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  1. It’s definitely one of the smallest check boxes that I have seen, even with a quick draw hand it was hard to click on it quickly
  2. @WillowTenage Very helpful information! Thank you for that detailed post with the photos.
  3. I've tried created additions too and I find that despite using the linden provided texture packs, the colors still don't quite match up.
  4. I think that at least spacing and doing tiny releases is better. Seems like there are more homes being abandoned and churned back up into the system again. (like me, leaving houseboat to try for a traditional)
  5. Where are these white chairs from? I know I've seen them before!
  6. I am releasing a boat so it will be floating around out there soon
  7. None of the new linden homes are available at this time, they have been sold out but are anticipated to release more in the near future.
  8. I consider around the 30 prim mark appropriated for my houseboat. Leaves me enough room to customize without sacrificing.
  9. Seems like all that time would be better spent on f5 than trolling here.
  10. Did some redecorating lately to cut back on prims went for a new color scheme
  11. I have lots of ideas but I think I’d like to see charming European themed rolling hillside maisons.
  12. I get where you’re coming from in defense of being talked about on the forum, but I do not understand how this statement correlates to the situation. The amount of money one has put in does not necessarily define their character.
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