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  1. I UNDERSTAND that one quote isn't yours. It is the quote from that SAME POST. If you still don't get it I am not going to reply again. Good luck.
  2. I included the QUOTE that YOU QUOTED in these forums (the same post as the quote from you) in my post so folks that hadn't been READING CAREFULLY would see the "flow".
  3. I would REALLY like the quote the quote your were referencing too I was also at The Great Canadian Grid from the time when there were like 24 plots or whatever and stayed for a year or so after it GREW exponentially . And I was also at one of the other grids mentioned. Both of these were mismanaged but in different ways. It takes a LOT to run a platform and most of the grid owners (Opensim based in all these cases) are either in it for the money or the ego. In answer to the idea that you cannot successfully run a grid at super low prices --- I give you KITELY wh
  4. Since I "knew" the person you mention long before she started Inworldz (systematically causing another grid that I was on to fail) I personally wouldn't believe anything that she said. But of course it is your choice if you do. I know a LOT of people "believed" in her and got burned. And how does this fit into the original question?
  5. And "I" never spent (bought) any linden dollars but earned it all camping, trivia, Linden Realms and then later creating products. So you don't NEED to spend any RL dollars in SL.
  6. SL isn't the only platform that requires that. Just noting. AFAIK it is the "norm". AND make sure you read the TOS. If you didn't make the avatar yourself you could be breaking the rules and possibly lose your account. @Gaspare Alectoris Cheers.
  7. I guess I haven't been looking at those really popular threads lately :D. I DO see that sidebar if I have my screen set fairly wide (I have a 2560 monitor so never use fullscreen for browsing). BUT I can get rid of that simply by making my screen more narrow. So that is certainly an option for the OP. I don't love the ... for the edit function. I can't read the text on that at all (or really barely if I move VERY close to the screen). Yellow on white or whatever for me. I don't love all that stuff. I just want to look at the photos. And honestly if I wanted to look at
  8. This has been asked before of course and the answer is (so far) no easy way. Before you work too hard on importing those 1600 windlights (some have already been added to the list both in Linden and FS viewers (and likely others) you should TEST them. As they do not necessarily or often translate over closely. Some do. Other definitely don't. So you may not WANT them at all unless you adjust them and save the adjusted version. Since Windlight is still undergoing changes I would advise skipping all this work for now.
  9. I am guessing that different folks see different webpage layouts (and then there is the phone folks which most likely the new changed embrace more). Here is what "I" see. No sidebar at all. Dark taupe background and beige letters :D. I use the BRAVE viewer with some pretty tight blocking settings. I also use DARK READER to change the background of webpages (works well on most of SL pages -- not so much on some others but in GENERAL really good (for me anyway). Dark Reader works on Chrome based browsers. You can make the background whatever shade you want (like b
  10. Not answering the question, just wanted to say that I LIKE most of the changes
  11. Stand in the house that you have. Look at the LAND tab and choose "Abandon". Then you can try and find one you like better. You can try five times a day.
  12. Sorry but not an Universal problem. I had a GREAT day with a mix of inworld, event and Marketplace. Way above what I would have expected (I refreshed the screen twice :D). Sometimes there are just days when no one buys things. Likely it will work itself out but doesn't seem to be anything other than randomness.
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