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  1. It's Bandit Bambino. From here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dutch Harbor/81/103/21
  2. I'm using Firestorm viewer. Just using region's default Windlight, ALM (i.e. Advanced Lighting Model) on, shadows on, all water reflections on. That's it.
  3. Ok, this is my favourite. Loonetta sailboat.
  4. Rez the boat on land on your parcel. Hop on, start the engine, throttle up... ----> woosshh... 😃
  5. Me too. It makes the world to feel more interesting and dynamic as the lighting changes during the day cycle. I occasionally use specific Windlights when taking snapshots and/or when checking skins for example.
  6. There is even new vehicle rez zone in the region released today. Here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rothacker/17/155/23
  7. The blue pool float, named "Air Mattress" is from: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/H-Air-Mattress-FREE/1267595 And it's free, permissions mod/copy. Land impact 1 LI only..
  8. Enjoying the Evening Star houseboat. I think I will keep this setup now for some time without much changes. (Until my fingers start itching again for action. ) What I could and actually should do is to add more animations to various places. Lots of stuff already rezzed inside and outside. 20 LI still free (51 LI free if I delete the sail boat).
  9. Bellisseria continent, Pontoon region. Bellisseria has lots of beautiful places for taking snapshots.
  10. The particles have various shapes. They are select-able via the "Color_Assortment" drop down tab. For example the "Circle" looks pretty much the same as in the OP's picture. You must be walking, just like the OP, to see them properly.
  11. You might have had the "Enable selection beam" on in Firestorm preferences. When it's enabled then the particles will appear when editing objects. The particles emanate from the left hand. To disable the particles, just un-tick that option (I have shown that option with blue arrow in my picture below).
  12. There are total of four separate old Linden homes continents. I just checked from the map - all of them still have scattered green dots (i.e. avatars) there. Anyway, at any time of day it appears that there are a lot more unoccupied houses than occupied ones. (I had my earlier fully furnished home in Linden Homes - Old 3 continent's Orev region. I liked that home a lot, but surely I like Bellisseria home much more because of the nice landscaping of the continent.) Here's a closeup of Linden Homes - Old 1 continent: It looks like the Linden Homes - Old 1 continent is the biggest one. Others are just copies of it (not even including all regions from it).
  13. This needs clarification: 1. It says "all Second Life Residents will be asked to agree to the Tilia Terms of Service..." - will be asked - does it mean that it is actually compulsory to agree to continue to use Second Life? 2. If agreeing to the Tilia TOS is compulsory for all - even if you never use Tilia services - the question arises why agreement is needed for a service you never use? - if you require all to agree then surely you have reason - what is that reason?
  14. For me the least interesting things are the trailers. I like the traditional houses and the houseboats. And the most interesting thing for me is what will the next theme and other new themes be like.
  15. I have noticed that not even relog will be needed. Just walk to the not properly rezzed region and then region will refresh in the viewer. (Anyway, for me "walk there or fly there" method has worked every single time.)
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