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  1. Thank you Oz for the wonders you have helped create for us residents! Cheers to you and your retirement!! 🥂 I can’t wait to see what the future holds for everyone
  2. I don't voice or cam because I am usually multi-tasking while online, and would be muttering to myself as I went about my day. I do find it interesting to listen to random voice in public areas though... maybe that's just me being nosy
  3. I remember when I first got my mesh body it was when Maitreya and Belleza were about tied in popularity, but I ultimately went with Maitreya due to there being more clothing options available. Slowly but surely it became more common to see Maitreya exclusive items which is what drove me for specific outfits. What I am curious to know is how much of a pain in the arsenal is it to rig the same piece of clothing for 3+ bodies? Creators, can you shed some light on this?
  4. Huh, this opened my eyes to two new key pieces of information. 1. I was always under the assumption that they let locals on the same sim get first dibs on abandoned land. I would have to agree that it seems like it would be more fair to sell the land to someone directly asking for it before it hits auction. 2. While I have placed a few bids of my own, I agree that we should be able to add onto our previous bid at any point in time. I've run into the scenario where I bid on a piece of land, sleep on the idea overnight, and then wakeup to realize I want it more than I originally though
  5. It's not just you. I have been having issues for awhile too. Good to know what the root cause is though, as pointed out by others.
  6. I pay no mind to it since I get enough reminders from other companies to vote, but I can see how it would be overbearing and annoying to others.
  7. I find it more free and fun to just limit my knowledge of others to whatever they present in world. The only thing I really ask about RL is what part of the world they are from, and even then I am mainly asking just to know their time zone, I don't particularly care what the specific country is.
  8. There is a camper on Coyote Canyon floating around right now
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