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  1. Halloween +Highlighter set gift from Cosmetize(in group notices).
  2. The last time it happends,when one guy zoomed into me and tried to say what I should wear,lol.told my boss and this guy was banned from land(I don't own land ,just have my own home spot with rez rights). In fact I can only ban from group,but left it for my sl boss in case of this 'friendly stalker'. Hope everything will be fixed.
  3. One person saw my name in Genus group and asked about anything new for catwa at makeup store (where i work).And then i saw her at store, later she told me that she see me. [05:28] friendly stalker: Hello again, I recently saw your messages about genus head. anything for Catwa? smiles [05:29] me: hello.in genus group i talked about classic avatar skins on mesh heads.) if you ask about Booty s beauty any new reelase, we are still have no updates)) [05:29] ] friendly stalker: Im there now and thanks for answer, well Im catwa user [05:29] ] friendly stalker : I thought it was kinda promo and I asked. I think you work in here [05:30] ] friendly stalker : I can see you now standing [05:30] me: how you can see me? [05:31] ] friendly stalker : sends gyazo pic of naked me. [05:31] ] friendly stalker : you dont want others see you? [05:31] ] friendly stalker : its about camera preferences [05:32] me: i m at my home, and no one zoomed into me before [05:32 ] friendly stalker : smiles and I just did that one time, Ill not disturb you [05:32] ] friendly stalker : I saw your name here [05:33] me : you don t had any rights to make pic of naked me [05:33 ] friendly stalker : sure [05:33] ] friendly stalker : I dont need anybodys pic she says it s sl cam settings.but can t explain which ones. so in my view it s not good, but person in the end said that maybe i m in the bad mood and she done friendly thing..But i can t be happy when person gyazo me naked,grrrr!
  4. essence still have their gifts for genus,lelutka and catwa. fatpack of face appliers)) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Essences/86/114/22
  5. BOM try and Halloween outfit at home)) (sorry for not the best quality). Xyla (vampire starter avatar). skin on my face +metal eyeshadow BOM layer
  6. My name is regular Russian surname ,and when I joined sl I was deeply in love with dude from my college ,his surname was Panteleev:) once I told him about my feelings,but he reacted in a very angry way,so at first I called myself Panteleeva because of him. But now I don't associate this name with him.I know,too long story just about sl name😁😁
  7. just mute. and no settings from no IMs from no payment people
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