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  1. Love the huge Galaxy ship and in the lobby from western side docking, there is a nice guide to the ship: SS Galaxy Ship Directory Map Now, no one should TP direct to the ship! Sail to it from for example Kuga with rezz area, enjoy the view of the amazing liner as you sail to and around it. And crank up draw distance to max to enjoy the view to the east of Bellisseria.
  2. To me, it looks like an armchair decision - I wonder, if there have been made any sensitivity analysis. And next step for many costly transactions in SL between people, would be to pay a creator/services/scripting jobs direct avoiding the L$ exchange. As I wrote earlier, I predict, it will be changed in the near future, as LL will see a decline in revenues on L$ transactions.
  3. Assuming you do not change physics based on controls, I would examine the values of VEHICLE_LINEAR_FRICTION_TIMESCALE. Without seeing the script on how you operate the vehicle, it is hard to pinpoint exactly, what causes it, but vehicle parameters settings effect each other.
  4. 7.5% fee sounds a little high, transaction fees are normally like 3%, when buying with a credit card or doing online transactions. I wish LL had used this model for their transaction fee. I pay for a homestead rental around 72 US$ a month and just find it annoying that on future quarterly payments, I have to pay fee of 9.99 US$ direct to LL for "nothing". Don't get me wrong, I am premium member and pay my membership with joy supporting SL/LL. I wonder what calculation models are behind the fee change, my prediction is, and they will adjust it down rather quick. Why? Because l
  5. That sounds like rather high temperatures with a Max-Q, I am running an ASUS Strix gaming laptop with a 1060 and normally get around 55-70c on the GPU (CPU 55-76c) when running SL in high graphics, 240 meters, ALM enabled. Could it be someting as simple as dust in your laptop or some obstacles nearby preventing proper airflow? Meassurements as reported by CPUID HWMOnitor.
  6. Have you tried to make your feet smaller? Right click on your self, select Appearance->Edit Shape, the tab Legs. If the above does not help and you selected the correct foot shape for the shoes, I am afraid not much to do, unless the shoes are modify. Always try a demo, before buying anything, especial when shoes, clothing of any kind.
  7. Yes, all that is obvious for anyone working professional with Windows and programming for many years. Anyway I push the limits and I know, what I am doing (mostly) and always keeping an eye on VRAM usage and temperature. And no, I do not have my C# deveopler enviroment open, processing video encoding, working in Blender and GIMP or using the memory hog Chrome with 100 open tabs... - when in SL. What I like, is precise numbers and why 2 GB free VRAM on a 6 GB VRAM GPU is not enough. Surely a GPU with 8/10 GB VRAM would be better. I have no problems getting excellent F
  8. Thanks for feedback, I got the number from Windows Task Manager on GPU usage and Hardware Monitor from CPUID. I am fully aware other programs also use VRAM, normally I just run SL with Firestorm and nothing else, but from time to opening e-mail to check/answer, use Firefox to view Flickr or Youtube vidoes while in world. Load reported with Task Manager is around 18-24% on GPU and usage of 1.9-2.0 GB VRAM (right now Firestorm running, Firefox showing forum here, Flickr page and a Youtube video running). Should I do video recording, work in say GIMP with 4K images etc, I manually lower
  9. And currently 360 Hz on world fastest gaming monitor from ASUS, this currently only with full HD (1920 x 1080 with 360 Hz) due to limitation on display port or HDMI. Next generation display port and HDMI should make higher Hz possible in 1440p and 4K resulotions.
  10. So explain and teach me, why it is bad to set the Viewer Texture Memory Buffer to 4 GB, when I got a GPU with dedicated 6 GB VRAM. Normal the dedicated VRAM usage (system + viewer) for me at home etc. is like 1.8 GB, high trafic clubs places like 3.2 GB. In Firestorm the popup help tells: "The minimum amount of memory to allocate for textures. This will make sure the specified amount will always be used for textures. even if it exceed the amount of avaible video memory.... " How does usage of a 4 GB texture memory buffer exceed my GPU VRAM?
  11. One thing I noticed with late updates of Firestorm since May, a general fall of the high FPS on default/low graphics compared to before, but a stable good FPS when graphics in Ultra with all the whistles and bangs on in even busy complex regions/clubs. And this is good. Others who noticed the same? Further, high complex mesh avatars with lot of high resolution textures always had and will have major impact on performance, but I observed a decrease in viewer performance if 25+ avatars in a region, where this impact was less before. Lowering numbers of non-impostors does help, but not
  12. @rasterscan Good follow up reading and explaining: LSL 101/Global vs Local Variables "It is preferable to use local variables instead of global variables any time a value doesn't need to be retained once the event handler completes. (The reserving and un-reserving of local variables happens so efficiently that it is not a significant contribution to the work the sim server has to perform.) "
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