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  1. Trouble is, you're so dang cute Go!
  2. When they lock on, I see the crosshairs through my neck with the avi name above my head.
  3. ^^^ There's a crossover here into peeveland, where guys join groups which are predominantly female, then send out a greeting on group chat, presumably having scoped who's on line first. I've even had IMs occasionally from guys who have checked my profile from a group, then popped an IM. Having said that, this hunting style seems to be more considered and with less of an agenda. And never starts with hi. On the subject of local, I'm guilty as charged. Not with intent, rather by neglect. I just forget it's there.
  4. (to) Never Underestimate Desire, Get EVENS
  5. Scylla, I think your spirit is suppressing a sexy siren, who is bursting to get out. I also think, when reading Aunt Winnie's journal, that you are holding many of her genes. Her style and your style are uncannily similar. If Aunt Winnie was posting here, I would assume she was your alt.
  6. Calling All Residents! Go On-line! DRAFT VVVV HaHa.. just beat you! VVVV
  7. If I'm being perved I would like to know. Maybe a pop-up? 🤣
  8. Hotel Experiences Re-define Domestic Standards Got to be so damned quick, like Quick Draw McGraw....... HOTEL
  9. Test Him Regularly. Expect Enlightenment. LEARN Oh Shoot ROCKS Really Only Christmas Kicks Santa LEARN
  10. /me coughs..... Pedantry surely?.......runs for cover......😊
  11. Superpowers Will Always Yield Satisfaction (For the avoidance of doubt my previous post obviously related to a French Kiss) TONGU
  12. Come on now everybody......we'll never know if the OP had the intention of pressing so many buttons, but clearly this has been the effect. And the trouble is that hurt in a single thread Carries over. Please dont let that be the effect on you from this trolling. Just sit back and reflect a while. It's been said earlier, we all have a personal lens. We all have life baggage. We don't all articulate it, but we all have some to a degree. Life can suck. Even here has the potential to suck. We have a strong community here, and for the most part we rub along. I hope when this storm passes, we can get back to what we do best. Maybe it's time for a lock.
  13. My Open Mouth Means Yes .......Eeek!!! FRANC
  14. The two C strings I use, which work with most mesh dresses and skirts are the Trinite - Cover my kitty, and Baii Maii Cover me up. But even these sometimes show through pants, so I never bother when wearing pants. Sometimes I use applier underwear but rarely. I do like applier pantyhose (tights), and stockings though.
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