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  1. So, there's a trick to putting stuff outside of your parcel that's quite commonly used for stuff like driveways for Bellesiera homes and parcels connected to SL roads - rez the thing you want to extrude beyond your parcel, rez a prim cube, link the two with the prim cube as the root, edit linked and deselect the prim cube, move your stuff where you want it. Since the cube is the root prim, and it's entirely within an area you have rez rights ... It works. It may be that he did that. Or that he did something else. There's more than one loophole, I'm sure. It may well just have been l
  2. Your post doesn't leave a whole lot to go on, and your profile is entirely blank - there are a lot of people looking for people to connect with on various levels, so it certainly pays off to actually let people know a bit about who you are and what you enjoy doing in SL so that they'll know whether it'll be worthwhile reaching out. Being bored and lonely in Second Life is a very peculiar concept - there are so many things to do and so many people to interact with, there are hangouts for all sorts of people - furry communities appear rather plentiful it seems (though admittedly I have
  3. Almost raw. Just a touch of blur and noise. And prodding at a spot of borked hair-shoulder collision.
  4. Judging by their profile pic, there may indeed be some experimentation involved ... Unless you're already into that sort of thing!
  5. Disclaimer: I'm in no way, shape or form affiliated with, sponsored by, in cahoots with, blackmailed by, courting the daughter of one of the CEOs of, or otherwise influenced or persuaded by the company behind the app - all I want is an URL to throw at people when they go 'HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!?'. It's not always you want to open up your snapshot tool in world, especially not if you've left the snapshot settings rather high and you want to catch something on the fly. It could also be that you just want to take a quick image of a certain portion of your screen, or that you want to captur
  6. But this thread has all to do with your personal disputes? Thou shan't toss beavers in log cabins, et cetera.
  7. The thread is from a year ago, it's not certain they're still hiring.
  8. Curiosity and creativity. Socialising, photography, role play, etc. That I enjoy being in SL. Occasionally, but more often than not, it's because I want to do something that I can't do right then. There's hardly ever a time of day that there aren't people or places in Second Life that could cure boredom. Besides, I don't think SL necessarily has to be 100% entertaining at all times, it can be educational or otherwise beneficial. It gives me access to a broader selection of people than my RL surroundings do, and allows me more control in choosing whe
  9. Ooh, let me try, let me, let me ..! Ooh, it likes Mina. Wait, what do you mean, 'plastic'?! Mmhm, 'halloween', 'spooky', 'dark' .. It's doing a pretty good job of figuring out what's in the picture at least, it seems. ... .. Plastic, pfft. Black hair doesn't seem to detract too much from the score. Hm, do I have any pics of Neph with red hair laying around ... Oh, oh dear. How about .. Maybe .. Yeah, no. Wait, toy? Toy soldier? Wh-- Hrmpf.
  10. I think there's some community below the waters of Belliseria. Seen a few merfolk whilst sailing / rowing around, and also discovered some hangout spots when I've been knocked off my boats. I think Blake Sea has some as well, although it's been a long time since I saw people around there.
  11. I return the mischievous look, 'cause if she gave me food poisoning, I don't envy her for what I'm about to do to the restaurant's facilities.
  12. No, no - don't set her off on the course of how dinkies are better for the environment again!* *t'is a joke.
  13. Hm, I'd suggest having a peek at your transaction history on your dashboard to see where the last transactions went to. Other than that I don't think there's a whole lot to do, unless it turns out someone has somehow managed to steal your L$ which would warrant an AR.
  14. No, really. Have you? I hadn't noticed! But you're totally right, let's all look like prim potatoes to accommodate poorly designed teacups. It's not like anyone gives a damn about how their avatar looks anyway, I'm sure if LL enforced dinkie avatars only, SL would be absolutely booming.
  15. Are you honestly suggesting that you think that you know better than I do, because our opinions on gachas differ? Get off your high horse and pull your head out of your ****. Perhaps you just need to realise that people shop differently than you do, Fairre. So you don't even play gachas yourself. You go pick up the pieces left behind after countless people who show clear signs of gambling addictions, trying to cut their losses in a market so flooded with the off-set colours that don't appeal to them (or anyone else, aside from people with equally poor taste as yourself),
  16. Yes .. The movement blur in mine reminds me of older film ghosts .. I may have to exploit that. Ah. I couldn't figure out how to make an embeddable upload of an mp4 without using YouTube, and that felt like a bother. The Gyazo desktop ap is awesome for capturing quick gifs and snaps when you only want to capture a portion of your screen!
  17. Okay, that's pretty cool. If a bit eerie. Couldn't be bothered to figure out how to get it embedded though, so, a gif of the mp4 playing from the website!
  18. Now, now. Can't go get your knickers in a twist when someone takes a shot when you leave an open goal like that. It's not like you telling me I'm not on topic is 'on topic' either; it's a bit like running after someone to yell at them not to run with scissors - whilst holding a pair of scissors. But, to steer things back on topic and to address the OP; I'll be happy to have a chat if you'd like, to see whether we have any RP interests in common that we might explore.
  19. Ponders whether to point out how shallow and cheap that response is, or whether to agree and instead question what might be 'wrong' with the OP.
  20. "What Disney character do you look like?" ... Oh.
  21. You're not going to end an argument by trying to claim that it's 'too OP to be discussed' after just having dropped a statement that's entirely void by the Second Life terms of use. If you bring it up in a topic as an argument, it's now part of the topic. Going off-topic would be to ignore the discussion and start spamming cat pictures to willfully derail the thread.
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