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  1. I was going for a house and got a houseboat! Once I get in world to set it up I plan to also make my slip area a public rez zone for anyone's boat. Not set-up yet, but will be in a couple hours or so: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/bowhead/72/64/0/
  2. Yes, yes - the trick it at the LL Homes theme page - fill in your home name first, then keep refreshing until the new one shows up then go, go, go. I was just hoping for a house and I got a HOUSEBOAT. Baahahahaha!
  3. Someone else also abandoned a Houseboat right when I was refreshing my LL Homes page - I snagged it. It's not this one, but even if it were I'd hang onto it because the demand right now is *way* greater than supply.
  4. I have no intention to belittle your scenario or experience, but there is a way to turn SL off. You are always 100% in control of your SL experience. I was only saying "Hey, if the new place isn't for you, that's fine, thank you for making room for those of us who want in". If you take that as "blowing you off" or otherwise some other offense at that then that's on you, no one else. I never say "sorry" when I'm not and especially when there's no call for it.
  5. Well, ban-lines does not sound like "community" to me. But here's the thing - we vote with our dollars and our feet. If the new LL homes aren't suiting your needs, there is always the old one or mainland, right?
  6. @Madonna Milena It's your loss, but thanks. People like you are making way for those of us who actually appreciate and want what is there.
  7. GOT ME A HOUSEBOAT LOL Okay so people are still abandoning to change homes, here's how to do it... Go to the Theme-Selection page - if you see "Meadowbrook" - ignore it. Type in the name for your home. Then hit REFRESH on your browser until you see Bellesaria show up in the Theme - Click the yellow button to take it. Then quickly as you can click the checkbox for accepting Terms and Conditions then take your home. Maybe not what you want right now, but you're in. I was just going for a house and got a HOUSEBOAT Bahahahaha!!!
  8. Because the ban-line banning is *wanted* - it's a selling point LOL But no hurry, besides, there are new styles that will be coming also.
  9. They are sold out - it was the same way when the originals were released. It's a shiny and eventually, the shine will wear off for some and they will abandon and other than that there will be new homes released when they can (and even more styles)
  10. Is because they are all sold out. When there are none available the category disappears.
  11. I would only add: A checkbox to turn Depth of Field on and off - It's great for snapshots - so turn it on; horrible for everything else, so turn it off. Other than that I use the Catznip quick=-prefs and am very happy with what it does.
  12. Nothing prevents you from buying all the chunks.
  13. Alyona Su

    Sold out??

    I'm not even getting the option to choose the new home styles - only the old 512 homes options are appearing. I suspect the entire inventory of LL homes on SSP continent is gone.
  14. Not gonna make old-person jokes because I can already feel my grandpapa's fist dropping hard onto the top of my head for disrespecting my elders. ~chortles~
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