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  1. DING! Says what I was hoping to say in a "polite" way. LOL YOU GET A GIANT COOKIE!
  2. These are all over the place in Market Place, they're pretty common. There's even a creator selling on in the SL16B shopping event. You need to be more creative in your keywords when searching. Think "birthday dress, Sunday dress, medieval dress, Fantasy dress, Steampunk dress. Ruffles, Lace, Sweet 16, 50s, 60s, Apron Dress, Goldilocks dress, etc.
  3. The elephant in the room is still RLV. The OP does not specify why RLV was turned on to begin with. Secondarily is the fact then even with RLV, the person using it must *give permissions* to any other wanting control over it by default. The only way another can take control of RLV without the wearer giving permission is to intentionally set it to full permissions (anyone may take control of it willy-nilly; a.k.a. promiscuous mode). Therefore I see one of two scenarios: the person described in the OP is either utterly ignorant about RLV and has no business using it (and the very reason LL will *NEVFER* include it into their viewer) because someone 'sprained how to turn it on, etc., or that person described in the OP knew very darned well what they were doing and is brewing drama for attention. I just cannot see any other plausible scenario beyond these.
  4. I suppose it is a cultural thing. Bad juju for you could be good karma for me or vice-versa.
  5. It's only a struggle if you make it one. I say do either. People will be annoyed no matter what you do and their annoyance is their problem, not yours; you have zero obligation to pacify everyone and anyone. As long as it doesn't't break TOS or Forum rules, there's *nothing wrong with it*.
  6. Yes, this. I keep those settings in a pick for others to use also. That default viewer is just stupid.
  7. Because words have meaning, yet people use the wrong words all the time, so this should be no different. Life is a game.
  8. Good point, though looking at the activity on that account makes it still applicable, albeit still a few months old.
  9. Turn off RLV in your viewer.
  10. And yet, here you still are. Go figure.
  11. Tapestry of Time was major Deja Vu for me. I started at the shopping event and was hugely disappointed (The curse of being in SL so long is that everything looks ho-hum; not creatively original) - but when I finally made it to Tapestry of Time it made my day. Especially all those bullet lists, reminding of of all those memories (good and bad) - though they focussed on the positive stuff, it also brought back the not so positive. For example: 2006: First 1 Millionth User - which means sign-up, most were scared to death the grid would crash and burn if it hit more than 10K concurrent users. LOL ToT is definitely the highlight for me.
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