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  1. Just edit it again and grab the blue arrow. With that one you can move the bed downwards and upwards. Nothing will break or mess up when you move it slowly.
  2. Coby Foden

    A Derail Thread

  3. Coby Foden

    How does your avatar look today ?

    This is how it looks in action. 😃 (Aww... I love the flexies!)
  4. Coby Foden

    How does your avatar look today ?

    I was digging old stuff in my inventory. I found these "Tahitian" items, so I decided to decorate my mesh avatar with them. ARC is 150 857. Not too bad for nice special outfit to wear occasionally.
  5. Coby Foden

    I Have Cut My Time in SL In Half

    Well, I don't experience any of the problems what you have. Neither do my friends. And there surely are huge number of people who don't experience the same problems what you have. Can you explain it, why not? If lots of people would have those problems surely it would be widely known thing and Linden Lab would be investigating what's going on. But obviously the problem what you have is not widely spread thing. The only solution for you is that you make a bug report. Send LL information about your computer, viewer, net connection, and ask: "What did you change that my computer cannot run SL well anymore? It used to run ok earlier." Nobody else can help you but LL.
  6. Coby Foden

    I Have Cut My Time in SL In Half

    Those cannot repair your computer if there is some problem in it. Like in the hardware, they don't last good for ever. They cannot repair errors in the programs, not in the operating system, not in the drivers.
  7. Coby Foden

    I Have Cut My Time in SL In Half

    You could also analyze your computer, like it has already been suggested in this thread. But you just don't do it. Why not? Sometimes something can go wrong in our computers without us doing anything. They are just machines, and machines can have sudden faults.
  8. Coby Foden

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Right, it's the head turning to different directions which doesn't happen smoothly. The facial animations though are quite ok. Anyway there is hope that hey will enhance things as they have put out a page where we can report any bugs and wishes for enhancements for the head AO HUD. Here: Genus Basic Animation HUD - submit bug report
  9. Coby Foden

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Others are seeing jerky head turning too with Genus head AO. https://gyazo.com/60526f5dceb2a1cf607d600fe3af8039
  10. Coby Foden

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Well, the head movements (i.e. the head turning different to different directions) with the Genus head AO definitely are jerky, they are not smooth from animation to animation. It gets really annoying to look at. There are other problems too with the head AO. When you enable typing animation, you type it looks ok. When you stop typing all the face animations stop too. You have to click the HUD to enable the face animations to play again. Not good. And the lack of indication what animations are playing is annoying too. The HUD and the animations clearly are not yet ready. Hopefully they will do an update and not leave it just like that. What is surprising is that they are going to release soon new heads even though this first head is not yet fully ready. 😮 At least what comes to the animations and the AO HUD. This first head is really nice looking and can be tweaked to various nice looks. If the animations and the AO HUD would get an excellent update it would make this head really great one.
  11. Coby Foden

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Genus beta head got long waited update today with AO HUD. The head itself looks really lovely. But what comes to the animations, I'm not impressed yet. The facial animations are tied with head movement. Unfortunately the head movement is very jerky, it does not look natural. So the animations still need lots of work in them. And the AO HUD would need options: 1. To play only the facial animations, letting the head be free. The body AO would take care of the head movement. 2. To play the facial animations with the head AO's head movement. The head AO overriding the body AO's head movement. Here's a short animation sample:
  12. Coby Foden

    I Have Cut My Time in SL In Half

    Yes, I have noticed that behaviour too. Sometimes sculpts don't get loaded until you cam close or right click on them. My hair flower had serious problem though. What ever I did it just didn't rez properly on that day. Until next day it rezzed nicely without any special actions needed.
  13. Coby Foden

    I Have Cut My Time in SL In Half

    Yesterday one of my sculpted hair flower did that, it rezzed in totally distorted shape. I even in couple of different regions to see was it one region problem. Well, it was the same thing in other regions too. However when I wore it today it rezzed in good shape.
  14. Coby Foden

    How does your Sansar avatar look today?

    What I have read is that the maximum area size for Sansar experience is 4096 m x 4096 m. And it goes also up 4096 m. So the max area is 4096 m x 4096 m = 4.096 km x 4.096 km = 16.777216 km² How this compares with Second Life region size? SL region is 256 m x 256 m How many SL regions maximum Sansar experience size is? Sansar exprience side length / SL region side length = 4096 m / 256 m = 16 So, the maximum Sansar experience size is 16 x 16 = 256 SL regions. And we can have amazing number of 20 experiences. So in Sansar we can have equivalent of 20 x 256 = 5120 SL regions to play with! For free. (Now, I wonder what would the loading time for 4096 m x 4096 m densely built Sansar experience be?)
  15. Coby Foden