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  1. Change email tool doesn't work

    It would be an ACCOUNT issue. And some of the Lindens do read the forums, though it should never be thought of as a means to communicate with them (other than responding to anything they may post).
  2. I don't use it, but amazed a lot of people still use Imagur when far better replacements are available like JumpShare and CloudApp. ~snorts~
  3. AO that makes you float/levitate

    Search Market Place for any AO that is Fae or Faerie-related. Those are usually some version of floating (rather than walking) on the ground.
  4. Racism in player profiles

    This is very true. Though the Supreme Court has also determined "freedom of association" to be part of the First Amendment (Boys Scouts vs LGBT (paraphrased)). Taking this into consideration, the first part of the "racist" statement says this person has been "called" these things and takes pride in being called such, but doesn't go as far as to proclaim they are actually that, the end part of the statement falls under this aspect of the first amendment. But now we are just splitting hairs for the sake of splitting hairs. To which I think the following applies: You go, girl! SHOOT 'EM ALL AND LET LL SORT 'EM OUT! Hahahaha
  5. Racism in player profiles

    It was just an example and you make my point (and mainframe punch machines were built to order. hey: Discovery Channel can be your friend LOL): do you look at the profile of every creator you purchase from? I'm not saying you should or shouldn't, just saying that people who buy this person's stuff don't know any better for worse or wear.
  6. Racism in player profiles

    This. In the U.S. (which is where LL is and, presumably this person is) the First Amendment to the Constitution affords the Freedom of Speech. That also means as much as we dislike what other's say or are offended by it is when that amendment comes into full force. I generally take the side of most people here in denouncing all this. However, let us also be realists here: There is no actual racism being expressed unless you insert it by innuendo Proclaiming to be part of a group only indicates your support of that groups ideals, whether you share them or not Calling together one particular ethnic group is not attacking another And furthermore, it appears to be some kind of poem. I'm not making excuses or intending to defend this person, I am saying that in the U.S. what this person plops into their profile is protected speech (in the United Staes, at least) and is likely intended to get very discussions, such as this one, rolling (Well, actually intended to offend, but there is no TOS or other laws in any respectable country that give you the "freedom from being offended"). In short, this person appears to just be a troll. As for deleting what I purchased? That's is context-based - what it actually is and such, though would likely never buy from them again. Here's an example: Have you ever owned anything created by IBM, ever? Did you know they produced the machines that helped the Nazi's manage their extermination efforts during the Holocaust? Just saying, folks.
  7. How To Create Custom Day Cycles

    In Firestorm: WORLD menu->ENVIRONMENT EDITOR->DAY PRESETS-> NEW PRESET However, when you create this it will only work for you unless you share the Preset files with others (via web download - cannot do it inside SL until the new EEP comes available as that is supposed to be one of the new features also)
  8. Land auctions out of stock .

    Ahah, I misunderstood. I thought the issue was listing in viewer, which got me into the "in viewer" mode of thinking. Thanks for clarifying!
  9. Land auctions out of stock .

    Always test with the official LL viewer when all else fails. Then if you get the same (undesired) results in the LL viewer, you can contact support. If you do not have the official LL viewer installed, even if you are a Firestorm (or another viewer) die-hard, then U R Doing it RONG.
  10. Harassment and slandering

    Unless the alleged slanderer is revealing RL information then what's the big deal? I believe any reasonable person will feel as I do when I see comments like those you complain of in someone else's profile: "Oh, this person is a drama-queen and has real issues and surely the reason they have for hating this person they mention was instigated or created by themselves." I see this type of comments every now and again in people's profiles. I usually roll my eyes and laugh. The people who feel the need to "warn others" are usually the trouble-makers or have personal issues. The only possible way that slander (or malice, in general) can possibly happen in SL is when RL information of any kind is shared and that's against TOS and, in some cases, can be a bannable offense. Ans now that I've made my own thoughts on the subject known, you can imagine my thoughts on a very thread such as this. ~snorts~
  11. How To Create Custom Day Cycles

    Custom day cycles are created in Environment Settings for Windlight. I'd be happy to give more detail, but RL doesn't give the time right now. Windlight doesn't do weather at all. Even if you want stormy clouds, you'll be hard-pressed to create them. Windlight settings can be set for a region or parcel only. Even then, other people must have their settings allow region windlight to override their own settings. Otherwise, it's a viewer-only thing.
  12. Textures. Create a full-perm box. Put your own no-copy texture on it. Pass it to your alt. This I the biggest "gotcha" with regard to next-owner permissions that snubs many creators. You see it all the time when you buy something that is copy permissions, but when rezzing the box to unpack it's removed from inventory and when copying the "Not copyable" warning appears. Then after copying the box turns plywood (sometimes not, though, hard to say what LL is doing behind the scenes anymore). As for the bug, I did say "there *used to be*" - meaning, well... there used to be. I figured they may have fixed it by now, though when troubleshooting one should investigate all avenues if plausible, even if unlikely, right?
  13. What @Klytyna says and also... (and I'll write for newbies understanding also): Object permissions can be a confusing thing for those starting out with managing them. Even LL has changed the permissions widget to describe "Next Owner Can,,," and so on. Though there are a couple things to understand about them: The three "priorities" of permissions are in the order of restriction: Modify, Copy, Transfer (officially: "Transfer" is "Sell") - simple enough, we are all familiar with this. However, if there are other items in contents and those contain more restrictive permissions then the tighter restriction applies. For example: A full permissions box that contains a no-modify, no transfer script will remain full permissions (except for the script inside). But when taken into inventory the entire object assumes the most restrictive permissions: no-mod, no-transfer. This is why the box must be rezzed to modify it in any way. ALSO: There used to be a nasty bug in the permissions system (or it may be a safety feature, who knows?): Permissions changed to any item in inventory will NOT take effect until that item is rezzed or worn. For example: I have created a box that is no-modify, no-transfer for the next owner. I take it into inventory. I realized I want to make it modifiable, so I get properties (while it is still in inventory) and turn on Modify. If I pass that out to someone, it will remain NO-MODIFY. The reason is that when you change the permission of objects (this only seems to affect objects, by the way), it doesn't send the update to the asset server until that object is rezzed by the creator. SO: try this: Rez your object in-world then change permissions. Take it back and pass it along and those new permissions should be locked in.
  14. Where Do You Demo?

    That's a good point. I didn't clarify that for me I do 'shopping event" - I'll hop around the MP first - try those demos at home. If I go popping around the grid for in-world lag-induced shopping then I'll grab the demos first, then go home to try them out. In those cases (especially events) I'll get to try the demos immediately because I am already with the intent to buy stuff. Then return to grab the retail versions. As I've mentioned, for myself I will try to make the most efficient use of my time when on a shopping spree. And doing that is surely a different process for each person.
  15. Where Do You Demo?

    For me, it's about efficiency. I go shopping and collect demos as I go, always putting them into my "New Demos" folder before moving on to the next place. When doing other things, if something catches my eye and there's a demo, I'll grab it then, also. Whenever I'm ready to try them on, I'll do it at home (because super-low-lag sim helps textures load more quickly - important for those ridiculous 10-minute demos). This makes it especially easy when comparing two or more similar items, where I really only want one of them - I can go back and forth to make my decision. This also is why it's probably a good idea that all you creators ensure you have a link to your MP (preferably to this specific item) in the info notecard and a SLURL as well if available in world (in that order, please). Because I collect demos willy-nilly. It may be a day or two or a week before I try them on. And if I find something I like and no easy way to find the retail version again...