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  1. MirandaBowers

    Half Human Half Vampire

    This was a rabbit hole of vampiric education I didn't even know I needed
  2. Hello everyone. I would consider myself rather passive when it comes to being annoyed by anyone inWorld, as I just tend to ignore them. It is VERY rare that anyone actually makes it onto my block list. I am curious about everyone else.. 1. How liberal are you with the block/mute feature? 2. What sort of offending action does someone have to do to make it onto your list?
  3. MirandaBowers

    Is SL's Player Base Declining?

    From my own personal experience, (and don't weigh it for more than a grain of salt), I feel like maybe the declining feeling comes from people choosing to hang out in private areas rather than public/group spaces?
  4. MirandaBowers

    Who is Governor Linden?

    This is useful information. I honestly had no idea
  5. MirandaBowers

    Where are all the black people...

    What about those of us that are mixed and half black? Does that count?
  6. MirandaBowers

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Beautifully detailed skin! Where is it from?
  7. MirandaBowers

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Oo I really like this one. It speaks to me.
  8. MirandaBowers

    Do You Miss Anything Purged from the MP?

    So far I don't think that I have really noticed anything within my personal scope missing from the MP. But then again I don't pay close attention or make good notes.
  9. MirandaBowers

    How does your avatar look today ?

    After becoming too lazy to redress myself after trying out many demos.. I just became a cat
  10. MirandaBowers

    Neighbor Bully

    It is from barnesworth anubis - monhegan tinyhouse.
  11. MirandaBowers

    deleted post

    ^Petition for Orwar to hold an official public roast, haha. His comebacks always leave me chuckling.
  12. MirandaBowers

    What do you all get on SL for?

    I use it as a creative outlet for myself. It's a great place for amateurs to learn and for dreamers to thrive.