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  1. omg i thought you said necro butt😆
  2. once i found tech forum and don t paid attention,that last posts was May 2005,so i replied to a couple of threads:P AND MANY people was surprised to see notifications in their emails,lol and forum became alive for 1 day)
  3. i see their bento head in the future, but for designer kit of this head you will need to pay 10.000 L,,head will be 15.000 maybe and designers will need to sell their soul .
  4. my avi is more cute version of rl me
  5. Catwa Makeup ~ Kaldorei and the eyes Catwa & Omega Eyes ~ Soulless
  6. When group allows to post MM or lucky letters and it all became a crazy mess,like 506 persons type same letters )
  7. my alt @Panteleeva2looked like 2006 old fashion avi even in 2012 and nothing changes since then. But this avi reminds me of my very first days and how i learned all the things about sl ,and i made a pic with my alt which shows then& now, like my past hugs me and says if i survived from stress and dark times 7 years ago,i can do that now too,even if things seems harder than these many years ago
  8. Anomalies have 1 day promo outfit today,white bright swimsuit inly for Maitreya(with heels). 45L Anomalies inworld
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