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  1. I once got a faulty KitKat. It was solid chocolate. Did I complain? NO. They should sell faulty KitKats........ Tonight......prawn starter - with white wine......home made pizza with red wine. Mmmmmmmmmm! Wine makes me more chatty than normal. 😌
  2. Platform shoes and baggy pants? Big lapels?
  3. I would have taken part in this, as an SL shopping guru.... but since I don't reside in the USA I can't. To me....shopping is shopping.....no matter where you live, unless there are no shops of course. On the thread drift topic, I too had to give up studying biology when I discovered my school was breeding small mammals to use in dissection classes. It was extremely upsetting to see them killed and dissected before they were cold. Not for me.....😥
  4. Maybe I'm too new and naive to get why the name thing is such an issue. I sure don't get why people go for symbols and gibberish, but thats their business. Back to shopping I guess!!!🖖😌
  5. Did somebody mention turtle neck sweaters??....coming back????
  6. Let's face it....... We're addicted to our virtual vanity. What's not to love??????😌🤔😎
  7. Where does the horse schmeckle fit into the size banding? Because that's all I ever see.....
  8. I'm in a Little Paris phase right now, and keeping up with Salty and Ellie. The first two images are in an erotic gallery, and are backdrops. The third image is a waiting shot in Moulin Rouge. This is my take on the Tetra Phoenix Dress....in nude......sometimes you just gotta go for it! Now I'm going out of world for a week. If I can get a signal, I'll look at the forums!!! See Y'all!! XXXXX
  9. I keep the count in my outfit names. Most are under 60k. One or two, like fur jackets, push me up to around 110. I do like flexi hair and two of my Catwa hairs are my favourites, but they are OK on count. You dont need huge numbers to look good!
  10. It brings another perspective to "wind in the hair"......
  11. Being new is such a hollow experience, unless and until someone takes you under their wing...........was how I found it.
  12. This is mine...….I don't have a clue what that means, except I give out too many likes, and laugh too much, and thank too much, and get sad too easily, and am always confused...….. All that in under sixteen months. Addicted? Me???
  13. This old decrepit bone should have been left buried in the yard. It cost me five minutes of my life.
  14. U really is such a red line. I know it makes no sense, but there seems to be some growth in txt spk in SL and on the forums. So I don't generally read beyond the first hit.
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