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  1. . . . In the month named after the deified personification of Mars, which represents masculinity.
  2. March 7th, 1936: Germany, in violation to both the Locarno Treaty and the Treaty of Versailles, move troops into the Rhineland, remilitarising the zone.
  3. Not sure why this one just popped up in my mind.
  4. Oh, well spotted!
  5. This happened a few times for me throughout my Maitreya experience (and any other body I used), usually what it is, is that the HUD and body fail to sync. Re-sync them by going to Avatar -> Avatar Health -> Refresh Attachments. Also make sure that you're in a region where scripts are allowed, and that it's not too laggy. Edit: just actually read the post. Um, unsure of why that is, but I agree with Matty that it might be your connection. I never had the issue myself, and I'm unsure of how I'd go about recreating it.
  6. I usually just block the owner when this happens.
  7. Stores and events that shove a landmark and/or group joiner in your face when you arrive. I obviously navigated my way to the store/event just fine without that LM, and whether I'll want to join the group is something I decide on after browsing the store and seeing whether there are any benefits of joining the group.
  8. Nah - open your body HUD, and on the second page of it you'll find the tinting menus. Select nails, pick a colour from the colour picker, and pull the brightness slider to the floor.
  9. I went the lazy route and just went with tinting the nails black in the body HUD. It doesn't look perfect but, well, I wasn't looking to look manicured.
  10. 𝔏𝔦𝔢𝔰 𝔞𝔫𝔡 𝔰𝔩𝔞𝔫𝔡𝔢𝔯!
  11. Snorts. I reluctantly tolerate mankind - I don't discriminate; I despise everyone equally!
  12. I got tired of my workflow being a few squiggly lines on a piece of scrap paper in my desk drawer, and as the subject of 'Gimp vs. Photoshop' came up (yet again) in a Discord chat, I figured that I should re-format it, and that I might as well share it here. Before I dive into the Gimp part (because obviously I use Gimp, which is superior and also free!), there are a few principles that starts in SL itself, and different workflows depending on what I'm doing. The rule of thumb is always to do as much work as possible in SL, and as little editing as required to reach the desired effect; this means that the pose, the backdrop, the lighting, the framing, and (almost always) the DOF should all be spot on before I open Gimp - and there's no crime in taking a shot to look at it, decide to adjust something and then move back to re-take it until it's where you want it, whether it's changing the camera position or the lighting intensity or the DOF sliders. On a good day, the only editing required is: Blend neck seams. Add signature. But sometimes you'll want to do something more 'artsy' in the editing process, and occasionally you've got a shot which requires more fixing (a shot not taken in a studio, or in a shoot you wrapped before realizing there was an error). If any of this is required, then you'll want to complete this before you start adding filters and effects - and it's also the point at which you do the layering, if you're doing a layered shot. Did an animation wherein your shoulder popped backwards? Someone got a leg going through a skirt, or an arm going through their hip or gut? I don't know what the 'proper' term is, if there is one aside from 'correcting' it; I like to call it 'reconstructive photo-surgery', because I'm a weirdo. This assumes that there's only one layer of the shot, or that even with multiple layers, there's an issue that needs correcting (if you're doing image layering, that may come first though). At this stage you'll primarily be using the paint brush, smudge tool and heal tool, to rebuild the missing or broken things. So what do I mean when I talk about 'image layering'? It's when you want to wear a hair and a hat, but can't get the two to work together in-world without extensive clipping or having to deform the hat until it's more of a tent than a bonnet. In a studio setup, you can solve this by taking two shots - one with the hair, and one with the hat, then lay the hat layer on top of the other one and use alpha masks to just put the hat on. Or a coat over a shirt, or a necklace that clips with your shirt collar, or anything else really that collides with something else. Once you've got the shot fixed up so that there are no seams or clipping, you're ready to begin adding any effects or filters that you may want to do. Personally I've found myself using and making filters less and less, not only because of the 'raw shot puritans' raging on the forums, but because I've learned to set up my lighting and stuff in the viewer - looking back at photos I did even just one year back, yikes, the excessive use of Softglow (why did I ever--) and other filters making the contrasts much too hard and the colours appear posturized, ugh. But there still are some features that I use to some extent on occasion. Sharpening (unsharpen mask) can be a great way to pick out some detail, especially on portraits, to make eyelashes and pores pop, layering a desaturated copy of the image (or just playing with the slider, because Gimp now has a slider - yay!) to make the shot appear, well, less saturated (gloomier!), and of course film grain (i.e. HSV noise - 'cause the cool kids do it!). I've also done a few shots where I've tested out the whole anaglyph thing (again 'cause of the cool kids) and found that .. Nope, just no. I'll leave those shenanigans to the pop star wannabe bloggers - after all, how dark do you appear when it looks like you're at a disco doing LSD? And finally there's the signature - easily done, just make a signature that you copy-paste into your pic. Well, I used to do that at least, but I've gone from an underlined, two-line black letter logo with wavy effects to just a single line, all minuscule fraktur, which I just quickly type in by hand, align to the corner I want it in, and then drag it out a few pixels from the edges and set to a high transparency to make it more discrete. But that's just me. Glances up at the text wall to figure out whether I actually made any point. . . . So, I hope you found that, uh. Educational? Inspirational? Entertaining?
  13. Except if the 'demo' is the mesh without any textures. Goes to write it down on my long, long list of pet peeves.
  14. Good quality and/or creativity - preferably both. Then again, to be fair, some of the biggest brands in SL have neither. Marketing can be extremely time consuming. Having a handful of bloggers and being at a couple of events would be a good place to start, as well as having your own Flickr and in-world group, and/or Discord group, to advertise new releases. Avoid the pitfall of too many events though, start off with one or two to see what pace you can comfortable create at, with the quality standards you set for yourself - also, not all releases need to be at events. You could, but it's probably not going to help much. When people look for places to advertise, they tend to look at traffic - clubs and infohubs are generally better places for it. Also, competitors advertising at your store doesn't sound too appealing, in my opinion. Some (quite a few) stores do this already, and I think it's a good thing. You may also want to consider group/free gifts to boost region traffic - it doesn't need to be anything super fancy, but a single colour of an older release or something simple. Speaking of groups, don't put a join fee on it; it doesn't 'stop spammers/scammers' and, the group is there for you to advertise in and occasionally offer support through; customers shouldn't have to pay for that - unless you've got a VIP group with more discounts and/or free periodical releases.
  15. Daz3d, usually, from what I've heard, plus photo-editing like crazy. Adverts like that should be banned as false marketing - but meh, as long as they provide demos so that you can see what it actually looks like in-world for yourself.
  16. Demos can be a fairly decent indicator of the items' complexities .. But it can also be grossly misleading, depending on how it being a demo is shown - adding a meshed demo sign floating over your head adds to the complexity of the item. That said, avatar complexity is said (by people who grasp it better than I), to be a very poor indicator of the actual performance impact of an avatar, but it's the tool we've got for now so we'll just have to make the best use of it that we can. Here are some of LL's own info on complexity: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Avatar_Rendering_Complexity And a quick video with Torley.
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