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  1. Yes! I'll start... I just noticed that I'm one of the victims of this unfortunate malfunction! Why me? Why ?(°.°)? 🤬 🥵 😵 😒
  2. The mini map I showed is from Firestorm viewer. There are many extra options accessible in it by right clicking the mini map; for example showing the terrain, and also some other helpful things.
  3. Some viewer's show more things in the mini map than some other viewers - for example the terrain.
  4. Yes, I keep the mini map almost always on. It's great when exploring places, sailing, driving a vehicle, flying helicopter, etc. I especially like the mini map in Firestorm viewer because it has some extra very useful features which LL's viewer does not have. For example parcel borders, which help you to navigate and stay out of private non Linden lands.
  5. My general impression was that most things what I saw in the Galaxy ship are still the original old historical ones. However I saw that some things are newer ones. For example the benches in the steam sauna are mesh. I have the same sauna benches in shorter version in my sauna on my parcel.
  6. Exploring SS Galaxy inside: Spa & Fitness center. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Galaxy FORWARD/120/165/25 Some things still have the old pose balls, but some things have already more modern animation/pose system; such as AVsitter, for example. (The Spa & Fitness center was clothing optional in the ship's original place. Due to the forum rules the avatar shown in the pictures wore a skirt.) 😉 General view Hot tub and massage Steam sauna And some fitness activities (Oh, the avatar does not belong to the scene, you need to bring your own.) 😁 😉
  7. During the short period, about one week, when I had Victorian house (The Verne) I noticed that the colours what I defined were always saved as Custom 0. And the colours were naturally totally mixed up when trying to re-apply them on some other wall. My alt was the owner of the parcel, but I (Coby) was the one always using the house. So I don't know how the custom colours would have worked with my alt doing the custom colours defining. Maybe there is something broken sometimes when a non-parcel owner does the colour defining?
  8. Oh no! It's perfect where it is now.
  9. Enjoying late afternoon at home in Bellisseria. 🙂
  10. In region Galaxy MID there is a dance floor near the swimming pool, there is music too and a clickable sphere in the air loaded with working dances. Yay! 😀 Region Galaxy AFT also has dance floor, music and working single and couple dances. PARTYY...!
  11. Yes, the huge three regions long Galaxy ship has been moved to new location. I went to look near the old location and the ship is not there anymore. Even the three regions of the old location are off now (the world map still showed the ship in the old location, but withing few days the world map will update too to show the actual fact). This region http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Scuttle/219/60/22 is the next region to the west from the old Galaxy AFT region. Galaxy ship in its new location can be seen from here (look towards west): http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hibiki/88/136/24 (at the time of writing the world map was not yet updated fully).
  12. That rotating and flickering 😵 light appears to be within the borders of the owner's parcel. Ok so far. But it can be seen from far away and is most likely highly annoying for anybody having parcel nearby. It's not particles, it's an actual object, so turning particles off in the viewer does not hide it. It can be de-rendered in some third party viewers. Linden Lab viewer does not have that option, so the users of that viewer cannot hide that distraction from their view. 🤷‍♀️ Is it violating the covenant or not I wonder?
  13. Avatars cannot swim without some aid. 😁 You need to wear a swim HUD. For example here's a free one: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/AT-Swimmer/5646038
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