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  1. Thank you all for "'Splainin' like I am 5" (I love that thread in Reddit! LOL) - it makes sense now baed on your descriptions. As to the body-skin/head tattoo thing - I would think the creators still have their original textures. So, it seems to me, creating a single head-to-toe skin isn't that difficult to do (then call it BOM skin and sell it as only BOM skin, that's what Session is starting to do). I am thinking, and this in only what I perceive, many skin creators are looking for shortcuts: it's easy to just make a bunch of tattoos and throw a face texture on it. Where if updatin
  2. I'm not so sure about this. The idea of BOM is to use system layers and all system layers are built of the LL UV maps. I created a head-to-toe skin (the way we used to in the old days and should be done) - and I've tested it will my Belleza's, Maitreya, Tonic, and Slink - works great. Also tested it with my Catwas, Genuses, and LAQ - again, all work fine, I am with the understanding that any difference in UV maps are handled at the creator level; just as Omega system "translates' that, so does the BOM system. I do admit I didn't scrutinize and look too closely at things, it was just a very fas
  3. It depends on the animator. The Vista Head AO is very good. As for smiles, the simple fact that a true smile is in the eyes more than the lips is where most animator fail.
  4. Shibari? Kinbaku? Suspension-restraint? It would be wise to be more specific if you want any real answers.
  5. Sounds like a rant. Care to tell us what harm you are experiencing? Because unless you're running a mall or other venue with lots of advertising, traffic numbers don't really amount to much beyond where you rank on the places list, and most people tend go through the list region-hopping anyway. So please do tell.
  6. Absolutely true for objects. This only applies when the object itself cannot be found (such as a sound or particle emitter or an agent, etc.)
  7. Send ing this IM to the group owner usually works for me: As for being a reason of leaving Second Life Viewer (LL Viewer) for Firestorm as @Ohjiro Watanabesuggests: don't do it. The LL Viewer often performs better than Firestorm for many people. There's nothing wrong with looking at it, but never switch because someone said you should. It is best to look at all options: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Third_Party_Viewer_Directory
  8. I'll go ahead and presume that you've never run a company. FYI: Employees are a liability. Furthermore, government overreach causes them to cost a lot more. Fastest way to efficiently maintain profits is to cut costs where feasible and the larger the company the more unnecessary costs there are. I am not defending Linden Lab, I'm simply stating the facts of business life.
  9. ℠ is "Service Mark", basically the "Trade Mark" of a service, rather than a product. The ℗ is "Publish Mark" - basically "Copyright" that applies to sound. (This is just some information for all readers, not an attempt to edify Littleme, who is a helluvalot smarter than she lets on. )
  10. In these cases, always do file an Abuse Report, because when you defender anything - it is only derendered for you. All visitors to your place will still see it.
  11. A sexbed is FFS, Classical music is FGS... Vogon Poetry is FFS. Definitely FFS. @Seicher Rae: I concur. Context is so important.
  12. It is a typical presumption that you are using a specific third-party viewer. Okay, so first get as close as you can to the offending material, and ALT-CAM to show it clearly. When you create an abuse report, the report will use your camera view as a screenshot and your avatar position as the location. Based on your description, fly up close to it (so your avatar is close) - then alt-cam far away enough to show the entire offense from below and explain that it can be seen from the ground (and report the draw distance setting you have.) While filing the Abuse Report, there is a b
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