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  1. New releases for Lelutka Evolution *Booty's Beauty* Inworld *Booty's Beauty* [Lelutka Evolution] Daybreak HD Eyeshadow *Booty's Beauty* [Lelutka Evolution] Nox HD Eyeshadow *Booty's Beauty* [Lelutka Evolution] Mattitude HD Lips
  2. these are glam affair new releases.i use Becca for example. in my view moods are "too heavy" i took a pic with my 2 favs,but i forgot which ones it was,lol
  3. Today is a last day for suggestions. so shortly after that winners will be announced
  4. *Booty's Beauty* [OMEGA & BOM] Flirtation Lips
  5. found lipstick from 2015 which was made for classic avatar and LoudMouth )on Erin it looks like regular BOM lipstick
  6. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i love hud option when i just open my mouth,lol
  7. sorry,it s not just a makeup,i checked HUD settings and saw that i activated "young" effect with hud,and it shows specularity(like in Genus HUD Oily skin effect)
  8. thank you )it s just the makeup from Lelutka hud. )
  9. Erin with Glam Affair BOM skin with HD makeup and without makeup))
  10. *Booty's Beauty* [Catwa & BOM] Darkside Makeup Set
  11. i really thought you can t make anyhting awkward with mesh body)
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