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  1. Alyona Su

    Groups In SL

    Premium members get 40 groups. As for store groups: I join the group, grab the freebies and get whatever discount than leave the group. if it's a paid-for group I don't join it as I see that as unwise on my part and exploitive at best on theirs. Whoops, that's correct, At first, it was 40 I think, but now it's up to 60? Cool beans. I still don't join groups willy-nilly, myself.LOL Tagging OP so she sees these: @MissTauni
  2. Alyona Su

    Needing suggestions for Belleza bodies.

    There were a few when Venus was first released (it was a big thing at the time) - though with the variety and number of outfits I have now I couldn't hope to figure which they are. As for the fashion events and things, I've decided not to bother other than window shopping. My purview is that the fewer choices for Venus at these events prevent me from impulse-buying and actually waiting a lot of money. It has trained me to scrutinize everything I buy: no demo=no sale ever. And if I see something that looks nice but not in a Venus format - it's pretty easy to find similar-looking stuff for Venus because, amazingly, most "new" stuff being released all the time isn't really that original 75% of the time. LOL One good thing coming will be Bakes on mesh - when that happens then practically the entire Market Place will explode with availability again. because as much as I hate clothing appliers, there are lots of those that look damned good. So being able to just wear system clothing parts that are neatly and cleanly accompanied by mesh parts, I believe, we will be seeing some awesome things coming because the tools for creators will be exponentially expanded.
  3. Alyona Su

    Needing suggestions for Belleza bodies.

    I was thinking last night (my mind is always percolating LOL) that I believe you are misremembering in this way (I also could be misremembering about this, too): I think you are remembering Venus as the "middle" one because it was released second. If I recall, they were released in this order: Isis, Venus, Freya - And so it would make sense that people think of Venus as "the middle" one! To that end, I think we were both on the same page, but a different paragraph. LOL Edit to add: and I only NOW just noticed that the Freya boobies are so large that the pasties I was wearing don't even show. Bahahaha The biggest differences between Venus and Isis is on the profile, the Isis has more belly and boob than Venus. As to what @momomoonusagi says she's looking for, I think either Venus or Isis will get just that "plumpy-but-not-overweight" look. I go for that with a rounder face and the Width slider on Body tab and a little more in the leg and torso muscle - still "toned" but not some super-model, either. For a "softer" look than what I have now I would likely try Isis for that. (The comparison images are with my everyday shape - so the venus image is my everyday look but those are with default skins.)
  4. Alyona Su

    Needing suggestions for Belleza bodies.

    @Fritigern Gothly I've decided to post my own comparison to show you and others that Venus is the smallest or most "petite" of the three. I believe you are misremembering or otherwise mistaken. Click the image to see it at Flickr in hi-rez.
  5. Alyona Su

    Needing suggestions for Belleza bodies.

    I have all three - I may have Freya and Isis reversed (as I don't use them) - but I can guarantee you Venus is the waif/athletic/slim om one. You only show Isis and Freya, not venus. I am correct in this. I could create the same side-by-side comparisons, but it's a moot point. The real point is that it doesn't matter; people will wear the one they want to wear. As for the OP: she should get the demos and try for herself. And if you have all three, why is your picture using demos? Just asking.
  6. Alyona Su


  7. [Removed} because it came off more condescending than informational and I hate when that happens.
  8. Alyona Su

    Where are all the black people...

    Based on the context of your statement, these seem to be real-life friends. In SL, however, it's a different story. For example, I have a"black-skinned" avatar. So should I answer this thread and raise my hand? Because the OP appeared to be looking for other look-alikes and didn't really mention anything about particular cultural experiences. This is my primary point. It would make a lot of sense if the thread were more like "Where are all the furries?" or "Where are all the robots?" And now I am going to call out the elephant in the room and say what many are thinking: There is a racism smell to the whole thing because the subject is *skin color* and not about culture - intentionally or not, it still has that air about it (and I'm not saying that it is and neither is racism a one-way street.) Either way, I am thinking enough is enough - there are many "charged" subjects of discussion, the two primary always-avoid-to-maintain-friendships are politics and religion. Perhaps this would be the third. I'm made my points about the *apparent* subject matter of the thread and so I will try to bow out gracefully from here and let the thread fizzle or have its door closed and locked. In the end, it's a shame that poor communication education can turn what I believe to be a genuinely innocent and innocuous post like the OP into a long debate about skin color and cultures.
  9. Alyona Su

    Where are all the black people...

