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  1. To all the haters all you need to do is look at the beginning of this thread and look at it now, I really don't give a flying **** about the likes what I do or did care about was the spirit the thread was created in and the person who created it. She wrote a few lines as to what it was about, the few people who totally disregarded it maybe should have posted in a different forum if they didn't like what she asked to abide by but being the type of people they are it obviously did not apply to them. Sorry if this offended some of you, it wasn't meant to , its not the quality of the pic
  2. Yes just what you would expect from another alt
  3. Im not posting any more in this thread because the people who used to post here and it was so welcoming just dont exist anymore, The whole thing has gone to absolutely nothing. People here who say they are friends drop you so easily. Used to love posting but omg its got to the stage where its like like who you know and thats so wrong, But that SL for you , like it or leave it for me its just ignore the people who hate you and dont like your pics because they dont like you, and yes there is a lot of that. But keep on liking really not good shots not sure if it gets likes and that means someth
  4. For some reason some of the forum topics won’t come up on my iPad now, I just get a blank screen.
  5. @Cindy Evanier thank goodness I was about to throw my iPad out the window as I was getting that message I couldn’t understand why it was suddenly not working.
  6. appropriate thread to air grievances.of any type. a yes an again you know it all omg
  7. Hey you managed to get the guys pics to stop so am sure I will do too congratus
  8. oh really well yes Scylla of course what you say is what we have to do
  9. Or not I mean really? do I think your opinions matter to me that will be no
  10. yes and sure you are a long time contributor so I need to pay attention to you yes of course
  11. And you have been here so long to tell me anything?
  12. @Bagnu I have been here long enough to know what friendship is and that is not throwing your friends under the bus ok?
  13. well you can just not say anything you have not been here long enough to judge
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