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  1. How much LI/Prim do you use ?

    I typically use close to 75-250Ll per room. On average I rent around 1400 prims for myself on an empty lot to decorate a modest one bedroom home. (This includes the Ll of the house and landscaping). I tend to use a lot of prims because I like the look of a cluttered space versus empty space.
  2. How does your avatar look today ?

    Playing around at the beach
  3. How does your avatar look today ?

    Exploring a small Italian town
  4. IS THIS ***** EVEN JUSTIFIED!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No, from what we have heard, it does not sound justified nor does anyone necessarily deserve such treatment. Like others have said, best thing to do would be to ignore her and try to stay away. Try not to let her ruffle your feathers too much.
  5. So I guess....

    Just stopped by to check out the destination. It is always good to find hidden gems on the mainland. Thanks for sharing WuShin!
  6. Upscale Communities

    I recently discovered a community based off of Boca Raton. It rocks the modern beach-side luxury home style. Have a look https://bocacommunitysl.wixsite.com/boca
  7. how to make friends

    Talk to her and try to convey your thoughts/feelings clearly. Tell her straight up. If she wants to work things out, she will. If not, no reason to keep at it. It would be time to saddle up on another journey.
  8. How to be a Model in a SL Magazine?

    Alternatively, if you don't quite have the time to start up your own blog or brush up your photography skills, you could try to network with other bloggers/photographers and have them photograph you. Then you can use that collection of shots to send to the folks running these magazines and try to get your name/face out there. Don't let rejections slow you down. Try and try again. Good social skills can take you a long way
  9. Violence in Second Life

    Whatever happened to good old field studies? Why not go in World and actually "conduct research"? Asking the forums seems quite lazy
  10. Animesh Beta testing is HERE!!

    I think this is a very exciting concept
  11. Rental Prices -- Through the Roof? :D

    As a SL hoarder, I don't think I could even decorate a bathroom for that little of space!
  12. It's so easy to fix

    This thread is a trainwreck
  13. Unusual Reviews on MP

    From a personal standpoint as a consumer, I definitely feel far more confident in a purchase if I see that there is active support available. I find it helpful for the merchant to leave a comment because it can often alleviate any doubts by proving that there was simply a miscommunication with that specific buyer and not an actual issue with the product.
  14. Adult Female looking to join a family

    Where is that darn delete/edit function when you need it? *sigh* **(This post has been resurrected from over a year ago. It is no longer relevant.)
  15. Name of Avatar/Skin

    It looks like the Lelutka Chloe bento mesh head.