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  1. Yes, you can read about it here: https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/animation_overrider Feel free to give me a nudge if you need any help setting it up.
  2. But respect is yet another cultural barrier. Heck, even within Europe you're likely to present poor table manners by simply crossing a border to the neighbours, even though we all consider ourselves 'western cultures'. In Germany you can't have your hands under the table, in Spain you can't drink water when eating soup, in France you can't put your bread on the table, in Germany and France you must fold lettuce rather than cutting it, in Sweden you must observe the turns at the smörgåsbord. Part of being respectful is to not hold everyone to your cultural expectations, too - which is p
  3. Are we really anonymous though? I mean, I don't know about you, but I think the shirts give it away.
  4. With the obvious exception that I never claimed to be anything but contemptible?
  5. ... Is perhaps not the most exquisite form of communication, but neither is slapping people with '-ism-stickers' the second you disagree with them. I don't intend on defending the offending statement as I frankly don't care all that much myself - but your rhetoric is in line with the type of correctness jargon that is perhaps the most divisive issue of not just political discourse, but is genuinely damaging to both businesses and private persons through its invasive near-omnipresence through the modern reliance on social medias. I'd even argue that your accusations were just as damnab
  6. It's not the head itself, but rather conflicting and/or interrupted animations. I'd advise you go through what animations you are using and try to limit them. The best way to deal with animations are to turn off whatever facial AO came with the head and set up a Firestorm AO (if you're in Firestorm that is), or find a free HUD in which you can put whichever animations you want included in your AO (as most AO HUDs that come with all these nifty functions tend to be scripted to Hell and back, which contributes to lag and increases the likelihood of issues). If the dances include facial e
  7. To be fair, it's my opinion that everyone should put very hard work into their avatar regardless of what they want to appear like. Especially now with BOM it's easy enough to 'rough up' your otherwise pristine skin - I'm pretty sure Izzie's has just about anything you could think of. Also, they've done a remake of The Witches?! Loved that film when I was little.
  8. To be attracted to people of a certain age group isn't 'ageism', just as being less or more attracted to certain ethnicities isn't 'racism'. Are you suggesting it should be brought so far as that people shouldn't be allowed to choose their partners because they may not be inclusive enough?
  9. What noises do witches' cereal make? Snap, cackle, and pop! Why didn't the skeleton cross the road? Because he didn't have the guts! Why didn't the ghost attend the Halloween ball? Because she had no body to go with. What do you call two witches with mutually shared living arrangements? Broommates. Where do monsters get their cookies? From the ghoul scouts.
  10. I'd jump the opportunity to carve plenty of jack-o-lanterns.
  11. In SL, most avatars are oversized compared to realistic measurements with lots of men and women being >200 cm. When I shape my avatars, I use height and proportion as guidelines, which leads to a lot of people pointing out that they think I'm short - at 185 cm (164 for my alt, though she frequently wears heels!). This is also why furniture and animations often look weird and unproportionate. Some creators shape their mesh with realistic measurements much like a carpenter would, whilst others make the furniture to fit their 230 cm tall, t-rex-armed pinhead of an avatar. Whenever I en
  12. The cold beer awaiting me in the fridge as I come home from the workshop. Nothing says 'welcome home' quite like it! . . . Well, not when you're single and dogless, anyway.
  13. To me, Discord supplements the in-world communications quite well. It's a bit like an intermedium of the forums and the in-world chats in many ways. And it's uncensored, so I can swear freely!
  14. Misanthropy certainly comes in handy in times like these.
  15. Death smiles at us all. All that a man can do is smile back.
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