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  1. Yeah, I just had one approved from April 5th. In a dead thread. Oh well.
  2. Between first life, second life, and a whole lot of procrastination in both, I don't think I'll have the time for a third life as well.
  3. .. I've watched way too much Archer lately. 'Halloween' was not what first came to mind ..
  4. I could show you some non-HD Catwa clown makeup, if you're interested ..?
  5. Same. I could never get used to the BD UI. Yeah, same. But it's usually not bad in FS for me either, so meh.
  6. You can, in the Firestorm inventory options anyway, turn double-clicking from being the default 'wear' to 'add' instead. But I don't know about 'removing' wear completely .. Myself I've been wanting the ability to select both layers and objects attached and remove both in the inventory, the way you can in your wardrobe ..
  7. Yes, quite the catch 22 that. No one makes anything worthwhile for the guys 'cause 'no one buys anything', but in reality 'we' don't shop 'cause there's nothing worthwhile to buy.
  8. But it's so confusing 'cause the 'Murrican red is blue and the European blue is the other way around, and just like milk that one might guess is super-alkaline because it's so mellow, it's actually slightly sour .. Wait, I lost the metaphor along the way. Anyway. Drink milk. It's good for you.
  9. There's a progress of attempting to undo that, in some cases. In Swedish we have words such as 'polisman', 'brandman', and 'sjuksköterska' ('police man', 'fire man', 'sick-tender-ess' i.e. 'nurse'). Suggested alternatives have been .. Peculiar. Like, 'brandhandläggare'. Which .. Basically means 'fire desk jockey' (or, word by word, 'fire-hand-layer', but a 'handläggare' is usually an administrative goon doing bureaucratic whatnots .. Also it's actually also still grammatically masculine, with the female equivalent being 'handläggerska' which, whilst not used, ever, so .. Bleh? Suffice to say there were some complaints from the actual fire-fighters .. No one's mentioned going back to 'brandsoldat' ('fire soldier') which is considered a rather archaic term these days, but which is technically gender-neutral as, well, there's no word for a female soldier .. Because there didn't use to be any, and the whole idea was probably quite inconceivable until relatively recently). English is a bit of an oddball within the Germanic language branch for not having them. How it looks over in the Romance branch I have no idea .. As for the Finno-Ugric branch .. English: A dog. The dog. Two dogs. Swedish: Hund. Hunden. Hundar. Hundarna. German: Der Hund, ein Hund, zwei Hunde, den Hund, einen Hund, dem Hund, einem Hund, des Hundes, eines Hundes, den Hunden, der Hunden. Finnish: Koira, koiran, koiraa, koiran again, koirassa, koirasta, koiraan, koiralla, koiralta, koiralle, koirana, koiraksi, koiratta, koirineen, koirin, koirasi, koirani, koiransa, koiramme, koiranne, koiraani, koiraasi, koiraansa, koiraamme, koiraanne, koirassani, koirassasi, koirassansa, koirassamme, koirassanne, koirastani, koirastasi, koirastansa, koirastamme, koirastanne, koirallani, koirallasi, koirallansa, koirallamme, koirallanne, koiranani, koiranasi, koiranansa, koiranamme, koirananne, koirakseni, koiraksesi, koiraksensa, koiraksemme, koiraksenne, koirattani, koirattasi, koirattansa, koirattamme, koirattanne, koirineni, koirinesi, koirinensa, koirinemme, koirinenne, koirakaan, koirankaan, koiraakaan, koirassakaan, koirastakaan, koiraankaan, koirallakaan, koiraltakaan, koirallekaan, koiranakaan, koiraksikaan, koirattakaan, koirineenkaan, koirinkaan, koirako, koiranko, koiraako, koirassako, koirastako, koiraanko, koirallako, koiraltako, koiralleko, koiranako, koiraksiko, koirattako, koirineenko, koirinko, koirasikaan, koiranikaan, koiransakaan, koirammekaan, koirannekaan, koiraanikaan, koiraasikaan, koiraansakaan, koiraammekaan, koiraannekaan, koirassanikaan, koirassasikaan, koirassansakaan, koirassammekaan, koirassannekaan, koirastanikaan, koirastasikaan, koirastansakaan, koirastammekaan, koirastannekaan, koirallanikaan, koirallasikaan, koirallansakaan, koirallammekaan, koirallannekaan, koirananikaan, koiranasikaan, koiranansakaan, koiranammekaan, koiranannekaan, koiraksenikaan, koiraksesikaan, koiraksensakaan, koiraksemmekaan, koiraksennekaan, koirattanikaan, koirattasikaan, koirattansakaan, koirattammekaan, koirattannekaan, koirinenikaan, koirinesikaan, koirinensakaan, koirinemmekaan, koirinennekaan, koirasiko, koiraniko, koiransako, koirammeko, koiranneko, koiraaniko, koiraasiko, koiraansako, koiraammeko, koiraanneko, koirassaniko, koirassasiko, koirassansako, koirassammeko, koirassanneko, koirastaniko, koirastasiko, koirastansako, koirastammeko, koirastanneko, koirallaniko, koirallasiko, koirallansako, koirallammeko, koirallanneko, koirananiko, koiranasiko, koiranansako, koiranammeko, koirananneko, koirakseniko, koiraksesiko, koiraksensako, koiraksemmeko, koiraksenneko, koirattaniko, koirattasiko, koirattansako, koirattammeko, koirattanneko, koirineniko, koirinesiko, koirinensako, koirinemmeko, koirinenneko, koirasikaanko, koiranikaanko, koiransakaanko, koirammekaanko, koirannekaanko, koiraanikaanko, koiraasikaanko, koiraansakaanko, koiraammekaanko, koiraannekaanko, koirassanikaanko, koirassasikaanko, koirassansakaanko, koirassammekaanko, koirassannekaanko, koirastanikaanko, koirastasikaanko, koirastansakaanko, koirastammekaanko, koirastannekaanko, koirallanikaanko, koirallasikaanko, koirallansakaanko, koirallammekaanko, koirallannekaanko, koirananikaanko, koiranasikaanko, koiranansakaanko, koiranammekaanko, koiranannekaanko, koiraksenikaanko, koiraksesikaanko, koiraksensakaanko, koiraksemmekaanko, koiraksennekaanko, koirattanikaanko, koirattasikaanko, koirattansakaanko, koirattammekaanko, koirattannekaanko, koirinenikaanko, koirinesikaanko, koirinensakaanko, koirinemmekaanko, koirinennekaanko, koirasikokaan, koiranikokaan, koiransakokaan, koirammekokaan, koirannekokaan, koiraanikokaan, koiraasikokaan, koiraansakokaan, koiraammekokaan, koiraannekokaan, koirassanikokaan, koirassasikokaan, koirassansakokaan, koirassammekokaan, koirassannekokaan, koirastanikokaan, koirastasikokaan, koirastansakokaan, koirastammekokaan, koirastannekokaan, koirallanikokaan, koirallasikokaan, koirallansakokaan, koirallammekokaan, koirallannekokaan, koirananikokaan, koiranasikokaan, koiranansakokaan, koiranammekokaan, koiranannekokaan, koiraksenikokaan, koiraksesikokaan, koiraksensakokaan, koiraksemmekokaan, koiraksennekokaan, koirattanikokaan, koirattasikokaan, koirattansakokaan, koirattammekokaan, koirattannekokaan, koirinenikokaan, koirinesikokaan, koirinensakokaan, koirinemmekokaan, koirinennekokaan ...
  10. Because, usually, racism stems from lines of reasoning such as: 'I did an online search for men kissing men, and because there were fewer men of colour in the pictures, people of colour are inferior to/less worth than white people'?
  11. I use Geralt whenever I don't have to wear clothes!
  12. You'll have to excuse the ignorance of a heterosexual, white man - but how is 'there aren't enough pictures of guys of colours kissing each other on the Internets' racism, exactly?
  13. We got a dartboard when I was little. But I quite soon found it's a lot more fun to play dart-tag with your brothers than it is tossing at a board on the barn wall ..
  14. Nah, I wasn't in any hurry. I don't think I changed mine until around 1,000 posts in rather than 500. On most forums I've participated there has been some sort of reputation system, some including more elaborate things like badges that get listed under the profile picture - whether just for participation, or for displaying how many years you've been active, whether you've got specific DLC to the video game the forum is about on such where those apply, whether you've won forum contests or been rewarded by moderators for your contributions either through being helpful in answering questions, or creating informative content, and for some forums even virtual medals from contests won in the real world (particularly in the model building community). These forums are becoming terribly sterile, and whilst it appears this change wasn't LL's decision but a software update which changed the UI - after so many days of it not being reverted, it's beginning to seem as if LL agrees with the changes, and since they've made no statement on their position but rather just quietly go with the flow, one will have to guess - and it's probably because of the (actually childish) equality-crowd whinging about how unfair it is that their contributions aren't appreciated as much as that of others.
  15. I'm not entirely sure of what exactly you refer to, but if you can't find Adult places it may be that you've unticked it in your search; sometimes when I've done that on the MP it appears to have translated in-world too .. Or that I unticked it in-world by mistake, somehow. If you can find the places but don't have access .. Well, I have no idea what the prompt for that looks like, but you'd probably have to contact support.
  16. I'm tempted by the Diablo II remaster, but .. Then I remembered the WC III remaster, so I may well pass.
  17. This should be in there, too.
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