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How does your avatar look today ?


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17 hours ago, Kotelle said:

of course. I am not sure if this was only my impression or it was a real change but I felt like the faces became kind of more heavy and wide, especially when it comes to the jaw line and chin and it was quite hard to modify. I used the same shape and skin for Simone and Cate up to 3.0 and then 3.3 and somehow it felt too different. I tried to switch to other heads - especially that I had some saved settings and shapes for them, just in case I wanted a new one - and they also looked a little differently, heavier and wider. 

Gosh I'm so glad to hear someone else say this.

My main head was Simone for years. I like to use lots of others but my default was Simone. The update? Something was clearly different and I too could not figure out exactly what but suddenly my face looked younger, not as refined and sophisticated as it had before. 

I was incredibly disappointed. Wound up buying Piper which I'm happy with and I've gotten used to the new Simone but miss the previous appearance. 

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This is definitely some kind of karate pose, and it really shows off these soldiers/ robot legs. Re: these legs....  I love how old school tech they are, yet look so very feminine and sexy...

my typical schedule/mode would be onto the next look by now, but I just wanted to keep wearing these l legs... is this wrong!???? So for real, I’m moving on, but wanted to highlight them for this last series picture.


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4 hours ago, Panteleeva said:

i done too much pics with new shape. and i thinks..legs are too long or it s just because of  heels?😒

   They do look slightly on the longer side, but both the pose being unnaturally straight and the camera angle coming in slightly from below in the third picture enhances it, as do the heels. On the middle picture I don't think it looks bad.

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5 hours ago, Panteleeva said:

i done too much pics with new shape. and i thinks..legs are too long or it s just because of  heels?



That's why I avoid platform heels, sneakers, or boots (no matter how many beautiful buckles and spikes there are...) like the plague. Even though my avatar is short, her legs all of a sudden are not and I end up tweaking my shape instead of taking off the platforms like a normal person. Since you asked, they do look a bit too long - but it could also, as I said, be because of the platforms.

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6 minutes ago, Zeta Vandyke said:

This helps a lot if you like to make more realistic proportions:

   The 'thing' with those charts though, they aren't universally true - I mean, sure, those are common, realistic proportions - but there's a pretty huge variation in human ratios. My art teacher in high school pointed this out when discussing anatomy with us, and had our woodworking teacher come up to the art room; both were tall men, around 195 cm each, and looking at them separate you didn't 'notice' anything out of the ordinary about them. Then they stood next to each other, with their backs towards us - my art teacher's posterior was  a good 25-30 cm higher up than my woodworking teacher's, despite both of them being almost exactly as tall as the other. 

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15 minutes ago, Orwar said:

   The 'thing' with those charts though, they aren't universally true

Well its more about porportions. Theres tall and short, big and skinny and whatever in between people. But you said yourself on above photo her legs looked somewhat too long. Thats what these charts are usefull for.

To not have t-rex arms and such.

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7 hours ago, Panteleeva said:

legs are too long or it s just because of  heels

Rez a prim, make it phantom and 50% transparent. (I color mine red.) Drag it INTO your Avi so she's standing inside it, line the bottom up with her heels (not the shoes! ) and stretch the top up to the groin. Copy that prim (press shift and drag the vertical movement arrow up to duplicate the red prim). Color the new one blue and position it so the bottom just meets the top of the red one. If the too isn't near the top of your head, you're legs are too long. 


Human proportions vary. The woman with the world's longest legs is 205cm tall; her legs are 132cm long. But for the average person, legs should be APPROXIMATELY half your total height. (Wingspan, from fingertip to fingertip,  should be approximately equal to your total height.) There's wiggle room for those who prefer longer legs, though. 


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8 hours ago, Panteleeva said:

legs are too long or it s just because of  heels?

Bit of a poor Photoshop job (cut me some slack; I'm off work sick :P), but this is why your legs appear to be much longer than they are:


Inside the yellow box is how tall your avatar actually is, from the top of your scalp to the base of your heels. If your feet were flat, that is what you would look like. Cover up the red box with your hand, and you'll get an idea of how proportionate you actually are like that.

Everything inside the red box is the height being added to your avatar by the fact that you're on tiptoes (high heels) as well as the platforms of the shoes themselves. The red bracket inside the red box is the same size as the red bracket inside the yellow box, and from that you can see that the tiptoes and platforms are adding almost the full length of your shin onto your avatar height.

In short: it's just the shoes :) (Plus, in that shot at least - as Orwar said - the angle of the shot is making you look even taller, since your camera is around mid-thigh-to-knee height and looking up.)

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12 hours ago, Scylla Rhiadra said:

Um . . . do you need some help?

Thank you Scylla for your offer... no, these stone guys took me to their castle 🏰. Let’s just say, it was interesting :S... lol! A struggle ensued and I easily got away :)

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Everyone has always said that Scylla was the one with the good looks in our family . . .

Well, ok. Mainly it was Scylla who said that . . .

I decided to give the free "Juliet" mesh body and head from Altamura a try, and . . . wow. I really like it.

It seems to be very responsive to sliders, and I like the overall look a lot. The HUD is a bit clunky (although maybe I'm just not used to it), but the alpha slices are much more fine and precise than on Scylla's Slink body. There are likely going to be some problems finding fitmesh clothes, but apparently standard Maitreya and Physique works not badly.

This is a quick and dirty pic of my first edit on her shape, with [TheSkinnery] "Celine" skin. Much tweaking left to do, but I think this is going to work very well. I think I have a bit of a Charlotte Rampling thing happening here . . .

Oh, and dearest Scylla?



New Laskya Pt 1 Blank.png

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