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  1. Happy Friday friends! For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you’re familiar with my random polls & silliness but also teasing out upcoming project work and features. Being the Jira loving fool I am, I love picking through your feature requests and ideas. As a resident myself, I also find things I want to change to make our lives and experiences easier. Things like increasing the size of the Marketplace shopping cart from 10 to 99 to setting the default Marketplace search result to return 96 instead of 12. Last month I teased out some upcoming changes for Estate Managers I’m happy to announce that next Wednesday these changes will go to the RC channels. If all goes well, the server changes will go to the entire grid the following week! To access these new controls you’ll need to download our new project viewer here. I hope this helps with your land management! A big shout out to Rider & Leviathan Linden for being my partners in crime for finding ways to improve your world! Have a great weekend & be good to each other!
  2. Thank you! I've sent this to the team to review.
  3. Happy Wednesday all! We have a fresh build of the performance Improvements viewer! Thank you to all of you who are jumping in and testing and helping find bugs! https://releasenotes.secondlife.com/viewer/
  4. Happy Friday! We've got a new Performance build out so give it a try! https://releasenotes.secondlife.com/viewer/… If you see any bugs, please file a https://jira.secondlife.com so we can take a look!
  5. I talk with Jessica Lyon on a regular basis and the Firestorm Team has already begun looking at the build and it should be coming in their next Beta!
  6. We are happy to announce the availability of a viewer that includes adjustments to improve performance. We focused on reducing image decoding time, initial text rendering time, and the number of frame stalls that occur. As a result, this viewer should feel more responsive. Busy locations such as a crowded club or shopping event will be the best way to notice these improvements. Try adjusting your draw distance, shaders or avatar complexity and let us know if you’re seeing a difference with your performance. Please try it out and let us know if you see specific issues by filing a Jira. NOTE: This viewer is only available for Win64 at this time. Future versions will be available with Win32 and Mac builds included. Known Issues If you have a high frame rate, textures may blink white for one frame while streaming in. We are investigating the source of this effect.
  7. Happy Wednesday! I wanted to do a quick cross-post from our technology blog to let everyone know we've released a new Maintenance Viewer Build which contains a voice fix (along with other fixes). Please take a look!
  8. Hello everyone. Today we’ve released some improvements to the Viewer UI. Currently you will need a special project viewer to use it. Read on to find out what’s changed and why. Making SL easier for newcomers to learn can improve the chances that they will become long-term Residents. Growing the Resident community benefits everyone -- more people to meet, more participation in events, and more commerce. The changes described below are the first batch of what we hope will be an ongoing series of usability improvements. Avatar menus With this release we introduce the Avatar top-level menu which brings together all avatar tools in one place. One of SL’s most important features is now more visible to newcomers. You’ll notice the avatar right-click menu has been streamlined as well. Have you ever struggled to select an avatar attachment? It’s inside your avatar, it’s transparent, or it’s a mesh attachment that you just can’t grab. You can now touch, edit or remove an attachment using right-click from all Avatar windows and Inventory. Inventory Next to the search box you will now see a button with an eye icon. You can omit links, Library items, and Trash items from search results, requiring less scrolling over matches you may not find relevant. Your choice is remembered for each tab. We started small, with just three options. Let us know what other choices you’d find useful. We’ve all seen “Find original” failing to show the original item. Experienced Residents have learned to reset filters, clear the search string, and switch to the main inventory tab -- and then do “Find original” a second time. Now the Viewer will do all of that for you, ensuring that you’ll see the original item on the first try. Places window Taking advantage of what people already know from other products is a key way to reduce learning time. Creating a landmark in SL is just like bookmarking a web page, but it hasn’t behaved the same way. When you click the star, you’ll now see a confirmation that will be familiar to anyone who’s used a browser. Previously, the Places window included landmarks from Inventory and Library. We removed these sections and made Favorites its own tab, removing the need for tabs within tabs. This reduces the clutter of landmarks you did not consciously create, and makes it clearer for newcomers. The Library landmarks were outdated. For landmarks received as part of purchases, we’ve observed that people look for them in Inventory rather than Places. When you teleport to a different location, you will now see the name of the location inserted in the Nearby chat stream, making it easier when you scroll back to see where conversations took place. We look forward to hearing from you regarding these changes. Download the Viewer here. For more technical input, please file a Jira.
  9. And now I'm crying again... Oz, I can't thank you enough for the mentorship, encouragement and friendship over the last 11 years. I am so fortunate to consider you family and I am a better person for having worked with you. I wish you all the best in your retirement!
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