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  1. Got to say hello at the headquarters for my first time
  2. Finished with the front of the house/yard for now. Now time to move on to the porch decor and the back!
  3. Me trying to drive and then the region-crossing lag hits out of nowhere
  4. I've done something similar before. I gave some small amounts to new players at the hubs and whatnot, and donated the rest to learning centers/places that offer free services to tutor users inworld.
  5. I had a partner in RL once who was into this. I had no clue what it was and he had to explain it to me. It was an interesting experience to say the least, I had no idea it was a fetish for people I just thought he didn't know how to budget at first lol
  6. I live a block away from that person. It does look quite peculiar..
  7. There are over 6 pages of people asking this very question over and over, it would be to your benefit to take a peek at any one of them. At this time none are available but new ones come up every week. Straight from the Second Life Official Wiki: Go to Linden Home registration and login with your Second Life account and password. View the six themed communities and home options within each theme. Name your home. Click Next. Read the Terms and Conditions (the Covenant) and check the box agreeing to them. Click Accept. Review your Linden Home information on the confirmation page. Click Go to your Home or use the SLurl provided.
  8. Releasing a houseboat on Shamtul right now happy to see someone else enjoy it
  9. I am always jealous of people who have partners that also play SL mine have never even heard of it, nor have most of my friends
  10. It’s definitely one of the smallest check boxes that I have seen, even with a quick draw hand it was hard to click on it quickly
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