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  1. What should I upgrade for secondlife

    Have you tweaked the settings with the NVidea Control Panel? You graphic card with high quality setting and for example 240 meters draw distance should easy do 60+ FPS in sims as for example Waterhead
  2. Quite amazing - been driving mainland Sansara this week without any problems regarding SIM crossings - for example vehicles with high script counts, high impact: 23 scripts, 1327 KB memory, 0.531863 ms, 41 prims/LI 26 33 scripts, 1838 KB memory, 0.198204 ms 75 prims/LI 46. Great praise for Linden Lab team for improving SIM crossings in general
  3. llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast & PRIM_TEXTURE

    Ohh, face palm, thank you - was driving me crazy, not able to find the bug.
  4. I am getting this script error message: llSetPrimitiveParams error running rule #2: unknown rule. The code is a below, worked without problems, then suddenly the error message above - I have tried to replace the texture name llList2String(digits, value) with the UUID of a texture - same error... I cannot see, what causes the error, I'm blind to the bug... llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast( LINK_THIS, [ PRIM_TEXTURE, 4, llList2String(digits, value), // List of UUID textures <1.0, 1.0, 0.0>, ZERO_VECTOR, 0,0 ]);
  5. Help needed , Please

    To get the display name of an avatar: string strName= llGetDisplayName(llDetectedKey(0)); Now it is an bad idea to use display name in an objects name field, because display names can contain characters outside valid range of an objects name field and description field. Username though is ok llGetUsername() If you want to use display names, use for example llSetText( strName, <1.0, 1.0, 1.0>, 1.0);
  6. [solved] Trigonometry help needed

    I would use llDetectedTouchST() to get the coordinates (X,Y) and use the formula cosv= vector(A) x vector(B)/length(A)*length(B) to find the angle. To my knowledge there is no easy way to do it - unless there are some handy LSL functions
  7. I'm a bit stumped.

    Yes, you understood it correct texture to be displayed product description price of item The script is original from a book, often copies floating around the internet/web sites miss something or the content is broken, because information found in the original book/article is omitted. In the dataserver part use this to bypass the remark lines of the note card: if (llSubStringIndex(data, "//")==-1) notecardList += [data];
  8. Rotation around two axises

    To follow up on Rolig's excellent explanation - some thoughts: Quaternions is to overcome the limitations of a vector based system - basically quaternions makes smooth interpolating between two arbitrary points easier. If we only used vector based operations in say a script, we would need very complex and time consuming calculations to establish the matrix of the objects position(s). See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quaternions_and_spatial_rotation And yes - very few humans - find it essay to to make quaternions - we do though something similar automatic and with nearly with no delay, with our movements and body parts positioning, even using tools with our hands at same time - and talking and maybe drinking coffee also - all smooth in real time with right positions and movements. The computer though - and games mechanics in particular - need another approach (quaternions) and this conflicts with our natural understanding of orientation in 3D real world, hence making it hard to understand and use.
  9. Retrieve Group Name - With HTML Cleanup

    I know, it could be an endless list on the parsing, but more characters from ISO-8859-1 in code range 160-191( for example &acute ), would catch most Western letters and display text correct in SL.
  10. changing object description of inventory object

    Use llSetObjectDesc() - notice the limitations of length and characters to be used and the object has to be rezzed, so a giver must send a message to the object in question, when it rezz it.
  11. Yes, experienced it in Bay City with different vehicles -. same crossings, several drives; no problem - slow or fast - then suddenly at same crossing one gets unseated and vehicle disappears without a trace and it is not returned back to lost and found.
  12. Is there a way to ignore a specific parameter?

    You use black as color, which could be on purpose(?) - but else white <1.0, 1.0, 1.0> ensures the texture can been seen and does not effect coloring of the given texture. Creative use of colors though can enhance the shine effects.
  13. S

  14. Rezzing Object without Rez Object in Contents

    That is interesting. Have you checked, if there is a hidden object? Then the above object would use something like llRegionSay() to the hidden object.
  15. Maitreya body HUD missing

    OK, you can right click and select edit of Maitreya Mesh Body HUD V4.1 in your inventory. It looks like the rotation is wrong, try this numbers before getting a redelivery: Rotation: <0.00000, 270.00000, 270.00000> Position: <0.58981, -0.30068, 0.86731>