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  1. Huh... I dunnuh see where @Moraxo says they don't care. I must be missing something. I do know this, though: Inaction is NOT an indicator of a lack of caring. Sometimes, truth hurts. People will always read or hear what they want, no matter how clearly you make your meaning known.
  2. Actually, I do. All the time. 2/3 of my Flickr is all from mainland places. @lucagrabacr Yava Pod can be a fascinating ride! Why camp at some dead-quiet sim full of IMers all trying to booty-call each other while multi-tasking when you can see the site, some of which is actually quite pretty and interesting? Too many people like to hold their nose and give Mainland the stink-eye because it's the thing to do. I, for one, love mainland. My mainland parcel is *less laggy* that half the rental places I've seen and gets just as much FPS as the "better" private sims. And I don't have to pay rent or tier and no one can ever kick me out or eject me (except the Big Linden Kahunas) LOL
  3. The trick about injecting theories of probability-based presumptions into a conversational reply to another is that that the evil humor of nature and time-space often makes a fool of the one doing it. Besides that, chaos theory says you're wrong. There is, however, only one way to find out.
  4. Alyona Su

    Second Life personality traits

    Brown is the correct color, all right! LOL
  5. Alyona Su

    Second Life personality traits

    I was thinking of a different term, but I don't think a specific color juxtaposed with a specific facial feature would be understood by very many international readers. Bahahahaha!
  6. Alyona Su

    Second Life personality traits

    Though I quoted you, my reply is usually generally for everyone else. Yeah, I've been there done that for a few SL years, myself.
  7. Alyona Su

    Second Life personality traits

    Like @Love Zhaoying said. It's a lot like the word "fair" - which is an oxymoron in and of itself; it's a 'null' word without meaning because what is "fair" to me may not be "fair" to you. I said that to say this: (LOL) - This thread applies to all of us equally, including the OP himself. Because *context* is king. Well, except for @LittleMe Jewell . (Sort of) *Snorts* 👍
  8. One question: do you use *anything* Google? Just saying bad example. At least in SL no one can secretly gather amazingly-private intimate *knowledge* about you. In SL you can say "no" and that's the end of it. With big G, FB, and the rest - you think you can say no, but you're amazingly naive if you think they listen and that's the end of it. And no, I do not use *anything* Google or Facebook, or Yahoo, etc. I use Cliqz browser and DuckDuckGo. Because I AM REBEL!
  9. Yes, yes. And to those proclaiming "it's nothing to fear or worry about..., yadda, yadda" - I can only speak for myself, but there is no fear or worry. It's a matter of principle for me, at least with regard to the "take it or leave the sim" ones. I don't accept ultimatums very well. Because I AM REBEL.
  10. Alyona Su

    Last names coming back

    Agreed. Because I have my heart set on "Felda Hortense Xavior" as my new name.
  11. Alyona Su

    Lines that annoy you most

    Precisely! Ooooh, give me the idea to maybe subscribe to voice morphing because I think there's an annoying robot voice in there!
  12. Alyona Su

    Lines that annoy you most

    Yes. If I'm able (the house is quiet and it wouldn't annoy anyone else)
  13. Agreed with OP. Accepting LL experience is a no-brainer. And many places that use experiences offer you the choice to accept it without blocking access to the sim (Octoberville is a perfect example (https://secondlife.com/destination/octoberville-2018)) But if I land at a place that forces their experience on me (Except it or no entry) - then I leave. NO place is that important to see that I am willing to turn over that kind of control. Places like Octoberville get it and are "doing it rite" - I go in, decline the Experience permission - go look around. Then come back the next day because I liked what I saw and excepted the experience. Because it is a known factor for me now.
  14. Alyona Su

    Lines that annoy you most

    They: "Hi" Me: "Hello" They: "Howz you?" Me: "I'z iz finez" [...crickets] I like to have fun and I always play the mirror. For example: the always annoying status quo of: They: "How R U?" Me: "I R Gr8, U?" Then when I switch to 733t-speak it totally messes them up