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  1. Observing surfers in Bellisseria. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Treeowatoor/20/18/22
  2. Yes indeed, the naming of that "RL info tab" depends on the mode used.
  3. Firestorm viewer has both the Legacy profile and the Web profile. The first life section is named as: • In Legacy profile there is: 1st Life • In Web profile there is: Real World Profile Picture and Real World Biography
  4. Google Translate, from Japanese into English: "I like changing avatars, but I've found a head that suits me, so it's perfectly fine. With milky skin, all you have to do is look for hair and light makeup."
  5. Finally updated one of my long neglected alt. Head: Lelutka Lilly Skin: Nuve Lucy Body: LucyBody Atenea Hair: Sintiklia Angela (RAW image straight from the viewer - resized only.)
  6. For the Lelutka Ryn head ears the textures are: Just open the box and you can find the textures there.
  7. With the EvoX enabled heads there is no absolute need to use the EvoX mode at all. They all still have the standard Evo mode available. So you can still use all your earlier BOM skins, BOM hairbases, BOM makeups and BOM tattoos by switching to Evo mode in the HUD. All HD makeups work on both modes (Evo and EvoX) without any change. So there is no problem because all earlier content will work in the updated heads. Then why EvoX mode was implemented in addition to Evo mode? The EvoX mode UV map has larger texture area for the head compared to the Evo mode. So the EvoX head skin has a little bit more detail than Evo mode skin. Anyway the increase in the head face detail is rather small, you really need to zoom very close to the face to see any difference between EvoX and Evo skins.
  8. In the head HUD you can switch between Evo and EvoX modes. All Evo skins (BOM) will look perfect in Evo mode. (EvoX mode naturally will need skins specifically made for EvoX.)
  9. Lelutka Ryn head got updated to v3.1. Evo & EvoX modes are switchable in the HUD. The elf ears are included in the update pack - pretty nice ones with cute animations. 🙂 Lucy skin by Nuve - group gift. It has skin for both Evo and EvoX modes. Skin for the body is included too.
  10. It seems that in the light setting window you are using an image which has round white center and black outside the center? To get a solid rectangular one just use a blank image instead. To get rid of all ambient light use for the "Sky" --> "Phototools- No Light" setting. Then there will be only your local lights lighting the scene. PS. The ambient lighting does not come with Linden homes. The ambient light is a feature of EEP. And it can be turned off using the right EEP setting (as above said for example).
  11. @Charalyne Blackwood @Schatzi Timmerman There is no need for Ultra setting to be able to use projector lights. First just set "Quality and Speed" setting between "Low and Mid". Then enable one by one the settings: • Atmospheric shaders • Advanced Lighting Model •Shadows • Ambient Occlusion .. in the order as shown above. Now the projector lights is available in the build menu. Here is sample picture, Midnight just the local projector light on. Adjusting the ambiance setting changes how strong the shadow looks. Ambiance at zero, the shadow looks the darkest.
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