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  1. Exactly. Which is why I suggested to just close your windows if you care what passersby think. Since they'll alt-cam into your home to ogle the nudie pix on your wall anyway, what difference does it truly make. right? LOL
  2. Edit to clarify: "General you" - not directed at Resi specifically LOL You are not forced. You are choosing to do it. Otherwise, abandon your land and downgrade on the last day of your subscription. Do to any of it before the last day of the subscription is your proactive choice, you are not being forced to do anything. You can play the "victim" card if you choose, but everyone else sees the Emperor's new clothes for what they really are.
  3. Precisely. So why are we even still having the discussion at all when nude is okay in the street, as much as the walls inside private parcels.
  4. They do not withdraw benefits; you choose to give up and forego benefits. It's all on you, no one else.
  5. I know these. I say opaque to be pithy; Camper have opaque windows, houseboats and houses have opaque shades. So all are still opaque. Hence: setting widows to opaque solves the street-voyeur issue, does it not?
  6. No need to walls-of-text: It is true. LL ToS only applies to Linden Lab-controlled entities. So even copying IM Chat logs to another web site outside Linden Lab web sites... does not break TOS.
  7. I'm not sure if I'll be able to do the orbit thing because "permission to animate..." blah, blah. But even a simple cage would be something.The whole point being TRICK or treat, right? LOL
  8. Everyone seems to be focussing on the "Treat" - I'm all for the "Trick" - so gonna ask a riddle. If you get it right then some nice, *useful* freebie sent to you. if you get it wrong then you will be shot with my 2006 Cage-Deformer-Orbitor gun and be sent to 50,000 meters into the sky instantaneously. The two-hour fall back to ground level will give you plenty of time to figure out the riddle you got wrong. Edit to add: I am not kidding. I am really going to set this up.
  9. I save all my outfits as a complete, self-contained folders and I will separate ensembles. So for example, if I have an ensemble outfit named "Jane Doe Outfit that includes a top and a bottom and shoes: Jane Dow Top Backup (folder) <-the full outfit as I areceived it, including all options and body versions Variation 1 Folder Variation 2 Folder [Top Alpha[ [Top System Clothing] Jane dow Bottom Variation 1 Folder Variation 2 Folder [Bottom Alpha] [Bottom System Clothing] Jane Doe Shoes ... And so on. I've (more or less) learned this method by using the CTS Wardrobe and organizing everything for use with that. It really does make everything neatly confined and easy to find anything. As for the "Backup" folders: that is the full outfit as received or unboxed, then I literally copy the items I use (I only ever use copies so I have something to go back to if anything becomes lost or broken, especially HUDs). Ironically, because CTS Wardrobe is RLV-based, my entire outfits and accessories are all managed inside my #RLV folder - which also keeps my objects, clothing and other folder more manageable as well.
  10. mannequin-storage facility®©℗™℠ BUT, you are nice so you and everyone else can have a forever, perpetual-use license for free. Bahahahaha! But I'm gonna have to reserve my alternate description: Westworld defunct-host dumpsite.
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