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  1. What to do in 2017.?

    Buy sailing boat, go sailing, exploring places. What is "musical chair" to win prices? Never heard of that.
  2. What are you doing today!? :D

    Suddenly I remembered that in Firestorm viewer there is particle generator which creates script for the particles too. I played with it for a while and I was able to produce snowflake particles. So far so good. Then I made tiny sphere and inserted the script into it, made a copy of and linked them. I attached my amazing () creation on skull and adjusted the prim positions so that they were centered on the snowflakes of the headband. Then testing. Wow, look and behold, it works, it works! "Pretty cool, huh?" PS. Notice my stunned look as if not really believing that it actually works.
  3. What happened in History on this date

    7 December 1972 • The crew of Apollo 17, the last manned mission to the moon, lifts off at Cape Canaveral, Florida. 7 December 1995 • Galileo spacecraft arrives at Jupiter after a 6-year journey. Oh, and on the 6 December 2017 Finland celebrated its 100 years of independence. All over the world about 50 buildings and scenes were lit with blue and white colours (the colours of the Finnish flag). Among others, Niagara Falls and the Colosseum in Rome were lit like this too. Congratulations Finland!
  4. What are you doing today!? :D

    Examining once again the wonders of *The Lost Gardens of Apollo - Historic Build*. Something in that place just draws me back there now and then.
  5. Mesh body destroys old clothes, right??

    The default avatar system head still works pretty well and can look really nice with good skin. There's no hurry to rush into bento mesh head at once. The body is a different matter though. Mesh body is almost a must (especially for ladies) as it has smooth curves, nice hands and feet.
  6. A way to avoid the uncanny valley?

    The 'secret' of the smile is recently released Vista Lia bento head. Included in the head HUD there are many moods and expressions, of which many are really nice natural looking ones. (Unfortunately I don't know much about how to make animations, so I'm unable to give any advice in that matter.)
  7. Reccomendation for a new bento head?

    Quite recently released Vista Lia bento head is quite amazing. No duck lips (Yay!), and the face can be adjusted a lot for different looks. Strawberry Singh mentioned in her video that of all the bento heads she had tested this appears to have the most wide range of adjusting possibilities. The price (promo) at the moment is 2500 L$. It might go up later on. (Vista should change the picture in their ad for this head, it does not show the real beauty of the head.)
  8. A way to avoid the uncanny valley?

    BOooo...!(@_@)! Scary Bento Heads!
  9. A way to avoid the uncanny valley?

    I still have few old free neck animations in my AO. I'm sure that I will keep them indefinitely till the end of times. Even though they are old they are still quite nice ones. And I just love that my head turns where I'm looking at . I wonder why the animators are now going by the forced head animation route?
  10. What are you doing today!? :D

    Tomorrow I'm going to wear flat boots for shopping. Winter clothes might be appropriate too.
  11. What are you doing today!? :D

    Christmas shopping and my feet are killing me. Wrong choice of shoes...
  12. What are you doing today!? :D

    Actually shoebase does not take an attachment point. As far as I know it never has done so. It's built in feature in the system avatar, it can be worn or not worn, but it does not attach to any of the attachment points. You can see that in the inventory, when worn it just shows "worn" without showing any attachment point. You can even test this in the Appearance Outfits tab. Take the shoebase off and put it back on. Look at the numbers in the "Wearing" tab. The first number shows how many things you have attached, and the second number shows total number of attachment points available (38). The numbers don't change there when you are playing with the shoebase. However when you attach/detach something else the first number will change.
  13. In Firestorm viewer there is a setting: "Preferences, Privacy, LookAt, My look at targets: Don't send my look at targets to others". If that is ticked you will still see your own head turning (provided you have neck free animation playing), but others will not see your head turning. When un-ticked also others will see your head turning to the direction where you are looking at. And they will also see your cross-hairs on them, which makes some people go berserk "why you're staring at me? ".
  14. Yeah, LL forgot to add important feature "the head and eyes will not follow the mouse pointer". There's no reason for an avatar to look where the mouse pointer is on screen at any moment.
  15. I love the neck free animations, I still have few of them. Animazoo used to make those, but there is no shop anymore in SL. Free neck really makes chatting with somebody nicer and more personal as you can actually turn your head towards the other person. I have one walk with free neck. It's pretty cool, if there is some sudden noise nearby the avatar will turn its head towards the direction of the noise. Same happens if somebody shouts in chat, the head turns to look at the shouter. Pretty cool. Unfortunately it's really hard to find free neck animations for AOs anymore. There are even people who are asking "how can I lock my neck?". Hmm.. I find that odd, avatars are not supposed be statues, or randomly turning their heads here and there without any actual visible reason.