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  1. Where the heck did YOU come from?

    Way long ago I started out with RuneScape. Anyone remember that one? Haha. I also played other various games like The Sims, Maplestory, Gaia Online, etc. My final stop before SL was IMVU. It just wasn't enough for me and I was always searching for something that had more freedom. And here I am today
  2. Would you live in a fancy hotel focused on RP?

    Would love to see this project come to life! Keep us updated on the progress
  3. Whats your avatars eyecolour?

    I currently use a medium shade brown color.
  4. Hidden message

    *lurks and watches for an answer*
  5. What makes you reject a hair style?

    Style-wise, I find that I tend to gravitate towards hairstyles that I would also rock in RL
  6. Vampires!

    I do not think it is worth getting too flustered over the vampire-world that exists within SL. It is merely all roleplay based and therefore, as Syo mentioned, doesn't actually do anything to your avatar or gaming experience. Even if some of the new players mistakenly accept the bite; the only way this would really change anything for them is if they then chose to buy the HUD and partake in the vampirism. Worst case, anyone can always close the action box and completely ignore them and avoid it all.
  7. Confusing SL and RL

    I hit the dance floor thinking I'll bust out a move like my avatar can P.S. I often wish I could camera-zoom into people's houses in RL like I do in SL I'm just curious to see how they decorate!
  8. Any vegans around?

    What is the difference between an 'ethical vegan' and just being a vegan? Not trying to troll, just genuinely curious as I haven't heard the term before.
  9. Need Help! (For baby avi)

    Hello! There are several child bodies available, but I think the most popular one for babies/toddlers is the ToodleDoo body. I found a very helpful how-to blog to help get you started in this blog here if you want to give that a whirl.
  10. Looking for Literate Modern Day RP Permitting Nekos

    Educational. I always learn a thing or two in the forum community
  11. How does your avatar look today ?

    Playing with lighting at the beach
  12. Second Life 2018 Community Trailer

    Just saw this. Great work!
  13. Looking for a female partner! :3

    Making people wrestle the truth out of you isn't exactly being upfront and honest ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. How much LI/Prim do you use ?

    I typically use close to 75-250Ll per room. On average I rent around 1400 prims for myself on an empty lot to decorate a modest one bedroom home. (This includes the Ll of the house and landscaping). I tend to use a lot of prims because I like the look of a cluttered space versus empty space.
  15. How does your avatar look today ?

    Playing around at the beach