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  1. Was at the Dickens project so clothes seemed appropriate.
  2. The mind boggles as to what exactly you were doing last night, on second thoughts maybe not .........
  3. Thanks for taking my picture nice to meet new people on my wandering around.
  4. I have no recollection of buying probably a huge percentage of my inventory may explain why I keep buying more sighs
  5. I had a 6 year SL relationship talked on voice every day and he just disappeared , had emailed me every night to say goodnight then nothing. Am very wary now .
  6. I'm actually feeling left out now lol. Maybe its something about my profile or my avi but nobody even says hello or hi or anything else to me these days. Back in the day when I was not so 'old' in SL terms I did get hit a lot but I am a big girl and I don't get upset too much perhaps because I work in a mainly men dominated industry which fair to say does not tolerate men or women 'behaving badly'. Away from the topic it could be where I hangout which to be fair I don't do much, I more or less just talk to friends on the forum but if I do go to somewhere like Fogbound or Muddy's because I like to listen to music now and then its rare for anyone to actually talk to me except for people who are friends. I am actually guilty of saying Hi to friends didn't think that was a bad thing must rethink it. Anyway its my take I think most people are generally good and nice and respond I have had some not so nice encounters but hey we get that in RL too. Hope you are all having a good day.
  7. Always like your posts this is beautiful :))
  8. I'm sad tonight thinking of someone who meant a lot to me this is for him. Every time I think of you I always catch my breath And I'm still standing here And you're miles away And I'm wondering why you left And there's a storm that's raging Through my frozen heart tonight I hear your name in certain circles And it always makes me smile I spend my time Thinking about you And it's almost driving me wild And that's my heart that's breaking Down this long distance line tonight
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