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  1. Rachel1206

    Help needed with llSay script

    You need a counter controlling what to be handled, where the counter increases with each touch. Something like this: list myList=["A","B","C","Etc."]; integer nCounter; default { state_entry() { nCounter= 0; } touch_start(integer total_number) { integer n= llGetListLength( myList ); llSay( 0, "We proudly presents :" + llList2String( myList, nCounter)); nCounter++; if (nCounter>=n) nCounter= 0; } } Remember a list is zero based, that is first entry is 0, second is 1 etc. Based on the simplicity of above, you can really make quite advanced things, combined with strided lists, categories are easy handled and used.
  2. Rachel1206

    How does your avatar look today ?

    🌺 🌻🌼🌷Happy birthday 🌞🍽️🍷
  3. Please, keeps us updated on findings, outcome of this Fionalein.
  4. But it is the number of neural network connection determining how things are seen as for example colors - once it was believed the human eyes had upper limit of colors able to been seen - modern research argument for infinite numbers, where the critical factor is the ability to distinguish thresholds (delta-values).
  5. Rachel1206

    Texture Change After Paid

    For a serious script handling payments, ask in the sub fora Inworld Employment and it sounds more you are looking for a scripter to do a job. Alternative show us, what you scripted so far, texture change based on timer after payment easy, it is the correct handling of payment critical here and I am a little cautious here, as handling say items for sale for 10,000 L$ is quite different than say a1L$ tip jar.
  6. Rachel1206

    Need new computer.. thoughts on this one?

    Go for a machine with at least 4 GB memory on the graphic card, you really need 2 GB VRAM (the memory on the graphic card) in SL and must have room for running other applications using the graphics - for example modern web browsers are using a lot of resources. With 4 GB VRAM you will be happy the next 3-4 years - with 2 GB i am afraid you will sorry within in the near future. The Geforce 1050/1050ti 4 GB is a excellent entry graphic card. The CPU iCore 7 excellent - even a new modern iCore 5 would do and is cheaper. That said, everything faster always better.
  7. Rachel1206

    Group Invitation by clicking on Object

    The easy way: llSay( 0, "Click this link: secondlife:///app/group/GROUP_KEY/about \n"); Where you find the key value of GROUP_KEY by view info on a given group. More advanced example can be studied on the wiki // group join inviter Documentation on API can be found here: World API The above example looks like based on experience, hence to popup box seen.
  8. Rachel1206

    Dialog / listener problem

    Be sure your key value is valid the whole llDialog session. Pseudo example: key ID; // Global variable ID = llDetectedKey(0); llListen( integer channel, string name, key ID, string msg ); llDialog( key ID, string message, list buttons, integer channel );
  9. Try this: NVidea Control Panel 3D Settings->Manage 3D Settings->Program Settings Add Firestorm Then set the following, leave rest as they are CUDA GPU: All Power Management Mode: Prefer maximum power Tripple Buffering: On Firestorm: Draw distance: 240 Hardware Settings->Antialiasing: 8x or 16x Check that Viewer Texture Memory Buffer is max that is 2048 I have a Geforce 1060 6 GB ( CPU iCore7 ) and uses a 1920x1080 resolution monitor - with ALM on in high graphic settings - I get 70-100 FPS, with ultra graphics settings 34-44 FPS depending on surroundings/avatars around. In my sky box 3400 meters up home alone I get 175-188 FPS. Lowering graphic quality 210-220 FPS.
  10. I also wonder, my home - all cached ( and graphic card 1060 6 GB ), some days log in and several objects grayed out . As I have asked somewhere else here, I wonder if SL got more sensitive to high ping times. [ Lately problems manifesting them self last months: CAM view lost /not kicking in on sit and on SIM crossings; boats got slower sailing with sails; script delays/slow functions ]
  11. Just want to ask, if anyone else experience this problem: Often I have to sit several times in a vehicle before CAM view kicks in correct - this happening independent if stand alone SIM or being on mainland. On SIM crossings the CAM view "jumps out" and is fixed/locked like looking into the sky - on next crossing it gets back to normal, on next crossing fault again - etc. This has never been an issue for me before. Living in northern Europe ping time as reported by FS is from 178-210 ms, I wonder, if SL lately got more sensitive to higher ping time?
  12. Rachel1206

    Server issues?

    Just to tell, you are not alone on that one - as Love Zhaoying says, a solution is to a make a new script and replace the not working one - sometimes you even have to replace the prime in which the script is found. Now this can be pain, if say prims depend on it, but only solution. Occasionally I experience for example UUID sounds or a UUID texture does not work, no matter what I do, like reset script et. To me it looks like more some asset fault than server issues.
  13. Rachel1206

    llFrand. Randomness

    A quite good random generator can be found on the Wiki: Pseudo-random Number Generator
  14. Rachel1206

    Problem with CHANGED_INVENTORY

    Look up llOwnerSay(); messages only send to owner of the object, here you self. Use llSay( 0, "Change 1") etc to let anyone see the messages.