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  1. yep Bluff Knoll was just released. still plenty available as of this minute.
  2. caught and released two traditionals. one of Learmont one on Glibson
  3. Two houseboat abandons floating around right now. One on Seerow one on Marijava.
  4. Just rolled twice and caught one in Quitmann and now one in Dahm Strait. Love the silly name and didn't realize this little island out east even existed. I feel like even time I peek at the map there is new land Edited to say most of the campers around this island plot are unclaimed. Looks like some are sand plots on the island beach that are still being worked on. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Saltmarsh/107/130/29
  5. While you are correct that many aspects of it are driven by the sex realm, I do not believe it will be wholly consumed by it.
  6. Yes, yes I do. Thank god good genes are still on my side.
  7. I am a little late to the party but my two cents is that since I can't escape politics in RL I just ignore them altogether in SL
  8. It is a simple square prim that I slapped on a Linden Homes texture to. Specifically, I used: LH - Trailer Texture Pack 1 v.10 >> LH - Floor - wood herringbone light wood
  9. After cycling through all types of homes, I have found myself back in a camper for the cozy factor. I threw this design together tonight and wanted to share the idea on how to utilize the small space in a way that provides space separation without sacrificing the open floor plan feel. I have turned the little patio into a dining nook and going to use the back room as a bedroom or art space.
  10. I love the campers the most. I love how small and cozy they are, and I enjoy the ambient noise they have.
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