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  1. Rachel1206

    Second life with a GTX 1080 card?

    In the NVidia GeForce control panel: 3D Settings->Manage 3D Settings->Program Settings Find Firestorm, add - if it is not found in the list of Program Settings Power management mode: Prefer maximum performance
  2. Rachel1206

    Second life with a GTX 1080 card?

    Set antialiasing to 8, this increases the performance of the 10X0 graphic cards! The NVidia drivers seem optimized for this value. In full ultra you should easy get 44+ FPS flying 250+ meters height, in high setting 100+ FPS. Ground level or low height another story, but again you should get 44+ FPS in high setting without problems. Airports with high activity and many ppl will decrease FPS as mentioned earlier, but still easy 24+ FPS. Be sure to have the latest updated drivers from NVidia installed. Remember to use the NVidea GeForce control panel and set FS to use the card and with full power usage.
  3. Rachel1206

    Second life with a GTX 1080 card?

    It is my understanding the VRAM is limited as follows: GPU 1GB = up to 768MB GPU 2GB = up to 1024MB GPU 4GB+ = up to 2048MB So the maximum Viewer Texture Memory Buffer with a 1080 8GB VRAM will be 2048MB. And with the latest updates by LL there clearly has been a change, where this has a huge impact, when there is a lot of avatars and textures in view. Visiting say a place like Fogbound Blues with nearly anybody there, gives high FPS and no problems, as soon ppl starts to enter the FPS will drop and VRAM Usage starts to increase fast. Clearly this is something which must addressed by LL and handled different/improved. Your options currently are lowering draw distance and set number of imposters to a lower value to say 8, 4 from the default value of 16 in FireStorm (not sure what default is in the official viewer). The 1080 will overall perform better and faster as long VRAM usage is low, but else no difference compared to older cards.
  4. Rachel1206

    bubble gum script :: rezzed version ::

    Every 5th second the timer is called. The for-loop scales the bubblegum, making it bigger. Position of the bubblegum is moved upwards. When the for-loop has finished, the bubble gum is scaled to zero, a sound is emitted. Process repeats it self every 5th seconds. Bug/missing in example: Remember to store initial bubblegum position and restore it, else the bubblegum will move over the head with time! Happy chewing 😄
  5. Rachel1206

    Messed up Mesh

    Well that is excellent ping time, so we can rule that out.
  6. Rachel1206

    Messed up Mesh

    What is your ping time? And does the mesh stay corrupted? My ping as reported in the Statistics Bar is normally from 178 ms to 224 ms - if over 268ms problems like slow mesh rezzing etc occur. Lately I would say, the general performance of SL has declined and is more sensitive to ping time.
  7. Rachel1206

    SL Keeps Killing My Computer's Internet Connection

    I have experienced the same - FS sometimes disabling my wireless or USB mouse - this ONLY happens when using FS... A weird glitch in combination with system, drivers and software... I suspect the NVidea drivers causing it.
  8. Rachel1206

    Is it just me or is second life slow today?

    I would say the decreased performance has been going on for 1-1½ months and got worse last weeks and most noticeable on textures but also rezz of objects and delays on scripts.
  9. OK, here is how you get one from any old KB.... 😂 First create an ALT Upload your old keyboard as KB Add KB to your ALT Type Alt+A+Alt+L+Alt+T+/1 GR Be sure to you do the above correct, else you just end with Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  10. Rachel1206

    Closeness enabled SIT, and only clicking ONE prim

    To examine if the avatar is within range, something along this when handling touching: key id = llDetectedKey(0); list details = llGetObjectDetails(id, ([ OBJECT_POS)])); You then compare the position of the avatar and the position of the sitting object in question. Ohh, facepalm, you wrote: " I know how to script *TOUCH* restrictions by testing distance to avatar "... well for others, who may be looking for a solution.
  11. Using Firestorm. Be observant when detaching an item from your body/screen - instead of having an attached HUD in focus, I once had the mouse pointing to my shop and did not notice... whole shop gone ending out of the to us known Second Life universe - nothing in trash or lost and found - just gone 😮 Luckily I could rezz a backup of my shop from my inventory.
  12. Rachel1206

    llTargetOmega... what is client-side?

    As Madelaine wrote (owner with full perm rights) and good design ensuring easy testing, debugging of animated objects, when script developing something.
  13. Rachel1206

    Upgrade from GTX 560 ti

    The GeForce GTX 1050 Ti with 4 GB memory good alternative, when you can afford it. It is newer and this entry level card has performance as the former high end card 960 from 2015. Best in full HD ( 1920x1080, resolution ) higher resolutions will make its performance go down, and it will only handle latest high end games good in lower quality settings. But for SecondLive it will perform very well even with high end quality graphics settings in full HD. The SSD Samsung 860 EVO Series MZ-76E500B 500GB is a good drive, 5 years warranty and reliable. Only con is, if the SSD drive is nearly full, its performance will go down, but still faster than a old type HD.
  14. Rachel1206

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Another good ski lift nearby at Voss - next to the info hub. More alpine like and fun downhill in mouse look on either ski, sledge or rubber-ring 😄
  15. Rachel1206


    Living In A Box ?