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  1. Can't stand when people don't limit noise to their parcel and I hear some rather awful songs/sound effects creeping into my space. (Yes, I know I can limit my own parcel sounds but I enjoy the ambience surrounding me.)
  2. Well I like the change to the color black. Not very opinionated about the color change of the hand.
  3. I guess I never thought about it from that perspective, that would make a lot of sense. The question is how much more effective do we think it is?
  4. Peeve: when my GPS doesn’t tell me to make the turn until after I’m already passing the street!! Like what does she want me to do at that point?
  5. I think I have seen that avatar in world. It looked perfectly fine to me, not scary in any sense. I just thought it was realistic vs cartoonish.
  6. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done the only way to receive some sort of support/refund going forward would be if she decided to change her mind.
  7. And that is a perfectly reasonable request to make, and exactly what the forums are for! Finding your niche.
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