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  1. Here's what I made with prims to the plain backside of Grand View house. Only the two stairs are mesh. Total of 22 objects, 11 Li (without furniture). I wanted access to the balcony form the swimming pool, and there there are stairs from ground to the level pool at both ends of the pool. If there is no pool it's easy to arrange stairs from either side of the house by extending the balcony as needed. Example here in my traditional house. I'm not intending to sell this one because the textures and the stairs are not are not my creations, and they are not full perm. Anyway, the idea is free to use. I'm sure those who make excellent mesh will be able to make something more beautiful. 🙂
  2. The small lake at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Axton/126/144/52 The landmark points to the rez-zone close to the lake shore. Small water vehicles and small land vehicles can be rezzed here.
  3. Garden work pretty much done now. Outside build done too. Kitchen inside the house is ready, bedroom is almost ready. I have no idea yet what to do with upstairs. 69 LI still available in the parcel for additional decorations/furnishing. Region is Axton.
  4. Water coming down in waterfall from a higher lake to a lower lake or the sea indeed is beautiful feature even in SL. But all of them have the different water levels glitch. The glitch is always there, when adjacent regions have different water levels. The glitch is even very easy to see (no need to look from underground). Here I'm standing near the log cabin bridge at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hooten Holler/15/66/35 near the border of http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tinwhistle/241/44/35 Zooming away from my avatar to see the waterfall. All is good so far. Then still standing on the same spot I see something interesting down. I lower my camera gradually to see better what's there. Then this happens at certain point when camera is lower (not anywhere near underground). But the scene looks like it's underwater scene. And it is exactly that. The camera is few meters lower that the lake surface is at Tinwhistle region and thus the glitch happens. To see the lower lake shore properly I need to step to the same region where the lower lake is (Tinwhistle). No more water glitch. I can also walk down there and there is not glitch. So it depends on the avatar's location and on the camera's location when we see the glitch and when not. I see this glitch often as I'm always eagerly camming around when exploring places. Well, we can avoid seeing the glitch by not camming like have I explained here. 😃
  5. Yes, I have seen the different water levels glitch in Sansara. Sometimes it shows, often it does not show. Whether it shows or not depend also on the avatar location and camera location in respect to the avatar. The high hills at coast line in the Bellisseria log house regions seem to be working pretty well in hiding the glitch. In normal viewing condition the glitch does not show. I flew long route via the coastline regions, no water glitch seen at all. Which is great. 🙂 However the glitch can be seen if you really are after seeing it. I made some tests and I noticed that when the avatar is many regions away from the coast line and then cams to the coastline the different water level glitch appears to view. The sea water level and the lake water level are seen at the same time. But it's indeed very rare to see the glitch in normal viewing.
  6. What was the reason to put the lakes water level at 50 meters? This is what I'm wondering. Now it's impossible to connect the lakes to the sea with navigable waterways. Which is kind of pity.
  7. There would be no water glitch if the lakes water surface would be at 20 meters. Just like the sea water level is at 20 meters. The exact reason why there is water glitch is because the lake and sea water surfaces are not in the same level - lake water surface at 50 meters, sea water surface at 20 meters. There is no known fix for this different water levels issue. They cannot raise sea water level because it would break many existing regions. If they lower the lakes water level then all water would be below the ground. No lakes would be seen in log house regions. The only fix would be lowering all log house regions (and everything in them) by 30 meters and then set the water level at 20 meters. But it's too late now to do it as regions are being released by now. This is why I wonder why they set the lake water level at 50 meters. After all, they were aware of the different water levels glitch.
  8. @Abnor Mole @Patch Linden The different water level in the log house lakes (50 m) and sea water level (20 m) shows the different water levels rendering glitch at sea coast. Why different water level for the lakes was chosen, this glitch has existed "for ever"? Looking from different angles at the coastline it's easy to see both water levels. Camera looking from SSPE1156 region towards north.
  9. First things first. Amazingly there was enough room for the same swimming pool what I have at the traditional house parcel. Exactly the same size even. Great! This view is towards the west. The next region in the west is almost totally empty, no houses, no trees. Just the lake and green grass textured land. Next step is doing more work in the garden. After that furnishing the rooms in the house.
  10. At once when we were able to enter the log house regions I went to check the water level in the lakes. Well, the water surface is at 50 meters in the lakes, whereas in the sea it is 20 meters. Thus, navigable connection of these lakes to the sea will not be possible ever. I must say that I'm rather disappointed that they did it this way. 😒 😢 Also there will be no view out to the sea from log houses. The coastline has high hills which will block the view.
  11. While waiting for the log houses I abandoned today one traditional house.Then I checked in the land page what's available. Many times just old homes and then suddenly a houseboat. Had to look at that one. Pretty nice location, unobstructed view to the sea towards west. Well, I enjoy that one for few days and abandon it at once when the log houses are available. I furnished the decks just a little bit so it's fast to clear and abandon.
  12. I went today (once again) to the log houses preview region and did some measurements - in the garden. 😁 I would like to have lots of space in the garden, so big houses for me are somewhat problematic. I would like to have a big swimming pool. I saw that none of the houses have big enough space in the garden to fit the size of pool what I have in the traditional Winchester house. So if I wanted swimming pool in log house garden I would need to make the pool smaller. I'll see how that might go when the houses are available.
  13. I wonder is the water level in those inland lakes and channels on the same level as the water level is in the sea? The water textures in the lakes (on the map) look different from the water texture in the sea. So this makes me wonder about the water level in the lakes. Hopefully they didn't make the same decision as in the Pickle island where the water level in the inland lakes is higher than in the sea. If the water level in the lakes and the sea is not the same, then it's impossible to have navigable connection from the sea to the inland lakes. Which would be a pity. Well, soon we will know how it is. P.S. In the preview region the inland lake texture on the map looks different from the sea texture. But the lake water level is actually the same as the sea level water is. The lake bottom is grass texture which causes the lake water texture to look different from the sea water on the map. So there is hope that the log house region lakes water is on the same level with sea water. 😁
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