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  1. The default midday light is too harsh, light surfaces are washed out. Even light ground textures are washed out. Shadows look too dark. The clouds look totally flat and featureless. White cloud reflections on water look really weird - you can see this clearly when looking around at sea. Water is very transparent - too much so. HUDs on screen are too dark. Many issues still need fixing in EEP. It's not ready yet.
  2. Parcel privacy in SL is lacking some functionality. When you turn it on anybody outside the parcel cannot see avatars in the parcel. And avatars inside the parcel cannot see avatars outside the parcel even when those avatars are on public land. So it's kind of "sack on the head" on both sides. A cool solution would be that nobody outside the parcel would not see avatars inside the parcel, but avatars inside the parcel would see avatars outside normally. Even more cool solution would be if the avatar visibility could be set not only to the whole parcel but also to a specific area inside the parcel. Like for example only for the footprint area of the house. When in RL I'm inside the house nobody outside can see me. But when I go outside the house, still being in my parcel, everybody can see me and I can see them.
  3. I have lived in mainland, in old Linden home, and now in new Linden home. No security orbs in any of them nor ban lines. Nothing bad has ever happened (I guess I've been lucky). I like to keep my house open and I like also to see people outside my parcel. I might temporarily turn on invisibility on my parcel when trying on new clothes, skins, etc., that's all.
  4. Here are some snapshots from my houseboat. I made the deck extension (3 prims), a big hole in it for swimming area. Added some furnishing, lightings and plants. Ready. It's a bit crowded here but anyway I'm quite satisfied with the location, especially so because the open sea is not far away. (The houseboat is "Wallover" and the parcel is the square one 32 m x 32 m.) View towards west during sunset View towards west in the morning View towards north The open sea is just a short distance away
  5. Oh my, the houseboat interiors are huge! Gives plenty of possibilities to decorate them in various ways. Just starting a bit here. Hot cocoa and slice of cake served to celebrate the new place. 😃 😋
  6. Wow, that was FAST! So, anybody who got a house - KEEP IT, don't try to get better location!
  7. Well, the map shows that the new area region restarts are going on now. Maybe after they are finished we finally get lucky. 😃
  8. Soon the page will probably crash. Too many concurrent users... lol
  9. Me too, same error. Edit: And now few minutes later the Bellisseria selection does not come up.
  10. They haven't been even released yet.
  11. Avatar 1: Yay! Finally, this is my house. Woohoo....! Avatar 2: No, it's mine. Avatar 1: How come? I was here first, so it must be mine. You have to look for another house. Go away, hushh.... Avatar 2: Look, you need to reserve the house via web page. You just cannot grab a house by coming here first. Avatar 1: What web page? Nobody has said anything to me about a web page! Did I wait in the border for two bloody days for nothing? Avatar 2: Unfortunately that indeed is the case. So sorry for you. Avatar 1: (I do hope that everybody know how to get a house.)
  12. Makes me wonder... are there some who think that they might be able to get a house by rushing to the regions when the gates open? "I was here among the first ones and I didn't get my house!"
  13. No it's not possible to grab a house inworld. The only way to get a house is via the web page. (Maybe people at the borders are just excited to see the new houseboats in advance.)
  14. Yes, the new houses (when available) will be listed in the same page where the old ones are shown.
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