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  1. Would each TPV have to add their own MFA or how does that work?
  2. I do have one question. How would LL add MFA to their viewer? Also how would you add it to the TPVs?
  3. I will have to do it tomorrow, when my phone is fully charged.
  4. The only way SL is gonna ever have a second rising, is if they fix all these dang bugs first. Before they start adding more features and adding more bugs, to their ever long pile of bugs they have to deal with.
  5. Um, Sammy did a thing. I hope you all enjoy ♥ and No This is not a blog.
  6. Isn't friendship etiquette very subjective? I mean there is no such thing as a tried and true set of standards that works to make friends. I mean sure be nice, but everyone is different and we all do things differently. And I mean putting standards on people about certain things, kinda seems well ridiculous.
  7. I think a lot of people just want to make it all Onlyfans fault and basically talk negatively about them. When it had nothing to do with the actual company, but the banks.
  8. Um if you read Bank's TOS like Mastercard or Visa, they have very stringent rules on Sexually Explicit content and how they want sites to regulate it. OnlyFans didn't want to, as it would cost money. So they decided to ban the content, until now when they rescinded it and banks are willing to come to the table and talk. Now that being all said, this wouldn't be the case and banks wouldn't have had to update their TOS. Had PornHub had actually regulated their content better.
  9. It wasn't OnlyFans fault though, they rescinded the decision anyways It's due to bigger financial companies, the banks. So yeah it was kinda out of their hands
  10. I mean I have tried with one event subscriber, and well it doesn't pop up a menu, nor does it have an unsubscribe button. Hell, I would get people putting me in their database and then when I would kindly ask them to take me out. It would lead to a back and forth, that I must have subscribed. Lol. I would always say, I would remember subscribing to something. That's because I do, I remember subscribing to these things I physically went to the board and hit subscribe.
  11. People trying to find ways to circumnavigate the Gacha ban.
  12. Again that is why I am saying there is a way to appease everyone. Proof of age, and not credit cards. But an actual piece of ID and a current pic of yourself. There bible thumpers and hypersexuals are appeased.
  13. I mean it is a better alternative to what is going on right now.
  14. Then here is a plan, and I know it may be surprising. Instead of it being loosely regulated, it be heavily regulated. I mean to the point where one has to show their ID to prove their age, and not just a credit card. Also hand a most recent picture, that they can use to compare to said ID.
  15. I mean it makes sense, if you want to partake in adult stuff IRL, you have to show your ID to prove that you are age of Majority and I think it needs to come to SL. I mean it would protect LL from issues later on, and people won't lose their sex in SL.
  16. I would rather show my ID than it be taken away from everyone. I may be conservative and modest with sex and sexuality. But I don't want to see the grid go like how I am, it wouldn't be fair for the rest of you guys. But yeah, that would be the better alternative and I love meeting in the middle. So if they want to get stingy about that stuff, make us prove our age.
  17. I mean if that were the case why are they not going after Pornographic websites, specifically porn hub for allowing creators to upload whatever they want. That being the case, I mean if LL maybe put securities in place like showing an ID to prove you are 18+ I am all for that.
  18. I honestly don't think so, some use it as a means of self expression, some use it for fun. However, I don't think LL will stay hands off for the most part. I mean I don't have SLex, but I feel like if they did. They would be punishing the ones who did. Including the actual content being sold
  19. This is me today, I hope you guys enjoy ♥
  20. This is todays pic, I hope you guys enjoy ♥
  21. New pet peeve, the way people are nowadays. There is such thing as going to far. I am all for people standing up for what is right and voicing that and calling someone out, if there is enough substantial evidence. However, when everyone else jumps on the bandwagon and starts a witchhunt, basically harassing and stalking the person. Even if they have done something wrong. That has gone too far.
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