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How does your avatar look today ?


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34 minutes ago, BettyBamBamBoo said:

so sorry for the delayed response! Winter Moon is the name of the sim and i know nothing about lighting yet, lol, just a real beauty of a sim. thank you :)

No apology necessary! Thanks for the response!

And thanks for the information about the sim: I'll have to check it out. It has a very distinctive look, which is why I asked about the Windlight.

(I know enough about Windlight to change it to a preset when I want to. And I fiddle with the settings in a sort of amateurish way, but I don't know nearly enough about how to really use it properly. Maybe that's something we need to explore here!)

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On 1/1/2019 at 1:33 PM, TechDave said:

Yes, panorama style... sorry I don't know terms. Tho I understand LL created that Places page to display panorama for viewing in 2d (out-of-world). I've seen a few on there, but not been able to get back to them.     http://places.secondlife.com  

It appears they are attempting to 'integrate' land auctions into that page, as well.

Yes, Land auctions are there (and works).

So the "360" photo is a spherical. It requires a Project Viewer, and right now it's a mess. LOL 

First of all: it's the same thing a QuickTime VR from the '90s (did my research on this) - and unlike QuickTime VR it requires a "server" app just to view them. The SL Places option has that "server" app built in. However, the steps to put a 360 onto a places page is now broken: Apparently, according Knowledgebase, etc.: The Viewer would create a ZIP file of the images used to create the Spherical image, then you go to a special Places page to upload that zip file, and the 360 would overlay on top of the "Hero" image of the Places Page.

However, the viewer now just saves a flattened JPG image, and so it's "just another JPG image" - and no way to upload it as a spherical onto a Places page. Basically: the viewer devs and web devs are out of sync right now.

ANYWAYS: Here is what the spherical look like when NOT using a proper method to look at it:


In the Project viewer (and any proper app to view them) you see a square-shaped image, then click and drag to turn your "head" to look all around; a VR view without a headset.

Edit to add: thanks for reminding me about Places pages, too. I had meant to set my own up for my place, and this experiment has caused me to do it. For anyone unaware of SL Places Pages, here's mine: https://places.secondlife.com/parcels/105642/damnsim-cross (Note that to set one up for your own parcel or region that it DOES require your parcel or region to be in search: that little "Show in search" checkbox that costs L$30 per week.)

Edit to tag @Grumpity Linden and @Alexa Linden because (as I've learned) they are in charge of this stuffs!  (At least sorta) LOL

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So I spent all the money i wanted to spend today doing the Trinity outfit, and then I posted the picture to Flickr, opened Flickr to get to code to post it here, and saw a picture of this dress that is at the Dazzle event, I went there almost hoping it would be outrageously priced and I could justify not spending any more money. Obviously that didn't happen.



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On 3rd January Insol store had two gifts for Genus heads (I don't know for how long they will be available). No group needed.

Skin: Mary (has 7 tones in the applier)
Lipstick: Merry X-mas lipstick gift (has 8 different colours in the applier)

I'm wearing them on Genus "Baby Face" head here:

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48 minutes ago, WhiteDrifter said:

First time playing with photography in sl, I love all the shadows some of you manage to get into your images ! I will keep practicing!

   Welcome to the world of SL photography. To see shadows in-world and to get them into your picture, you need to have Advanced Lighting Model active. You can also control which lights generate shadows; Sun/Moon means that only the sun (in your Windlight setting) will cast shadows, Projectors are lights that cast directional lighting (as opposed to point lights, that cast light in all directions and can not generate shadows).
   Alternatively, you can hand-shade your picture in an editing program, but unless you're very ambitious about it, it might not be the first editing process you want to master (personally I regard that, along with drawing hair, to be some of the trickier of the 'usual' editing processes; but it depends on what equipment you have and your experience with drawing).

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