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  1. Alyona Su

    Do sugar daddies exist on second life?

    Only one way to find out: come over and try it.
  2. Alyona Su

    Do sugar daddies exist on second life?

    I see the wishlist as an extension of my favorites list (which grows and grows) - I plan to buy (or percolating on it) anyway. As a shopping guide, YUSSS! I've already spotted some fun stuffs. So, as well as saving money thanks to sugar-daddies (and mommas,) it can also cost money, lots of money! It is the double-edged sword. ~snorts~
  3. Alyona Su

    Do sugar daddies exist on second life?

    Nupe. But is SL, so rezzed a nu-won! Hahaha. More sincere, though, that is a Shergood helicopter, when they crash they really do crash (and burn and stuff), but I have that bit turned on, so it's more like a rubber helicopter, you no matter how hard you hit the ground (or other things) you will bounce off like those crazy super rubber balls! ~toothy grin~
  4. Alyona Su

    Do sugar daddies exist on second life?

    Yeah, well I was gonna plonk that comment BUT your wishlist is empty. You. Are. Party pooper.
  5. Alyona Su

    Do sugar daddies exist on second life?

    OMG (Which is "Oh my gosh" to me LOL) - You are sweet, thank you. I really do try to always be happy. Sure, sometimes I can feel a bit down when some replies to my comments here are not what I expected, but I accept them, learn and move on I really do try to always be ~happy~ Because it takes a lot fewer muscles and less strain in them to smile and laugh than it does to frown and scowl, right!? AND I hate to admit, but I must, that sometimes my own comments are not as nice as maybe they should be. Because I'm not human. I am Angel and everyone loves meeee! (I know: Only in my own mind, but that's okay! Because I said so!) Hahahaha!
  6. Alyona Su

    Do sugar daddies exist on second life?

    One odf the new "bug fixes" they mentioned is that now if you buy something that is already in your own wishlist, it will be auto-clread from that wishlist. I ran into the same thing - bought something, then had to go back to delete it from my list. Well, now you dunnhave2. EDIT: OH: What @Garnet Psaltery said LOL OH and Sugar Daddies do exist, someone sent me like 8 items from my list LOL. I didn;t realize it at the time. And he made it clear he just wanted to do it, and his only requirement was "you keep being you". (We need more like him in SL, methinx)
  7. Alyona Su

    Accidentally left my own group...

    And for other readers' edification: a reminder to always slow down and be patient, always read pop-ups carefully when leaving a group of your own making, deleting the floor of your skybox instead on the rezzed unpacker box, and... you know, stuff like that.
  8. This. Aspect Ratio is the *shape* of your picture (it's not clear if you knew that or not, but it has nothing to do with folders or files). Apparently, LL has changed the snapshotting rules: Whenever you do a "SAVE AS" - it will always remember the name and place and apply that to EVERY NEW SNAPSHOT, even after you log out and log in again. It *never forgets* this. So a good habit to develop will be to use the SAVE AS method. Unfortunately, there's no way to make that the default (unless you use Catnzip viewer).
  9. Alyona Su

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Well, the good (or bad) news is there are no bans lines anywhere in the area yet. So how far you get will certainly be "all you". ~toothy grin~
  10. Alyona Su

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Me pirate Junk Cap'n o-the Junk Who dunna-know how ta sail this thing But feign *confidence* and screams "scrub dem decks, ya scurvy mutts!"
  11. Alyona Su

    An 'honest' view of SL

    I said creepy, not freaky because freaky is awesome fun. ~snorts~
  12. Alyona Su

    Roleplay 101

    I agree with you! When I say hints I don't mean "hints". LOL - I suppose a better way to say it would be "others will learn through your 'tells' that they discover as they get to know you". So if I'm claustrophobic and start sweating at the idea of following you into this cave - you'll have to notice I'm sweating, you can ask why but I may deflect somewhat (because embarrassed), yadda, yadda, yadda. But if the situation happens again and I start "acting oddly" then eventually you'll figure it out, etc. (And this is for other readers to understand my meaning, not you Selene, I already know you already know what I mean.)
  13. Alyona Su

    Question about Genesis Lab and Blush

    I've always bashed on Genesis heads because, even though they are beautiful faces, the quality of the product has always been amazingly inconsistent, different quality HUDs for different heads, almost non-functional in terms of skins and appliers. Then they release (I think 7) Bento heads, this is where their quality improved and I finally bought one. The thing is their stuff is really non-standard: a skin must be made specifically for their heads (they do NOT use the standard SL UV mapping) - so there are very few skins for them. Also, their skin (I suspect and presume) also have some kind of depth-mapping built into them, because when you apply a face (from the chosen skin) to the Mesh head of your choice, it is literally changing the shape of the mesh. I have the Lena (I think) head with the Fei face and since I have the Milk shade the highlighted face isn't *that* bad, but it is still noticeable, even on that pale shade of skin. But I really DO love that face, though I'm rocking a Genus Project head now (Genesis is now basically defunct, the main creator has started Genus Project now - *to* *my* *understanding* though I could be wrong on that.
  14. Alyona Su

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Oh! Hahaha. It's okay to plonk me on it. I know most in SL aren't really interest in such genre, but I didn't want to create another cliche beach/club/booty-call hangout... If you tried flying the helicopter I'm curious to know how far you got! Hahahaha
  15. Alyona Su

    An 'honest' view of SL

    But I'm gonna find you and, hopefully, bring light. with me.