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  1. Please keep in mind -- and I am saying this because you truly appear to be new to virtual worlds -- that asking for people to be of a certain age, sex, ethnicity and location really means nothing. Some people are very up front and honest about who they are in real (we call it corporeal) life and others are not. "I" for example could be an eighty year old male atheist living in the farm belt of Ohio (nothing against any of those choices just trying to make a point LOL) OR I used to say I could be the vice president of the US (that was long ago and I don't say that any more). We
  2. LOL . Yep. I admit that I added "ivory" so that was my bad. One thing I thought was QUITE weird is that "firebrick" (an original 2010 color) and (fired brick" -- one that I added because we were missing a rusty brown) had almost identical names and were VERY different. FOR ME the plums and browns seem to blend together a lot but I guess I found some clothing that differentiated them a bit more than the color swatches. I didn't want to through out the whole list of course. There were five VERY close oranges and some blue greens that were very close. Luna's bac
  3. ... and that seems to be the overall theme these days, sadly. I am going to take a break of sorts and let things settle and maybe eventually we will know the story ^^.
  4. Here is the color chart with the colors for the year. "Black" isn't mentioned but is the background
  5. Hard to believe but this hair is almost a decade old
  6. I don't look at my traffic numbers all that often but the last two days they are WAY above normal. Normal is around 700 and they have been 1400 to 1700. When I was doing my Advent calendar they were 4000 ish but that was explained. I don't see a lot of people on the sim. There could be visitor at night of course, but wondering if the new owners may have decided to tweak the traffic numbers for whatever reason. Is this just ME or are others noticing the same thing?
  7. A new week and a new color. I am heading off to R and R time. This week's color is not a favorite of mine -- but it might be for you. I did however have a great time on my photo shoot, so that counts and I got to use a scarf I really like that has been languishing in my closet for awhile. So all good. We are back in purple territory this week with MAUVE. Mauve is less saturated (more gray) than Patriarch, our first color and less red. I actually have quite a few things in this tone, but I won my jumpsuit on a lucky board and marked it accordingly for when the time came LOL.
  8. OK this was just too funny NOT to post. Found it on the Main Store shop around (which no longer moves to scroll through listings, at least not for me) and it's cute too LOL. I have these colors done, but you guys might want to check it out. Anyway -- SOMEONE is watching (so funny).
  9. I never heard that they were banned. There were still some (no money but trees and set up) the last I looked. Wolfhaven (?) was the last to have active trees I believe. They were also active in Inworldz several years ago. I just checked and only found one place advertising money trees. There were none there that I could find and the place was vintage to say the least. I can't see why they would be against the TOS. They are not gambling. They are actually gifts. But of course you have to find a TREE unless you have and old one. That would actually be something nice to have back on the g
  10. I came in to say just what LittleMe said. While today is a holiday (Martin Luther King Jr Day) in the US -- it has been very obvious for some time now that we are in "slow mo" so far as TPTB. Now maybe something is going on somewhere but we aren't seeing it and often have to wave fists and shout to get attention. This is NOT UNUSUAL when companies change hands and can last for a few months or more. So settle back and be glad that the server issues are better (I haven't crashed but once in a few days and that was just a plan log out crash not a reboot crash -- so majorly better
  11. Chic Aeon

    Drapes - Tips

    PS. It is probably time that I retire from the MESH forum since I am definitely "outdated" in oh so many ways now (with no plans to change). It is important to know what you know. It is more important to know what you don't know.
  12. It is sad but as snow melts so do snow sims disappear. It has been wonderful here this winter with many nice folks in the community and of course a tremendously generous hostess. I will be sad to say good-bye.
  13. So far as blogging goes I would like to suggest that Blogspot is WAY easier to use for most folks (I didn't say "BETTER" JUST EASIER :D) than Wordpress. So try both out and see what works for you. AND I don't know if this is the rule any longer but I got my hand slapped and post removed a few years ago for posting an outside link to something "political" (I think mine was about climate change so not sure how political that is but you get the idea) so that's something that should be taken into account and perhaps verified when someone official has the time (not seeing much of that lately
  14. Chic Aeon

    Drapes - Tips

    Yes, made them long ago :D. And I was thinking the other day that using curves and extruding seemed like a "better" idea LOL. Imagine we could have done something like that long ago though not as fancy as this video. Since this isn't my interface (wink) and I am no longer making products I won't be experimenting but hopefully some creators will see this and make some great things using the new improvements. Thanks for adding!
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