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  1. I get where you’re coming from in defense of being talked about on the forum, but I do not understand how this statement correlates to the situation. The amount of money one has put in does not necessarily define their character.
  2. As an average user who doesn’t have much technical knowledge, this would be helpful to know.
  3. Alright, this is a little bit of a derail but I am genuinely curious why it is that the scripts load faster on mainland?
  4. I just enjoy being openly welcomed to peep into other people’s homes rather than me silently camera panning to admire
  5. I second that! I feel like hunting for special pieces of decor is half the fun
  6. I think it would be worth filing a ticket or possibly asking one of the Moles to see if the undesired items can be removed.
  7. I wonder what the average amount of time is that people spend refreshing (in one sitting) before they get lucky.
  8. The post we didn't know we needed hahaha. But it is good to know I could write a novella if so inclined.
  9. You must first abandon your land/current home if you own one. Then you can go to your online dashboard to request another. All of the new homes and houseboats have been sold out. If you want one of the new ones, be persistent and refresh the webpage constantly. If someone abandons one of the homes, there is a small chance you might have a chance to grab it. There is no guarantee though.
  10. Wouldn't that defeat the purpose of a close-knit community if it were that heavily spread out?
  11. I feel like that is a pretty fair point, and should definitely be made clearer to new members and included as a walk-through step when signing up to upgrade.
  12. I do not care about avatar appearance, -- as long as it is not offensive/inappropriate to the general public. I enjoy when people take time to customize of course, whether mesh or not because it's fun to see their imagination but starter avatars eventually get the hang of it and change over time. Most of my friendships start in chat so I don't know anything about their looks, only the way they come across and what their profile says. If anything I judge from profiles since I read them so much in my free time.
  13. I agree this would be a much-appreciated option because I had run into that same issue
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