few months -- or so --- or "SOON". Even before I got the "icing on the cake" info -- I had already mentioned this possibility on the forums. But it is one thing to have a theory and another to have MORE than a theory --- at least for me. AND, it is certainly possible that "the plan" may not materialize simply because something else takes priority or that LL makes a shift in direction. If and when the newness IS announced we will know. And of course I am not going to poke you and say -- "see?" simply because you wouldn't believe me anyway. And that is fine. Just block me and you will never have to read anything I write! That works too.
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