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  1. Is is an old IT jargon from the early days of cognitive science and artificial intelligence: Hardware - Software - Wetware. Where wetware refers to the human brain.
  2. To my knowledge you cannot read content of nested objects (objects with objects), the object has to be rezzed i order to examine its content with LSL. The must easy way to make setup of you advanced sign post is to use notecard setup together with the landmarks, textures etc for each. Most simple by telling the users, they must provide in groups of same numbers. If no NC or no present, define a token or string to represent this. Your end user just drag LM, textures etc into the sign post and update the NC accordingly. Simple example: [LM] The Rain Forrest [texture] 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 [nc] Welcome To The Rain Forrest [present] Umbrella
  3. Evidence the Corona virus was invented by women: NFL – cancelled Formel 1 – cancelled Bars – Closed Brothels – Closed You have to stay at home – with the wife!
  4. First welcome back to SL. Things evolve and improve and SL has got much better, but it does not have to be hard or complicated. Amy above is based on the free Linden Lab Avatar - from main menu, pick Choose an avatar. Her clothing is all in folder Clothing->Amy. I added a scarf, replaced her shoes and hair. Below her, my normal full BOM mesh avatar look. Give the free avatars provided by Linden Lab a go and check the Clothing folder. An unique look can be made by combining clothing parts from the different free base avatars. Then later, when you got a hang on it, you can explore the more advanced things like full mesh BOM avatar.
  5. What Alwin means is, try set your draw distance to 240 or 128 meters. With 1024 meters you load all textures in regions within that range, including your neighbors 900 1024x1024 pictures of cats! If your computer has a SSD disk, be sure the cache is placed on that disk. Although the cache is quite clever made, it often help to clear the texture cache. You do not need to clear the whole cache, but only the folder named texturecache, which contains all textures in cache. Exit Firestorm, find the texturecache, delete it, restart Firestorm.
  6. If your computer has onboard graphics, be sure your AMD RX55 is used, look at Help->About Firestorm. If this is the case: My previous laptop had a GForce 630M 2GB, where its graphic memory did not get detected correct. I solved the problem by using the following command line to Firestorm: --set TextureMemory 2048 You must edit the link in Windows, which default is "C:\Program Files\Firestorm-Releasex64\Firestorm-releasex64.exe" --set InstallLanguage en I do not know, if this still works, as I have not used the old laptop for years now.
  7. FYI Drune-Whitechapel is back, now as a full region - "Drune is a series of sims in Second Life with a cyberpunk feel, inspired by films like Blade Runner, The Fifth Element, Neuromancer, and Altered Carbon. Several versions of Drune have existed before, including a few from different fictional time periods."
  8. Yes Waterfalls of Dreams is an amazing place.
  9. The rays you see above as light propagation, made artificial to mimic the optical effects of the head lamp glass and dust/fog in in the air.
  10. Older widget based large scripts (COPY, TRANSFER, NO MOD) solutions as found on MP often: use script injection into prims for functionality taking over touch based operations, enforcing usage of scripts in prims to change user input Clearly those solutions should be updated, especial if a large consumer base. Fact remains, they are in wide use and most often by ppl, who are not programmers, but looking for widgets helping them accomplish their work. I would also argue that the clever llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast functions by no means are easy to use for a person with no programming background. Hence ppl revert back to the easier scripting functions, where the price is extra scripts in prims.
  11. Has any else noticed this: llSetLinkTextureAnim behaves a little different compared to llSetTextureAnim, at least I observed this on making light ray casts, where I chose to reverse back to llSetTextureAnim with extra scripts in prims in order to get best moving light ray casts.
  12. I made something like that, have put it on MP as free: ALM/Materials Sign
  13. Bizarre Lost And Found - when I logged in today and changed back to, what I previous had worn. I have not done any region crossings or had TP failures. Luckily easy to restore and place the items in their proper inventory folders again and none was NO COPY. But occurrences like this, make me nervous and wonder, what happened and why.
  14. Is it mainland driving or other drive sims except the mentioned above? I am in Scandinavia and I get "rubber-band effect" with ping times around following values: >=240+ ms (light), >=360+ms (severe), >=500+ms (serious), >=800+ms (you cannot even walk!). To me it sounds like, you get high ping spikes, which could be your IP or your network/connection. If you have high bandwidth in your viewer, have you tried to lower maximum bandwidth to 550? My connection is fiber 300 Mps up/down, 6 ms ping/IP and ping SIM reported by Firestorm is normally 168-174 ms.
  15. Have you checked the page LlPushObject/Havok4Implementation, it is pseudo code, but looks quite clever "attenuate the impulse by distances that are beyond some threshold". And the @exit... I would avoid jumps, but script with a boolean: integer bDoIt= TRUE; while (bDoIt) { vector avatar = llList2Vector(llGetObjectDetails(target, [OBJECT_POS]), 0); vector direction = gravity_center - avatar; // Vector TOWARD the center. if (llVecMag(direction) > escape_range) bDoIt= FALSE; // Exit condition! if (bDoIt) { } }
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