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  1. Had a vacation in warmer climates back to the reality of Scotland lol
  2. I don’t post process mine. I upload to Flickr, maybe crop sometimes. Mostly wind lights which takes more time than the pose sometimes.
  3. Actually that happens when you don’t wear the shape that comes with the head. I did that too first time I got mesh head.
  4. Rhiannon Hi, It was at The Looking Glass.
  5. Ty I did not know that so I deleted my account have a new one now so back to forums hugs
  6. Ty I will post again . The person is blocked . I just love the people here who don’t judge . Ty
  7. Thanks you have no idea after the nasty comments and not from you guys how much this means .
  8. Ty going to think about , here on forums everyone is so nice I have no idea why someone would be so nasty and I will post again when I can . Ty I am glad for forum support. The one who was putting me down, his partner has amazing pics on SL which are awesome he just has a Rl hatred for me which I have no control over apart from blocking everything which I have done.
  9. Thanks been so confused last few days been stupidly upset and tearful at some points took me a lot to delete my Flickr as bad lol as it may have been. But like Ty for the support I appreciate it.
  10. Thank you so much it’s kinda silly how these things can upset your RL have always enjoyed the people on here am kinda upset with myself because I allowed this person to upset me . Ty
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