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  1. Giver items with Menu

    Sound life you are using a dialog box, if so the max number of characters allowed is 24 and only the first 12 letters displayed in the dialog menus. Simple solution, shorten you item names to 24 characters, using for example llGetSubString() Alternative find inspiration in Roolig's Dialog Choices from Numbered Buttons - where you use a notecard to assign numbers to entries.
  2. Media controls

    It set the face 1 on the linked prim link1 to display the URL Check out llSetLinkMedia
  3. Permission Sharing

    You must request permissions before calling llTeleportAgent(); run_time_permissions(integer perm) { if(PERMISSION_TELEPORT & perm) { llTeleportAgent(teleportee, "", <13.0, 38.0, 23.5>, <13.0, 12.0, 23.5>); } } teleportee = llDetectedKey(0); llRequestPermissions(teleportee, PERMISSION_TELEPORT);
  4. police light but only owner can click :(

    The Single Prim Emergency Light & Siren system in question is rather old and the scripts NO MOD. The solution is to use the ACS Emergency Driver HUD, where a driver wears this. If you vehicle is mod and ACS based you can place the ACS Emergency Driver HUD in the root prim of the car, reboot car. Now any driver can request the HUD by clicking the vehicle, select Options->Advanced->Give HUD. Alternative give the ACS Emergency Driver HUD to the persons as part of the RP. I made some Dutch police vehicles for RP with the above solution and it worked without problems. You are welcome to contact me, if you need help in world.
  5. how far away is the SL sun

    If you live in Europe or South America remember Friday the 27th of July 2018 - very long Blood Moon and Mars hanging clear and visible at same time, will be a spectacular sight. See The Spectacle of a Blood Moon and Mars: the total lunar eclipse of July 27th/28th 2018
  6. Avatar name changes re: scripted objects

    This should be written in stone! Always use UUID and key values. Repeat - always use UUID and key values. To the user you show say the avatars display name, the script engine behind based on the UUID. The new script functions llName2Key and llRequestUserKey are your friends there.
  7. Animations

    You do not add/wear animations, you open them and play them in world. A dance HUD and like you add/wear, the HUD contains the animation and plays them for you. Some HUDs allow you to add animations, easy and convenient way to control animations. Hope this helps you to enjoy your new animations.
  8. Locking old dead threads feature request.

    Ohh and someone will provide the Mostek's 4116 based computer for you to program the new platform
  9. 1100 euro (there about) with iCore7 and 1050TI - amazing.
  10. Are Linden Bears Still a Thing?

    Now the mention of the Patch Linden bear made me think that our own handsome Patch also could model for another figure...
  11. is it possible to have 2 timer in a script

    But, but, but - would it not be a true statement in some quantum possibility condition...
  12. the huds are all broken !!!

    One thing I noticed, the broken HUD problem only occurs on newer HUDs, like my VISTA NARA AO, Maitreya Mesh Body HUD, never with for example the basic VISTA one. I had never seen any problems with the older advanced AKEYO AO HUD nor the old ACS Classic DRIVER HUD. So it makes me wonder, if the fault could be found in a change how the new HUDs are scripted? Further a better backup procedure is really needed, requesting a redelivery solves the problem with a none-working HUD, but OMG you have set everything up again – and if you use customized skin colors, shapes etc it is not a trivial task to get everything back.
  13. Forums - Backspace Issue

    Thank you Whirly for reference. This must be one of the most stupid "improvements", breaking UI default behavior. Many years ago IBM. Microsoft and Apple agreed on default behavior, it would a disaster, if young new programmers try to reinvent the wheel again!
  14. Unphantom Script

    All scripts have some impact and you can examine the script with script info, this tells you how much memory and ms of CPU time consumed. If it is below 0.001 ms and only uses minimal memory ( for example 64 Kb ) the impact is minimal IMHO. Now if the phantom change is only once after the skybox is rezzed, you could remove the script with a call to llRemoveInventory(llGetScriptName()); More advanced is to change states of scripts within a multi-linked object, idea is to turn them off/on on request or remote load scripts needed, this thought would still leave one script handling the on/off request.
  15. Car Script

    You need to add the function llSitTarget(), do this in state_entry() function, for example: state_entry() { llSetSitText( sit_message ); llSitTarget( <0.0, 0.0, 1.0>, ZERO_ROTATION ); .... You adjust the height of the drive pose by setting the Z-value, so change 1.0 to what fits you best best. The car script is a little old, but gives you good basics on how to write a vehicle script and you are able to make a basic functional driving car with it.