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  1. What are you doing today!? :D

    Driving the Orient Express, which is a Chinese girl working on the railroad, which invokes all kinds of connotations.
  2. How does your avatar look today ?

    The irony of a Chinese girl working on the railroad is not lost on me. Just FYI. ~SNORTS~
  3. Free mesh bodies and heads

    Ah yes, that makes sense. I have several versions of both, so I know what you mean. What cracks me up to no end is how they are always "no transfer" when they are so easy to make by even newbies if described the three steps how. LOL
  4. Best mesh body

    I agree. Belleza Jake is a good "in-between" also. As has been stated early in the thread: Grab all the demos, create a shape for each of them and adjust them to your liking, then compare them to each other. I have seven mesh bodies myself but always come back to my favorite (because of silly details, like the way the knees, wrist and breast-profile shapes look.). Though I think most people in SL aren't as snooty about attention-to-detail the way I am LOL I've found one of the best ways to compare competing things like bodies, heads, etc: take a snapshot (save to disk) of each from the front, side, and 3/4 view. Then you can switch between pictures instantly to compare the details you like and don't like. If I had thought of doing this earlier I wouldn't have seven or eight bodies and eight or nine mesh heads (half of which are five Catwas and now I even have a "Beta" version head that isn't even ready for sale, yet!) Someone slap some sense into me, please.
  5. How honest would you be?

    Cute thread (after the OP that is) LOL Okay, well, I'll throw-in my response to the OP on-topic since I think it is an important question (OP: indulge me here LOL): Honesty and truthfulness are two different things. The cartoon that @Nostall posted is a perfect example of honesty, truthfulness (to me) is far more important, to not be truthful is to intend deceit and I think that's where the real problem lays in SL relationships: too many can be deceitful. As to the question of how honest (truthful) you should be nearest the beginning of any relationship is really a moot point the way I see it. Always be honest within reason (as in the cartoon, you can be frank about it or you can soften it politely). You should, however, always be truthful. The thing is that we are just so impatient and want that romantic thing NAO! I've tried the AVmatch thing (a general waste of time) and I am propositioned often for whatever, "do you role-play?" as code for "Do you *copulate* at the drop of a hat?* LOL Hell, they can't even ask the question directly (truthful, but in a gray area of honesty, I think). As for "romantics": I'm approaching it the RL way: Man-friends: show me you're worth it to me, friend me, spend time with me, take me dancing, take me boating or sim-hopping to do other G-rated activities before any kind of cuddling starts (an long before anything more happens, go ahead, say it aloud how you'd like to 'bed' me, just don't make any attempt to LOL). Let me decide when a cuddle happens, which I did with two of my friends recently - and it happens spontaneously; I said "sit here" and *I* picked the menu choices, then I asked him to take control. He earned my trust at that point. He told me he was very tempted to hit the buttons in the "Adult" menu, but "restrained" himself, to which I laughed, but also allowed my "trust-factor" to go up a notch. All we did prior was chat and he (both of them) never asked to come to me, I always (after a while) invited him to join me wherever I was; I was always to one to offer the TP. In simple terms: a long-lasting romantic relationship is when you start out slowly and just let things build up. I state in my picks outright: "I'm not a trollop, but my friends have benefits" - and all my man-friends know outright that I see others, I am not monogamous, but they also know I don't do cuddling at the drop of a hat, either, much less anything more intimate. Now I can see who respects me (and couple of them are definitely trying hard to win me over) - does that mean I'm "playing hard to get" - maybe, but whoever wins out in the end, it will be because we click, understand each other well, and know each other's limits with regard to everything, including and especially the level of separation between SL and RL information, etc. To summarize: Too many are in too much of a hurry to 'hook-up' with someone ( a stranger, really) romantically and all we have in the beginning are written words or voice. That leaves a lot of blind areas. So instead of making cuddling or anything more intimate such a high priority, just make friends. The cuddles, snuggles, and more will come later (or not) but it starts with respect and friendship. That's the glue that holds it all together. And respect starts with truthfulness. I never lie to anyone myself. If asked a question I will always answer it. If it's something I'm not ready to answer directly, yet, then I'll say so ("I'm not ready to answer that just yet").
  6. Creating Skill gaming whiteout a license.

