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  1. Some furniture might have the AVSitter adjustment sticks. But most furniture might not have them and then the animation adjustment must be done via the menu. Adjusting the animations with the menu is a slow process if there are lots of animations to be adjusted. With the sticks it's pretty quick to do. If the furniture is modifiable it's possible to put the "[AV]adjuster" script and "[AV]helper" object in the contents of the furniture. Then you will have the stick to do the adjusting. The "[AV]helper" object attaches to your avatar, you can move and rotate the avatar by adjusting the position and rotation of the "[AV]helper" (it's the long white/pink stick in the picture). There is commercial and free version available. The free version does everything what the commercial version does. The free version needs some work as all the AVsitter srcipts must be imported to SL one by one (there are many of them). The commercial version in Marketplace is ready to use at once and it comes with many examples too. All you need to know about AVsitter, see the links below. • Ready package from Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/79645 • AVsitter guide: https://avsitter.github.io/avsitter2_home.html • Instructions how to setup the free version: https://github.com/AVsitter/AVsitter/blob/master/AVsitter2/IMPORT_GUIDE.md
  2. I changed the kitchen in my houseboat. Earlier I had Maya's Eliza kitchen. Now I have Maya's Olivia kitchen. This kitchen has lots of animations and props to go with the animations. The long desk by the wall has animation, the stove has animations, the middle island has animations and the stools have animations. Pretty cool! First I rezzed the whole kitchen in sandbox. Then I made it smaller to better suit my avatar's size (1.78 m on flat feet). After that I selected what items to use from the kitchen in the houseboat. After assembling the kitchen items to the houseboat I went through all animations and readjusted the animations and prop positions as needed. The adjusting was quite quick process with AVsitter adjustment sticks.
  3. The set was too high for me and my friend. As the legs were quite tall I just sank them into the floor so that only a small part is visible above the floor. I can reduce the general size of the set too if needed. The set was 9 LI. The chairs and the table had shadow prims, I removed all of them (3 in all) and now the set is 6 LI.
  4. Mayas shop has many really nice things. Does not cost much and have good LODs and low LI use. I have two different kitchen sets from there. Each only 50L$. I recently bought also this table and chairs set for 50L$. The chairs have lots of animations and many different food props. Perfect! Testing the set below in my houseboat with my friend. 😃 😋
  5. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Edgar/163/91/33
  6. Canyon Ball Run region has lots of mountains. This nice, long and tall, waterfall is also there. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Canyon Ball Run/38/62/49
  7. Winter Cabin seen here (on Linden Land): http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SSPE326/7/55/36 But it's a nice summer day. Yay! ☀️ 😄 😉
  8. Personally I definitely don't want to see any snow in Bellisseria. Snowy parcels would look totally out of place when the Linden protected lands would be in summer theme. Even small patches of show would not look right among summer scene. Winter Linden homes theme would need totally separate winter theme regions collection. Maybe a big island where all the regions would be in winter theme would work? Besides there are lots of winter themed regions in Second Life. They are just a quick TP away. In RL Christmas can be, and is, celebrated without snow in the tropics and in southern hemisphere. Why not in SL too? 🤷‍♀️
  9. Bellisserian landscapes. Trailers by inland waterways. Houses by the sea.
  10. Some random views at my Winchester house.
  11. Sunlit, shadow, sunlit, shadow, sunlit... (nothing important to do at the moment, so why not this then... 😄).
  12. Say what? Flexi still has its uses in some cases. This super cool movement effect is impossible to do with mesh. In Second Life only flexible prims respond naturally to avatar movement, gravity and wind. There are bento hairs and some clothes and even bento trees, but all those have totally unnatural looking movement. Some designers of those things even say that "they move with the wind". But the truth is that they don't. It's just forced animation loop going on in them.
  13. Being an evening person I would like to stay on daylight saving time all the year around permanently. I don't need or miss the daylight in the mornings, but I do enjoy light evenings. In the autumn when switching back to standard time it feels very sad as the sun sets one hour earlier than on DST.
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