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  1. Yes, I have been using "Amazonian Freaks" for years and I've decided whatever, it is what it is. Hahahaha!
  2. I'm not sure the purpose of so much rhetorical information, as only whatever applies to SL is all that matters, and you've pretty much reiterated my initial comment.
  3. (You revived an old thread, so be prepared for annoying greater-than-thou types to scold us.) In the old days this wasn't an issue because there was a landing zone with a very clear demarcation: "Cross this line and you automatically consent to anything and everything. As for the "Hi, how-R-YA" types: they didn't exist because everyone knew the deal of these CARP places. The issue are that too many people are putting up huge walls and stupid requirements in their profile in amazingly passive-aggressive ways.
  4. These policies are to help prevent LL's ship from sinking. If that scares you away as a merchant then there will be one less merchant, hardly noticeable. Another merchant will fill the gap, making the disappearance of the first near invisible. Doom-and-gloom proclamations that are always espoused by residents who like to think they know better than Linden Lab about how to run Linden Lab have always been nothing more that Chicken-Little arguments that always never seems to come to pass. If you are so fearful of the eventual demise of LL by their own policies, perhaps you should cut your losses now and move onto something else that you feel is better? Just saying.
  5. The door frames are actually very well done. Have you checked your avatar height?
  6. Granted, you create DMC, Dull-Made Comics brand and like the other company with DMC initials, your company tanks and you go to prison for failed rug deal trying to raise money, but the story of it makes for the one and only best-selling issue from your DMC comics. I wish the emojie-tags didn't exist on these forums as they are so often abused for both positive and negative reasons.
  7. Granted, you now have gills. I wish my vacation time would come sooner and last longer.
  8. I concur with this. Anything larger that isn't a freight-related beast is utterly laughable. For sailboats, the Loonetta is one of the best, its one and only downfall is that it's no-modify. I also love the idea that the couples animations in it are G/PG. It's an excellent boat in terms of features as well (better features than Bandit/TMS) - though Bandit is certainly the next best one can buy (I place them as a tie for best sailboat, actually). But one thing people tend to not think of is motor-boating. Sailing can be fun, but so is motor-boating and Bandit/TMS motor boats are amazing. And a fantastic alternative to Bandit motor-boats are those by Markus Hirszberg (Ocean Industries). In earlier days of Bellisseria one could spot large green dot groups on the world map, usually an open party at someones home, or a barge party (usually) north of the Fairgrounds, Flotilla parades... perhaps it's the slower Holiday season, but not seeing as much activity currently (The groups tend to be too spammy for my taste, but more information there obviously). By "spammy" I'm referring to a group notice that says "Party happening NOW" - rather than a Group CHAT message, which would make more sense as only people in-world would get it. But I digress. As for boating in Belli - why would anyone need a a flotilla? Just rez your boat and go.
  9. Well, there is a two-year-warning. If they cannot be bothered to pick up their stuff in time, then c'est la vie.
  10. /me laughs hard. Regarding Market Place, LL will not force anything on anyone. I welcome their vendor system and I'll likely use it. It's the perfect fit for the majority of Market Place merchants; us little guys, trying to simply fund our SL fun and not try to make actual money in such an unusual way (relying on another business, without any fiduciary contract or agreement whatsoever, whose very profits determine your own success or failure.) All these things you complain about: Cost of doing business. As for your complaints and gripes about this stuff: fair enough. But isn't it an oxymoron to hate on the profitability of the company whose very profit you rely on for your own profit? By demanding, and they implementing, fee cuts and such, isn't that similar to asking the captain to just go ahead and make the boat we all ride on more liable to sink while in the middle of the ocean? Just asking.
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