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  1. Thank you Elena 🙂. Yes the tile texture is from --> Old Linden Homes - Tahoe Textures pack: "LDPW_TAH_Porch_GrayBricksMossy"
  2. I made simple Japanese Onsen bath from prims. Decorated with some mesh items from various sources. I added also single and couple animations so that it's nice to use. Behind the cat there is Finnish style sauna. In front of the sauna there is a massage table with nice PG animations. The stairs lead up to the big swimming pool which I've had there all the time since I got this parcel.
  3. North Waddling is the region. Feel free to have a look of the house and parcel if you want to. This landmark leads to the front of my house: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/North Waddling/182/242/23
  4. There they go again, passing by my house - Bellisseria Boat Parade. It's always a joy to see the boats sailing by. 🙂 ❤️
  5. Resting at night in the house back garden by the pond. Traditional Winchester Linden home in North Waddling region. My neighbour's whole parcel in the background is totally fenced in from all sides. I like to keep my parcel open without any fences. Makes it look bigger that way.
  6. Fairy went exploring recently added new Linden stilt home regions in Bellisseria. They look really great! ❤️
  7. You set the day length to your region and/or parcel in this window:
  8. Daydreaming at: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Husky Tails/114/25/26
  9. Bellisseria Boat Parade http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/North Waddling/178/243/23 Info from the Bellisseria Boat Parade group: "The boat parade departs from Bellisseria Bay promptly at 4 PM SLT every day except Sunday. Rez your boat at Whiskey Bay and come join the parade line!"
  10. Surfing beach in Bellisseria with surfboard rezzes. This will be pretty cool when the landscaping and houses nearby have been completed. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SSPE1768/221/48/21
  11. I upgraded my rather seldom used third alt. Wearing: Lelutka Lilly head, Maitreya body, Lucy skin from Nuve.
  12. There is already solution: Projector light + shadows on <--- no light will leak through solid objects. Non-projector (AKA ordinary lights) will always pass through solid objects.
  13. Checking your tattoos... Credits: Slow motion video captured by 2nis Sands
  14. This has been one of my favourite dancing places for many, many years. Tropicana Habana Salsa Ballroom
  15. All my female avatars are 1.78 m (measured with prim, which is the only accurate way to measure the height). I have one male avatar which is 1.90 m.
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