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  1. Try and visit inVerse, their in world shop with demo rezz of houses: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Recouster/174/107/36 inVerse made many modern looking houses with huge window parts. I have the "PUERTO RICO", it was only 350 L$, removed all outdated the furniture and it was only around 90 prims then. Some houses, which partial meet your demands at inVerse: Coronado, Key West, Palo Alto, Cologny All houses are copy and mod, so you can remove parts, you do not like or turn say a swimming pool into something else.
  2. For intel based PC with NVidea GTX recommendations in 2020 - all will run Second Life fast and stable with high graphics with ALM enabled: Minimum iCore3, 16 GB RAM, GTX 1050 4 GB VRAM GPU, 512 GB SSD Recommend iCore5/iCore7, 16-32 GB RAM, GTX 1060/2060/3060(*) 6 GB/8GB VRAM GPU, 512 GB/1 TB SSD Gamer iCore7/iCore9, 16-32 GB RAM, GTX 1070/2070/3070 8+GB VRAM GPU, 1 TB SSD Professional iCore9, 32-64 GB RAM, GTX 1080/2080/3080 8+ GB VRAM, 1+ TB SSD For display on the laptop, go for a 144 MHz display, new gaming laptops have 144/266/300 MHz. E
  3. If you can provide system information (copy paste from Help->About), some of the experts on the SL VIewer will be able to help you better. What come to mind immediately without knowing anything about your system: Your problems you starting to encounter with latest update, could it be something like a corrupted cache? I would try and clear cache and see, if it solves your problems. Next easy fix is typical updating graphic drivers. Connection issues - high ping/bad connection. Typical with very high ping times, you will not be able to move and everything very slow.
  4. You can easy check for your self, enable ALM (Advanced Lighting Model)and check, how you look. Just adjust you skin, if it is to shiny. In Firestorm you enable/disable ALM in Preferences->Graphics->General, check box Advanced Lighting Model.
  5. OK, should we report it back as a JIRA? It would need to be very precise and point out the threshold values, where things get messed up. Illustration of the the problem as mentioned in my OP - on purpose I made my skin to shiny, as I noticed many avatars have. With high set glossiness and shininess, people will appear as on side 2 on the picture to residents, who have high graphics and ALM on. If they do not have ALM enabled, they see them self as perfect good looking as on side 1 and not understanding, what all the fuzz is about. For avatars the problem easy solved u
  6. OK, today at a pool party I asked one friendly, if he had ALM on and knew, how he looked. He did not - send him a picture and his reaction was: OMG, I look like a joke. Helped him with Preferences in Graphics and how to adjust his body HUD. So, in this case, an user who needed a little help. But still leaves the big question, why creators use those high shine settings/make product looking like that.
  7. @KjartanEno and @Lyssa Greymoon It is for the 3060, which will be the cheapest of the current GTX 30XX cards. Will they make something like the current cheapest GTX 1050 series, trying to make a <200 US$ 30XX GTX, I guess so. But the thing is, this should make the current line of GTX 10XX and 20XX GPU much cheaper. A GTX 1060 6GB is currently around 300 US$, I will not be surprised, if they drop to like 200 US$ or below rather quickly and then some good bargains can be made. Edit: As a Scandinavian, I obviously benefit from low US$ exchange rate.
  8. This one looks quite fun: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/LOVE-SLEDGE-HIRE-MULTI-REZZER-V2/16214034
  9. Search on Marketplace for cyberpunk reveals many good things!
  10. 12th of January 2021 it is expected NVidea will release new entry GPU. Among those a GTX 3060 with 6GB (and 12 GB) to around or just below 300 US$. A mobile version for OEM laptop manufacturers should also be official. The performance of the 30XX card are much better than previous generations and have ray trace etc. and more interesting prices nearly half compared with previous generations of a GPU with ray tracing etc. This should make previous generation 1060/2060 very cheap, as stocks have to be cleared out - so wait until middle of January 2021 before buying any GPU. GTX 106
  11. After one hour of fun snowball fight - the survivors got together for a group photo... but not until the last huge snow balls had rolled over the bridge and pushed people in all directions and some snow balls were shot direct close up 😄 SLURL: Winter Wonderland
  12. News Flash: Second Life, December 2020- Über shiny A year, which should have known as the year of cloud uplift is total overshadowed by a new trend in Second Life! Shiny flashy clothing and avatars – even wool sweaters or Scottish checkered skirts are shiny like latex. Avatar skin, makeup, lipstick, clothing – you name it – the new en vogue in Second Life is über shiny stuff. I noticed, it started with lipsticks and makeup and now spread to all kind of new creations. Taste is individual, but my God, it looks terrible, where is the FPD (Fashion Police Department), when neede
  13. Logarithmic functions are used in general with statistics, economics, social science etc, where you want a trend to increase, but have diminishing returns. Using base 10 logarithm is a handy way to calculate the factor and is used general in game design. Combined with shield, health etc, quite advanced combat mechanics can be made simple, in LSL with the function llLog10().
  14. A seasonal greeting from "The North Pole", region: Seasons Of Love Christmas Special
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