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  1. THIS. It is utterly wrong for a creator to require this. It's the same as a customer support rep saying "Sorry that our website doesn't't work for you, you should install XXX Browser" - and my answer is always "So that means you''ll support that browser? And I call you if anything goes wrong with my computer because of that browser? And if my identity is stolen because of that browser then you'll pay to fix that?" They tend to get rubber legs at that point. In short: if you require some third-party thing you cannot control then you have no business requiring it. I lump "you telling me how to set my LOD" into that pile. Do not pass the bug when you cannot support your own stuff properly. And if it breaks with default settings in-place, then you are doing it *wrong*.
  2. You're clock must be off - You post that it's10:35 AM and your post was two hours ago - two hours ago is 11AM SL Time (I live in same time zone as LL, so SL Time is RL time for me) - I vacated it at 9:05 AM this morning. And it was snagged within about 30 seconds LOL SO, even if your clock is right on - it went pretty fast, so it could be the blip didn't't even show up on your radar. And I just know it's going to be the same mad rush for Campers as well. ~Groans~
  3. Which is why I suggested requesting support from all parties, a multi-pronged approach is always better than just one.
  4. Heads up that I'm going to vacate my Houseboat today and it is in a *CHOICE* location - Northwest in-line with the lighthouse. I've percolated over everything and what I really want, so I've decided I'm going for a Camper (still a ways off before release, I believe) which will be 512 m2 of my free tier, and I'm going to apply the other 512 to one of my groups and all the free tier on my Premium alt and put all that into a 1500 m2 Mainland spot where I can put my DAMNSIM CROSS shipping company again LOL (Which is always open to anyone and everyone to come play with my stuff). I figure there's no reason to sit on the houseboat while I wait for the campers (I've already let the Traditional house go). Now I need to figure out how much land I can get with group bonus. Hahaha Ummm... isn't it 10% bonus? So... 1024+512=1536+10% (153 rounded down) should be 1689. Is that right? I am so bad at maths. Ugh. Anyway, good luck to whomever snags it. I figure around 9 AM-ish SL time.
  5. I understand, though I wouldn't called it "robbed". It's technology and technology always glitches every now and then!
  6. If someone clicks the BUY it goes into their cart as a gift for you. If they actually checkout and purchase it and it is delivered to you then it is auto-removed from your wishlist (also if you buy it yourself even from the product page).
  7. Dude - don't just read; COMPREHEND. If it's a vendor error you contact the vendor creator when it is a database-based system. ALL redeliveries from ALL purchases from ANY store are erring out.
  8. Find Caspervend on Market Place and try contacting the seller. You also may find contact information at their in-world store. Also, continue to contact Belleza and ask them if they know what that error is, reason being that because they own that vendor system they *may* have an easier way to contact the vendor support (as a customer of the system). It sounds like you "account" in the Caspervend system has become corrupt (it's all just information in a database anyway.) For good measure, also put in a Second Life support ticket - be very detailed (not the when where or what you are buying, but the details of the vendor error. Ask for a refund of the L$ - then you can try again. You may not get it, but you'll never know unless you try. In all cases, and I know it isn't easy, be polite and courteous, let them know you understand that it is a glitch and not anyone's fault. More flies are attracted to sugar than vinegar.
  9. Ah yes. Okay, I was just wondering (because wishlist thread LOL) 'Tis wot I get when Forruming at 5 AM LOL
  10. Because the backdrop isn't there to be part of the subject; it's about the people in the picture. The backdrop just adds whatever context they want to place the people into. As someone who does lots of RL photography, I've always felt the one and only legitimate use of a backdrop is in a portrait and it's only a defocused blur of color. All others are the same kind of amateur tool the way snapchat filters are: they hide bad photographs and make them look better than they actually are.
  11. Since it is the redelivery giving the error and the vender that didn't deliver this appears to be a Caspervend issue, have you contacted the Caspervend support? That seem to be where the problem is.
  12. I'm quoting you, but I'm responding to the few above me about name-confusion. If you are looking at someone's wishlist it should be pretty clear who's list you're looking at. If you click the BUY button in the list that item is automatically added to your cart as a gift to that person whose wishlist you're looking at. So I'm confused what the context of the name picker is: is this non-wishlist, generally speaking (in which case I do agree)?
  13. Have you relogged? Have you tried a different viewer? Have you checked that text color hon't changed (to the same as background, etc)?
  14. I worked for Boys and Girls club once. You *cannot* find a more diverse anything with regard to race than at that place. So we fired an Afro-American (Calling him by simple description, here) - and guess what he does: Files a lawsuit on *discrimination*. A place where the minority population is literally 85% of the staff *and* clientele. I roll my eyes HARD every time anyone brings up racial discrimination as the primary accusation in any dispute. It's also the hardest thing to prove in a court of law, yet they do it anyway. Not because they will win (they will not and know they will not) but rather, it's to "hurt" the company with bad publicity and legal costs they will be forced to pay. So I say poo-poo on this person, they're full of [common word for poo] because if it were legitimate, they wouldn't be tooting their horn in this way. One side of the coin painting the other side black. If it actually goes to trial I imagine the accused will easily plonk the accuser hard. But there is the cost in money, time, effort and all the rest they have to contend with. That's the real shame in it all. It will be settled out of court to save costs and bad publicity suffered by LL and the accuser will "get away with it". Status Quo.
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