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  1. I don't think you should worry about it. It is probably as something as simple as they like your designs/style but are careful about spending maybe?
  2. I really like the brand goldsquare for gentle or still AOs. They come full pre-made.
  3. "No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth" - Plato
  4. I've tried to get friends into it but it never appealed to them. I wish!
  5. I am not into politics in SL, as I try to escape it enough in the real world, but let me pose a hypothetical question... If someone were to create a fake political sign with a fake name, but it mimicked the likeness of a real sign, does that still count as a violation?
  6. Beach Camper created with a color scheme and simplicity in mind. (w/ over 50 prims to spare)
  7. Just checked the land page. There was a houseboat and a victorian available
  8. Just caught 4 houseboats in a row in different spots. Now not seeing any Belli homes
  9. Only seeing cabins at this time for those who are wondering
  10. A very simple but nice bathroom. Only 18 prims.
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