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  1. I do care about my complexity, the picture shows one of my most complex appearances; 37 of 38 slots used, complexity 98,339. I have high-lighted, what parts add to the complexity, in this case the jewellery and the base Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1 and LeLutka Bento Head. Given all the parts I'm wearing, this is a quite remarkable low complexity thanks to good mesh designs by the creators of the different parts. I have some older burlesque dance outfit, where feathers and head piece sky rocket me to like 248K complexity. A naked Lara with LeLutka Bento Head and DeLa hair is 21k complexity. I wish more ppl would give attention to their complexity , especial crowded places like Fogbound Blues or shopping events - often it is caused by old hair, jewels, shoes and updating to modern mesh looks better and normal lower complexity by a huge factor. My own max complexity in Firestorm is 254,655 - and I normally de-render ppl over this threshold. Be a good Second Life citizen - keep your complexity below 300K 😃 and the lower the better 👍
  2. Sadly, to my knowledge, unless the HUD is modify, you need a redeliver of the original HUDs in question. If the HUD is modify, edit it -> select content->Reset Scripts. Notice, this could have side effects, but mostly solve the problem without any issues.
  3. FYI: iCore 7, 3.6 Ghz, GeForce 1060 6 GB - AA set 16 gives best performance, as I have written elsewhere, it looks like the new NVidea drivers for the 10X0-020X0 cards are coded optimizing with AA set to 16
  4. It is like real life - move around (bicycle, bike/car) and you get to know the roads around. Getting lost? See it as a great way to see homes and points of interest around.
  5. We want something like Elon Musk "The Boring Highspeed Tunnels" although kind of monorail... 🏃‍♂️🚝
  6. Was out bicycling and looking around and saw this - a wonder the pilot survived - and I wonder, what do you offer an unexpected guest like that?
  7. No, no, no Whirly - it is real 👻😄
  8. The question my dear, can we get out again? 😂
  9. I think, they are updating something - give it a few minutes, ehhmmm few hours.... I wish though, they would inform with a broadcast or with update information here.
  10. I experienced the same last time i dropped scripts from my inventory into an object from another project , had to do both - Recompile Scripts Mono and Set Scripts to Running.
  11. FYI. Now you do not mention, why you need a script in each section, but if it is to position, change textures/light/color etc llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast() is your friend here. You only need one script in the root prim. Something like this: Determine number for prims with llGetNumberOfPrims() Use a for-loop to change: llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(LINK_SET, [ PRIM_LINK_TARGET, i, PRIM_POSITION, position ])
  12. It does work - but if you like me have sound cache enabled and check-marked Don't delete unpacked DSF ( I'm using FS), we hardly notice the difference under normal circumstances. And other factors like delayed script execution or slow download from asset server are more likely to cause delays in sounds.
  13. Try and use llPreloadSound( UUID ) to minimize any sound delays, even more important if you want to change the running sounds given for example the surface. Notice, llTriggerSound() will not stop llPlaySound() - I assume this is intentional. Also the simple usage of the boolean delay, I would store a variable like integer nState and then depending on the value of nState do the different llSetTimerEvent()
  14. The book above as seen on ground in The Linden Village would explain the fluctuations and unpredictable behavior in regard to sim/region crossings and TP, EEP side effects! More serious: I suspect some latency server side could be the reason behind all the troubles, we experience. And higher ping times to the simulation servers make the troubles worse. As European I typical have 172-220 ms ping time on fiber to Tuscon, AZ ( 16 ms to my IP), compared to US friends, who tell my their ping time is like 90 ms or less and experience less troubles with crossings. But I had no problems normally before and drove, sailed mainland - clocked 1,000+ miles on mainland in vehicles even with high LI and heavy scripts loads and did for example just for fun Bay City with 160+ MPH. I really hope, they will be able to iron out what is causing the problems, we have - all though sim/region crossings got better, we are still far from, how it was earlier *sigh*. At least LL acknowledge the problem and takes it serious.
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