    I suspect that all the scripts will need to be full-perms so they can be vetted by whoever obtains them from you unless you can get a Linden to do that for you (doubtful). The thing is that LL is wary of "gaming" systems, almost as much as they are wary of "age-play" and other genres of legally-questionable activity. Lindens are very busy, but many are very communicative and friendly when they get the chance to answer questions like these. Some Lindens do peruse the forums and you were smart enough to create a thread title that will get their attention. So there is a high possibility a Linden may supply a general answer in this thread, we just don't know when.
  7. im trying to upgrade my account

    Don't tell us what is not happening, tell us what IS happening. What does the error say? As far as we know the error could be saying "Your nose is too large so no Linden Dollars for you!" Since you haven't said what is happening the one and only potential solution I can offer is: did you set up a "Payment Information" in your account? You have to do that first, before attempting to purchase L$.
  8. Free mesh bodies and heads

    Easy enough to create both of those yourself and for the alpha (created as a new skin) there is a transparent texture in the LL Inventory library; search "transp" in inventory and it should be listed at or near the top in the Library folder.
  9. In your viewer, choose the WORLD menu, then SHOW and choose PROPERTY LINES. Now you can see all the boundaries. That way you can see where to drop prim boxes temporarily to demark your borders. Edit to add: I also don't intend to offend the intellect of the OP as I'm sure they know this. It is a general comment for any new users who read the thread.
  10. Mesh Heads (yes I know!!!!_)

    Yes, yes... there are very few things I'll experiment with and before the current Bento head, I've always pulled my hair out over Genesis (they imply such in terms of consistency and functionality) - but now rocking a newer Lena head and I'm impressed. So I decided to jump onto the Genus beta also. The plus side is we get to learn and understand the HUD and what can be done with it all before the release version. Woo-hoo!
  11. I've been duped

    Absolutely. "N-word" is a ridiculous reference to the elephant it refers to. People are so scared to use it, even when only describing or defining it in a practical communication context without intending it as an insult. As I've mentioned before: the French word for black is taken as an offense by people. Seriously? If I were to write the so-called "N-word" word here for definition purposes, too many will take offense that the word was actually written. I won't bother here because 1) the filter will block it anyway and 2) I don't go out of my way to offend people, but I don't go out of my way to placate them, either. I reiterate my stance: you have no right to not be offended. because you're being offended is your own issue. (And that would be a general "you" obviously enough. I know that you, Rhonda, know this, but based on what some of the others have stated, I thought I should make that clear. LOL) In any case, this thread is nicely derailed, so I'll go lurk in others now.
  12. I've been duped

    I respect that. I offend a lot of people all the time because I'm not politically correct and I often speak plainly, though I always try to see others' points-of-view - whether I agree with it or not. I didn't quote him because I wanted my comment to be more generalized and not targeted to a specific person, it was in response to what Callum said (his post just above mine). EDIT to add: in short, what I'm intending to say, I guess, is that a bad word is only a bad word because you make it a bad word. A word is just a word; it's the context in which a word is used as to how the meaning of it is intended.
  13. I've been duped

    There is no right to be "not offended" anywhere. If you are offended by any written word not directly aimed at you and you take it as derogatory it's your personal issue. "Shemale," like so many other words, started out as a synthetic word, anyway; entirely made-up. Either way, all languages evolve (they actually added the non-word "aint" into the dictionary, go figure). However, derogatory is a context-based idea.
  14. Avatar Won't Unpack

    Ditto. And when I used to use FS viewer the demo would expire before the textures rezzed properly. :\ When that would happen to me I'd buy the demo again and change quantity to 10.
  15. Avatar Won't Unpack

    This is how I did it for 11.5 years LOL Until I discovered the magic of (the viewer I now use which is not the cliche FS). Though I am now seeing that instead of purses or bags attaching and animating you (which i hate, because the animation often sticks, and why I did it old school) - now they are distributing HUDs that you click to unpack contents. I don't like this either because you cannot "Open" it, only edit it (and then drag contents out). Well, the surprise is when you rez it, it has an LLdie script in it: so no rezzing. You *must* wear it to unpack it. I mean... wow... seriously? Some creators are beginning to be really annoying with some kind of 'greater than thou" attitude or something.