    THIS. Everything else feels like an intentional splitting-of-hairs.
  10. Alyona Su

    Needing suggestions for Belleza bodies.

    Yeah, definitely give Venus a go. And remember that Body Width also will help fine-tune that look.
  11. Alyona Su

    Needing suggestions for Belleza bodies.

    Actually, Venus is the "waif/athletic/fit" one, Freya is the middle one, and Isis is the heavy-set one. I would actually use Freya except the legs are too heavy for what I want to achieve, the Venus "leg muscle" slider for me is about 60-70% so it works well (for me) and I cannot make the breasts small enough for my Asian look. They are ALL beautiful in my mind. And the choice of shapes is wonderful - I do run into an Isis once in a while, though I believe in the beginning Venus was the most popular, but now it is in second place behind Freya - which is the middle-ground where you can still do "slimmer-and-sexy" in a realistic way and also do the plus-size very well. Isis is more for the plus+plus size look. What I like about all of them is how you can still maintain a "figure" of a shape; still having the very feminine look. And I should be clear when I say Maitrreya "feels cheap" - I don't mean the mesh body, it's really good for that kind of shape (personally, I find the legs too skinny for my own desired look), but rather I'm referring to the HUD itself that feel "clunky" in comparison to Tonic and Belleza, those "feel" smoother, more "refined" - if that can make any sense - and, as always, I'm only speaking with regard to my own personal experience, as everyone has their own perspective on things. In short, I believe they are all *great* bodies and the wonderful thing about it all is the choice we have. Because of this variety, it is easily "to each, their own" and that's the best of all worlds. @momomoonusagi "I'm going for a "natural "plus-size" " look. Something a little fuller or a little chubby, but not..."big" (? I can't think of a good description xD). Maybe even a bit curvy, but not with maxed out boobs and butt. " I know just what you mean! With Venus, you can do that... Try both demos, start with Venus - try getting to the look you want. If it doesn't quite go (at maximum sliders) then try the Freya with minimums and go from there. It's actually a great segue between the two, albeit there is a distinctive shape different (I think) in the breasts - Freya is much better if you want heavier breasts (I really am Asian in RL and, well... Freya is the exception to that rule as far as breast sizes go LOL) The main thing is that you can get the main shape you;re going for and have enough wiggle room to tweak over time.
  12. Alyona Su

    inventory in cloud?

    There were a couple versions, one was a server-side rendering and THAT one was horrific - imagine the exact same viewer UI on a 3.5" smartphone screen (was before the gigantic phones LOL) - the other one was okay, but again: the UI was too small and it rezzed things more slowly (and seems to be a little more "pixelated"). For a time (maybe three years ago) I purchased an AWESOME iOS app (I forget what's called right now, it only *just* stopped working) - that does *everything* you could possibly want to do in SL except 1) rez stuff and 2) See anything. As long as it didn't require manipulating anything rezzed - you could do it. Sit on things, stand-up, TP anywhere, Chat, IM, Pay others, Create, edit, save notecards, Play with ("Organize" your inventory, literally anything - other than interacting with rezzed stuff or seeing anything. It's too bad the devs haven't continued with it because I have not seen anything even come close to what it did. Was the best $5 I ever spend toward my SL (though not necessary now as I don't run sims anymore). Best thing to get what you (and others) want is to raise some money, hire a Developer to develop both: Android and iOS version that does everything other than actually render the world (many Devs for hire companies that will do this). Then sell it on both app store.