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  1. Animesh Beta testing is HERE!!

    I think this is a very exciting concept
  2. Rental Prices -- Through the Roof? :D

    As a SL hoarder, I don't think I could even decorate a bathroom for that little of space!
  3. It's so easy to fix

    This thread is a trainwreck
  4. Unusual Reviews on MP

    From a personal standpoint as a consumer, I definitely feel far more confident in a purchase if I see that there is active support available. I find it helpful for the merchant to leave a comment because it can often alleviate any doubts by proving that there was simply a miscommunication with that specific buyer and not an actual issue with the product.
  5. Adult Female looking to join a family

    Where is that darn delete/edit function when you need it? *sigh* **(This post has been resurrected from over a year ago. It is no longer relevant.)
  6. Name of Avatar/Skin

    It looks like the Lelutka Chloe bento mesh head.
  7. Where can I find an applier for Catwa

    It looks to be the skin called "Cheyenne" by L'Etre. Currently, it is not available in-store or online along with many of the other older skins due to an ongoing legal dispute.
  8. Most Fond Memory

    What is your most fond memory, or moment, you've experienced in SL so far? I was feeling inspired today when exploring different regions and wanted to hear about what wild (or even mild) experiences other's have had.
  9. Celie292 Resident

    It sounds like you are only attaching/detaching the applier HUDs. You need to open up your control HUD for your body and clear your clothing layers (usually categorized along the line of clothes, undies, tattoos). It should clear your applied clothing. If you need more specific instructions, edit your post to include which body you use, so that someone can let you know step by step instructions.
  10. Goddess Alessa looking for paypigs only!!

    It can definitely work in RL, but considering how small of a niche it is, I don't know how well it translates into SL.
  11. No rule about exclusivity with a 'daddy'. It's whatever terms you work out. Some desire it, some don't.
  12. Curvy Mesh Body

    In order to get large curves like that, you are probably going to need to get a mesh body with the additional attachments of a bum and breasts. There are several options listed on the marketplace. Make sure that they are either omega or tango compatible.
  13. My Ice Castle

    I think that is a great project you have going there! I love the ambition of making it large scale. Impressive! You should keep up the good work and continue exercising your creativity.
  14. -Closed-

    Hi there, I am interested in purchasing your sim. I have sent you messages on the other platforms as well, hope to hear from you.
  15. how to you make profile groups private?

    Group visibility in your profile By default, others can see the groups to which you belong in your profile. To hide a group so that it does not appear in your profile: Choose Communicate > Groups or right-click on yourself and choose My Groups. Click the group you want to hide Click Group Profile. Deselect Show in my profile. Click Save. Here is a link as well if you need a visual aid: https://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Joining-and-participating-in-groups/ta-p/700117